Do you think that Email marketing is still one of the basic list building strategies?

Email Marketing provides the most direct line of communication for converting leads into sales—this is the only reason why the savviest of entrepreneurs have not yet given up on emails, which according to many, is an old, un-cool technology compared to social media.

Several studies have recently concluded that as many as 85% of all people who use the web, use emails compared to 62% who only uses social media platforms.

Therefore, email is not only Universal, personal and widely used but also the de facto place where business is conducted online.

And to turn casual visitors on your website to loyal clients, it is mandatory that you create a responsive mailing list which will allow you to engage with your customers on a daily basis, easily promote and share new content, product or service and quickly evaluate how well your message resonates among your audience.

To help you create an effective mailing list, Jose Delgado and the LuoVita team has developed and designed this 5-day Crash Course on Basic List Building Strategies that will help you to entice people, establish a strong and loyal relationship with them and finally enable you to convert their loyalty into hard cash, when they buy your product or subscribe to your service.

There are plenty of ways by which you can win your audience’s trust. By creating good content, by sharing valuable information with them, by giving them great discounts or even by giving them free gifts, vouchers or giveaways.


The question lies, “What to give and When to give?” Nevertheless, “How to give?”

When marketing is all about reaching the right people at the right time, you need to know exactly how to not bore your audience and compel them to report your emails as spams, but offer them something that they simply cannot refuse and happily subscribe as your paying client.


There is a very fine line between annoying people by sending them promotional emails on a regular basis and attracting them to something interesting, so they pay you for your services or products.

We have designed this course in such a way that it becomes extremely easy for you to understand all the nitty-gritty in building a responsive mailing list. Subscribe today to our Email Course and start making money right away, in a very straightforward way.

For more tips on online business, have a look at our Marketing E-Course.


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