ConvertKit is one of the finest tools to assist bloggers get their craft off the ground! It is a one stop destination for any aspiring or established writer to work on and reap actual benefits. If you wanna venture blogging, then you must try ConvertKit.

The best benefits you get of using ConvertKit are:

  • Ease of tracking clicks and tagging users – Exceptionally well thought of tagging functions and click tracking abilities that tag according to the person’s interest.
  • Efficient system for making email sequences – Compose and create from a single page rather than having to go to different pages for different functions.
  • Automations & segmentation that are well designed –Automatic functions that ensure the tagging of new subscribers to your email list and much more!
  • Integrates with a number of different platforms –Multi-platform support like with WordPress that allows you to use ConverKit in a number of different ways.

Let’s find out how to sign up and use it!

  1. Signing Up – Go to ConvertKit and sign up.Enter your billing information.Once you are done with entering your details, choose a plan. Make sure to be careful in choosing the most appropriate plan for you.
  2. Account approval – The next thing to get done is to have your ConvertKit account verified and approved! The purpose is obviously to test your credibility as a blogger. Normal business requirements allow you to submit your piece via an URL on their chat feature. The other way to gain acceptance is through the submission of a ticket feature and then provide the URL to your blog. Although you may browse around ConvertKit in the interim period, it is only post-approval that you can send something on it.
  3. Time to Import Any Existing Subscriber – Do you have an email list? No? Then let’s go to the next step. But if yes, here’s what you do!Adding tags is the primary thing to do in the “Add Subscribers” process before anything else. This will categorize your subscribers accurately and for this, click on “Subscribers” on the men and then hit “Create a Tag”.  This is a really simple and effective process. For one, you may use a mundane and self-explanatory title to a tag like “imported subscribers”.Make your checks and name your tags and when you are sure that you are done, hit “Save”. The next step is to import subscribers from the current email provider you have, saving that as a CSV file. Then, hit “Subscribers” on the main menu and then “Import Subscribers”.Next, upload the saved CSV file and put your subscribers under the designated tags, in this case, “Imported Subscribers”. Align the columns on the CSV sheet to the relevant ConvertKit fields and then, finally, hit “Import Subscribers”. Repeat this for other lists, if available.
  4. Form creation – This is the first look of your dashboard. Once you click on “Create Form”, you can choose a form or a landing page. Let us go with form for now. You may choose one of three styles that serve different purposes.You can also go ahead and stylize your form by clicking on the icon at the top right edge as per the picture below. Colour as you wish, and you may even personalize as per your brand.Access settings and change your form name, which is only visible to you, available on Dashboard once you sign-in. Modify the success message to what you want your subscribers to see when they fill up the form and hit “Subscribe”. You may, if you wish, redirect subscribers to a different page that displays a thank you message for subscribing or something else. After this, click on the “Save Form” button.
  5. Incentive Emails – This is the very email that subscribers will receive that will be a confirmation of their subscription. You can turn it off if you so wish by clicking on the checkbox adjacent to the “send incentive/double opt-in emails” to your subscriber checkbox. Power is available to configure email and the subject title along with the email and button text! Go ahead and select the form style!
  6. Form Addition – Now, on to embedding the subscription form on your website. There are three methods present, namely, WordPress, Javascript or Raw HTML.So, don’t wait and pray but do and lay the groundwork for your future with ConvertKit’s excellent facilities!

Disclaimer: This is an important note that there are some links above which are affiliate links and if you click on them and decide to purchase something, I shall earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Let me say on record that I have used and experienced the services of this company, and my recommendation is strong as I have found them to be very helpful and useful. My opinion is not based on the commission I make, but because of how reliable I found this to be. You are not compelled to make any decision unless you see fit and feel that they will help you achieve your goals.

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