Sometimes, you need to take a walk outside and be one with nature, get some fresh air, and be reminiscent of who you are and who you want to be.

It feels good to have a hobby, old or young. Don’t feel intimidated with your age, we turn to work, study or meet obligations, but everyone should have a hobby.

Don’t think that the fun part of your life is enjoying luxury. A hobby should be part of your soul, and you should be feeding your soul, it’s like having a plant and never watering it.

Hobbies are hugely important to our well-being and happiness. Besides, having a hobby even when you are older should not make a difference to your life. I say that because even as children we were often encouraged to have a lot of hobbies. We joined clubs, shared activities, but somewhere along the line, it got lost.

Of course, there are adults with hobbies but there are a lot of people without time, or at least they think they don’t have leisure time.

I understand that time is a precious commodity, and that we are often very busy. But I also believe, that if you knew the value of having a hobby and the investment you are making, it will benefit your quest for happiness. You would make time because it isn’t just a luxury to embark on something creative, it’s a necessity.

It’s absolutely the key to your happiness and well-being. If you look at it in that perspective, you will surely find time, even half an hour every day or every week to spare. Do something that you enjoy. Maybe you don’t want to join a club, but you could do something from your home that has nothing to do with regular work or obligations or things you should be doing. Choose something different and soul satisfying. But engage in something you enjoy doing. Do something impressive that is just for you. Something that is just for fun and to invest in your happiness. Something that is inspiring. It is in that moment of time that you’re going to be able to reconnect with yourself in a magical way.

I  do want to encourage you to take up an interest in hobbies and things to get your creative juices flowing and an outlet to make up your day and naturally being able to nurture your inner self and feed your soul in that approach.

Make a list of things and activities that you used to enjoy, things that you still enjoy and things in which you are interested. It is where you get a place to start. You got a list of stuff that you have shown interests in the past, or the things you have enjoyed and still enjoy and things you tried with that idea.

Look at that list as if it is a real possibility. I want you to pick one or maybe even two activities that you could start. Even if you’re unconvinced whether or not you could start, make an attempt to look up where it would be accessible and what it entails.

For example, maybe you’re interested in photography, go out and see what you can find on the subject and look at what stuff you would eventually need. Get a book of instructions and what you would need in the long run. Look at an online course. There are lots of courses available online, look at the practicality of it, see whether you could fit it into your free time frame.

Enjoy that course of action and be happy about it, be delighted that you found something creative, enjoy life, you’ll be a lot more productive.

It pays to invest in your happiness, read my article’Change your habits’

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