Why do people fail? If we fail, do we blame others or we take full accountability? How do you deal with failure as a person? There are so much questions about failing but let me tell the positive side of failing.

Failure is a part of who we are and what we become. It helps us speed up our achievements. As we fail, we gain knowledge from our mistakes. We tend to analyze why we failed, and thinking of how we refrain from doing the same mistake again. It gives us the opportunity to develop our thoughts.

Failure is interpreted by many as the opposite of success. Try to think again and reminisce the time you had failed on something. Did it not make you better?  Or you’ve had this feeling of hope and self assurance that when you face the same challenge again, you already know what to do.

Try to have a conversation with a friend, or someone you trust, someone whom for you is a role model or someone successful. Listen to good success motivators that you can find online. Grab a copy of a motivational book about success. All these can help you be guided on the right path to achieving success. You will be encouraged to see failure in different perspective.

Thinking that everything is a mess in your life, and proved everything is unsuccessful then you stopped, you already stopped living. The more you fail or experience a lack of success and pull through, the more you will progress and be enhanced as a person. Each failure,  each misfortune, and all heartaches generates with it is the starting point of a better advantage.

Your reason for a goal is not to get you somewhere. It is who you turn out to be. Eventually it goes to put you in a happier frame of mind or make you sad. But, that is the very essence of living. Don’t look for an easy life, there is no such thing. Life is more complicated than what you thought.

Success is not your ultimate goal, nor is failure lethal. It is your spirit to persist that counts.

In this world, there is so much stress. Let me give an example, your commanding boss who’s not sensitive about your feelings and would tell you unpleasant things as if you are being attacked personally by the person, then that can cause stress. What I am trying to point out here is the fact that there are negative elements around us, people who will stop us in achieving our goal, people or events that would bring us down and won’t support our success but our success should not be dependent on others but ourselves.

But, if you make your mind to live in a beautiful state of mind, that means being dedicated to being in control of the greatest gift you are going to give to yourself. Thinking about love, about giving, you have to keep growing, believing that you make that decision, life is too short to suffer, and most achievers don’t let themselves suffer.

You are living your entire life in one of two stages, the stage of misery or a beautiful stage of being.  In the second case you are going to find something that you will be pleased about, something constructive, something that you can learn about that will make you contented.

Yet, you could have everything, but, be miserable in life. If you are to live a contended life, then you must take control and make this most important decision in your life, that is, no matter what happens “I will live in the beautiful stage, the Zen stage.”

You see, when suffering comes up, and  if you give it more importance,  more of that it will show up.

If something that is beautiful or joyful comes up and if you feel that way, more of that will come up.

Defining the law of attraction, like attracts like, never forget this, your emotions are energy, negative or positive, you decide.

So if somethings don’t work out the way you want it to work, just learn, grow, it’s all small stuff. If  you accept that failure is inevitable but can be overcome then success can often be achieved.

When you have the highest experience in life two things are involved, some form of deterioration of yourself or some involvement beyond yourself, so choose.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

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