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Quiz- Are You Tense?

The modern world has gifted us with tension, stress, anxiety, depression and many more psychological and emotional disorders. Our ancestors used to live much simpler and jovial lives, and hence were ignorant of these heavy words. But, with the flow of time, we started to lead a busy life that invited some or the other […]

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The Luxury of Hopelessness

It was a busy day for me like most days which are very hectic, making it hard to tackle everything all alone. In a day I buy my food and cook them, laundry the clothes and clean my home, meet different clients and earn money to live. So, that day when I received two e-mails, […]

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Content Marketing E-Course

One of the most important types of marketing in today’s world is content marketing. It involves the creation and sharing of relevant content such as blogs, social media posts, and videos, which do not directly promote a brand but encourage interest in the products or services. Basically, content marketing exploits the human inclination for storytelling. […]

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Business Communication E-Course

Communication is at the core of almost everything we do. And in business, regardless of the type and kind, effective communication between colleagues, management, staff and customers is vital to ensure clear, concise and precise operations. Making mistake in business communication can not only be embarrassing for you, but also can make you look sloppy […]

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Basic List Building Strategies E-Course

Email Marketing provides the most direct line of communication for converting leads into sales—this is the only reason why the savviest of entrepreneurs have not yet given up on emails, which according to many, is an old, un-cool technology compared to social media. Several studies have recently concluded that as many as 85% of all […]

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