Social Media Tools For Entrepreneurs

Social media takes a very important part in our ‘modern online evolution experience’ as we say it here at luovita…., there are amazing resources available for us and the reason is quite straightforward, more people on social media are using blogging over internet to expose their business and develop their brand value!

The combined effects of exposure, demand, and authenticity that a proper social media campaign can bring to us is unique. A lot of social media apps, platforms & resources have been created to help in this process. Let’s take a look at 15 social media resources.

  1. Google Analytics is one of the most useful resource to display data about the traffic and use of a website. It takes out data, present it visually in a comprehensive form like an infographic, highlighting the major informations. This helps improving on neglected areas.
  2. Twitter has gained a tremendous reputation for generating exposure and brand awareness over the last few years. Even if you are not much into the technical aspects of things, you would still want to know about influencers who are common to your domain in Twitter. The same goes for any potential client. The elements of hashtags must be understood and used properly.
  3. Facebook is all about building relationships and increasing brand awareness, it is an advantage, at least for the majority of businesses having a presence here. This advertising platform is in its way inexpensive and facilitates a direct connection to clients who want to know about you and your services. In addition to this, Facebook offers optimization programs for the fine-tuning of ads, along with the details of those interested in your ads.
  4. Canva does a great job as a designing tool which helps in the creation of professional images for banners, blogs, etc., it starts with a free plan and offers a wide range of templates for business cards, posters or presentations. The platform is simple to use.
  5. Google+ is the official social networking platform of Google, one of the world’s largest search engines and has some features like facebook and visual organisation and posting like Instagram.
  6. YouTube is somehow unique in social media marketing, this video-based platform allow you to spread your ideas, business, brand and other features in a very visual appealing way, as an entrepreneur you could consider social video as a very effective brand exposure tool.
  7. GetResponse  is one of the world’s best email marketing platforms available in 21 different languages. It helps in building targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up campaigns. It also offers responsive email design, ready-to-use email templates, landing page creator, marketing automation and statistical analysis tools, this is the platform we use!
  8. Convertkit also has its part as one of the best email marketing software, it has been created by bloggers for bloggers, its super easy to use and work with and is very beginner friendly.
  9. BlueHost is a leading web solutions services provider and it is has continually innovated to empower people to fully take advantage of the web. They provide comprehensive tools to millions of users throughout the world so anyone, beginner or pro, can take advantage of this opportunities.
  10. Shopify is one of the best E-Commerce platform available today, you can use Shopify to sell online products in a very attractive way with a very effective support team behind.
  11. Elegant Themes is a wordpress theme that uses Visual Drag and Drop Technology, we have a detailed tutorial about them, we use them in our websites and are a very big fans!
  12. ThriveThemes is another option to Elegant Themes to create fully conversion optimized websites and also provide very responsive and conversion optimised plugins for WordPress. It has fast WordPress templates and plugins, built to get more traffic, more subscribers, more clients and more customers
  13. Infomaniakthey are a Swiss company based in Geneva with a reliable service and respond quickly to all issues (when there is one) its very very rare to have any issue at all, mostly it was our fault but, even then, they kindly helped out. Their datacenter are located in Switzerland and are mirrored so if there is an unfortunate event nothing happens, the services are always up and running. As I remember we never had our site down.
  14. SmarterQueue is a social media scheduling app helping you saving time and keeping your posting organised in an easy way.
  15. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform and plays an important part in the networking process of many companies. Be it entrepreneurs or seasoned businesspersons, perfect to look for and find potential candidates and partners, it is highly preferred over other platforms by managers for the employment process.

Social Media is a good way to connect to your customers than traditional methods of like emails or calls, you can reach people around the globe, you can click, edit and make the pictures visually appealing,  publish and monitor posts/articles and analyze where it’s working and where it’s not.

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