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About 65000 people come over Nevada desert yearly in order to build a city of their dream, A Black Rock City. Larry Harvey and Jerry James were the two friends who came up with the idea of the festival back in the year 1986.


They met on the Baker beach in San-Francisco and set a wooden man on fire. Afterwards, the circle of participants became bigger and located to Black Rock desert of Nevada.


Burning Man Festival achieves a dream about life in society of freedom and creative development for a week. Action comes in the middle of the desert, 3, 5 hours away by a car from Reno Сity nearby.


Black Rock City looks like a real city with extensive infrastructure and residential “streets”, around which the main art-objects, scenes, entertainment venues are developed. Cyclopean camp automobile area is built half circle.


There is a symbol of the festival in its center, a gigantic figure of a burning man. High point of the festival is after midnight when the statue gets burnt. There are many other fancy installations, which are to be burnt too.


Because of sand-bearing wind it is possible to walk around the territory of the festival with a special defense only – closed glasses, kerchief and a powerful flashlight at night. All the equipment for photo and video recording should have defense from sand. There are no bars or shops but coffee and ice in the center of the camp town.


The rest of things are brought over by the participants of the event. Every participant relies on oneself and dust storms only add some extreme and sensory acuity.


The tickets for the festival are available online only after registration on the site of the event. A ticket costs 350 $, plus 50 $ for permission to enter by a car. The festival begins in the last Monday of August at 12.01 A.M.


The last day is a Labor Day, an official holiday celebrated in America on the first Monday of September. The desert turns into an exhibition of contemporary art work and unusual installations oftentimes of fantastic shapes.


Participants dress up fancy and decorate their vehicles in a fancy way. Famous artists and deejays perform on the festival. Not only providers and location itself but also its participants bring a special atmosphere to this art-festival.


No one knows how they are going to surprise and amaze an audience and one another: crazy dances, nude bicycle rides or an alien parade. There are three methods of self-expression: original outfits, original vehicles and unconventional installations.




Burning Man Festival achieves a dream about life in society of freedom and creative development for a week in the desert of Nevada, from Melisa Marzett Click To Tweet



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