Stop the fear of being judged. Learn how to be proud of who you are, of what you can do, of how you face your limitations.

There are billions of people living on earth and a very small percentage of these population are those people in your circle, your family, friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, strangers you met on the street and many more, so why are you so worried to be judged, when there are more people out there that could make a difference in your life.

One of the biggest barriers we have that goes against our own happiness and our own sense of self is the fear of being judged by others. This fear may originate from the past or current situation you’re in but how do you actually deal with it?

Fear of being judged, is a kind of fear that keep you from your power. You have so much to show and share the world. Don’t let other people direct your own life.

There is a pattern when people have this fear, actually they become judgmental themselves, not because their mean or negative, its because they have this circle of comparison. As they got this negative pattern, it keeps them think they are at the bottom of someone else.

As you continue to fear other people’s judgement, you also fear your future. You can never be who you really wanted to be, if what you’re always trying to do is please others. You are putting yourself trapped in loneliness and you continue to be full of regrets. The way you perceive yourself and the things you tell yourself are powerful. Never amplify your negative thoughts about yourself, quickly correct the way you think and divert your attention into something positive. If you continue to tell yourself what you can’t do, then it brings negative effect as it puts you in the position where you always tend to compare yourself with others and feel bad about who you are and what you have.

Stop! People who practice this bad habit are worst judges for themselves. They will judge themselves more harshly than they would judge anybody else. If they make a mistake they wont forgive themselves quickly and felt the need of punishment as if they are criminals. But, if somebody else would commit that same mistake they can let it pass much quicker.

If you recognize these behaviors you could challenge yourself to notice other people as you normally would but pick out something really great about them, whether its about something they wear, the way they fix their hair, the color of their back, and so much more. Focus on the beauty of your surrounding. As you continue to look for positive, then expect a ripple effect on yourself. Imagine yourself holding up a mirror as you recognize your own beauty by saying wonderful observations on your face that you’ve never done before. Being less judgmental about yourself will bring inner happiness.

All this takes practice , be easy on yourself, do as much as you can today and try it as much as you can , overtime it will fill you heart with love and happiness and compassion. And therefore the crippling fear of being judged by somebody else is not going to affect you as much as before  because you already accepted how you are.

Remember that you’re perfect, you’re exactly the person you meant to be in this very moment and we’re all growing, we’re all changing, congratulate you for being you today.

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