How to Earn as Affiliate with LuovitaAffiliate Marketing resources is one of the best ways to generate income, let’s go over what it is, well, in a nutshell, it is when you share a product you love using a link that includes a unique tracking code;

if a reader clicks on this specific link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission from the sale. It’s not so hard to do, but it took me a some time and patience to realise how effective it could be.

For example, I wrote a post including my affiliate links to the products I want to promote, the ones I like. Of course I included an affiliate link to the product, then I publish the post and people like it, leaving great comments.

A few days later I check my Affiliate Dashboard and I had made some good money from people purchasing the products I had recommended. And here is the most astonishing thing:

I didn’t wrote that post with the goal of making a lot of money. I just thought it would be helpful for people sharing the products I like.

And this is the beauty of affiliates, you can simply help others by sharing and recommend, connecting with them with a product that will improve their life better in some way, so they benefit and you do too.

So you may thinking, “Affiliate marketing resources sounds awesome but how do I make that happen?”

You are here for a reason and we put a lot of effort to provide you, in case you like our products and want to earn with us, our platforms with our creations where you can earn and sustain your online venture until you make it bigger…

So how do you use affiliate marketing resources effectively?

Once you have signed up for an affiliate resources program/ product, how to introduce them into your posts and followers?

I’ve seen bloggers stuffing with affiliate links in their posts and promotions hoping to make a profit, but it goes as as spam.

The key here is being genuine and sharing products you are already using and/or you love. Some ways you can do this are:

The key as Affiliate is being genuine and sharing products you love and recommend! Click To Tweet

Lists for tutorials/ resources

For a tutorial you are going to share a list anyway, so why not make your links affiliate links?

Present it in bullet format so that it is visually more appealing  and easy for your readers.

But again don’t overdo it because you don’t want every little thing to be a link and make them click away, just go for important products or tools.

Shopping instructions

Many times bloggers will help readers find a specific type of product or resource that they are looking for by presenting several different options.

Tell how you did it

If there is a product or some other resource that has helped you, write about it!

This is a very personal way to sharing your resources( and your links) because, similar to what we did with our information about Infomaniak, our hosting provider, we were simply telling people about our provider and a system that we are using.

Your email list

Finally, do not forget to connect to your email list!

I share almost everything with my readers and my list. They will help you spread out the word and get more sales than your blog posts because your subscribers are your most dedicated fans, and they really trust that you know your stuff!

Newsletters are also a great resource to share special deals or promotions that may be going on, your readers will appreciate the attention and thought you have given them (and you earn a commission).

In case you may wonder, what email provider we use, its Getresponse

Important to know on links

Whenever I use affiliate links I MUST inform to my readers and subscribers that they are affiliate links.

For example:

This post contains promotions with affiliate links.
For more information, see my disclosures


In the past I sometimes used to ignore when someone started to write or something turned around affiliates because I thought it was a complicated process that was difficult to learn and understand. But it is not!

You simply go to the sites you like and apply, if you are accepted you can start using their links on your site. 

To use them in a more effective way you can integrate these links, as I mentioned before, in your Posts.

Also check out the banners and promotional resources we prepared for you, integrate them (linking them with the links, explained here, in our Resources Center) wherever you ‘feel it’,

For your readers, write of why the particular resource or platform would be helpful for them, and as I mentioned, don’t forget to disclose affiliate relationships!

Almost forgot, to be our affiliate, enroll for free in this mini course that explains about affiliate marketing in the Academy ,have access to you affiliate dashboard & start earning!

Keep in touch!

As I’am a reader from, I found this Article from Marsha Hunt very informative.

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