Let us explore the the power of blogging, how to achieve it and monetize. I listed 11 best blogging tips to make successful blogging that will help you learn how to monetize a blog like the pros and start to make money through blogging.


Welcome to this blogging guide.

Let’s start with some very helpful blogging tips presented as a practical blogging template,

always very useful when you’re starting out… and to keep you going!




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As information and to assure your blogging success (even if you ‘just’ want to build a home based internet business), if you are a new or already experienced in blogging I listed 11 blogging tips containing a lot of blogging advice.


As a blogger you get the chance to establish relationships of trust. Blogs also have considerable marketing potential and online education learning potential as they can be used to influence readers opinions and, as we heard people requesting information on building a home internet business and getting online relationship advice on how to interact with their readers, also in social media and on how to earn extra money or start a internet business, we put together this complete blogging tips article.


Blogging can be very challenging and it’s easy to sometimes commit certain mistakes that can waste readers’ time and consequently drag your blog and make it more difficult to successfully start a internet business.




Blogging can be challenging and it's easy to sometimes commit certain mistakes that can waste readers’ time and consequently drag your blog and successfully start a internet business. Click To Tweet




Blogging for beginners #1. Write with a target audience in mind


One of the most important business blogging tips, often bloggers who are beginners do not have a target audience in mind, they write about topics that are random and wide-ranging rather than specific areas and to particular sections of the population.


For example, as a savvy blogger you may wonder – Am I targeting individuals who are middle-class workers or office-guys? Does my target audience include students who are seeking to clear their way or perhaps some blogging advice like here? Different types of audiences have equally different needs, preferences and outlooks which the blogger needs to take into account.


It is important to observe your target audience’s interests, occupations and leisure activities to find a solution to their specific needs. Writing relevant content on topics that resonate with your target audience has a greater chance of helping you accomplish your business goals and even make money from blogging.



Blogging for beginners #2. Building a rapport with fellow bloggers


In order to make your blog reach a larger audience it is essential to build a supportive network. If your fellow bloggers retweet your blog or share it on Facebook there are chances of more people knowing about your blog site. 


However, for that you need to be a supportive blogger yourself. Involve yourself by commenting on relevant blogs, on blogging guides, sharing the blog content of others and answering questions on social platforms.


These gestures of goodwill shows that you care beyond your own blog. Such activities help build an amicable relationship and encourage others to share your blog. This goes a long way in supporting your blog.



Blogging for beginners #3. Posting regularly

As ‘blogging heads’ and as one of the best blogging tip, provide new articles blogging, posting on a regular basis in your blog, especially if you are a new blogger.


This is because regular blogs help to make your target audience build trust and reliance on you. The absence of blog posts for a month or so can stagger an otherwise steady increase in traffic, which can hinder the marketing potential and making extra money online.


The habit of writing regularly and scheduling it from the dashboard needs to be part of a routine, it helps to:


  • establish a sense of anticipation for your posts
  • increase your blog site or website’s SEO, like an online advertising market
  • remove chances of writer’s block ans is part of savvy blogging



Blogging for beginners #4. Write for ‘humans’, not only (or more) for SEO purposes


Another important business blogging tips (because they sometimes just ask how to blog for money or how to make money by blogging…), so it’s common for new bloggers to generate blogs that rank high in the results of search engines, for that, they often tend to stuff their blogs with keywords.


But the presence of too many keywords can make the blog appear to be unattractive and spoil the reader’s engagement. This can reduce the number of visits to your blog site.


Writing quality content is the first priority followed by the integration of keywords for SEO purposes. You need to remember that you’re essentially writing for people and not robots and not mainly to making money through blogging!



Blogging for beginners #5. Display your personality


This is one of the most important online relationship advice, one of the things that can make a blogger’s post stand out is the expression of his/her unique personality.


Be it a mixture of humour, a pinch of sarcasm or a realistic and practical manner of looking at things, your personality adds to the appeal of your blog. Without it, a new blogger is unable to make his/her mark. 


When you discuss a topic without letting your personality shine through, you become too ‘formatted’. It is your experiences, voice and your fresh perspective on things that bring forth your personality making your posts unique.



Blogging for beginners #6. Focus


Your posts are meant to educate your target audience, like online education learning, address them solutions and inspire them to act.


The focus should remain on these points rather than deviating to irrelevant things. New bloggers often fill the blog with nuggets of information about their own lives, ideal lifestyle, problems and so on.


But while such details may be interesting in themselves, consider whether they are relevant to the blog topic. Make it a point to write every word keeping the audience interests in mind. If your blog frequently goes off track, it is disappointing for your audience and hinders your business goals as well, so always stick to the subject matter in the blog.



Blogging for beginners #7. Write in a ‘cool’ way


New bloggers, in their eagerness to take blog-writing seriously or being quickly ‘taken seriously’, often write in a stiff and formal way but this kind of writing tends to push away their reader rather than impress him/her.


This is because internet users mostly look for reading content that is clear, informative and/or entertaining. It should be basically something that your target audience enjoys. So avoid the formal style adopted in a term paper as it can turn the target audience away from your blog.



Blogging for beginners #8. Reply to comments


Another very important blogging tip, it’s important to build strong relationships with your target audience, a new blogger (or any blogger for that matter) needs to respond to the comments that he/she receives from the readers, he then gains the trust of their target audience when he/she takes the time and effort to engage with them and specially learn how to write an email so you stay in touch with your readers!


Being a non-responsive blogger influences readers to stop commenting which gradually reduces their visits to your blog or website as well. It also makes readers distrust you, at least not engaging and there are a lot of free blogging software, with blogging template, that integrate functions that you could use to do so, even free online file sharing services that we also use to provide a better service.



Blogging for beginners #9. Use data as evidence, it’s part of savvy blogging (not making extra money online) 


If they omit the use of data to support their argument in a blog it triggers a negative perception. It’s because data helps to validate your point and thereby establish your credibility in the eyes of your target audience when doing home business to make money online.


Using data and research from reliable sources establishes your credibility and shows why it is relevant to your readers.


Compelling data from sites such as HubSpot Research, Pew Research Center and  MarketingSherpa contributes positively toward the strength of your blog. It increases the readers’ confidence in you as savvy blogging.



Blogging for beginners #10. Editing the blog several times


Even though a blog may seem perfect after it is just written, it still needs to be edited properly and there are always new blogging ideas that come up. First drafts often contain accidental mistakes such as typos, run-on sentences and so on, even the line of thought can also be somewhat complex or confusing.


While it may appear fine to the blogger at first, he/she needs to edit and revise it to make sure that the reader is able to understand it easily and will potentially make you someone who can you make money online.


It is a good idea to edit your blog several times after a time period (a few hours to a couple of days) so as to revise it with a clear mind. You may want to spend a minimum of 20–30 minutes on editing a blog, you can also use a blogging template to not forget something that may hinder your ability to make money through blogging.



Blogging for beginners #11. Writing original content 


In the attempt to write interesting content new bloggers browse through other content as they think to make money by blogging (such as that of other websites and books).


But while it is okay to get inspired by other content and write something along parallel lines, they often end up plagiarizing the content which definitely is not an effective blogging tip. It is important to remember that if you are caught stealing other people’s content, Google & the affected parts can penalize you.


This could ruin your blog’s growth and continuity and also ruins your potential to make money over the internet. Learn to cite other people’s content in your blogs while giving them due credit. Passing off others’ content as one of your own can land you in trouble.The above-mentioned mistakes are the ones that are commonly committed by new bloggers.


They may apparently seem to be no big deal, but can ruin the career of a blogger. However, with only a little awareness and insights you can work wonders on your blogs! The key is to value your readers and never take their attention for granted. If you are eager to learn more check our Blogging – Free PDF E-Courses today! We offer this online education learning free, you just need to download.



As a blogger, displaying your personality, is one of the most important online relationship advice, one of the things that can make a blogger stand out is the expression of his/her unique personality. Click To Tweet

How to write impactful BLOG POSTS that generate leads



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To help you to write impactful blog posts which can probably make you do home business to make money online, we wanted to start with the history of blogging, for us blogging heads…, the ter “Blog” first appeared in the 1990s when it was basically a combination of the words “web” and “log” and it primarily used to be an online diary for people, where they provided personal histories of their lives.


At that time “blogs” were traditionally built websites that were updated and uploaded manually and it was limited to people or “bloggers” who knew how to build and upload web pages but not to generate leads and some how to write impactful blogging posts that make money fast and easy.


A lot has changed since then, internet has advanced and prospered in such a way that even for fixing a minor leak in the pipe or for buying groceries we look there to find help instead of taking a short walk outside.


Internet is expanding exponentially and it is impossible for us to even predict what tools or information the internet have reserved for us to make people have the capacity to make money over the internet. This has given a lot of people the courage to try out new things, to break the monotony of the tried and the tested world.


The “Marketing” world is no different, advertisers have truly realized the infinite opportunity that lies within it and have taken the full advantage of it by taking their advertising and marketing campaign from the boardrooms to this enormous electronic world, which is far from saturated and realize new ways in how to earn extra money.


And, when it comes to online marketing catering online advertising market, online money investment,  besides native advertising, Content Marketing is the best way to get your word out and spread it across the world and build a strong presence of yourself as an expert in the industry you are in.


When people are surfing the Internet for everything, from looking at an ornament in the local store to knowing the whereabouts of the latest galaxy discovered, it is safe to say, Blogging is the primary avenue of content marketing which you can not only use and engage the readers with but also generate business leads for your company by turning those readers to potential clients for home business to make money online.





Studies have shown that blogging consistently has led B2B marketers to

generate 67% more leads than marketers who are still not familiar with the

online world and depend only on the conventional methods of generating

leads and how to blog for money!



The conventional methods are not only time taking but also limited, when it comes to creativity and converting prospective clients to leads, as by following the conventional methods of advertising you can never reach a million at a time and allow to make money fast and easy.


What’s the probability that at least a hundred people have first-hand access to your latest marketing campaign that consists of hoardings, banners, brochures and pamphlets?


If the probability is very low,the chance of lead conversion is practically zero.


You know why?


Because, chances are that those hundred people have never actually heard of your company.




This is simply why the Internet is powerful.



You can reach a whole lot of people at a time and write (&talk) about your business through blogs and articles and can give your company the voice that it needs and if you can convert at least a tiny bit of that reach into leads, it’s impactful!



Now, the art of writing a impactful blog that generates business leads lies effectively in the writing style. You don’t have to be Shakespeare but you have to be a little technical where you can use free blogging software, blogging template to help in building your blogging websites.


Even if you suck at writing, you can be very successful if you follow some basic techniques that are both easy to learn and implement.


Let’s look at a step-by-step guide by which you can create impactful blogs that generate leads.



Step #1 : Research for Who You are Writing. 


After building a great business that you have concentrated on for so long it is time for you to gain traction and your entire focus should be on people who are your potential customers for your home business to make money online. Who are they, how old are they, what are they like, what do they like and how useful is your business or product to them? These are all questions for you to figure out. It’s important to find your target audience as they are the people you would ideally like to talk to for selling your product or service.



Step #2 : Know Your Audience. 


Once you have found your audience, now it’s time to know them which is the one of the effective blogging tips we can give you. You have to know :

  • What problems do they have that you might be able to solve?
  • How frustrating is the problem?
  • How often do they need a solution?
  • Are there any other solutions and are they using them?
  • What is different about your solution?

Knowing your audience through research, simple surveys or available data in your field will always help you connect more with them.


Knowing your audience through research, simple surveys or available data in your field will always help you connect more with them. Click To Tweet


Step #3 : Be Clear about Your Value Proposition?


Does your product or message resonate with your potential users? Why would they want to use your service? Ask Yourself.

The best way you can figure this out is by going out, talking to people, listening to their questions and finally incorporating all these into your writing of the blog about your home business home business to make money online.


Step #4 : Craft your Pitch with Care, like our articles blogging?


Let’s suppose by now that you know a lot more about your potential customers. You have a definite message that you want to send out. Now is the time to make the pitch which won’t just let them realize that it’s just a making money idea but you are a brand that cares for what they need. Pitches don’t come handy only at conferences when you are talking to other entrepreneurs or investors. It’s a very useful tool when you are talking to your customer through your Blog. There are a few rules you need to stick to when it comes to pitches:

  • Don’t brag only about yourself, your business and what benefits people are going to get if they become your clients. Avoid being self-absorbed.
  • Look for interest and not attention. If you win people’s interest they will of course pay attention to you.
  • Personalize your blog with a friendly tone. Don’t use an overtly professional tone that can put off any layman who takes a look at your blog for the first time.

All the above steps can give you a detailed knowledge about your audience and their needs and also provide you with a clear roadmap on how to provide to help. Online advertising market is not so easy yet very promising of high potential to make money over the internet.


Step #5 : A Compelling Headline is a Magnet for Leads. 


If you want your blog posts to perform well you have to create a magnetic headline being part of savvy blogging! A catchy headline is your entry pass into your potential customer’s world.

Be assured, it’s like an online education learning, it’s a very busy space that the world occupies. So, leave alone chances, it is your only shot to make a reader read the first word of your Blog.

Better yet, try to do it GREAT! Here are a few tips that can help you create a great introduction:


Step #6 : If possible, include numbers and statistics. Example:


  • “13 Ways to Identify Your Potential”
  • “More than 80% People are Unhappy: And They Know Why!”



Study shows headlines with numbers generate 73%

more social shares and engagement & making extra

money online !


Very important blogging tip:  Think Out of the Box.


Have a look at some of the headings of Mark Manson’s articles at markmanson.net. For example “Happiness is Not enough”,

“The Creative Advantages of Ignorance”, “The Paradox of Success”. See? This is what I mean by Out of the Box. You don’t have to be grammatically correct all the time because it isn’t about how to improve english but how you make money over the internet or make money by blogging.

Use irrationals, fancy adjectives, rhetoric and whatever you need to be a little more creative. Remember, there is no hardcore formula.

It is a playground where you have the freedom to play. Since headlines account up to 50% of your blog’s effectiveness according to studies, it is important that you play it well.


Write a Strong Introduction. 


You need to hit your potential customer hard and fast with a strong introduction to encourage your audience to read more and start to make money by blogging. There is no two ways about it. The sole purpose of your very first sentence is to attract your customers in a way that they read the next sentence. A few things to remember while writing an introduction:

  • Ask a thought-provoking question: Do you know what lifestyle and a pizza have in common?
  • Open with a “Quote”: “One day I will find the right words and they will be simple”
  • Use Statistics: According to a recently conducted survey, 99.9% of writers experience writer’s block.
  • Tell a Story: “Not long ago I knew nothing about blogging”
  • A rough math is, 8 out of 10 people will only read your headline and intro & if they are not good they will leave in a millisecond. It is important that you catch their attention by crafting a magical headline and a captivating introduction.



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Anatomy of the Body. 


As a good dish needs to be served properly to make it look more delicious, the body of a blog post needs to be designed creatively with original, informational and useful content to make it appeal to all senses of customers you are targeting for your home business to make money online. Your content should resonate with your passion for the business.

Most marketing content or online advertising market are self-serving and generic and therefore are not at all useful to any of your potential clients. Your content needs to empower the reader, teach them how to do something, how to solve a problem of ‘theirs’ or how to diminish a fear or improve a situation in some ways. Definitely your main goal really is to make it profitable for you by making money through blogging.

Don’t just post a blog for the sake of posting it. People won’t come back if they don’t feel like they have learnt something new and useful. So, stop waffling about irrelevant facts and your sales pitch but show the readers the BENEFITS. Educate the readers about the subject of the blog as another blogging tip.

Tell them what they should do, how they should do and why they should do. When people have come to you for a solution, provide them with quality, informational content which is engaging at the same time and it compels the reader to come back for reading the next blog post. If your content is original and engrossing you can instantly convert several people to loyal leads for your home business to make money online.


Care for Keywords!


This is a bit technical but not as using free blogging software but if you have a clear understanding of the basics it’s super easy. When we surf the internet, what we basically do is type some words or a phrase in the search bar of a Search Engine (Google or Yahoo) and we can see the results come up on the screen, which is the result page of the search engine. Make yourself a savvy blogger.


Now, these words are the keywords. You obviously know what your business is and under what category it falls. Therefore, you are well aware of the words that an individual can type in the search bar when he or she is looking for a similar service, product or course that your business provides to people in online advertising market.


What you need to do is sprinkle some of those words or phrases into the content of your Blog. This will help Google (or Yahoo) to recognize your article, when somebody types the similar words in the search bar. Every search engine scans through content to provide the best result to their users when they are looking for an answer.


So it is important that you provide Google with those phrases that it can look for while scanning your article. But, be careful, don’t just throw keywords from here and there into your content, whether it means anything or not will not make you worth reading and definitely will not bring you money through blogging.


Google rejects articles that are overstuffed with keywords and they land up somewhere except in the search results. Who, ever goes beyond the first page looking for results? Only use keywords which are necessary and use them wisely. They should not sound abrupt and should never disrupt the meaning of a sentence.


A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words, another blogging tip.


But somehow marketing blogs tend to overlook it completely. Something as easy as adding images to your blog post would increase your readers, followers, subscribers and leads.


According to studies, articles with images get 94% more total views than articles without images. There is no rocket science in knowing that human brains processes images or any form of Multimedia better than texts as they are more visual and inclusive.


All you need to do to make your blog post more effective is to add some images that matches with your content. But be careful, including lots of images doesn’t have an impact on search engine ranking. So, choose few and relevant multimedia elements like images, videos, charts, infographics etc.


If you are wondering, “How many images should I have in my post?” I would suggest, you use as many images as you need in order to communicate your concepts clearly.



Cut. Fix. Format. 


Now you have carefully crafted your content. Your article is original, informative, friendly and is commanding attention. Be careful, typographical errors can destroy the effectiveness of your precious words, you need to avoid typographic mistakes to make your article more readable friendly. Say if you are writing about blogging ideas, make sure the approach will make your reader enjoy what they are reading.


Read your text a number of times to find silly typos. Identify them and rectify them. Also, keep an eye on the font you choose for writing. Don’t make your font too fancy as they are hard to read, don’t make it too small and don’t choose a font color that is almost similar to your background.


Always use a readable font that make it easy to read. Another important aspect, you need to be generous with white space: Frame your text with whitespace and reduce content width by adding extra white space around the subheadings. Don’t worry too much about captivating your readers when you are writing.


There is no need to interrupt your flow. Worry about being delightful, entertaining and engaging only when editing, which comes after writing. Break your text into a number of really good bullet points.  They are more exciting than solid paragraphs.


Aim for a maximum of five sentences per paragraph and try to have fewer than ten words per sentence. Practice and studies showed this as an one of effective blogging tips. You could make your texts more attractive by including vivid and emotional words. And if you edit your text only once, increase the number of drafts you write. You will be amazed how quickly this can make a boring content more appealing and enjoyable.


A Call to Action.


To drive action from your potential clients towards your home business to make money online include a relevant call-to-action or CTA but be careful not to overdo it.


No one likes unpleasant sales pop ups popping out from everywhere around the screen. Your goal is to convert a visitor into a lead directly from a blog post obviously after they have read several articles over long-term and they become more interested which will enter get you to make money by blogging.


By gaining value from your expertise and unique perspective in your industry the visitor is confident about the benefits and is ready to subscribe or sign-up. So, make your invitation card as user friendly and simple as possible. Use action-inspiring language and custom creative buttons for call-to-actions.


Don’t use boring hyperlinks to draw attention which will not help you in making money through blogging. Avoid including too many social sharing buttons and multiple CCTAs per page. One at the end for each page and one at the sidebar is sufficient enough.


The last thing you want from your CTAs is to make the experience of a visitor frustrating. Since you have got the visitor come this far it is important that you just don’t let them leave without interacting. But, be smart in your interaction so you can get more potential customers on to your pool and start making money through blogging.



The Add-ons:


Write a Good Meta Description and a URL


There is one thing with Meta Description, it is the only thing standing between a search result and a visitor.


So, it is important that you don’t neglect them, to unleash a click-through-compelling meta description you have to be descriptive and persuasive by using the right words that inspire curiosity. This may sound technical but not as much as other free blogging software that are difficult to use. As a blogging guide make use of meta description efficiently.


Meta descriptions have to be within 160 characters with space included therefore you have to be creative.


Try to use as simple language as possible and incorporate the primary keywords (if your blog is about personal development, then personal development is your primary keyword.)


If you could include a call to action phrase it will increase your chance of getting a click-through.


When it comes to the URL keep it simple, consistent and organized with the right keyword.


It should be something that your visitor can remember easily. Example when they think about online courses for Lifestyle design, you’ll be top of their heads which will make you profit and make money by blogging.


If they can remember it easily, it also means the URL increases your visitors’ trust.



Update Your Blog and Promote It Elsewhere


Starting a Blog is a commitment. If you are committed in making money over the internet, then you must be committed in starting a blog.


If you write a couple of posts and just abandon the work you will lose readers and leads where to make money online.


The search engines favor websites that are regularly updated.


Update your blog site regularly with great content and use top blogging tools like the one we present in our resources.


Studies show that sites which post more frequently have a stronger influx of visitors.


If you update your blog regularly do not forget to promote it elsewhere that’s the best way to really make money online.


The goal of your blog is to not have people read articles for the sake of reading but encourage a connection with them in a meaningful way so that the benefits you offer resonate with their objectives.


Use different social platforms to your advantage and mention about the blog post during media opportunities.


You have to keep reminding readers constantly.


Leads won’t appear magically from your blog overnight. So, you need to promote the value of your written content consistently to achieve your desired result.





It’s easy to start a blog but what’s difficult is attracting a loyal audience that trust you enough to become your customer and start to make money over the internet.


Keep creating great content that feeds your target audience’s needs. It will greatly increase your search traffic that will directly result into more leads.


If properly and consistently implemented, the steps mentioned will help you generate leads through valuable original content.


So, try implementing the steps and you will be on your way towards improving your blog post and subsequently generating more leads for your business.







Don’t forget the Branding part –

13 Tips to Create a Brand-  Building Blogging Strategy


13 Tips to Create a Brand-Building Blogging Strategy, The Power of Blogging, how to achieve it and monetize, Lead Generation, How You Make Money From Your Blog, make money through blogging, blogging tips, blogging steps, blogging secrets, luovita, blogging success, online evolution, steps for profitable blogging, blogging tips to make successful blogging, essential steps of blogging, money making blog, free blogging tutorials, blogging niche, blogging platforms, what to blog? blogging tools, blogging softwares, starting a blog for money, starting a successful blog, starting a wordpress blog



Blogging is one of the top draws for brand development.

When you write about a fresh product, and use choicest words for the demography you are targeting, it is extremely significant.

Through Blogging, entrepreneurs opens opportunity for customers to understand the brand, products and services in a different perspective.

This way, blogging and making money is attainable.Want to know the 13 tips to create a brand-building blogging strategy? We have it all prepared for you.

People get to know of what you are offering, and with the application of appropriate techniques and tweaks to your blogging style, you can turn blogging into a sure-shot winner.


Now is the time to realize that writing isn’t all that you do when you are looking to build a brand through words.

This is what we shall discuss in the 13 tips below!


1. The Budget of All Things 


Yes, blogging make money but the first and foremost thing to fix before you even touch a keyboard is your budget- both monetary and time.The latter is more critical in this regard as a blog is usually not very expensive, but time is always a constraint. Especially if you have other responsibilities to attend to!

You need to sit down and chalk out the time frame and the hours you can devote to writing, compartmentalize between composing, checking and uploading to your site.

Additionally, the need to market your blog is equally important and this would also have to be incorporated in your schedule.


2. The Goals of Your Blog 


You need to think hard on why you are writing- who are you catering to and why? Is your writing focused on beating the competition or is it just introducing something new?

The sooner you plan out and confirm these marketing to online advertising market the sooner you can begin work on something meaningful. It’s simple, really- think before you act, as the saying goes.


3. Consistency on All Fronts


Anything you do, be it writing or engineering or graphic designing or something else, consistency is paramount. It isn’t just performance day in and out but also the format of your work, particularly when blogging.

For example, if you have tasted success already by utilizing a particular order and length of paragraphs, it is wise to stick to it. It generates a stand out image for your brand and ensures that your work is original.

Also, make sure that you get the blogs up on your site at regular intervals. Irregularity speaks of professional carelessness, which paints a bad visage.The point is to have a signature style of writing that is unique and effective.



Blogging Success, The Power of Blogging, how to achieve it and monetize, Lead Generation, How You Make Money From Your Blog, make money through blogging, blogging tips, blogging steps, blogging secrets, luovita, blogging success, online evolution, steps for profitable blogging, blogging tips to make successful blogging, essential steps of blogging, money making blog, free blogging tutorials, blogging niche, blogging platforms, what to blog? blogging tools, blogging softwares, starting a blog for money, starting a successful blog, starting a wordpress blog




4. Marketing Channels


To start blogging and earn extra money from home, you must know how to write interesting contents. Once you have written a piece, the next step is to get it out there. How will your potential readers know of you or what you write?

The trick is a lot of research- see what people love and work on that. If emails are clunky for your target audience, then you need to concentrate on other channels that they prefer.

This could be LinkedIn or Facebook or some other way of communication.You need to be really good with research and making smart judgements from the information you get.Marketing the right way goes a long way in brand development where you can you make money online.


5. Decide on The Type of Blogs


It is important to know the type of blogs you need to focus on for the brand you are building. You may have your own preferences and likes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your audiences share your views.

If blogging websites is about movie reviews, do not write on unrelated topics such as space exploration or general purposes. It will throw off the very purpose of your blogging.Categorizing is therefore quite crucial to the success of your efforts.


6. Be Open to Hiring Writers 


You may be great at what you do, a veteran at writing. But when you are creating your own brand, you aren’t just dealing with the compositional aspect of it, but also other associated factors.To keep a steady flow of excellent quality blogs going, you need to share the work and make money over the internet Diverse writers will also introduce their unique tone, resulting in a wonderful collection of well-written blogs.


7. Engage Your Audience 


Readers today are quite vocal with what they think of something. If they like or dislike something about your blog, the results will be evident in the comments section.

As a blogging guide your job at that point is to reply to your readers and try to clear any confusions.The more you clarify your viewpoints, the more you are exposing yourself. This will make you a fun person to interact with and make you look genuinely honest about what you are selling.


8. Make Your Blog Complete


There are many who think that they should save up some of the best information or topics for paid content and really make money online. That is not a good strategy because when you hold back, you run the risk of moderation.

Your content should highlight your skills in every single piece you write, and writing with a sense of control at the back of your mind can only be detrimental to those efforts.


8. Watch Your Tone


Another blogging tip, since target demographics vary, so does the tone of blogs. Pay heed to how you sound like when someone reads your work.

Do you come off as too informal for a technical piece of writing or perhaps too formal for a fun travel blog?

These are critical but often overlooked factors in blog writing and you would do well to know your readers and choose your words accordingly.


9. Don’t Focus Excessively on Virality


Let’s face it, you want your content to go viral. Not that there is anything wrong with it, except for when you design your whole blog based on how much appreciation you want.

If you allow the number of likes or shares to a blog direct your future writings, you will never be able to come up with something that’s meaningful.It is only when you write with quality in mind that reader appreciation will flow unhindered especially your potential to make money over the internet.

10. Authenticity 


As is already clear, writing alone doesn’t make blogging a brand-builder. Among the many things that contribute, is authenticity.

The age of social media and heightened communication necessitates that you are accessible by the readers. You need to have an active presence on platforms that your target audience frequents.

Sharing your pictures, writing smart posts on Facebook, uploading a video about a weekend gateway are things which make you a “real person” to your readers. This, in turn, brings you traffic, customers and a home business to make money online.


11. Break the ‘Rules’ 


The usual titles of blogs which start with “5 ways to…” or “How to…” are yawn-inducing and dated.There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there which adapt these for their working titles.

You can be different by introducing unique names to your blogs, which in turn will reward you with a unique and outstanding brand image. Online advertising market is a big ocean of people promoting their brand but you can win the game for being unique in order to start making money through blogging.


12. Personalization is Key


A user-friendly blogging website structure such as language choices and mobile optimization helps to generate a good impression online advertising market.

The easier you make it for the audience to navigate, the more likely they are to go through your website and blog, even re-visiting for future blogs.

Without doubt, blogging is both lucrative and effective, requiring both tenacity and ingenuity on your part.

If skilled writers are able to incorporate the above points into their plans, they are sure to succeed in raking in the bucks and create an unputdownable brand!


Meanwhile, you may check our Succeed With Your Own Blog to get ideas on valuable blogging strategies.

And if you want to get it done without forgetting any steps our specially developed step by step Blogging E-course would surely help you, guarantee!



Here are some online blogging tips if you want to money by blogging.



I will give you some blogging tips in this post is not to a guide to make money but to understand and don’t go into the“art” of blogging with the wrong perception and serves also as a rough perception about the principles involved.


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A lot of people are eager to know how to start blogging and eventually building a home internet business to make money onlien and you may have heard that the core principle of blogging is good writing and not just just making money through blogging! If you aren’t good at creating out well-crafted pieces, it will not be easy. Although there is partial truth in this, blogging is a lot more than you thought you know.

If you’re already writing or are thinking about writing blogs only to make money online , with no real love for the art involved in it, you will fail, miserably (don’t take it personally). There are a number of resources you can use, like using internet business training to learn and practice to produce good content, marketing with persistence.

The good news is that if you are confident and learn the “art” you will almost certainly be able to generate a loyal customer/fan base and earn your way to success!




Let us analyze the ways to uplift your business to new

heights! Here are some basic blogging tips for you.





Clear Your Mind, Pick a Topic: 


A blog is your creation and as such, you must decide on your niche. Writing on a wide variety of topics is not exactly advisable because your strengths on different subjects will vary and you just dispersing your energy.

This means that the quality of your content will rise and fall with everything you create. Readers are turned off by this habit.

Focus on one subject and create everything around that. With absolute focus, your blog will come to be known for what it stands for and attract a very particular population, automatically raking and be a candidate for income while you start to make money over the internet.



Blogging Quotes : A blog is your creation and as such, you must decide on your niche! Click To Tweet




Pick a Blogging Platform, a free blogging software & how to start a website:


Now that you have decided on a topic, the next move is to choose a place to blog on. A platform with a blogging template that is both user-friendly and efficient.

While there are many you can find via a simple online search, the most popular happens to be WordPress (the one we use here).

For beginners in the field, blogspot.com or Tumblr are good bets, but if you are looking to play the “long game”, WordPress.org should soon become your ‘workshop’. It possesses significantly more options in designing. WordPress.org is both self-hosted and more rewarding than its .com counterpart.


Tips for Blogging, Pick a Domain Name: 


A third-party hosting will only take you so far with a subdomain. If you find a keyword included domain name it will make you stand out. A few tips:

  • Maintain a domain name within 15 characters.
  • Do not use hyphens. It indicates spamming.
  • Utilize top-level domain such as .com or .net.


Here is a detailed guide to setting up hosting at BlueHost:


  • Go to www.bluehost.com and click to Sign Up.
  • Choose a domain name or enter an already existing one.
  • In case you need a new domain name, you will be happy to know that you get one right in the sign-up process, free with the new WordPress hosting account purchase.
  • Next, fill in all your details.
  • Choose from the hosting packages.
  • While choosing the package, ensure that you add Domain Privacy. This is a service that you pay for but it allows for extreme privacy for your personal information on WHOIS databases.
  • After deciding on the package, click ‘Next’ and complete the purchase.
  • Next, set a password for the account.
  • Once you access the account dashboard, you need to install WordPress from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Install” at the installation page.
  • Next, you need to name your site and create a username and password for WordPress.
  • The bar turning green at the top-end of the following screen is an indication of successful installation.
  • You should receive an email with the WordPress admin login URL.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with this, if you need help we are here to support you!
  • Some technical considerations:


Plugins & Tips & CDN: 


A program like WP Super Cache, with activated browser caching for your page & a CDN will boost loading speeds. With an increase in visitors and growing popularity for your blog, this will become very important. Google’s Page Speed Insights Service is particularly helpful in understanding the speed differences before and after cache activation.

Additionally, a CDN or Content Delivery Network is critical as it replicates data across repositories, speeding up content delivery.

This is really crucial as readers are easily bored by a slow page and move on to the next name on the search results that would allow you to attract more customers and succeed with your home business to make money online.


Monetization: The Tricky Part & how to earn extra money


Popular bloggers, who have already carved out a loyal fan following, consistently make money online through online advertising market and sponsorship.

Someone like Neil Patel, after years worth of built up reputation don’t have issues in generating revenue from their work. On the other hand, blogs by small enterprises monetizes via adding URLs to their products.

An unmonetized blog is useless from a business standpoint, no matter how well-written or famous it may be. In this regard, please pay attention to the following points:


Organic SEO:


Keyword research is the key to optimization. Find out the words or phrases that are most important to your blog. This will ensure a better ranking on Google search engine allowing people to learn more about what you are offering and really make money online.


Social media marketing:


Marketing today is incomplete without a relevant social media involvement. Various businesses prefer different platforms with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest among others that make money fast and easy.


Email marketing:


Email marketing is a smooth and efficient way to draw in customers. Customers receiving updates and news about you through email are most likely to get more curious and attracted giving you the leverage to make extra money at home or making money through blogging.


Influencer marketing:

This is where focus is placed on influential people rather than entirely on the product. Twitter makes this easy and there are platforms for contacting influencers as well. The best among these are JustRetweet and Viral Content Bee. You can share content for others and with the earned credits, you can request influencers to do the same for you. A lot of people investing on this to really profit and make money online to have financial freedom.

Free documents: Most start-ups and even long-standing organizations offer complimentary e-books, videos and whitepapers in exchange for a viewer’s name and email address. You should do the same.



Affiliate Marketing & how to earn extra money


A marketing that is based on a blogger’s performance where he adds links to a product belonging to another entity.

When a reader clicks on the link and purchases the product the writer receives a portion of the sale, in this regard you should know that we want to help you explore this opportunity and prepared some resources to help you profit and make your blog profitable and help you get out of the ‘hole’:


Google AdsenseGoogle AdSense is an extremely well-designed and popular ad network, you can earn by allowing ads on his page. There are basically 2 types:

  • Impression Dependent: This is all about the number of page views. For example, every thousand page-views will bring a fixed sum.
  • Click Dependent: Apart from page views, if a visitor clicks on the ad on your page, you get a portion of the revenue from that ad.

Consultation:  With a significant experience behind you, people will be looking for smart tips and advice from you. The good thing is that you can charge for it. And why not? Whether it’s improving someone’s marketing strategy or discussing success tips, your expertise will one day be enough to charge money for. Build yourself accordingly.


Blogging Quotes : A lot of people are eager to know how to start blogging and eventually building a home internet business and you may have heard that the core principle of blogging is good writing and not just just earning money from it! Click To Tweet


Exceptionally-written content is the first step for good blogging, however, you need some techniques and smart thinking to achieve greatness. You need to “burn the midnight oil” and patiently grow into a top-end professional blogger.

LuoVita’s Academy (& our blog) is the final destination for you to get your blogging game straight! Let us help you build your skills! Check the Blogging Success course in our Academy and do it seriously.



Lastly, Specially from Me, Jennie, Welcome to the

Blogosphere Mommies!



Lastly, Specially from Me, Jennie, Welcome to the Blogosphere Mommies!


Motherhood is not just a chapter in a woman’s life, it’s a  lifelong journey but the  most rewarding and noble job. Opportunity to build home business to make money online while continuously looking after your little ones.


Having such a wonderful gift of life brings so much joy in the family especially the parents. It isn’t just about having a child, motherhood entails unimaginable amount of work, restless days, sleepless nights, bathing, feeding, plus other stuff at home.

Looks impossible right?

What about doing more on top of everything such as blogging and a home business to make money online? Even more impossible isn’t it?

Well, blogging became a phenomenon nowadays, a lot of new mommies are joining the blogsphere as they share their own thrilling experiences. Most of the new mommies get their inspiration from other moms who were successful and became some other mom’s motivation too in venturing this new hobby. A hobby that can make money over the internet.

Imagine those nights that you cannot sleep because of baby’s erratic sleep patterns?


Motherhood is not just a chapter in a woman’s life, it’s a lifelong journey but the most rewarding and noble job. Click To Tweet


Think how you can take advantage of this valuable time?

Well blogging is a decent start. Blogging can transform tiring nights into something positive and productive. Countless moms would choose sitting in front of the TV but only those who were ready to take another step forward would choose to spend it writing beneficial to the community while earn extra money from home through blogging.

Yeah you heard it right! Moms were encouraged to write as gives them the sense of belongingness in the community. There are mommies out there whom unfortunately can no longer juggle a social life with high demands of motherhood yet blogging gives that opportunity to help moms reach the world for free.

Many mommies are also honest to share that sometimes loneliness hunts them badly, but blogging opens the door of letting each moms connect with each other.

There are various advantages anybody could get from blogging. How about we refer to the most  obvious and straightforward examples.


Blogging Quotes : To begin with, blogging mean potential earning. Those who are successful were able to earn money while staying at home. Click To Tweet




To begin with, blogging mean potential earning. Those

who  are successful were able to earn money while staying  at home.


Blogging also stimulates the mind that helps improve brain functions. You explore and research where you learn instead of being stagnant. Lastly, it will give you happiness and self-worth.

It wouldn’t be easy at first but with right amount of dedication, passion, and effective time management, then you can be successful in this path and start making money through blogging.


Stay out of your comfort zone mommies it is the best time to tell the world how you’re adapting up  to this new phase of your life, entertain them with your new revelations and be pleased how you’re  completing an extremely extraordinary job.


Indeed! You are such a wonderful mommy and we are excited that you join the blogsphere. Nothing to fear, you gotta try and learn as you progress to level of your blogging career. You wouldn’t know except if you attempt it.

Mommy Blogs | HuffPost

Mommy Blogs. … I’m picking on you, but because statistically, the majority of moms who blog make little to no income from their blogs month after month.

Almost forgot, we also created an e-course with blogging tip and it’s a good start to build a home internet business!

Online Marketing Strategies



Get Blogging Results


Blogging tips and tutorials


Essential Steps for a Profitable Blogging




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