Be good to yourself, easier said than done, have you ever thought about how you talk to yourself?

It’s nothing new that often that we’re our most critical judge to, for example when you say things more or less mean to yourself, saying or thinking, it’s the same, in our internal dialogue we can be a lot harsh and very judgmental, we’re often the first to rate ourselves if we’ve done something wrong and often the last to praise ourselves when we’ve done something right.

The aim is being aware of this and shift, if we’re gonna be the biggest bully of ourselves that’s only going to work against our happiness and not serve us, it’s a valuable skill if you start to notice when you do speak unkindly about yourself because being aware of this in the first place is going to be your fist task, it will probably be a habit and that will require practice.

But notice when you think something about yourself it puts you on a positive or negative vibration, brings you down or cheers you up, this will be one of the most important steps of helping you improve your behavior, you know, every thought you have is an affirmation, subconsciously either lifting you up or knocking your down, so it’s wise to pay close attention about your thoughts you’re repeating over and over about yourself or your surroundings.

The important now is to start and re frame these, for example if you’re constantly thinking your mission in work is going to be wrong about something you must accomplish just re frame it, a simple shift in thinking could be thinking that you’ve prepared enough for this and you’ve nothing to worry about.

You’ve denied it for years, not denying that your gonna feel uncomfortable about it but you’re re framed it, made it more positive in your head, in your internal conversation and this is going to serve you.

Another example is about your body., something that you don’t like, weight, appearance, now re frame it and make positive changes and make every step that you can, little steps about it to change it every day and start to focus on things that you do like, you’re not conditioned to do that, you’ve probably spend a lot of years doing the opposite but the aim is to notice when you have this thoughts that puts you down, observing very carefully, that’s where the power starts and practicing the opposite , reframe it and try to find  a way to reframe it to something positive, something that is actually going to empower you and lift you up, your conscious decision to use a different thought pattern.

Be aware that because you have this old habits this thought are still missing but it’s worth practicing, and, day by day this will get easier and easier until the internal monologue inside your head is one that’s supports you, rather than being your biggest obstacle it is going to be your biggest fan.

Believe me you’re powerful, you’re a good person, you’re a wonderful person, you’re exactly where you’re need  to be right now in this world and I want you to celebrate that, celebrate it with yourself first because its only when you learn to appreciate who you are and what  you’re about that you can share that with the rest of the world and we need to be really our biggest fans internally in order to help anybody else and in order to bring about the best we can be and the best person in us so remember how amazing you are today and I hope that you choose to have a fantastic time today and say nice things to yourself, be kind to yourself as much as  you can, stay aware and take care.

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