10 Powerful Ways to Attract Followers to Your Facebook Business PageYou have surely wondered what the powerful ways to attract followers in Facebook were? Well, as you are aware, we in Luovita give FB a standout among the other social networks. It’s an effective marketing tool for small to medium businesses. With over 1 billion users, it’s ideal to target your audience and publicize your products/ services.

So, it’s important to attract targeted followers to your Facebook page so that they are constantly updated about your company and the latest product launches. This could create a strong interest in them for your brand.

With the formation of a strong relationship there are greater chances of profitability. Here are some of the most common ways to attract followers to your Facebook page:

    1. Add the Facebook page link in your email signature. You can incorporate the page link in your email signature to draw more people to your business page, each time you send a mail to an existing or potential client, he/she will be able to click or save your page link and visit it later. It is a subtle way of informing people of the existence of your page and encourage them to socially engage in activities.
    2. Add the “Like Us” icon on your business cards. If your business cards contain the “Like Us” icon it automatically makes business partners and clients curious about your Facebook business page. A natural interest arises regarding the page and people are compelled to “like” your company’s page. Liking the page is a great boost as it helps promote your company to the Facebook friends of those who liked it. This group will then include new visitors who get to know about your business and are driven to explore the page too.
    3. Invite your friends to “Like” your page. After the creation of your Facebook business page, you may want to invite your supportive friends and family to like your page. For this, you can use the link “Invite Friends”. Also, you may want to ask them to invite their friends too. These initial likes will give you a great start and credibility. They will also play an important role in drawing more followers to your company’s Facebook page.
    4. Add social plugins to the company website. It’s important that visitors on your website are able to locate your page easily, use Facebook social plugin, such as the “Like Us” plugin, to obtain more likes. Typically, these plugins include a “Like” button, recent posts on your page, and pictures of some of your fans. They are catchy, attractive and will drive more readers to visit your Facebook business page.
    5. Hold a contest on your Facebook page. A great way to attract to your page is by running a contest or competition, you need to ensure that your contest complies to their promotion guidelines. This should be organised in such a way that only those who like your page can take part in the contest. You may want to publicize the contest as much as you can through every way possible so that more people are driven to visit your page and like it.
    6. Publish content that interests your community. When you post content that interests your community you have more chances in attracting visitors to your business page. For example, if you own a bakery in a certain place called Dewland, you may want to search for “Favourite interests of people who like bakeries and live in Dewland” or “Favourite interests of people who like bread, cookies, cakes and pastries”. You could also look up the interests of your competitors’ communities. All this information is particularly useful when deciding what to post on your Facebook business page. Content based on this information will be engaging for your target audience and consequently attract more Facebook users to your page.
    7. Post on a regular basis. It is important to actively post on your Facebook business page so that it’s included in the top ‘Facebook updates’ every day, which will draw existing and new visitors to your page. You could post at least one status update per day. Also, you may want to see when the majority of your followers are active so that you can schedule your posts accordingly. People in general are more likely to see your Facebook business page and visit it if you are consistently active in posting.
    8. Interact with other companies’ Facebook business pages. Engaging with other company pages as your Facebook business page can help build awareness between like-minded companies and their followers. You can use Graph Search and search for pages, companies and places that that are of interest for your company and then like these pages. Participating in relevant Facebook pages will make these companies follow you back and draw their Facebook followers to your page as well. This will be a great boost in drawing more Facebook users to your business page.
    9. Use Facebook advertising. Facebook ads cost money as it is pay per click, there are many options available when it comes to advertising your business page. However it is essential that you target your advertising to people who relate to the demographics and interests of your target customers. It’s a great way to get the attention of your targeted fans and attract them to your page. To make the most out of your ads, you can choose your community’s interests to find people who are similar to your present fans or customers.
    10. Measure the results to optimize growth. You may want to use Facebook Analytics to find metrics that are able to analyse your page performance. Facebook Analytics essentially retrieves data from various channels such as Facebook Pages and bots on Messenger, which enable you to get a complete idea of how your Facebook business page is doing. With demographics and audience insights, the analytics tool enables an appropriate understanding of your existing and potential customers. It is a great way to analyse and learn about what works best to attract followers to your business page. The purpose here is to boost the number of visitors & engagement to your page (and business!).

    Following the above mentioned methods can effectively help you attracting more followers to your Facebook business page improving your company’s growth.

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