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The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video. However, the real problem with video is that producing professional video content on a regular basis is time-consuming and costly!

This service is designed to give you fresh video content for you to share and drive traffic on a regular basis. All at an affordable price.

  • 1-2 days of research for the content, stats and data needed for the video
  • A draft of the infographic copy for you to approve
  • Up to three revisions on copy
  • One complete Animated 5 point Infographic Video, per month
  • Minor revisions (if necessary)
  • A branded Infographic design to match your branding colors and fonts (if necessary)
  • A rendered movie file suitable for major networks: YouTube, Facebook, etc
  • A custom thumbnail for social sharing and content distribution
  • A short list of infographic subjects relevant to your business
  • Logo, links, and branding instructions (if any)
  • A specific call to action you would like the viewer to take at the end of your video
  • What is an infographic video?
  • An infographic video is similar to a standard infographic. With data and information presented in a visually engaging way so that readers want to know more and read on. Video is now the dominant medium for engaging and converting customers online. Video allows you to say what you need to say before the moment when your customer clicks away!. Audiences are 10x more likely to engage, embed and share video content than blogs or other text-based content.
  • Do I need to supply the content?
  • We will compile all the data for your video. However, if you would like to use a specific resource or data set we are happy to use anything you wish. We do require your logo and call to action!
  • Do I need to supply the images?
  • All we need is your logo. We supply and source images from our own extensive library. When needed, we will create images specific for your video. The images we use are icon graphics in a fashionable flat graphics style.
  • If content isn’t provided, how is the research done for the Infographics?
  • We search for information on the internet and source from reliable news / research papers and blogs. We compile up to 7 points per video along with references and submit to the client for their feedback.
  • Will the video match our branding?
  • Yes the video colors and fonts will be custom branded to match your existing branding. We can either match a style document you provide or match your website or brochure!
  • Can I upload the video to our website?
  • Yes! We provide a rendered movie file which you can then upload to video sharing services such as YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. You then use one of these services to get sharing code to post on your website!
  • Can I see samples?
  • Sure! Please take a look at sample videos in the portfolio section above!
  • How long are the videos?
  • The videos are normally around 50 – 60 seconds long. Give or take a few seconds either way. You get 5 points in total plus an opening title and closing call to action. Total script length is 75 words.
  • I’m already blogging, should I use this service?
  • Videos can greatly enhance the ranking of your logo posts and are shared and linked to more often than other formats. The two work very well together and the video will help drive extra traffic to you posts.
  • How do I get started?
  • It’s pretty simple, after you purchase you will receive a brief questionnaire where you’ll provide all the info needed. We’ll then be in touch on the messenger to let you know we’re getting started. Done and done.




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