Essential Steps for a Profitable Blogging

As you maybe are aware blogs were at the beginning more for personal use, for collecting links, sharing commentaries, and opinions. Blogging evolved quickly and people use blogging for home business to make money online.Yes, blogging make money online.

Overtime it turned into a valid and valued form to communicate in business as many entrepreneurs are making money through blogging. There are different types of blogging, different techniques, marketing approaches, advanced techniques like affiliate marketing and other that we will get at.

People normally read them for fun, to me informed and it’s one of these areas that covers almost everything. It covers everything from business into making money online or to earn extra money from home into reading for pleasure. Blogging covers interesting topics where people get happiness, information, answers to their questions and these entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this platform because blogging websites is a good marketing strategy in making home business to make money online.


Blogging covers interesting topics where people get happiness, information, answers to their questions and these entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this platform because blogging websites is a good marketing strategy in making home… Click To Tweet


Blogging can be very specific and very personal connecting your target audience. Blogging websites replaced whats in the past like face-to-face marketing. Article blogging provides very personalized content about your products, your company, your services and allow to discuss very important and actualized content and most importantly it allows you to empathize with your readers and have open discussions with them. This marketing strategy is proven effective as online advertising market leads to make money fast from home.

They give your readers the opportunity to discuss with you personally and with your team the information that you are sharing and as you know from personal experience this is the best way to connect. As online blogging tip, connecting to your readers is like connecting to your prospect clients.

I put together this guide left covers the basics of blogging because at the end it is the simple process the most people tend to over complicate. I cover this in 7 simple steps.





Step 1 _ Basic of Blogging Find Space and Time to Write


Step #1: Find space and time to write


The first thing is to find the space where to write and of course the time to write. Home business to make money online is not easy so a good preparation can help you make it easier do article blogging or make blogging website.

Before though you need to go over some very important basics. Of course the first thing you need to know is what you are going to blog about. This is a very crucial part because you must have your purpose, consider your audience, consider if your content is relevant, consider if your content is searched, has enough audience but don’t let this overwhelm you! Once you have completed the basic requirement mentioned above, making money online will follow.

So think about what you’re writing and why. You need also to research some keywords, think if you have enough content overtime but consider that you could change direction as you refine over time your online advertising market or your target audience.

When you start out, most of the time you can’t really predict the reaction and outcome of your online advertising market or your audience. So as an online blogging tip, choose your topic, keywords, consider if it’s profitable or can be profitable to pursue. Once you have decided, look at the related area that you can cover, you should always take into consideration your business choices, your personal choices and your readers expectations.

Be careful with advertisement, I don’t even consider it at the beginning, so should you!

So how do you start?

Keyword research, I will go over the tools in the second part in this post.

Starting your home business to make money online, you must find your general keywords that represents your niche and check if they can be profitable and judge your competitors, please see this in a friendly way because its undeniably one of the best ways to make money by blogging.

When you discovered them you need to check out your competitors to see if you stand a chance, at least the beginning, and gain some traction in the market.

So basically you are looking at your niche in a balanced way, meaning not too broad and not too narrow, if it is too narrow you can quickly run out of content and it can even happen that there is not enough market to sustain your blog which will not make you earn extra money from home.

If you go to broad you have too much competition and it could happen and That you don’t had enough resources to go up against the ‘Big guys’.

You can now check, I mean if you’re already have an idea, googling your keywords what comes up, this already gives an idea what people are searching for who comes up in the first rankings. This is a very simple approach, we will refine this later on.

But what I want you to do is, keep track of all your ideas in keywords, I mean the words you would type in Google to search, writing down all what comes up in your mind, after a while you will notice a certain trend about what interests you.

Normally this is the sweet spot between what you know, what you like to do, in what you are an expert in and will you are helping people with or where you would like helping people with.

Although this blogging ideas are intended for you to make money over the internet which basically is an online business, it’s very important that you stay personal and that is something that inspires you, something that you are passionate about.

This is the WHY, this is the reason and the most important ingredient to help you going on when times get tough!


This is the WHY, this is the reason and the most important ingredient to help you going on when times get tough! Click To Tweet



Step #2_ Put yourself in your readers shoes'


Step #2: Put yourself in your readers shoes’


Now puts yourself in your readers shoes’,

Put yourself in there position, normally your readers don’t care about you, and they don’t care if you aim your home business to make money online, they care about what they want, not what you want, not what you think they want, not what you think they need, not what they even need, they just care about what they want, keep this in mind all the time so you can be successful in making money through blogging.

It’s not about you, it’s about them. They are looking for solution to their problem and nothing else, It doesn’t have to be logical, it doesn’t have to be profitable, it doesn’t even have to make sense, remember this all the time.

They must have reason to be there, to read what you posted, they must have a reason to come back, they must have a reason to trust you.Once you gained that trust, you’ll see a huge impact to your online advertising market.

This is like a secret ingredient, if you get it right you will have your audience thank you. You will attract the right person, their friends, their family, their followers and you’ll get shared with others, that’s how you can make money by blogging.

So let’s resume once again, you must fulfill your readers interest by giving them quality content and at the same time entail a conversation that will make them interact and be more engaged. Blogging makes money as long as you know how to keep your readers wanting for more from you.

Statistically we found out that a quarter of people of the internet read blogs and that’s a good thing. I don’t want to discourage you but every minute two new blogs are created, on the other hand this proves that there is enough demand and interest from a lot of eyeballs but at the same time for you that means create researched and targeted quality content, respect your readers and follow what I wrote about before.

So blogs are competing for a specific niche as you do home business to make money online and even if a lot of blogs are found over the search engines and can’t really compete with some static sites, it is also true that the average internet user don’t really know how to find you unless you are really good. Please try to be one of the best in your niche, it’s really the only way to make a difference and start making money through blogging.

Now you see the importance of having the best information possible about your target audience or your online advertising market to be sure to attract the right kind of traffic, this will then attract even more traffic because you are referred and referring to other sites.

If you understood, blogging is all about your reader, even if it’s very important that you optimize your side in a technical way. The most important is that you’ll have your faithful readers that bookmark your site and come back regularly which will attract also your chance of making extra money online.

The best blogs are the ones that give tips and advice, or about a hobby, interested discussions, techniques in other types of interests that connects.

One of the most important things, I referred earlier he still create a connection with your reader, if you do that you are already ahead of most bloggers.

Okay, now you are thinking about your reader, who is he or she?

What are their specific interests within your niche?

So think about what your reader wants and who he is, it’s very important that you answer this questions very effectively so you can reach them in the best way possible.

And only after knowing this and that you can start creating content, I mean creating your blog, it’s what we call our avatar,

You find it more easier having like this imaginary person in front of you for whom you are writing instead of writing for ghost.

To change your mind let’s go over some technical aspects and the next  step for you to start making online money online.


Step #3_ Which platform to use with your blog


Step #3: Which platform to use with your blog


As you would imagine with so much bloggers wanting to write a lot of platforms but we are going to focus only on three, the most used and the most effective in the long run where most bloggers who make extra money online are using.

Again, don’t let this overwhelm you, we created a lot of resources to help you go through all this and to make it fun and profitable so you can start making extra money online or turn home business to make money online.

So here you have some options and you can use all of them to start out, let’s go over them in some details. (Self hosted)

It’s by far the most popular option for anyone that is really serious about blogging in the long run to make extra money at home. You have complete control and you can choose everything you want. Every hosting company gives you the possibility to install it in a very easy way but be aware that it’s a little more technical and sometimes you really need assistance but again, there is a reason the pros use this platform. (Hosted)

This is for me the second-best option if you don’t want to mess up with the technical stuff. Mostly it’s easier but you have less options and customization that you will need over the long run if you want to stay in business but it’s a good start.



This is owned by Google and very popular, especially with non-tech savvy people. You have like a framework from where you can build but it’s not so flexible as the WordPress options I wrote about.

The difference with is that it lets you archive your blog, giving you the benefit like self hosting with no technical worries. Imagine you are making money over the internet without worrying too much.

So with all of them you can build a solid base to blog from and start to make extra money online.

Of course you can test them all and see with which one of them you feeling more comfortable, if you just want to get the feel start for example with Well there are free blogging software too.

As a blogging tip, if you really feel that you will and want to make it serious, take a bit of time, follow our advice, reach out to ask if necessary. Which I hope you do and make the right approach and go with self hosted (you must be a bit patient and ready to learn about the technical stuff).

In all of them you must pick what we call a ‘theme’.

A lot of us when we start out have great plans,

And don’t get me wrong it’s good to have them.

We want to write interesting content (most us want to be paid for right away, which for me is a big mistake) but the visual it’s also very important so that it feels pleasant when someone visits your site.

Don’t overdo it at the beginning just delaying you’re blogging career, you can always change it as you on the side is already making extra money online.


Don't overdo it at the beginning just delaying you're blogging career, you can always change it as you on the side is already making extra money online. Click To Tweet



Step #4_ Prepare your content(1)

Step #4: Prepare your content

Now let’s go prepare some blog content and kickoff your chance to make money through blogging.


Think about it, if you don't believe yourself or in what you are writing how could you expect your readers to believe or to commit themselves? Click To Tweet


Writing for your blog isn’t just a matter of collecting your ideas and write them down, this is a very special art of writing.

Before you start think about the structure, think about the keywords and how to organize them, like listing them down and after that you can plan the content itself and write it down.

Once you planned your content and started writing, at least for the beginning, plan for more or less 20 posts, and in the case of WordPress you can schedule these overtime.

The advantage is that you have the certain flow, like a series of related posts. Say if you blogging about making money online, your post are related where your online advertising market will actually look forward in reading more of your posts, share them and let other people who are also interested in making extra money online specifically in making money through blogging learn about your blog too.

You can also scheduled by category. If you use Blogger it’s the same principle, you should at least schedule a couple of posts in advance so you don’t run out of content if you don’t have time to write for while.

What should your blog post BE? There are a couple of ways to approach this and everybody has his unique style but there are couple of things that you shouldn’t do.

1. Don’t think about advertising too much or any.

2. Don’t just write about your latest adventures, your reader wants your opinions and thoughts about your niche, they want to know can you can provide them the best possible information and solutions and also very importantly, they want to discuss and interact. Well making money online is not that easy but it can be learned.

3. You can express your opinions about products, about their features, about services, about why you are so passionate about, how you and they can use them and what problems they solve.

4. And if possible present your posts with some pictures, interactive media, videos, even podcast, the More interactive, the better.

That you also want to do this in a way that it won’t the experience unpleasant.

The more visitors you have, the more they will comment and you get more exposure. Exposure that would allow you to reach your online advertising market to make money online.

Why writing for the web is an Art?

The general rule is to use short sentences, subheadings, normally one per paragraph,

These headings should be bold to stand out because it’s proven that a lot of readers skim over content and stop where it’s most attractive for them.

And they do this because there are beliefs about the internet,

There are lot of good content but it’s very hard to find even under so ‘trusted’ sites.

And as I believe and saw from experience is that human beings tend to over complicate what is very simple, this results in the difficulty to interpret content.

5. In conclusion, stick to your keyword research and use short phrases. Making money ideas for example instead of writing “To earn money online, we have some ideas to share”.

6. At the same time you must provide them with somehow a clear guide en how to navigate your blog or even the post itself because from statistics we know that most people don’t understand how to get the best information from the internet.

Like in the X-Files series, they say to themselves-– the truth is out there – but where?

Of course, depending of in the kind of content and your style sometimes it’s hard to just use subheadings everywhere, the ones that most readers use to skim read and find information they want.

Never forget that at the end it’s all about your brand and your style, so if you use this with common sense and use it well you just can’t go wrong and making money through blogging is just few withing your reach.

There are several styles like articles in the newspapers and magazines but the most important is that that you’ll find your style of writing into where you are comfortable with.

Normally the most responsive way to write is like ‘problem-solution’, meaning that you can take one problem or something that’s trendy and provide a solution for it. Few of a good examples are : How to earn extra money online (There is a problem and there’s a solution), How to make money through blogging (There is a problem and there’ a solution)

And don’t make this too hard, for example if you give your opinion, making your point about the situation and then offer a solution, it’s the right way.

Action and reaction blogging are very popular but there are some precautions to take so you can really take advantage in making money through blogging.

For example if you are solving a problem or situation, even if your readers know that you are giving your opinion and that you are human like them, please be careful about expressing your opinion and think about every word you’re writing. Let’s admit them, if you are blogging for home business to make money online, it’s necessary that you have a good reputation for your readers.

You cant avoid to upset someone because everyone creates his own opinion.

Of course you must defend your solutions because this gives you more authenticity that most of the actual blogs don’t have. Your interaction with your online advertising market through your readers, is an effective way to make them feel you are really human.

Another very popular blog type is writing reviews.

Even if it’s quiet straightforward you must be careful about it.

My point is that you must maintain the same type of niche content that your readers are used to, you should always stay very focused on your niche, never go off topic.

They list various reasons why you should or not, why something is or not, or do or not something, etc in a list structured way,

They are full of tips and tricks out there. As a blogging tip, they are always focused in giving a solution to a problem.

Even if sometimes the problem is not stated in a very clear way but the solutions are very straightforward.

For example, think about your niche, what problems they have and what solutions you can provide them, or what solutions are out of there for them.

They should always provide very important information and a lot of these about a product or service, normally they also have a lot of keywords and the main reason of this post is to provide the readers with solutions and the feeling that they learned some useful information.

The art of writing. This is a fine art of expressing yourself or for your brand,

For some it’s more about their personal project but if you want to make it profitable and start making money through blogging, think about your blog as a sort of marketing project.

What I mean is you’re always marketing your content, your brand, your company and mostly yourself! Make extra money at home or make money through blogging by effectively marketing your blog.

I think now it’s clear for you why are you just cant use slang, avoid grammar and spelling mistakes but most importantly when you are blogging you are giving your voice to your readers and they must feel the trust on you. Well it’s also one way of how to improve English.

If you want to make it more interesting don’t just list FAQs but develop more in detail about four example the way things work, operational content about how it’s done, like a secret form of information the readers get, like insider information, something special they don’t get elsewhere, for example the philosophy and motivation inside the company and why certain approaches were made. Making extra money online requires strategy and your approach needs to be unique for your niche.

You can also use the blog as some kind of archive for your companies timeline and in this way make it very useful and create enough content also for your readers.

Always ensure that you give them awake to sign up to your mailing list.

Of course there must be something that attracts them, like your unique way to inform and to can also give them some freebies to incentive. One you are already making money through blogging, incentives won’t be an issue.

But always make sure that it’s related and useful for them.

It is also proven the people that signup are normally also commenting on the blog itself.

And never ever forget to interact with them and respond to the comments. If they feel you are including them in the discussion the more they’ll be engaged with you and this would make a potential way to earn extra money from home.

This is by the way is the most effective source of information about your readers and there thoughts and where you can improve.

Let’s go about the style and the substance

Of course it’s important to provide the search engines with content that can be found but never forget that the content must provide enough substance so that it’s not interpreted as shallow and trivial.

Go with the ‘meaty’ stuff, you get more interactions and responses that will help you to create more content that also fits your readers expectations. Making money online is like a a big challenge or battle that you should win in an ocean of bloggers who are also making money through blogging.

At the beginning of your blog you start with your plan of content but as you go you will find that your readers are giving more attention to a certain content, this will give you invaluable information where you should develop more and provide them with more in-depth content.

Concerning the style it works best if you use the active tense like if you were in a dialogue rather than a passive way that is mostly flat with no energy. Boring content leads not to making money through blogging, but to the end of your blogging career.

Trying to give as much dynamism which will keep it interesting and motivational for your readers.

So the secret here is to be always enthusiastic,

You need to reinvent yourself and be ready in to make money fast from home.

Always remember and be clear about your why.

Never forget to share your passion, your enthusiasm and you experience with your readers.


Never forget to share your passion, your enthusiasm and you experience with your readers. Click To Tweet


What I mean is you must believe in what you are writing, in your thoughts, in your opinions, at the end it’s like believing in yourself.

Think about it, if you don’t believe yourself or in what you are writing how could you expect your readers to believe or to commit themselves?

Believe me, if you love what you’re doing then you will never feel like it’s work, it’s your life,  it’s your passion  🙂






Step #5_ Promote your blog


Step #5: Promote your blog

How to promote your blog

As you could imagine just writing and publishing is not enough. Promoting give you a better leverage to really make money through blogging.

Once you have created enough content and that your readers have enough to start with you will surely question yourself, what next?

This is a very exciting and one of the the hardest part in your blogging career.

But as you can imagine there are a lot of ways to do this.

There is only one thing did I want you to be clear about and of course patient about.

It will take a lot of time. There’s is no such thing as easy money, so even blogging will require time and attention before you can really start making money through blogging.

So let’s go over so marketing strategies.

It is very important let your blog has a perfectly positioning in your niche to respond to their expectations, so here comes defining your USP.

If you never heard about it before, USP means UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION.

To find yours you must question yourself what kind of readers you want to attract,

What are the interests, how does your blog cover it, these are the most important questions you can ask yourself before anything else!

Because you will find this is imperative for you to promote and approach your readers, of course that is also the most effective way to find out about your competitors and colleagues in your niche and finding the right approaches to complement what they have to offer.

Well this is another way to say, don’t reinvent the wheel but propose it differently and if possible in a more effective way.


How are you can attract more people into your blog


Your readers must be literally mesmerized about your content.

That means they must be very interested about your opinions, information and mostly they must find what they were looking for.

My blogging tip is also to include as much unique information as possible. As bloggers and a person who is eager to earn extra money online, exerting effort in making unique blog is a must.

Even if you use as the reference an already written content, make it is unique as possible, personalize it as much as possible,

Be careful with Google algorithm, don’t plagiarize and as a reward you will be seen as out of the ordinary!

If we talk about internet marketing to make money online or make money over the internet. This also includes adds and one of the biggest mistakes a lot of bloggers do is to share with their mailing list over and over again the same promotions,

One way to approaches is to create, write your own headlines and design your own adds and your own landing pages to attract more people on your online advertising market and start making money from home.

This way your unique content will stand out more easily and also more memorable.

A simple and uncluttered approach just so easy to use and stands out.

Perhaps you are thinking is that this is more classic way to approach and you are right, even if it takes more time to make your customers are aware but it’s worth it.

Another way is to approach other bloggers and marketers who have a bigger mailing list and a lot more readers, comment on their blog, interact with them and If you are lucky and of course if you show interest they will also link to you and even help you personally.

But when you comment please be serious and never ever say anything that’s not true, overtime if something comes up it will hurt you forever.

Of course sometimes they do it, or mostly they do it in exchange for some payments which is another way of making money online.

There are also other ways to let people know you exist so you can make money extra money online.

Never forget blogging is somehow like an emergent technology so there are always other ways to promote it and don’t forget link exchanges.

The next part just to look around to other peoples blogs who are also making money through blogging.

You should always be aware where they are in relation to you.

They are also a great way to attract traffic as they already have people from your own niche coming into their blog, so as we say, the leg work is done.

For example if you comment on them and you provide a link to your blog, this will act as a TrackBack with your comment.

Normally this is what we call ‘no follow’, and that means at Google, in order to combat spam don’t give your credit for that but the advantage is and That people can click and get to your blog and this is just vital for your traffic but again, be careful that you follow there guidelines to not get banned from their blog.

Think about it, if someone agrees with you this will get up their curiosity and they want to find out more about you so they will click back to your blog.

But please never forget, don’t argue our disagree with the others to aggressively so this starts like a fight, normally the best way is not to argue at all.

Be careful because the ‘big guys’ know each other and this will spread around.

Of course you want to defend your integrity and be honest, this will transpire and it’s one of the best basis for having good blogging conversations, always approach everything in a very diplomatic way, be reasonable and approachable.

Put yourself in the shoes of others, what would you like to read in your comments, every criticism is there for reason But take it with a grain of salt.


Blogging Tip : Put yourself in the shoes of others, what would you like to read in your comments, every criticism is there for reason But take it with a grain of salt. Click To Tweet


Also please remember that the person who runs the blog will decide if your comment will be posted or not so give them a reason to do so and not ban you.


How to respond on your blog


It is very important to follow a certain etiquette when you respond to the comments.

Be aware that the person who wrote a comment had their own way of thinking in the moment and you don’t know what it was.

What this means is is that you receive the comment in what you expect the tone to be.

So if you are in doubt please ask the person to clarify and express the comment in another way.

If you see the comment who would demand a very long explanation, consider writing an article about and give that person a short answer but mentioning and that you will write a more in-depth content about it.

To conclude this means that the more readers you’ll get, more you traffic will grow and the more customers there will be so you can earn money online.



Step #6_ Strategize in driving traffic


Step #6: Strategize in driving traffic


I wish that by now you are very excited about starting your own blog and start making money through blogging.

I just want to highlight a bit more about quality content, traffic, relationships, social media and SEO before you go.

To start I congratulate you for wanting to create your own blog with very well creative content, of course directed to your niche or your target online advertising market.

Perhaps you have outsourced some content to someone else like an experienced writer or you have written it yourself. But surely you decided to offer high quality content to your readers.

So imagine, you have written some content, you published it and now are you are waiting for traffic, then you think, that after all this work traffic will come in, you worked so hard on creating your content and you know exactly what your target online advertising market like.

Well sadly you could be wrong.

Because even if you create some engaging content it is only the start of having a website that will generate traffic and you will read that and there is a lot more going on to make money through blogging or for this matter, a profitable home business to make money online.

Of course content is the foundation of your business and it’s very important, if not one of the most important parts in building our website that will rank high in the search engines and of course attract your readers.

But if you really want to make it profitable one-day in this world of blogging then you need to learn some insider strategies to generate traffic, well let’s say targeted generated traffic that then results in revenue.

Of course at this point you are thinking and that it makes sense, right?

I mean without strong traffic and some strategies to connect with your readers it doesn’t really make sense how informative or use for your creative content is, because there are not enough people reading it.

And believe me, as someone who has tried several ways to make it work, it is really not easy.

But don’t let this discourage you.

In this post I will provide you with very straightforward strategies that will surely make it work for you.

So are you ready? Let’s start!

It all begins with content,

And as I wrote before, content is the foundation of any blog, of course not in the entire structure relies on content but mostly it relies on the quality of your content and of course of the type of content you are providing to your readers to make money online.

When you are just starting as a blogger you just want to create quickly some content and then focus I’m driving traffic to your blog, but you know, too many bloggers fail to realize but the most important and a powerful way to have traffic and repeated visitors does sometimes relies exclusively on the quality of your writing that your offer.

So what I recommend is to focus in building very informative and in-demand content, relevant to your target online advertising market because like this you have built a better foundation when you start to have traffic to ensure that your readers will connect with you, meaning your content and of course return.

So at this point you are thinking that it makes sense, you want your visitor to come back to your blog, bookmark your website and it’s very important and that this happen the first time.

So let’s go about what kind of content is the most successful.

And there is no secret if I would tell you and that the most successful is always content that solves a problem or create some kind of entertainment.

So think about your target audience and what they want the most, about what there are worried, what are their passion?

Your creations purpose is to solve a need, answer some questions, solve some problems or entertain your readers and if you do that your will be always successful.


Blogging Tip : Your creations purpose is to solve a need, answer some questions, solve some problems or entertain your readers and if you do that your will be always successful. Click To Tweet


If you look at the most successful blogs you will see that they always have something educational or entertaining which can be the best avenue to make money online.

So please focus on content that at least fulfills one of these categories, this gives you content that is like sticky, what I mean is that your readers will connect with your content and of course returned to your website because they identify themselves with this engaging content.

And if possible make your content evergreen, meaning that your content Will be relevant

For a long time. Of course this depends on your niche, if you have content related with news we call it Time sensitive.


Pro tip: you can search websites like for questions that are asked again and again, of course related to your niche and answer those questions. It’s also a great way to have ideas for your own blog posts and of course your headlines.


Another point is that your content Will be easily shareable, that means that your readers can easily share it with a link to the audience in social media, also Think about Sharing it with your friends, do you help you also with some insights, see it as some kind of constructive critic.

Also think about being a original blogger, not imitating others, because in these days being different Will attract more attention, try to be yourself and let your personality shine.

Don’t forget to blog frequently, post at least once a week, at least at the beginning because it’s a great way to create more content, as a side note, the search engines loves frequent updates in websites.


Pro tip: prefer writing over 1000 words, if possible over 2,000 words, this is for SEO purpose but it also helps if you want to integrate some keywords and make it more relevant to searches.


So let’s go over some very important Word: keywords…

They are very important to be found by the search engines in a very strategic way, of course don’t overdo it, don’t forget that you are writing mostly for humans, not search engines, if you do it correctly your posts become very effective into useful for your readers and to rank higher in the search engines and that means exposure and traffic!

Let’s explain SEO and how to do it in the most effective way,

One way is to do it with moderation, it sounds simple for some reason a lot of bloggers are still overdoing it, over stuffing their content with keywords.

What I mean here it’s the way it’s written, you can use some keywords but there must be representative of what exactly you want to transmit into your Target audience, what I mean is very specific to the message do You want to convey and focus only in one main message, not being too broad.

A word of warning, Google and other search engines are getting very like ‘intelligent’, what I mean is they detect if you are stuffing with keywords and you will not rank and you could even be penalised.

So please include relevant, targeted and intelligent keywords you’re content so that your blog Will have the possibility to rank higher but mostly giving your readers a Very pleasant user experience and as we saw before, provide you with more targeted traffic.

Of course you are wondering what kind of keywords you should use,

Well from my experience use Long-tail keywords.

These keywords have at least three or more keywords, for example ‘Home based blogging’ or ‘low carb meal plans’.

Because today everyone is searching in very targeted way, meaning they want specific results and as fast as possible, imagine that you are typing in Google what you would search for your content to appear, so as you see, it’s very specific to your target audience, this will maximise your exposure and minimise the number of other blogs and That you are competing against.

The most logical way, I wrote before is to just type in Google the words you would search for related to your niche, for example ‘low carb receipts’.

Just see what comes up, what the search engine suggests when you are writing, this is also a great way to provide you with some ideas at the same time you see that it’s very common search.

And once you have a list of your long tail keywords type those into Google and you will see what type of the suggestions and what type of websites Will come up, in this way you will see against which other websites or blogs you are competing with.

Google has a tool called Google Keyword Planner,

that would also help you in estimate the traffic based on specific terms, if you work with WordPress, which  I strongly advise, then there are also good SEO plug-ins which help you to set up a ‘balanced’ post, meaning keywords, meta descriptions, site maps and other content,

Please be patient and learn this strategies, don’t forget that we have very useful resources that you can use.

Now let’s look at something different, Power networking, what I mean is if you want to maximise your chances for high-quality traffic and exposure then you must network with other established blogs, and I mean bloggers, they will help you and you will help them in supporting each other with your audiences, you direct to them and they direct to you.

One way of doing this is to interact with them in their own blogs, like commenting or guest blogging, this is also one of the best strategies to generate some very targeted traffic but please select only those relevant to your niche, meaning your target audience.

Further along the road you could joint-venture with this other bloggers and build up Long lasting relationships, of course don’t force this relationship and be natural about it, this takes sometime like any other relationship.


Pro tip: To find guest blogging opportunities just search in google words like: Submit a guest post, Guest blogging, accepting guest blogs, accepting guest posts, etc

You will find a lot of opportunities to guest blog and this will also give you a lot of big links, of course this must be authorised by them, to your blog,

You can use tools like  or to crawl through backlinks, and find other blogs, Another easy way to find guest blogging opportunities is

But as I have mentioned before please always keep your target audience in mind, use the formula, I mean the query in Google search; niche keywords+ blogs.

If you want to see all the traffic before you are considering guest posting you can use the website to have an idea.

There is another very important aspect in building any successful online business,

And that is collecting information from your visitor, and Then adding them to a mailing list and keep in touch with them regularly so you understand them better and providing with a personalised Solutions and content.

Try to make this from the very beginning but Please set up the structures to do so and Please don’t be overwhelmed with this, reach out to me everytime you need help, I promise to my best to help you… 🙂

So then what should you write your readers,

Well you could start to inform them everytime you update your blog,

For example, send out the newsletter and let them know about your new post, or for example, a new resource,

You can also Direct to your subscribers to other forms of content like your social media, for example your Instagram or Facebook.

I know that my readers are very visual and like seeing beautiful content, like well presented posts, Photos, infographics and other media relevant to them.

Another tip I can give you is, as I wrote before, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine, be personal and be yourself, don’t forget that you are establishing a connection as a friend and councillor.

Encourage your readers by offering valuable resources, incentives, for example free reports or extra content that is really not available somewhere else, or at least not in that way as you present it.

You will see that overtime you can build a list from 5 to 10,000 visitors if you set up a system that will help them and at the same time help them and encourage them to come back and to connect with you.

And please never forget to follow up with them in a regular basis, for example email then once a week so that they remember you.

Here are the email services we use:

Convertkit & Getresponse

There are two ways to maximise your traffic using link building strategies,

Interlinking your posts helping your readers navigating your website and the same time, improving your SEO.

Linking to another websites generating back links to your website and creating certain Authority when they start linking back to you, what I meant with backlinking.

This means that you should post content on LinkedIn, Quora, Yahoo, Weebly, Scribd and Tumblr, of course this takes some time but it is a very powerful way to generate these back links to your site and it’s free!

Well it takes your time but it’s very powerful in the long run!

And don’t forget that the other bloggers (and search engines) Love this kind of linking and networking…

Let’s go now to social media,

Of course I’m sure you are aware of the potential and unimaginable traffic that you can get for example via Facebook posting, advertising but you don’t forget to build up your own Page and eventually you own group rule.

For example in your Facebook page you would post like in your blog, meaning posts, videos, images, you can even use a plug-in that Automatically updates your content in Facebook when you update your blog.

You can also apply this to your Twitter account, this is more if you want to automate as much as possible but the aware and don’t make it to mechanic, what I mean is stay personalize!

Four example we use smarter Q but sometimes we really prefer to do it manually because we choose what’s more appropriated at the moment and this is valid for everything else, you must establish your presence in social media in a very unique way, yourWay.

There are also push notifications but don’t overdo it, most people are bombarded with this kind of information at the point where it gets spamy.

Of course there are other systems that informs your readers, like RSS feeds or just use your newsletter once a week to let them know what’s going on so they don’t miss important information, updates and some useful resources.

So let me wrap up this section,

Begin by building your own very personalized and quality content, relevant to your readers, enriched with keywords, set up a mailing list connected with resources in your blog to capture your visitors interests and to follow up with them. We start from the most basic of blogging to really profit and start making money online through blogging.

Partner with other bloggers, offering them guest posts, exposure and create social media accounts reflecting your quality content and always take into account your target audience.

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