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To create your success faster in your online business, one must know how to find your niche to start making money online. We have a set of guide to help you find your niche so you can stand out. Finding your niche is important factor if you want to profit online.




Startups have been all the rage in recent times. However, it is unfortunate that the owners of the majority of these new businesses believe that success in profits can be achieved by just setting up a website. The fact that a committed website is vital to the success of any business cannot be debated, but that is not all there is to a business.



If you are serious about developing your new business, then you have to be ready to commit your energy and time. Before setting up the business, you should be ready to do a thorough research and evaluation of the niche in particular to determine its viability and profitability.



The only pathway towards building a strong foundation for your online business is to first locate a niche that can pay. Then, you next step should be focused on generating the products, content, and services for the niche. If you want the daily efforts you put into your online business to be worth it, you have to first find your niche, one that is profitable. Never let passion be your only ruling factor. Do not just settle for a niche that you think is profitable due to its popularity.


Though the enthusiasm and passion for your ideas play a vital role, it is even more important to carry out thorough researching before delving into any business. Even the large companies of the world still spend quality time researching a market before the public release of products, talk more of a new online business.


The big companies carry out this research to determine the public interest in the product. Don’t get it all wrong. Do not spend money first on creating, then launching the product. You might do this only to later discover that no one is interested in the product. A paying market is the success secret of online businesses. With your research, you can get a paying market; it is after this that you can now create, launch, and market your product to the market. If you want to market effectively in your niche, then carrying out thorough research and developing solid relationships with potential customers are vital tools in your arsenal.


There are numerous online niches that are popular but not all are profitable. It is more profitable to develop products for consumers who are ready to pay a good price to obtain real solutions for their disturbing problems. This forms the foundation for a successful and sustainable online business.


Loyal and happy customers are the key to0 online success. They should always want to return to your brand. If you’re able to employ the right tactics and strategies, it is possible to engage customers who would be willing to purchase every single new product that you make public. However, it goes without saying that if you fail to devote your energy and time to properly researching from scratch, you’ll end up discovering that your business isn’t at all viable.


Except you’ve selected a niche in a market that pays, your attempts to run your blog or website, and/or sell your products and services will be a waste of time. It is only after choosing a niche that is firmly in a paying market that you can meet your career and financial goals.




It is only after choosing a niche that is firmly in a paying market that you can meet your career and financial goals. Click To Tweet



Find Your Niche, niche market, niche audience, how to find your niche, how make money fast and easy online, how to make money online, luovita, blogging success, online evolution, how to be successful in online business, what is a perfect niche, niche marketing, what's the importance of finding your niche, How to Start Research for Niche Marketing, How To Live Test Your Keywords, Competition Research, Email Marketing,


What is a Niche?


You have been hearing the word “niche”, but do you really understand what it means. A niche is one of the most important business decisions you make in order to run a successful website or blog. The niche decision will have an overall impact on every other decisions from you’re the content type you generate, the design and layout of your site to the kind of website visitors you are able to attract. Even your prospect options for monetization ought to be decided at this stage. Most people often claim that no niche can be tagged as wrong, but you should agree that there are some more profitable than others.


Simply put, a niche is a product group or an interest area. Makeup training is an instance of an exciting area of interest, while clothes could be the product group. Both of these are searched for on the net, probably because people are faced with issues and needs that they need solved. They could either be on the hunt for pertinent information that can aid them in solving their problems, or they are searching for products that can be the solutions to their needs.


Thus, a niche market is a medium for solving problems and needs in exchange for profit. People who search online for makeup training might be on the lookout for places to register, or for information on how best to train people for makeup. Those who search for clothes might be on the lookout for information, but more often, they are on a search to buy clothing products.


An online business will benefit more from a micro-niche than from a general niche. Eyebrow makeup training or satin dinner gowns are instances of micro-niche. In these instances, the searchers are on the lookout for specific items. So, when you develop a micro-niche site, these potential customers can be targeted more accurately. By showcasing satin dinner gowns on your website, you are more likely to make sales in the dinner gowns micro-niche. Another perks to selecting a specific micro-niche for your business is that there are so many of them in millions. Even if you carry out your research at this moment, it is possible to find your niche with lucrative micro-niches that have only little competition. This way, you can enter into the paying market armed with the solution to a problem that can’t be found anywhere else. So, the secret lies in locating these niches.


It actually isn’t easy to locate these niche markets, particularly micro-niches. For one, lots of people are always on a search for micro-niches because they possess low competition. When you actually find your niche, one with a micro-niche with low competition, you have hit jackpot because it can open up doors of wealth. You can monetize the micro-niches through physical or informational products. If neither works, you can always turn to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.


What Exactly is Meant by Niche Marketing?


Niche marketing refers to a type of marketing where you market your products and services to a particular set of potential customers within a much larger base of consumers. This is done with the purpose of meeting needs that are often neglected by the bigger companies who faces a larger customer base. That is, there is a need or a problem, and you satisfy the need and solve the problem. When you do so, you have a paying market that is eager to pay for your products and services.


Let’s consider internet marketing advertising as an instance. The Internet Marketing niche market has multiple sub-niches such as SEO marketing, content marketing, PPC marketing, and others. Each of these sub-niches can be further refined into more precise markets. For instance the PPC marketing sub-niche can be further divided into a category of PPC marketers that only utilize Yahoo search and those who employ Google Ads.


These niche markets have experienced exponential growth such that more resources and information is needed. These needs are not being met by those who focus more on the larger market of internet marketing advertising. Those whose primary target is PPC marketing aren’t interested in article marketing. Hence, the importance of businesses centered on providing directly to niches as they are in a better position to satisfy the consumers, seeing as they directly focus on the problems that the niche target consumers are faced with.



Niche Markets Over-Saturation



Over time, niche marketing has become one of the main means of marketing because different business owners have come to realize that Internet marketers and their different products are over-saturating Internet Marketing, making it more difficult to earn profits from the extremely large market of Internet marketing. Even more, newbies to Internet Marketing advertising consequently find it much more difficult to establish a foothold because those already in the game have loyal customers that trust their brand and products. However, newbies to internet marketing advertising can alternatively decide to enter the competition of a particular niche, and dominate it because of the lack of competition in the niche. The more focused you are on targeting a particular niche, the better your success chances. Fortunately, you can find your niche, one that is in virtually every market.


Do you want to know the secret of many internet marketers who are actually successful? They are able to earn well online because they focus on various niches in which some are completely unrelated. They carry out the necessary thorough research to ascertain the lucrative niche markets for their product/service. They proceed to choose a domain name, develop a website, launch the product/service, and beginning marketing to the target market of the niche.


However, it is of note that niches are not central to marketing. You can carve out a niche from whatever market be it makeup, clothes, shoes, gardening, writing, dogs, home décor, and more. Also, you can break down any niche market into sub niches either according to target market, the product line, or both. The important thing is to identify those needs that are not being met by established websites and companies. Then proceeding to make a valuable offer that will spur potential customers to purchase. Considering the seemingly unlimited amount of niches available for you to make a choice, it should be easy to select one for your business.



The Importance of Finding a Niche



Smart owners of businesses are focused on selling their products and services to a niche target consumers by carrying out thorough market research targeted on understanding the behaviour of the consumers of the target audience who show interest in that specific niche. Particularly, they try to address their concerns, needs and desires.


Once your conducted research certifies that consumers show interest in the niche service or product you intend selling, then you can begin catering to these consumers to the best of your capacity by offering them various items for sale at different prices. As regards niches, it is important to remember that some of the products you offer will always have a more appeal than others. For instance, the percentage of consumers interested in beginner golf products will be more than those in search for advanced information on becoming a pro golfer. When you offers products to beginners, you get better sales because the large base of customers provide more volume. However, fewer consumers might search for advanced information because of the higher price of advanced e-Books. It is only if you are a recognized expert in  the niche that you can ideally provide a coaching program, a course, a membership program, a multimedia bundle, or other related products to advanced students at a higher price range. Of course, it is within reason that your level of credentials should determine your charging price for your products and services.


However, regardless of your credentials, it is crucial to always keep your price range within reason. Locating the right niche goes beyond just identifying the most profitable. You have to also find out what people are ready to buy and the price they are willing to pay to satisfy their need. If you notice that the average price range of the consumers is $29.95, and you intend to start the market with a price range of $39, there has to be an obvious reason that makes your offer worth the money. Your expertise, credentials, and other extras will definitely go a long way in swaying the consumers towards your offer. However, you’ll be more capable of convincing them if you are aware of the available offers, and provide them with a better one. So as you research to discover if your niche is a paying market, also research to know the willingness of the consumers to pay for your topnotch services.


You also have to consider the consumers’ life cycle while researching the niche. Though the might begin as beginners, the odds are that they’ll advance to intermediate and expert levels and they’ll need information that suits this level. By understanding this, you’ll be able to continually sell to the consumers. Constancy is key in niche marketing as the 80% majority of profits will most likely come from just 20% of your customers. If you take proper care of your customers, they’ll be more motivated to purchase items from you and they can easiy trust that the new products/services that you offer can satisfy their needs.


You can begin the process of earning income 24/7 through an auto0mation process where various offers are loaded on an e-mail platform for marketing, and are delivered to your prospects and customers regularly. When you dedicate all your efforts to a particular niche market, you can develop your product/service, establish your work flow, generate your sales letter, drive traffic to it, and watch as the email marketing list visitors convert to paying customers. By focusing on niche marketing, you can have that product which is unique to your brand, and is guaranteed to always sell even in future years. After the creation of a successful product, all that’s left is driving traffic to your page.



Niches differ based on needs, consumer behavior and price points. Hence the importance of carrying out proper research before choosing the specific niche to do business in. This wy, you can know the profitability and viability of a niche even before you put in time, money and energy. It will also help you in setting realistic expectations and goals as you start your new business.



Niches differ based on needs, consumer behavior and price points. Hence the importance of carrying out proper research before choosing the specific niche to do business in. Click To Tweet



What Determines the Profitability of a Niche


Before you start the entire processes involved in designing a service or a product, it is essential to first ascertain that there is a target audience with the willing to purchase your offerings even before you invest in developing a website and content. This means that you need to consider the monetization of your products/services, and whether the niche you want to select can handle your business model. Understanding that niches differ drastically when it comes to profitability is key.



What contributes to the profitability of a niche?


To fully understand the answer to this question, you need to consider your available monetization options. Advertising is among these options. This involves you placing Google ads or banner ads on your site. This is one of the less profitable means of niche monetization. If visitors have to click on ads each time they visit your site, you might drive them away from the site. Even more, you have to ensure that the advertisers will pay for the traffic generated. Advertisers make money from selling something and they get a larger share of the profit from visitors while engaging the visitors with their brand. You can do this with your site by developing your own product. Ideally, the best options are digital products like e-Books, or you can sell products that you did not create. The second option is regarded as affiliate marketing. Besides, you could also sell a particular service.


One crucial factor you have to consider selecting a niche is that some niches make some products sell faster, and this will impact your advertising fee. If the advertisers can advertise something in your niche, there won’t be any need for them to make payment for an appearance on your website. This should inform you that niches with numerous sellable products are more profitable.


For instance, if you select a niche dominated by a particular company such that selling your own products is impossible, you’ll run at a loss. Besides, in such a niche, no advertiser will be interested in marketing on your website. Though Google Ads might still offer you ads, they’ll be irrelevant. This further means that it’ll be difficult to get the needed clicks that can translate into advertisers’ money. This should be at the forefront of your mind when you select a niche.


Some Highly Profitable Niches to Choose From


One of the apparent reasons for the profitability of a niche is its investment value for the customers. For instance, people will only pay to learn something from a blog when they know that the knowledge will result in far more than what was spent on the initial payment. In the same vein, people spend money learning how to make money from sites because they are expected to make even more money than was spent.


Another profitable niche is that which promises to deliver a positive change to the customers’ lives. Hence, considering your value proposition is crucial. For instance, the fitness and diet niche is profitable because it promises to make people’s lives better in a way that can be measured. People are ready to spend money on fitness programs, books and equipment because of the belief that they can get muscular abs and biceps. In turn, their fitness will improve their appearance, boost their confidence, and make them live longer. The appeal of this is high, leading people to pay.


Also, it is imperative that you factor in the price range of the products/services that you are selling. If the items for sale have higher ticket, it will lead to you earning more money you’re your site. This is why blogs on sport cars and travel earn significantly more because they appeal to car dealers, travel sites and agents for advertisement.


If the niche you have selected lacks an appealing value proposition such as an investment promise or high ticket items, you have to employ creativity. For instance, you can gain commissions from aiding people in locating good hotels. This can be your primary focus as you develop your website, and later on, you can extend to other areas. Irrespective of your decision, the point is to look at all angles before selecting a niche.


Selecting Your Niche


As you begin your venture into the online niche marketing business, starting by listing down the niches you’d love to work in and the reasons that are spurring your interest. The reasons behind your interest in a particular niche can vary. Some people decide on a niche because it is hot and popular. Jumping into popular markets is not an entirely bad idea but you have to be ready to devote the necessary work needed to stay on top of your game.


However, trends are not all gold. Some move on very fast, and you might get into some only to discover that they are not in any way interesting or exciting. The excitement in events that generate lots of attention such as the Olympics or a presidential action die out quickly. Though these events can be exciting in the moment, businesses based on them are sustainable only for a short period of time before you’ll need to locate another profitable niche. 


Select a Niche that is Evergreen


Niches that stand the test of time are regarded as evergreen niches. They are sustainable, and they guarantee that your business will still be in the running even after a long period. Evergreen signifies that the products/services that you trade in these niches should earn you profit regularly year in year out. Besides this, you should also select a niche that is interesting enough to spur you to want to operate your business in it each day.

Select a Niche Based on your Interests


Many find it easy to choose a niche because they often establish their business based on their expertise and personal interests. When you are an expert in the sought-after products in that niche, this can be very lucrative. More also, when you have the expertise and knowledge in your chosen niche, you can have a solid idea on if the niche is profitable or not. In fact, if it is a niche that you often purchase products/services from, chances are that there are other paying customers.


However, it is also important that you remember that humans don’t often follow the expected pattern. Even if your knowledge is convincing you that your idea is the best there is, if you venture into it blindfolded without proper research, everything could crumble. One common mistake of newbies to niche marketing is targeting a wrong audience, or creating a website or a product of low quality. This is why you need to conduct research t6o know the challenges and problems of people and proffer solutions. By doing this, you’ll have a better understanding of your potential clients as well as the actions they are ready to take in order to get the solutions. You can save yourself from zero profit and wasted efforts by separating time for in-depth analysis of your niche even before commencing the development of the product.



Affiliate Selling




Marketing through affiliate selling is one of the easiest means of money making when you initially begin your business. When you become an affiliate seller for a top company such as Amazon, you can get access to numerous in-demand products.


Your commission can be as high as 15% based on the products you sell in a niche and your chosen reward system. Though it is well-known that creating your own services and products is the most lucrative means of getting profit, affiliate selling has its perks. Firstly, if you are just starting out in the online business world, you can begin to make profits soon through affiliate selling. Moreover, with affiliate selling, you’ll expend less energy and time to start, and an excellent indicator that the niche is one that pays is by selling products as an affiliate.


Affiliate marketplaces are also a valuable area to start conducting research. They enable you to see the exact purchases of consumers, as well as the amount they are ready to pay for products/services. As a result, you can start on a solid foot, knowing the best ways of fitting your own products/services into the paying niche marketplace. By starting niche marketing as an affiliate marketer, you can skip the common mistakes such as creating undesired products or setting ridiculously low or high prices for your products.


Conducting research will aid you in identifying the lacking gaps in your offerings such that when you start creating your own products and services, the final decisions will be centered on knowledge you gained from your time as an affiliate marketer.


Another big plus to starting off as an affiliate marketer is all the marketing knowledge you can acquire which can be very useful when you begin to trade your products and services. More often than not, a manager is in charge of running the affiliate program. These managers are experts in terms of exciting ideas, offers, and graphics. They often share their knowledge with the affiliate marketers by offering them great hints and tips that can be very useful when they start the process of trading their own products.


Finally, the profit you can make from your business is largely determined by the number of income streams that you have. At the start, your commissions checks from affiliate marketing might not be too great, but you can significantly increase your income based on the number of products you are able to promote.


How to Start Research for Niche Marketing


A crucial step in identifying your ideal niche market to establish in is to locate the specific keywords that are utilized by your target consumers. You need to discover the keywords that they input into search engines, and then utilize them in searching for the products and topics that are relevant to your chosen market. The searches you discover will enable you to know the pain points of the customers in that niche, and the problems and needs that require attention.


The knowledge of the keywords employed in your niche will help you in grabbing a high number of particularly targeted consumers in search for products/services that are in direct relation to your niche. In turn, this will earn you considerable gains within your niche. Also, you can employ the Google Ads Keyword Tool. This is a free for all tool that can be used in searching out swords and phrases that are specifically in relation wityh your niche market. 


This Google keyword planner gives you the opportunity to locate relevant keywords being regularly utilized in your target market. The data gathered from this keyword tool can be used in researching specific products, solutions and services in niche markets and confirm which applies more to your specific expertise area.



After identifying some of the phrases and keywords associated with the niche of your choice, the next step is discovering the keywords with more potentials for profit. You can measure the profit potential of a keyword through three different methods:


• Competition is low
• Search Volume is high
• Little effort and cost rank high


Locating Hot Keywords


When you use the keyword planner that is supplied by Google Ads, you can estimate the amount of prospective visitor traffic that is generated by each of the niche’s keyword. It further depicts the keywords that are utilized the most by consumers, as well as the related keywords that can provide hints as to the additional requirements of your target consumers. Only in-depth and focused research can offer you a profitable and viable niche. You have to keep testing keywords more and more as much as you can think of till you have substantially uncovered all the phrases and keywords that a target consumer can employ in searching for your product/service.


The first data piece to examine is the activity rate of the target consumers who actively search for the product/ service you intend selling. Does this activity rate pr4ovide a significant volume of monthly customers? Also, it might be best if you are able to determine the number of competitor businesses that are already established and getting their income from products and services that are alike to yours. You can accomplish this by utilizing the Google’s Keyword Planning Tool as well as other prominent search engines such as Bing and Google.



You have to keep testing keywords more and more as much as you can think of till you have substantially uncovered all the phrases and keywords that a target consumer can employ in searching for your product/service. Click To Tweet



How to Go about the Organization of your Keywords


Your next step is the organization of all your key words and key phrases into groups. You can achieve this by breaking down the keywords into groups that consist of specific keywords and phrases. For instance, “digital camera” is a keyword phrase that can be divided into

“underwater digital cameras,” “digital underwater camera,” and “underwater digital camera.” This particular division can be placed in a single group, while “digital camera case” can be placed in the same group as “digital camera cases” and “underwater digital camera case”.


The keywords should be separated into groups that earn nothing less than 2,000 searches each month. This is because you can identify the dominating mindset of people groups who regularly search for information, products, services, features or benefits that is similar to yours. You can continue drilling to identify even more people interested in purchasing your products/services through the selection of the top ten most sought-after keywords out of all that you’ve researched. With these particular keywords, you can be able to locate a sum of 100,00 more relevant searches each month. These keywords can be included to the Google Keyword Planner Tool to discover long-tail keywords that are more specific.


Next, you can start checking your list to identify the keywords that actually make money. These selling keywords indicate that consumers are willing to pay for the products or information. These keywords can include model numbers, brand names, cheap, color, for sale, seller, supplier, etc. You are more likely to get ready-to-purchase customers when your search is more specific.


How To Live Test Your Keywords


The best means of checking to know the potential profit that can be gained from your keywords is by testing them online live. You can accomplish this by including some keyword-particular content on your current website, blog, or the pages of your social media accounts. You can then test each material to discover its landing on Google and the amount of traffic it drives. With this strategy, you can confirm the keywords that can generate organic traffic, and those with the capacity of traffic revenue conversion. Moreover, you can further discover the exact keywords that rank the most on search engines. A keyword has more profit potential if it generates serious traffic even when ranked low on search engines.


Competition Analysis


In choosing a niche, one of the vital steps is to analyze your competition. Virtually every business in this world has either a direct or indirect competition. Some competitors are brutal, meaning that you have to pay extreme care to the examination of the niche competition before venturing into it. As much as the awareness of your competition is key, never feel subdued by them.


Determining the Number of Competitors in the Niche


Figuring out the number of competitors in your potential niche market is the first step to competition analysis. To can simply achieve this by conducting a Google search aimed at calculating the precise number of websites that target similar keywords to yours. If you locate sites using similar keywords in their site’s title, URL, and anchor text, then you should know that those keywords have serious competition.  Google searching your keywords in quotes can help you discover the number of competing online web pages. Using website resources such as SEOmoz can help you identify the number of competition backlinks. The biggest competitors to you are those websites that rank at the top of SERPs for the three very competitive niche keywords.


Competition Research


The page rank (PR) of your competition websites and pertinent web pages will greatly determine how difficult it will be to rank higher. If below PR3 is the average PR of the first ten websites, then within three months, you should be able to rank high for the keyword. You can find out the average PR for the keywords of the niche’s top ten websites through SEO Quake.


You can sufficiently analyze the PR of the competition by creating a spreadsheet separated into two sheets, tagged “Market Competition”, and “Preliminary”. The top ten keywords should be placed in the “Preliminary” sheet”, while ten columns labelled “Site1PR,” “Site2PR,” etc., up to “Site10PR.” should be placed in the “Market Competition” sheet.


Your next step should be to place about three to five differing search items on the “Market Competition” sheet. After this, Google search the top three keywords. Pay attention to the PR of the first ten websites based on the listed three to five keywords. The, you can eliminate the lowest and highest PRs and try the calculation of the average PR per row, and then overall. After conducting the necessary number of searches, shortlist those keywords with high ranking potential.


Competition Evaluation


If you’ve identified the niche to try and you are of the opinion that you have expertise in the niche’s subject matter, then you can create an e-Book, a report , a white paper, or a short article, providing essential information about the perks of your newly launched business products and services without making compromises on your Intellectual Property. The free information you offer can serve as bait to better gain responses from your target customers.


Over the past years, internet marketers have constantly proved that the best internet marketing solution is when the target audience responds better when ethical bribes are involved. It’s been proven that the offer of something in return for personal details or an email address is effective. Hence, even those who publish informational products tend to give some away freely in exchange for email subscriptions. However, this tactic hasn’t been discovered by many large brands, so you can go higher than even your competition when you use this strategy.


Competition Pricing


Doing your research if you notice that there is serious competition in your niche, it will be best to subscribe to the email lists of the competition to have awareness of their activities. Check to see if they sell products and services that are higher priced. Or do they give discounts on their products and services? If you discover higher prices, then it becomes obvious that there is a paying market. If they’ve continues the trend of higher prices for years, then it also becomes obvious that the market is sustainable. 


Alternatively, if your discovery is that the regular price for a product is reasonable, then it means that small players can establish in the market and also co-exist with the bigger brands. However, if the competition in the market is such that is based in only price and the profit margin has been stressed till its paper thin, then you might be better off going after a niche with less competition and ideal profit margins.


In a small market, if your competitors are always discounting each other, then you will encounter serious issues with your business gaining a foothold. However, it is much easier to get into a market with various pricing tiers, as you can gradually increase yours.


Generally, in terms of search engine competition, you benefit more from a lower number of competitors. But you also have to be extremely careful as a niche with no competition can mean that there is no money in it.


Locating the Ideal Customer


Who is the ideal customer? The ideal customer is that person with the willingness to pay to get the solutions to his/her specific problem. Thus, you can only get your perfect customer by visiting where they go, and offering useful solutions and advice for their problems.


There are numerous means to go about providing solutions for your customers such as developing free content that can encourage them to perceive you as an expert. When they have this notion in mind, they will be better convinced to release their hard-earned money for your paid offerings. But never treat the free content that you offer in a dismissive manner. The free content you provide should be treated like free samples at a place like Costco where a single taste can convince the consumers the purchase the whole package. From this, their initial purchase can be converted into a long-standing relationship with a new customer who eventually becomes a loyal buyer of your offerings. If they lose interest in a particular product, they can always divert that interest to your other products when made available.


By knowing your customers well and always giving them what they need, it can always seem like you anticipated the needs beforehand. This way, you can get the ideal customer who continues purchasing from you every month and year. You get more recurring income with the more repeat, loyal customers you gain.


Also, you can test your niche viability by developing an email marketing list and offering a free download, newsletter, or even both. This way, you can regularly interest customers with your products and services. When your expertise gets you the trust of your customers, you can trust them to purchase items based on your recommendations. These are the ideal customers that you need to locate and establish high-quality of interactions with.


When your expertise gets you the trust of your customers, you can trust them to purchase items based on your recommendations. Click To Tweet


Research and Survey your Target Market


After deciding on a lucrative niche, you next point of focus should be the precise identification of the pain points of your target audience. You need to confirm their most critical and urgent problems in the niche. After the identification of the problems that your ideal customers are faced with, you can proceed to increase the profitability pf your niche by providing them with the best solutions.

To start the need identification process in a niche, you need to start by looking inwards to identify the problems that you are faced with. Take out time to consider the aspects of your life that can be improved on as well as the solutions to some of the challenges in your life. A great place to locate these answers is on your best blogs and niche forums. An excellent resource for confirming the solutions people need as regards their problems is Yahoo Answers. Another similar resource is Quora. Search items such as “cure for”, “help with”, “advice on” together with your specific keywords can get the questions that consumers ask.


You will always see more profits when you offer the solutions to your target consumers’ problems, be it a service, a physical product, information, or a digital product. Google Correlate can also be used to locate queries that are of a similar pattern to a series of target data. The target can be you entering a question, or providing a real-world trend. You can view the results by downloading it on a .CSV file or you could view it directly on the site.


Use Online Surveys


Online resources such as Google Ads, SurveyGizmo, and Survey Monkey can be used in sending out online surveys that can be used in questioning the target audience to discover their exact needs. Your target audience will have a stronger desire to participate in your online survey if there is a strong desire or demand for your products/services. Incentives such as free products for download, discounts, and online services when they click on your ads can get consumers to complete your online survey.


Your target should be to receive 1,000 responses or even more to the survey such that you can obtain a solid cross-section of the market. If enough people participate in the survey according to your calculation, it can suggest an affordable rate of response. The information you gather from the online survey should offer your potential customers the following:

  • Exactly what they are searching for
  • Precisely the way they want it
  • At the price range they are willing to purchase it


The survey answers you receive should also arm you with the knowledge of the language needed to write the sales copy in. In your survey, besides asking about the consumers’ problems and the difficulty in obtaining solutions, you should also try and obtain demographic information such as the job, age, level of education, etc. In fact, you can also ask the amount they are willing to pay for the solution and the delivery method they’ll prefer.


A qualitative difference exists between keyword intelligence and intelligence gathered from a market survey. The latter is more valuable as it enables you to get confident and accurate information that can help you in making strategic decisions as regards marketing.


The time spent on researching the niche and the ideal customer will be productive as you’ll be able to gather sufficient ideas on the product models to create, especially if you’ve located a paying niche with consumers that pay for problem solutions. 


Relationship Building within the Niche


Now that you’ve selected the ideal, profitable niche, you have to seriously start thinking about how to build niche relationships. To do this, you need to locate the main blogs, sites, forums and discussions boards that are related to your niche. Look through these resources systematically to identify the discussion topics that are pertinent to your niche of choice. Jot down the top five most common issues that are being discussed. This will provide you with a great start for content ideas for your blog, newsletter, and even a special report that you can freely give to customers for giving you their email address.


Also, you have to post on your social media platforms regularly so as to keep you followers in the loop on your business. This makes it easy for them to pass along relevant information to people they know might have interest in your products/ services. Be consistent about asking for shares and re-tweets, and train your target consumers in such a way that they always take the actions you need them to take at the ideal time.


Always remember that the main determining factor of your online business is money making. However, it will definitely show if this is your only motivation. Unlike in a physical store, people are not necessitated to be polite online. They can easily get off your site and you’ll never encounter them again without you even noticing. However, if you should register your online customers for a newsletter or an e-course, you can communicate better with them constantly, and also develop a solid relationship with them, boosting your brand.


Studies in recent times portrays that a business needs at least seventeen exposures before people can start recognizing the brand, understanding its activities and representation. Unfortunately, it is impossible for an online business to get second chances at making a good first impression.


Email Marketing


The campaigns you carry out for email marketing are very valuable. They can offer you a lifeline medium of communication with consumers who have interest in the niche. Your email marketing campaigns can be used to offer your target consumers various reasons why opting in for special reports and newsletters is a great idea. If a consumer from your target audience buys a product, they can be placed on a new list that is particularly for the new customers.


After getting them on the list, keeping them there can prove difficult. Hence, it is crucial to offer an e-course containing various lessons at different times and delivered via an autoresponder. This will help you in keeping the communication lines open with your target audience. Do not take it personal when someone unsubscribes, just try to get the reason. Some consumers can be nice enough to give reasons as to why they unsubscribed, while others will abruptly leave without informing you on your offence. The truth is you can’t ever know what the tipping point is for the customers. 


Social Media Platforms


Relationships within your niche can be built through your social media platforms. Your followers on Twitter or Facebook can comment, like and share your information with others, meaning that those in their network can as well view what you’ve posted. This is a very powerful relationship building and marketing opportunity that can drive in sales and traffic.


Your Newsletter


The newsletter is the chance you have to send exciting new content to your customers regularly. Common FAQ issues can be reviewed, you can offer quizzes, announce your newly launched products and services, and so many others. The information you’ve gotten from all the discussion boards and forums can help you in providing your customers with solutions to the problems you know they’re faced with. This way, you’ll be building solid relationships as well as placing yourself as the expert in the niche without having to use forceful sales tactics. You’ll also be providing them with offers that any niche customers will be interested in. You can email your offers together with your newsletter on a particular day or you can do that separately.


The important thing is to offering your customers answers and solutions to their problems, building a solid relationship as well as showing that you have the capacity to actually satisfy their needs. It involves staying on course and offering them various options pertaining to your niche.



Cracks will always exist in a consumer populace with demands and needs for specific products/services that aren’t being satisfied, providing you with the chance to be the supplier of these unsatisfied needs.


A small online business such as yours will definitely benefit from the unaddressed needs. The important factor lies in finding the ideal niche that can enable the success of your business. You are guaranteed of less competition if you have a unique product.

Patience is required to research and test for the viability and profitability of a niche. Use the proper set of tools. invest effort, have the capacity to ask the appropriate questions and always understand the answers. Success will always require research, failure to carry out a thorough research will result in a waste of time, money and energy. It isn’t a complicated process to find your niche, one that is best for your business, but it can be time-consuming. However, rest assured that the time is worth it to see your business bloom and increase in profits.


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