How to change your habits? Do you think you are not going anywhere, that you are doing the same old stuff and not see improvement in your life. Have you considered to change your habits?

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.  -Aristotle

This is the moment you decide to make a change and this will change your life forever. You finally chose to step up.


How many years are you doing the same things, thinking and worrying about the same things, telling the same story, being the same way to all the people in your life and never fully going after the dream that is burning inside you?

How many years are you making excuses for why you have not step up yet?

How many people try to inspire you to step up and yet you tell them excuses after excuses of why you’re too old, why you’re too young, why you’re not educated enough, why you’re not smart enough, why you’re not good-looking enough, why you don’t have the experience,

How many excuses have you made in your life that had held you from fully going after your purpose, your missing, your dream, the thing that brings the fire out of you and inspires those around you. How long and how much longer are you going to hold yourself back, lay small, pay it safe, stay comfortable, not hurting one’s feelings. How much longer are you going to play a safe life and never ever doing anything that leaves a mark on this planet.

This is your wake-up call, this is the moment you decide, you have a choice every single breath, every single time your heart beats you get to make a choice.

Am I going to move towards my dreams or am I going to waste another breath, waste another heart beat and allow my fears?

My insecurities, my stupid stories that I have going in my head over and over that I’m not worthy enough, that I’m not good enough, smart enough, that I’m not ready enough, that I don’t have enough experience holding me back?

From fully opening your heart, expressing yourself and living like a human being on a mission to change whatever it is that you want to change and live the way you want to live.

This is your wake-up call and you have a huge decision right now.

I’m calling you forth to get out of your comfort zone, whatever you normally do on a day to day basis you’re going to do the complete opposite for the rest of this day.

If your usually quiet, you’re going to be outrageous. You are going to be loud.

If you usually loud and crazy you’re going to be reserved and quiet and you’re going too open your ears which you never really opened and going to listen to the people around you.

If you don’t feel worthy, you’re going to walk around like the worthiest person in the world. As if you’re so worthy and deserving that everything you want, feel and experience are just for you.

If you dress conservatively, you’re going dress wild, if you dress wild you’re going to dress conservatively.

Whatever is on your mind right now and you think that if you would do that I would be so crazy and uncomfortable you’re going to that the rest of this day because that is going to move you towards your dream.

Whatever is on your mind, regardless how wild, how timid, how adventurous, how laid back, it will be totally fine because this is your chance to move towards your dream. Do what you want and do it for yourself.

The only way you gonna get closer to your dream is doing things that are going to make you feel so freaking uncomfortable. You must be uncomfortable in order to achieve your dreams, get the woman or men of your dreams. In order to have a family, the relationships, the health you want, you need to get uncomfortable.

If you’re gonna stay comfortable this day that probably you’re gonna stay comfortable for the rest of your life, you have a choice, this is your wake-up call.

What are you willing to do to get uncomfortable right now in order to start moving towards your dreams?

What decision are you’re going to make right now in order to step up your life and move towards your dreams?

Live fully, follow your dreams and make a worthy living, we can have it all in life, we can live a rich life

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