Have you ever thought of having a home business to make money online? Who wouldn’t want to gain the freedom to live and work from anywhere in the world?

This ideal lifestyle is the future. It gives flexibility as people continue to make money online.

We read stories, watch films and play computer games that feature brave and bold heroes venturing into unknown lands,facing challenges and generally living lives filled with excitement and exploration.

Meanwhile, our own lives consist of sitting in an office all day getting shouted at by our boss, coming home on the train during a busy commute and then sitting in at home on the couch not doing much at all. Or maybe washing up.

Our bodies are literally wasting away from a lack of movement, our minds are starting to decay from a lack of challenge or interest and in general, we are no longer challenging or pushing ourselves.

And the excitement we typically have is choosing which film to watch on a Friday night… But there’s a whole world out there.

We often have dreams and we have plans to get out and see the world, or to start living an ideal lifestyle that we’d actually find engaging and rewarding.

But too often those plans seem just out of reach: perhaps we don’t have the money to afford to travel. Maybe we have too many responsibilities and can’t take our children out of work.

Maybe we’re progressing too far in our current jobs. Maybe we’re just too tired, too stressed and too depressed to really take the effort to actually change our lives. Maybe you work the job you work, not because you’re passionate about it, or because you find it exciting; but rather because you needed to start earning an income fast and this was the first place that you could do so.

Maybe you thought you’d change careers at some point but then you met your partner and settled down. Or maybe you started to progress up the ladder and moved out into rented accommodation.

Either way, you now feel trapped. There’s no way out. And no way to have that fulfilling and exciting life that you dreamed of.

But every now and then, you see an image from a friend on Facebook, or perhaps from an advert or a blog, showing people who have found a way out of the rat race. People who seem to spend most of their time on beautiful beaches, cocktails in hand.

People who are pursuing work that they care about and feel rewarded. But more importantly: people who work primarily as a way to fund a lifestyle that they actually feel excited about.


They became digital nomads. And with this book, you can do the exact same thing. Luovita will help you make money over the internet.


The Top Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad

  1. You’ll be able to travel the world
  2. You’ll have incredible experiences
  3. You’ll meet amazing and diverse people
  4. You’ll have legendary stories to tell
  5. You’ll grow as a person
  6. You’ll develop your skills as an entrepreneur
  7. You’ll have a taste of true freedom
  8. You’ll be able to do work that you find truly enjoyable and rewarding
  9. You’ll learn to become completely self-reliant
  10. You’ll learn more about yourself and about what you really need to be happy
  11. You’ll be joining a huge, growing community of like-minded individuals
  12. You’ll be a pioneer – working in a fashion that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago
  13. You’ll improve your happiness, your health and your perspective



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