About Us

Jose Louro LifeStyle Entreprenuer

Hi, I'm Jose, Lifelong learner and entrepreneur, Portuguese origin, living with my family in Switzerland since 2004, after spending the last 13 years working and researching about Self-Improvement and LifeStyle I created Luovita (free life in latin) Project / Mission with the purpose of spreading self-awareness & proposing resources to attain fulfilment in Life leveraged through online resources.

My Story:

After dragging myself for quite a long time in my life, sometimes with low motivation, day in and day out, blinded by the routine of ‘achieving your Goals …one day’,

I arrived at a point when I realised this emptiness inside, not that I had a bad Life, no, but my Instinct was telling me there must be something more,

it was yelling to me…

“Don’t you see there is something wrong? Wake up man, don’t ignore your feelings anymore. Don’t ignore your gut feeling, your sentiments.

You have a mission to change your life and help change the lives of others. You are here to make a difference, wake up.

Well, as a lifetime learner I was always researching about life and its purpose, behaviours and what goes with it…

I looked at other people around and saw their indifferent behaviours, unsatisfied expressions, waiting to live life, but How and When?

I decided to Stop with everything, I quit my Job, quit almost everything… I forced myself to take a radical approach,

I knew that I had all the knowledge inside, for years I absorbed all kind of information and was sure of my abilities, no matter what,

MyMission is to give a sense to my life and help those who feel the same.

Those who are willing to give their life a new sense and wake up to a real and different Life…

This mission has given birth to LuoVita.

(Latin composition of words, Luo for Free, Vita for Life)

What next:

We are now a Team with the same philosophy and beliefs.

We are no preachers to teach you what dreams you should follow, but, we can help you realize that there are plenty of resources in the online world,

which you be used to leverage and help live your life on your own terms, fulfilling your personal goals and missions through a journey of self-discovery

that resonates with your personality.

We are constantly creating new resources such as the courses at LuoVita, keeping personal growth and development in mind.

Even if you are happy with your personal life, you can give your professional field the mind and heart that it needs.

We want to empower you, restore your belief in yourself and help you in your mission and the pursuit of happiness.

The moment you discover the things that make you happy from within, 

you realize your purpose and then you can drive out all the distractions in the path of achieving your goals.

We are here to help you realize your mission in life by empowering you to look at the world through your own perspective

so that you can understand the difference between leading and living your life, vividly.

At LuoVita, we have a different approach towards the world of internet as we see it as an avenue of opportunity.

WHY are we doing this?

Because we want to make a deep difference in people’s lives,

make them aware that this life is not a rehearsal, it’s for real and we must live NOW!

Because we believe that the time spent on this planet is precious and pursuit of our dreams are important

and that to earn a living it is not mandatory for anyone to spend their time into someone else’s dreams.

We also believe that every human being on planet Earth is different and that we co-exist together for a greater purpose so that we respect our differences.

We believe that it is important that instead of shying away from our differences, we embrace them.

We believe in our Mission,

to give you strength and awareness of the power that you already have inside of you,

to develop your ideas and find new opportunities, not only for yourself personally and professionally but also,

by lending a helping hand to anybody and everybody in need and caring for the well-being of others.

We believe in Ourselves, in our effort, in our courses, resources and personal assistance that reflects our determination, belief and faith in this beautiful universe.

We believe in showing you the way to thrive in your life, discover and develop your true potential,

present in every living soul, even if you are not aware of it and fulfil your dreams and develop as an exceptional human being.

So, a Warm Welcome to Your New Future!

Jose & The Team

Spread The Word! Thanks!