Life is too short, what you are enjoying today may not be

there tomorrow so it is important that make take your

journey to a better life


Develop deep insight into your life, overcome tough times and find Your Journey to a Better Life


We are practically torn between so many things that is why setting goals is necessary for us to lead ourselves in the right direction. We always love the idea of living our dreams. We have so many in our list that we most of the time end up frustrated for not achieving any of them. Ideal lifestyle is defined differently. It could be earning money while traveling the world, it could taking good care of your children why managing your home business making money online, it could be a healthy lifestyle habit or making money doing your passion.

Every step you take in this journey impacts your goal. Let me cite an example, if you are hesitant to quit smoking, then think about the long term effect and what’s gonna be the difference it would actually bring into your life.

Did you imagine looking after your grandchildren, attending the most important event of their lives? Then use that as motivation in finally stopping to smoke. Smoking is really dangerous in ones health. If you want to live longer, be there and witness your daughter’s graduation, your son’s wedding, playing with your grandchildren or even traveling with your spouse, then start now!

Let Luovita help you in this journey to a better life. We have so much to offer and we are all gonna be in this together.

Let’s start with the most basic step, have a clear image of your chosen goal, bearing in mind also, with no uncertainty of the question of your health, relationships, spirituality and finances.

Once you already set your goal, think of the ways to achieve it. Remember that your center of attention must not go off track as you stay focused on your target. All your energy must be spent in doing what’s best for you and you will find yourself where you need to be.

Then, so long as you do that with the intention of getting to be better, you will find yourself where your need is to be. Probably not precisely the objective you had in mind, but be appreciative for your present accomplishment and in time, it will help in reaching that goal on which you have set your sights.

If your center of attention is on your journey, you are then destined to generate your greatest accomplishment.

Remember that this journey is going to be your motivation.


Remember that this journey is going to be your motivation. Click To Tweet


The journey may be rough or smooth, it can sweet or bitter, it can be fun or tragic but go back to your goal and pull the motivation you have since the start. The only way to get into your goal is to never stop until you get there.

If your goal is to have a better life, then you must take all necessary actions that would make it better every single day.

Get rid of the negativity, stop worrying too much about the past, never dwell on what you can’t do. Stop whatever is stopping you. You must know yourself too well because only you can push yourself in achieving the better life you’ve been dreaming of.

This life is not about you reaching the tops of the mountains, or relating to attaining the high point, we have different definition of what a better life is. It truly depends on you. You may consider having a perfect family and taking good care of them as you give up your job can already be a better life for you while others may believe that getting rich is what they want.

Never let you past nor your future dictate the now. Just get on the boat and enjoy the journey.

Be grateful for every opportunity to be better.


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Employing Free-Time to Satisfy your Well-Being


Employing Free-Time to Satisfy your Well-Being


Life is beautiful, life is full of adventure. Lifestyle ideas can be both big or small but it doesn’t matter so long as you are living a happy life.

We live in a busy world where everything and everyone demands so much from us.

Meetings are lined up, paper works, family obligations and other stuff, but why are we forgetting to spend some quality time with ourselves.

Each of us would definitely have a free time in a week, and the real question is, “where do you actually spend your free time?”.

It’s perfectly okay if your free time is eaten up by watching your favorite T.V show, or if browsing the internet is what makes you relax. If social media is your best outlet to feel good.

You may have more time than what you know. At least some of this time could be used in more creative ways to renew your body, mind, and spirit.

Your precious free time can actually be spent in renewing your body, your mind and your spirit by doing things that can make you happy and improve your well-being.


Your precious free time can actually be spent in renewing your body, your mind and your spirit by doing things that can make you happy and improve your well-being. Click To Tweet


Here are some of the ways how you can spend your free time.


1. Take a walk outside and be one with nature, get some fresh air, and be reminiscent of who you are and who you want to be. Being with nature is also one of the most ideal way to meditate. It provides positive energy and clears your mind.

2. Discover your interest and get a hobby. If you do not know your interest yet, try to list them down and filter according to your means. What’s important is after you decided which hobby to try, make sure you commit yourself to it.

Cook – Cooking is fun. Though they say not everyone can cook, but they never said that you can’t try. You might be surprised that you can actually do your favorite dish.

Creative work – arts, woodworking, graphic designs name it. Creative outlet can help you relax and sharpen your mind.

Sports – There’s a lot of outdoor and indoor sports that you may try. You can also consider doing your high school or college sports again. Sports will not only improve endurance but will also allow you to connect with real people outside work and other obligations.

Bottom line is, there is something that may interest us and we take advantage of that interest to make ourselves a better version of us. Our lifestyle design is our companion in facing every situation we encounter.

It’s absolutely the key to your happiness and well-being.

If you look at it in that perspective, you will surely find time, even half an hour every day or every week to spare. Do something that you enjoy.

Maybe you don’t want to join a club, but you could do something from your home that has nothing to do with regular work or obligations or things you should be doing.

Choose something different and soul satisfying. But engage in something you enjoy doing. Do something impressive that is just for you.

Something that is just for fun and to invest in your happiness. Something that is inspiring. It is in that moment of time that you’re going to be able to reconnect with yourself in a magical way.

I  do want to encourage you to take up an interest in hobbies and things to get your creative juices flowing and an outlet to make up your day and naturally being able to nurture your inner self and feed your soul in that approach.

Make a list of things and activities that you used to enjoy, things that you still enjoy and things in which you are interested. It is where you get a place to start. You got a list of stuff that you have shown interests in the past, or the things you have enjoyed and still enjoy and things you tried with that idea.

Look at that list as if it is a real possibility. I want you to pick one or maybe even two activities that you could start. Even if you’re unconvinced whether or not you could start, make an attempt to look up where it would be accessible and what it entails.

For example, maybe you’re interested in photography, go out and see what you can find on the subject and look at what stuff you would eventually need. Get a book of instructions and what you would need in the long run. Look at an online course. There are lots of courses available online, look at the practicality of it, see whether you could fit it into your free time frame.

Enjoy that course of action and be happy about it, be delighted that you found something creative, enjoy life, you’ll be a lot more productive.


Tips to Develop Deep Insight into Your Own Life


Tips to Develop Deep Insight into Your Own Life


It is easier than done to develop deep insight into your own life, but why settle for less when in reality, you can really achieve this only if you believe. I will guide you in the process to attain this by giving a number of tips.

Life isn’t a simple stroll in the woods where everything is perfect and rosy. It is full of challenges that you have to undertake to reach the top of the mountain.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles R. Swindoll

The important thing to remember here is that a deep insight into ourselves and how we process things can go a long way in helping us in that regard.

Only by knowing yourself, by understanding what you stand for and how the world affects your life or doesn’t, can you understand the true meaning of your existence.


1. You can try the following to understand yourself better.


  • Self-analysis:Spend some time alone and do an objective analysis of yourself. It’s hard but you can try self-talk while studying and criticizing your actions. A better way to go is get some friends over to converse with and listen to your words.
  • Compose a manifesto: To know yourself is to improve yourself, and for that you need to move in a very goal-oriented manner. Writing a manifesto, keeping yourself in mind, is a great way to meet these requirements.
  • Write Down Your Activities and Experiences: Studies have proven that writing down what happens to us every day is a great way to keep track of what we are doing right and what mistakes we have made. The more we keep a journal or a diary, keeping account of what’s going on with our lives, the better are our chances of delving deeply into our consciousness to understand ourselves better.
  • Perform a Self-Review: Criticizing ourselves is a natural thing that many of us do, but if we can stand in other’s shoes, we will truly get what we stand for. There is no better way to get insightful of your life than to have a look at it through someone else’s eyes! Try to imagine how they think and their mentalities and then, with that assumption, judge yourself.



2. These are things to remember about an insightful life.


  • Don’t fret when something doesn’t go your way. Instead build on it and move on. We have a subconscious tendency to blow things out of proportion.
  • Our friends and family are who give us strength to keep going when things get tough. We need to pay more attention to them as they help us find our purpose through deep insight into us.
  • Our life tells us that nothing is gained without effort. When we work at something and put our resources and hard work into it, we get equivalent results.
  • Live in the present and don’t day dream about the past. You need to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labour which will show you the finer sensibilities of your persona.
  • You have got to mix with people who actually make a difference to your way of doing things. This means that you need people in your life who are inspirational or educated enough to support your aspirations.
  • Self-love is not a crime when you pamper yourself after working hard at your goals. Keep in mind that you need to respect and appreciate yourself before you can expect others to do the same.
  • Fear is an incentive to move forward so don’t be wary of it. When you fear something, you are reminded to the mortality of your existence and you tend to drive yourself harder. Defeat fear and use it as a tool for uplifting yourself!


Our life is the time we spend going for greater things than ourselves and the people who influence our decisions. This is very true and if you think about it, you will observe that our life is but a sum of actions, decisions and individuals. For genuinely seeing within oneself, there needs to be total clarity – an insight which is only possible through a complete self-understanding.


Mindfulness and Anxiety

Being preoccupied with so much stuff like work, family, bills and about life alone can become anxious triggers.


Being preoccupied with so much stuff like work, family, bills and about life alone can become anxious triggers.

Anxiousness can happen in early stage of your life or even later part of your life. There are so many triggers that other people failed to win. But do you know that we can overcome anxiety if we practice mindfulness.

So what is mindfulness?

It’s being aware of the present moment without judgment or worries about the past, future or present.

Calmly and peacefully allowing you to experience the magic and wonder in this life that we have and to listen to the wisdom of your own heart.

It is a state of mind where were absolutely present, we’re not worrying about something else, we’re just observing and being aware of ourselves and our environment, internal emotions, our outside and our current situation and we’re looking at the beauty of it, the sensations of it, the position of it as if we were observing it and taking a mental picture.

It’s a real gift to learn doing that, because how many of us just find ourselves running around day after day, very busy in our lives, so busy that we actually forgotten to stand still and take a stop.

Mindfulness is actually a tool that we can use to our own joy, our own awareness about ourselves and our own connections between ourselves and the universe,

Do you know that Mindfulness greatly helps if you suffer from anxiety, feeling anxious or panicking about situations?

Being Mindful brings you back to the here and now as an observer taking control of your body, control of your emotions, internal environment and then from there you have a springboard to move forward. If you practice well, then you’ll learn to calm yourself.

Bringing yourself back, binging yourself home is very grounding, you then feel safe and don’t feel anxious anymore..


Bringing yourself back, binging yourself home is very grounding, you then feel safe and don’t feel anxious anymore. Click To Tweet


Let me give some examples, pick two points in your day where you stop and observe how your body feels, notice the people around you, the colors around you, see exactly where you are in that given moment.

This will only take you some seconds of your day, take a mental picture of it, notice every single detail, as if you would write a description of it and you needed to describe everything.

You might be surprised about what you noticed and what you didn’t noticed before because every time we’re in an environment that we’re familiar with you forget to look, you forget to notice, even a new color on the wall could fall without notice even if you walk and pass every day.

Even with people that you assume you know, that they look like and we’re actually forget to refresh our eyes and to look again,

Mindfulness can be so beautiful, it gives you so many rewards, so many happiness and peace of mind, bring yourself in that moment.

At the end of the day, those point that you picked will be so vivid in your life and you really have the impression to live your life, you really were present in your own life and that is so important to our happiness, being present in the moment.

One day you set for example the task and set three points, maybe four and so on, you’ll get into the practice of it and live your life with more awareness.

Once you have practiced this technique, feel free to share us your experience. Share us how it improved your life. Leave us a comment or be our Guest Post, we will be very glad to share your experience to the world.



How to Face Tough Times?


How to Face Tough Times?


How to face tough times? We all have a bad day in the office, in business, family, friends but it’s just a matter of how you can actually deal with those days.

This famous line can be your guide though “It is just a bad day and not a bad life.

Let me share some tips on how you can deal better with hard times.

Life is like an ocean, the waves may be very calm one day and the next very day there might be a storm.


Life is like an ocean, the waves may be very calm one day and the next very day there might be a storm. Click To Tweet


Life never remains steady forever like a mountain.

Right from our childhood, we are well accustomed with the phenomenon of changing times.

In life, nothing is permanent, neither the happiness nor the sorrow.

Sometimes when everything looks perfect, we don’t realize that we might lose everything the next moment.

Some of us call this our fate. These people consider that whatever happens is destined and are mostly very calm and apathetic to their surrounding events.

Rather than facing the consequences, they prefer to stay inactive and blame their fate.

They bow down to every situation that comes their way, without making any effort to fight back.

Certainly, one can believe in fate, but that should not overwhelm you and stop you from acting positively.

Another strength that you can draw upon during the crisis are your assets. Thus, I advise my readers to list out all their assets.

During any crisis, some of us might lose our morale and think they are left with nothing. To prevent such a feeling, we should take every challenge positively.

You may be facing the toughest time, but you are alive.

Your life is an asset. If you are healthy, your health is your asset. If you have a supportive family, there is nothing like that! It is the best asset you have.

You have friends! Consider them to be your asset as well.

Note down everything you have as an asset. This list will always motivate you during your tough times. You will then feel that all is not lost, which is of utmost important.

This will also pull you up from hopelessness, which is a major help during tough times.

Next, make a list of all the problems that you are facing. Divide the list into minor and major problems.

Go through the list to find out which problems can be ignored for the time being and which must be tackled sooner.

Begin with major problems from that list and as you solve them one after another, you will see your confidence growing.

Tough times test our attitude. So, rather than sitting ideal during your hardship, you must always be ready to fight and aim to win.



Keep Your Faith Strong


Keep Your Faith Strong


We commit mistakes, we have setbacks and we don’t get everything we want. It’s not cool and it hurts sometimes.

We work so much to avoid all these mess as we avoid its long-lasting effect.

I failed several times too but it never stopped me to go on. I failed in school, I failed in interviews, I failed being in a relationship and it left me scars that took time to heal.

Then I realized that life is a long journey and does not stop after failing.

I also realized that there are many ways to overcome failure and achieve my goals. However, I have to start thinking differently. I need to scrutinize life and shifting my thoughts in the correct direction.

When we fail, we tend to ponder, searching for new meaning to our lives, exploring the potential for possible answers and solutions for achieving our goals. In fact, failure is a crucial part of goal achievement.

It acts as life’s guiding light and as mother nature’s chisel, playing an important role in improving each subsequent iteration and generation of life.

Difficulties, challenges, hurdles, are inevitable but it gives flavor in our lives. It makes us stronger, wiser then we call ourselves survivor.

There are times that our faith is tested, we are bombarded with so much worries but how do we keep our faith strong. We strive to keep our spiritual connection with ourselves and the world strong.

There are even times that we have this realization and asked “what is my purpose?”, “why am I being tested this way?”, and a lot more questions. Because difficulty will not only affect our body, it also affects our soul, our mind in such a huge way.

I just want to offer a little bit of advice on how to remain connected with yourself and not lose faith in the journey that your experiencing.

There is this quote that struck me deep, the saying goes “Difficulties are meant to rouse not discourage the human spirit and it will  grow strong by conflict, this quote is based on the idea that our struggles, difficulties, conflicts actually will enhance our power, enhance our sense of self, will help us grow.

We’re all in a journey and I believe that we have the power to make that journey wonderful for ourselves as we possibly can. We just need to make the right choice and through habits.

I need you to take confidence in the idea that hardship is part of your journey and part of your process and its often because there is a lesson in it and that lesson isn’t always clear. It can be a hard lesson to take and for each one of us may not see it upfront.

But the main thing to remember is that’s like anything in time, something that will flow into the next phase and you may need to ask for help, to help yourself move forward and to help to release any of the negativity.

There’s nothing wrong in asking for help, actually its halfway to healing because you manage to observe where you are and you remembered that there is a better way for you to react.

You know why? Because sometimes, those who are not willing to ask for help possibly don’t remember that they can feel better and there is a better way.

Analyze what you’re going through, what pain you’re feeling, believe that there is  a better way at the corner and there’s work to be done in order to put yourself back on.

You can look back and reflect and realize how much stronger you are getting through that, I do believe that we’re more resilient and capable. I’m sure you once in your life you’ve said this to yourself “I never thought I could handle that but I did’.

There is no such thing handling something seamlessly because there is absolutely no right or wrong way to handle something,

All I’m asking is that you remember happiness is where you’re meant to be, happiness and peace is absolutely our soul’s desire. And if you’re feel that you’re far then please get some help or for ways to help yourself.

And remember, if it’s not right it’s not the end.


And remember, if it’s not right it's not the end. Click To Tweet



MOTIVATION: Be Positive by Transforming the Negative


MOTIVATION: Be Positive by Transforming the Negative


Life has never been so easy but indeed rewarding in the end.

You just have to believe with strong faith and the optimism to make everything looks so light and manageable.

In life there will be difficult days. Those are hard and stressful periods. But having a positive attitude can help us push ourselves through the rough roads.

Always remember that people who are optimistic are more committed and become more successful in their goals. It is also evident that with optimism you can be happier and healthier. Pay attention as I give you this tips on how you can transform the negative into something positive.


Always remember that people who are optimistic are more committed and become more successful in their goals. Click To Tweet


Check this out:



Tips on how to transform the negative into positive



1. First of all be aware of your thoughts, try to listen to something positive, if they are negative replace them with positive thoughts. Your thoughts are the reflection of your inner self. Be aware and pay attention to your thoughts. Remember, who you are and what your goals are. The very fact you are reading this so far goes to prove you want to better yourself.


2. Start listening to your ideas. Positive thinking is incredibly powerful. Start listening to the ideas that randomly form in your mind. Learn how to grow these ideas to productive ones.  Positive thinking is incredibly powerful. Learn how to identify these positive thoughts and how to make use of outside resources to develop your positive thoughts.


3. You must be completely engaged, if you feel so, announce to someone around you how positive are your thoughts or in shifting your attitude, this will hold you accountable. One way to use resources to develop your ideas is to throw your thoughts and ideas at knowledgeable people and seek their valuable opinions even if you don’t intend to use their advice their views will help you to fine-tune your ideas refining them to being of value in a positive way. Think of it as the stairway to a better life.


4. Have a daily journal where you write down your positive thoughts or at least write down three positive things that happened to you during the day. It creates a positive mind shift that will transform your way of thinking. You will no longer pay attention to negative stuff that happens around you.


5. You could also visualize the objective that you want to gain, close your eyes and imagine. Imagine it clearly, form a clear image of this aim or goal. Never succumb to the negative phrases, ‘no, I cannot do It.’ or ‘I don’t have the resources.’ or Í don’t have the knowledge or the ability to carry out such a complicated task.’ If everyone had negative thoughts as you, then nothing would have been accomplished in this world. If those high achievers have achieved their goals, then why cannot you?


The keyword here is perseverance. Remember to repeat this every day so it will be impressed upon your mind. Remember that we aren’t perfect.

Before you can make changes in your life to take control of your future, you must accept responsibility for the moment you are living now; that means having a positive attitude.

To make it easier, you can refer to your list of people who inspires you.

It helps seeing yourself from another perspective or imagining yourself being somewhat like them. But don’t forget that everyone is unique.

You have a mission; I promise you, we’ll discover together.



These set of advice can change your lifestyle attitude and

start reaching success


These advices can change your lifestyle attitude and start reaching success


I strongly believe that happiness is a state of mind, it isn’t above achieving one things or the other. It is our choice.

It’s not some kind of sorcery or magic why other people are so happy despite being poor, being uneducated, being jobless, being disabled, or even being old but it is because they chose to be happy and be positive.

Being happy is allowing yourself to enjoy every moment of your life.

Being happy is allowing yourself to enjoy every moment of your life. Click To Tweet

If you want to live a happy life then get things right

You can use these 10 advices to help achieve a happy life.


Define Your Own Success


The big mistake most people make is they think they need a billion dollars to be happy. They think they need some big houses, number of properties, luxury cars, and a lot more to consider themselves successful. But, there is a deeper meaning of being successful. Acquiring all these material things doesn’t automatically mean you are successful.


Count Your Blessing


Realize how much you already have and be happy. If you don’t count your blessings, then there is something wrong. Focus on what you already have rather than those you don’t have yet or stop looking for what is missing.


Don’t Compromise


If you do things you don’t want to do, the less happy you are. Every time you do something you don’t want to do you’re tearing down yourself. Don’t stick with the soul-crushing job, letting people treat you like shit and never settle for something or someone who doesn’t make you happy. Don’t let it eat you as it increases your tolerance and believe all those shit is normal.


Stop Worrying Too Much


There are things that we cannot control and worrying too much about them causes stress. You can apply the following tips to avoid worrying too much:

  • Prepare
  • When it happens, put your best foot forward
  • Once you have done your best, wait for the outcome
  • Be ready to the changes


Your Standard is Yourself


Compare yourself only with your past self. We tend to feel down as we look at other people’s level of success, happiness, relationship but we fail to realize that we have our own timeline. It may be their final chapter while we just started our own.


Be with Great People


Your family, friends, relatives, colleagues they can turn things around for you if you pick them wisely. Having the right kind of people around is an asset. Almost any issue you have in life gets a lot easier if you build the right support system around yourself. You don’t need many, just a partner who’s willing to go through this life with you no matter what.


Don’t Overthink


More people miss their chances due to overthinking than those who don’t think about it and simply roll in the hay. Overthinking ends up in a life full of regrets for not acting once you ought to have.


Appreciate Little Things in Life


No matter how hard you tell yourself that you only need to get this one thing and then you’re gonna be happy life is what happens to you. While you’re hustling away towards your dream work as hard as you want but do it in a fashion that doesn’t make you sacrifice everything.

These very little moments and motions you undergo each day they pile up and they form what you thought as your life, so you better pay attention to them, so you won’t sacrifice too much in order to get your dream goals.


Practice Your Passion


Happiness comes from doing the things you love. A life lived without passion is not a life truly lived you are just alive and then you died.

Passion is what sets people apart it’s what helps people escape the mundane and move into other universe with the most incredible stuff. Passion drives people to be better.


Spend to Experience


Don’t spend money in buying material things that will be damaged as it aged. Don’t buy depreciating assets like trendy phone, trendy clothes, trendy gadgets and the like but instead spend your money in experiencing things. Go on vacation, eat out, have coffee in your favorite coffee shop with your circle.

Those experiences increase value as you grow old. Experiences have longer happiness span than material stuff.



Last Advice – Sorrow is Not the End of the World


Last Advice - Sorrow is Not the End of the World


Sorrow will help you move forward as it gives you life lesson. Would you agree if I say that sorrow is not the end of the world?

Who doesn’t want to feel happy all the time, but life is unpredictable and feeling sad is inevitable.

There are unfavorable situations in life that will test our patience, our faith, our pain tolerance, our perspective in life and we cannot fully control what emotion to show because it will come out naturally.

The challenge is not the emotion, but how a person could really handle the emotion.

Sorrow, yes! it exist. People experience it, we all once in a while feel that what we call sorrow.

Long stressful day at work and yet not being recognized, failure to meet everyone’s expectations, disappointment for not getting what you want, being robbed and losing someone, those are things everyone may experience but what do we do about it?

Moving on is easier said than done, but this is the best option to take or else we are stuck and feel broken. How about those people that relies on us?

Life is too short and we have to learn how to continue when there are roadblocks causing us pain. A real survivor are those who can conquer the pain and learn from those experiences. Life may not be perfect, but its worth it. Life is so wonderful after all.

Just to share, my grandmom passed away few weeks before my wedding in December of 2015. It was the saddest day of my life. When I was a kid, I always tell myself “I can’t live without her”. She’s everything to me.

What I am right now is her influence and I am forever grateful of having her in my life. She passed away right in front of me. I told her how much I love her and I know she responded back softly that she loves me even more.

The room became so dark when doctors are trying to revive her. I was crying but deep inside me is the reality and acceptance as I know she’ll suffer no more. It was sad, but as I remember the happy days I spent with her, my childhood, how she brushes my hair, how she gives me advice and how she looks at me, all the pain are slowly going away.

I don’t handle sorrow that well but I’m quite the optimist and try to handle unhappiness the best way I can. Life goes on. Grandmom is gone but I still have her good memories.

I know that she will remain in my memory and in my heart. I will never be who I am today without her. She is the wind beneath my wings and she will forever will be. I was lonely, I cried so many nights thinking about her, there are moments of silence, I dream of her but I must move on and continue with my life.


Having that feeling of sorrow is part of our life, but it isn’t our life.

When there is darkness, learn how to turn the lights on.



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