Free Email Marketing

When comparing online marketing channels, free email marketing for companies is older than most conventional marketing channels i.e. Social media, mobile applications and search engines. Some would even consider free email marketing obsolete.


There has been a lot of changes to email marketing to ensure it remains relevant. some of these changes have been due to changes in consumer behavior and expectations. Personalization, segmentation, formatting and concise mails as opposed to bulky content have been seen to yield better results on how to write an email to patrons and prospects.

Mobile devices have become integral to free email marketing because most consumers use them to check and read their emails. To ensure these emails are opened and read, businesses are creating well formatted emails with important and personalized information.

Apart from providing a cheap avenue to reach many consumers, free email marketing also creates the best return on investments among other relevant internet marketing solutions based on available statistics. Most people own an email address and prefer to receive updates on their listings and interests this way.

Furthermore, information from these mails can easily be accessed using smartphones when needed which makes them even more critical for businesses looking to turn a profit. It becomes clear that the free email marketing strategy should be explored as an internet marketing solution. 

To grow and maintain your list of customers, there is a need to frequently send mails to your clients and prospects. Sending mails and regular updates on products and services is a foolproof way for an effective free email marketing strategy. These mails must be sent systematically and must always be relevant and has been made easy with appropriate digital and analytical tools.

Sadly, a number of entrepreneurs and companies are yet to take full advantage of the free online advertising and internet marketing solutions inherent in free email marketing because they don’t fully understand the concept or appreciate its unique importance.

With about 4 billion people owning email addresses and more than 3 billion non-spam mails being received and hourly, free email marketing should be exploited as an internet marketing solution to effectively reach a wide range of prospect and consumers while saving on adverts.


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Email Marketing and why your company needs it.


Email Marketing and why your company needs it.


Email marketing is a free internet marketing solution for users looking to take advantage of free online advertising or urge their customers to take certain actions regarding products and services.



Vital aspects of free email marketing may include:
  • Messageautomation
  • easyintegration
  • dedicatedIPaddress
  • deliverability
  • HTMLresponsivelayout
  • Advancelistmaintenance
  • CAN-SPAMcompliancebuilt-in


Message Automation

The message automation feature helps send emails based on specific prompts triggered by the action of consumers. These mails are usually personified, examples include subscription to a service or making a purchase on your website.

Easy Integration Feature

The integration feature lets you add important services into your free email marketing drive. This feature allows its users to start mailing campaigns on ecommerce sites, add social media apps to aid with free online advertising. Goggle analytics can be added to help track the number of recipients who open your mails.

Dedicated IP Address

Having a dedicated IP address for sending out mails to your prospects and customers is very important as it helps maintain your integrity and genuineness. This address should not be used for any other activities apart from mailing clients.


The deliverability feature is set up to see that your mails are delivered to the appropriate recipients. The success of your campaign hinges on it. For email marketing to be the right internet marketing solution, then your mails should be sent and delivered to the right email addresses.

HTML Responsive Layout

This feature allows the operator send custom messages in HTML format. The layout also helps the user to create adaptable responsive templates for all devices across the globe using HTML and CSS. The codes for running the program comes preinstalled so there is no need to learn a programming language.

Advanced List Maintenance

The advanced list maintenance feature helps update an emailing list of clients by automatically detecting new subscribers and those who opt out. It ensures that your list remains up to date without having to frequently check and make corrections to the list.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

The CAN-SPAM compliance feature ensures users adhere to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 which is tasked with protecting email users against unpermitted soliciting and pornography. The Act grants the US Federal Trade Commission the power to maintain ethical standards and the protection of the rights of email owners.



Why Implementing Free Email Marketing is best for your Company


Why Implementing Free Email Marketing is best for your Company


Emails provide a free channel to communicate with clients and prospects by receiving and sending pertinent information on products and services for little or no cost. This makes using this medium very attractive when compared to other means of getting across to a target audience.



Creating a large base of subscribers require a lot of effort and commitment but the benefits outweigh the cost once you have many patrons. A large subscriber base ensures that you have people who value your services and are willing to buy them when you have new products on offer. There are lot of benefits to employing free email marketing strategy for your business.


Great ROI

A study by the Direct Marketing Association showed that free email marketing proved to be one of the most competitive internet marketing solutions and it earns $43 for every dollar invested. This makes it effectively the best strategy for online advertising, lead generation, client retention and sales.


Long-term Metrics

MarketBeat started acquiring subscribers to its newsletters in 2010 and a little less than two decades, most of their initial subscribers have remained with them and still receive their newsletters and buy their products and services.


Consumers prefer emails

72 percent of U.S. consumers prefer to receive emails from companies and businesses of interest according to a survey by MarketingSherpa. Also, 61 percent of consumers liked to receive updates every week on promotions and another 28 percent claim they would like to get emails more frequently. Furthermore, over 70 percent of subscribers said they always open mails from businesses they like with a further 95 percent of subscribers who opted to receive mails say they found the content very useful.


Bests Social Media Marketing

Recent studies have shown that companies are 40 times more likely to gain a new patron using free email marketing as opposed to social media marketing. Also, most marketers subscribe to this idea as email marketing yields better ROI when compared to social media marketing.


Emails are global

About 90 percent of the US population are connected to the internet and 95 percent use email for communicating and receiving updates. Social media platforms don’t hold the same appeal and the number of people on each one varies on preferences. This becomes a worry for businesses who must spend more across these platforms to get in touch with everyone possible.


Tested and Trusted

Investing in email marketing becomes more significant given it first started in the early 80s and has remained largely unchanged in over 30 years. A lot of other technologies have given been lost to innovations. Presumably, emails will remain relevant in the coming years making a wise choice when looking to invest in your business bid to reach a wide range of consumers.


Free Email Marketing is well-regulated

With social media platforms, marketers and influencers are subject to changes made by the handlers of each one which are all varied. These changes typically affect monetization and lead generation most times. More importantly, client retention is negatively affected when these changes happen.

Email marketing doesn’t have any of these problems due to the way it operates and how its well-regulated. Hence, it assures marketers and businesses that choose to use free email marketing as an internet marketing solution of a return on investment and a platform rigid to changes because it is not run by a monopoly.


With social media platforms, marketers and influencers are subject to changes made by the handlers of each one which are all varied. These changes typically affect monetization and lead generation most times. More importantly, client… Click To Tweet


Starting out with Email Marketing


Starting out with Email Marketing


To begin a free email marketing campaign, there are building blocks that should be put in place prior to the actual work.

  • set out your aim and goals
  • build an email subscription list
  • pick your type of campaign ads
  • create and format your first email campaign
  • review the results.


Setting your aims and goals

There is a need to set and outline the aims and goals of your campaign just like with any other project. Before you begin using any free email marketing tools, outlining your goals and setting milestones is imperative as you want to ensure that your goals realistic, achievable and will work on the long-term.

For example, your goal might be geared towards lead generation for your branded products and services, donations to laudable causes, or an increased attendance to events you organize. Whatever you aim to achieve, you must be able to figure out how email marketing will help you attain them.


Build an email subscription list

The next step is creating and growing a free email marketing subscription list for your business. There are many ways to do this without necessarily starting from the scratch. One option would be to import email addresses of known contacts.

You can manually add your contact list to your email marketing tool or sync your account to automatically add your contacts to the list.

The other option involves creating a completely new list of contacts through lead generation. You can use social media platforms to provide information and other things that will attract people and ask that they subscribe to get a steady access to whatever service you will be providing. Special discounts, free tickets are some other methods to attract subscribers. Note that too much information and coercion will scare potential subscribers away.

Website with compelling content can also be used to attract subscribers but again it is important to include a bait or offer something for free or cheaper than its value.


Pick your type of campaign

Next is picking the type of campaign you want to run for an effective and successful plan. There are 10 common methods of sending out campaigns for free email marketing and you can pick any one you feel would work best. These methods are the ones major organizations and businesses utilize to run their campaign for free online advertising.



Newsletters are used to provide information about an organization, milestones and activities. The common format consists of two columns; a narrow one with a list of the content, sponsors and logos while the larger column contains articles and other elaborate information.


Events and Invitations

Invitations are time-sensitive and require sending them out at the appropriate time. You should always try and give at least a 31-day notice prior to an event to have a clear idea of how many people will be attending based on the feedback received. This also gives your subscribers ample time to prepare.

When preparing invitations for events, you should always include a call-to-action button. Examples include; add event to calendar, click to register, add your feedback.

Furthermore, you can send out details about an event after it has been done to keep your subscribers engaged. This can be mailed to all those who showed interest in the event even if they couldn’t attend. Finally, remember to make it concise to avoid boring or losing your clients.


Press releases

It is important to understand how to write an email when sharing corporate information to stakeholders and other subscribers to your organization. This information could range from a new appointment, product, or a brand launch and would need to be written in a press release format.

Press releases have a unique format when sending them out when compared to other formats. This is because various news media outlets have to reference it when informing the public. Typically, press releases have four sections; a headline, about section, body and statements/quotes.



Announcements are updates about your business which are intended for your patrons subscribed to receive important information about your company. Announcements are similar to press releases but are meant solely for patrons and stakeholders on your emailing list.

The information contained in them can vary from, product launch, change of address and product updates. There are no call-to-action icons to click on as the aim is to disseminate important information.


Seasons greetings

There are special email templates available for every holiday celebrated all year round. You can include HTML, GIF or memes to make your messages more appealing when sending out greeting cards on Christmas, Halloween, Mardi Gras, National Independence Day etc. 

Also, you can use several ESPs to track your subscribers’ birthdays and send them a custom message to appreciate and celebrate them. This goes a long way in assuring your subscribers you care about them.


Welcome Note

Automated welcome notes can be sent to new subscribers to your channel or products and services. A simple message acknowledging their subscription will suffice; “Hello Jon! Welcome to Tango. Thanks for subscribing to this channel.”


Thank You Mails

To keep your loyal customers onboard, you need to send a thank you message every year or 6-month interval as a sign of appreciation. It is not uncommon to send it on the day your company began operating.

The aim of these messages is to keep reminding your subscribers you are here without sounding overbearing or annoying and let them feel valued.   


Notification Emails

You can send emails to your subscribers notifying them about certain products or services they wanted. A reminder must be about something you perceive as important or they have shown an interest in at previous times. User policies fall under this category.


Confirmation Emails

Typically, confirmation mails are sent out to verify agreement forms which involve several steps. Adding call-to-action buttons for each of these steps makes it easier for your subscribers when navigating through the process.





Creating Your First Free Email Marketing Campaign


Creating Your First Free Email Marketing Campaign

People now spend a shorter attention span when reading articles and messages which becomes an important factor when sending out your first free email marketing campaign. You need only create concise copies geared at steering your audience towards a final call-to-action.



Personalizing your emails with first names in the subject line will help foster better interactions and response from subscribers. You also have to ensure the content is geared towards what made them initially subscribe. Applying all the information provided by users when they subscribe will help in creating custom mails and providing relevant content for each person.

Your email campaign is critical to lead generation hence the need to make the process seamless for easy conversion and apart from a reader friendly mail, your mails have to compatible across all mobile devices.



Your email campaign is critical to lead generation hence the need to make the process seamless for easy conversion and apart from a reader friendly mail, your mails have to compatible across all mobile devices. Click To Tweet



Building Your Email List

Building your list involves adopting and sticking to a strategy. After learning how to start a website, you can use it for lead generation by converting visitors to your website via email signups.

With basic SEO tips, new prospect will always visit your website which can serve as a veritable tool for getting frequent and new signups.


Lead Magnets

To generate new leads, you need to be providing a value to new clients and this can be in form of a free eBooks or report, rebates on coupons or something that people will find value.

This is important because most people don’t want to give away their contacts because of privacy concerns and spamming. So, having something valuable to offer makes it easier to part with their information.

If you offer something tangible, then leads will be less bothered about receiving unsolicited emails.

Your subscribers need to be assured that your value their private info and you should offer them something tangible in exchange.

Providing critical information on a relevant skill, proffering solutions to challenges or enlightening people on knotty topics are some of the ways to generate leads. The amount of relevant content on your website is proportional to its lead generation.

Creating relevant content for different segments of your website is will help increase your conversions and opt-ins. To save precious time looking for vital content and blogging ideas, there are free blogging software and aids like You can find valuable PLR content which can be easily edited to suit your use.

Below are some examples of PLR content that can be used to improve your site.


Free Guides and Reports


Reports and guides are the easiest way to create relevant content for lead generation. The guides and reports should be able to teach your subscribers about relevant topics to achieve personal targets.


Resource List


For resource lists, you have some tools and software to help you subscribers quickly adapt quickly to whatever I need to learn if you have a data analysis blog, Provide your subscribers with suitable software and how-to-do videos.


Free Trial


Running a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company affords you the opportunity to give out a 14 – 30-day free trial of your software. Providing free trials ensure an interaction between prospects and your software and will help you improve on its user-friendliness based on useful feedback while it lets you get more prospects and eventually, patrons. 


Software and file download


Asking users to provide their email addresses prior to downloading a file or software is a good way of building your email list.


Price Cuts and Free Shipping


Providing discounts and other incentives to first-time customers is a smart move on the long-term as you would have a platform for free online advertising due to a one-time sale for your new and existing stock.


Door Deliverables


If having locations of your subscribers is critical to your business model, then providing physical deliverables is a way of getting them to part with the living or work addresses. There are several inexpensive items to browse through while picking these deliverables. A small shipping and handling cost can offset the cost of these items.

You can google “lead generation(magnet) ideas” to go through several articles sharing insight on items that can be used. You can also search the websites of your competition to know what they are offering.


Messaging and Copy

Once you have decided on a strategy for your lead generation, identifying and creating the right message is the next step for getting prospect to sign up to your list.

Your message must be concise, compelling and have apparent calls-to-action to help increase the rate of opt-ins. The best part of creating copies that leads gained are due to free internet marketing solutions which is not the same with other list-growing strategies.



How To Write An Email That Lets Your Audience Take Action


How To Write An Email That Lets Your Audience Take Action

While it is safe to presume you have sent mails at a regular frequency to a lot of people, sending a generic mail to several people and expecting them to take a specific action requires a lot of skill and precision.




Your mail needs to get the attention of your audience within the first few lines and not include images, audio, or video cues. You must also find a way around spam filters and comply with anti-spam laws which are technical peculiarities of sending out mails.


Understand your Audience


For effective communication with your prospects, you need to have a clear understanding of their person; age, job, marital status and several other personal information to help make your emails look custom-made. Asking your prospects to partake in surveys help you to gather the required information to know them.

When writing mails using “you” often helps give your message a personal tone making it look explicitly coined for them. Also, the message needs to focus on your clients and what they stand to benefit while saying very little about yourself.


Elements of an Email


A lot of emphasis is placed on the body of an email bit there are other parts that should be considered when composing an email to ensure it looks professional and ticks all necessary boxes.


Subject line

This is the title of your mail and the first thing your subscribers see which determines if they will decide to open the mail and read further.


This is a snippet of the content of your mail and is a feature of some mailing platforms like Gmail. Its purpose is to provide readers with an idea of the mail’s content to help them decide if they want to read all of it.

Most mailing services include the first two sentences of your body as a preheader when you fail to include one.


“From” Name  – This refers to the name of the sender which the recipients will see. It is suggested you use your name rather than that of your business as it seems more personal.

Body This comprises of the main text of your email and will contain the main idea of your intent.

Call-to-action – This refers to the hyperlink you will include in your mail and want your readers to click to help with conversion.


Signature  – Avoid elaborate signatures as this can be diversionary to the aim of your mail. A first name followed by your company’s own on the next line will suffice.

Postscript  – Using a postscript (P.S) periodically can help serve as a gentle nudge and reminder to take a specific action. You should consider including this after your signature.

Footer  – This is where you include the unsubscribe button and other info regarding your compliance with anti-spam regulations. A generic footer for all outgoing mails isn’t uncommon.

Add More Than You Take

The main purpose of creating a free email marketing campaign list is to sell your products and services by taking advantage of the free internet marketing solutions. However, it is important to not to overplay your hand. The only reason your subscribers will not unsubscribe is if they get valuable information more than they receive ads asking them to make a purchase.

You can see to this by ensuring you always send more mails pertaining to useful hacks and tools they can take advantage of than asking those asking them to make a purchase or look at your new products.



How to Write Awesome Subject Lines


A survey taken by mail recipients said that about 64 percent them said they decide to open a mail if they find the subject line appealing. Writing an uninspired subject line is one of the easiest ways to lose prospects.

A captivating subject almost assures you of a higher conversion, clickthrough rates and hence sales.

There are several methods you can employ to emphasize on certain words relating to the content of your mail. However, it is important not fall into the trap of repeating just one technique as you will sound monotonous and lose your subscriber when the tone of your mails become predictable.


Dos and Don’ts To Follow


Here are few rules you must keep to for your mailing campaign to remain successful.


Avoid an over-reliance on images

About a third of readers will not allow “enable images” on received mails which implies that relying on images to convey vital information in your copy is not advisable. However, if you do need to use an image then applying CSS styling will help make ALT texts larger and visible to your subscribers who don’t allow images.


Avoid spelling Errors and Grammatical Blunders

Properly written content appeals to your readers more than one rife with errors which make it imperative to wrote with as little errors as possible. Review your emails for errors before sending them out if you want to gain and retain readers. You can have someone run a check just to be sure.


Include Several Hyperlinks

Include a few hyperlinks in your mail for your readers to steer them towards your goal. Ensure you include an hyperlink in your call-to-action at the end of your content.A few hyperlinks attached to important words in the first few sentences of your mails also works. You can have this link directing them to visit your site. You can include a final link in the postscripts you include below your signature.


Keep it Simple

Writing a simple email devoid of a lot of designs ensures that the readers aren’t distracted or led to believe the mail is impersonal. Remember, simple is less cumbersome and precise.


One Call-to-action Is Enough

Each of your mail should contain one main idea and action you want your readers to take. Including several calls-to-action can be rather confusing and leave your readers not taking any.


Include a Visible Unsubscribe Link

Avoid the lure of hiding an unsubscribe link in your mails as it can lead to your readers reporting your mails as spams. This could lead to severe reprimands on your account by mailing service provider if there are several complaints.

Copywriting like every other skill requires your devotion and a lot of time to perfect it. You can expect to improve with time if you stay committed and you will have better results over a long period.


Evaluating and Optimizing your Strategy


To determine if your free email marketing strategies are operational, then there is a need to analyze data generated during your campaigns. Key performance indicators can help determine if your campaign has been a success or if there is a need to increases your input or change tact.

To keep up with the metrics from your data, you’ll need to employ the use of data analysis tools to properly evaluate the critical readings from your campaign.

Delivery rates

The rate of delivered and undelivered mails is usually the first metric to be considered. It can be due to technical errors. The bounce rate should be less 1% for a great campaign. If the numbers exceed this, then there is a need to clean up your mailing list for invalid email addresses.

Open rate

The open rate is the next metric and it refers to the fraction of recipients who open your mails which can also be called the unique open rate.


Click rate

This refers to the fraction of recipients who clicked on a link in your email. The click rate is the most important metric in for your project. A lower click rate could suggest the need to reevaluate your call-to-action cues.


Click-to-open rate CTOR

This metric compares a fraction of clicks to open rates for each broadcast email. Remember that the number of recipients and prospects who opened your mails are different and should be treated as such when considering this ratio.

If the CTORs are low, then there is a discrepancy between your subject and the content of your mails, or the contents of the mail wasn’t compelling enough.


Conversion rate

This refers to the number of prospects who took your anticipated action after opening your email. It could mean subscribing to your newsletters, buying a product, downloading a file or registering for a web session. The conversion rate is the metric that finally determines how much of a success your campaign has truly been.


Unsubscribe rate

It is not uncommon for people to unsubscribe from an emailing list due to a change of direction among others. The number of undelivered mails can provide the number of patrons who have unsubscribed from receiving your mails.

Values less than one percent for patrons who unsubscribe are normal. Remember to include an unsubscribe button in all your mails to help make it easy on you and your subscriber if they so choose.


Growth rate

The growth rate measures the changes in the number of subscribers over a given period. This could bb positive or negative as earlier discussed.


Spam complaint rate

this indicates the fraction of recipients who clicked on your emails as spam. Values exceeding 0.3% could lead to sanctions when you send out mails in the future.


Return on Investment

For email marketing, the ROI refers to the fraction of revenue generated to the costs of implementation. It provides an idea of how much profit has been made.


Outline your goals

It is vital to decide what your goals are before you begin your marketing campaign and an analysis of the data generated. These goals can vary from new subscribers to higher revenues or elevated brand awareness. Knowing your goals helps you focus on the right key performance indexes.

Your goals will determine which of the metrics needs to be improved to stay in line with your targets. A desired increase in revenue will focus on conversion rates while subscriber rates should be the focus if you hope to grow your base or acclaim.


Continuous optimization

There are no foolproof methods to composing a mail or an assurance of increasing your subscribers hence the need to optimize by analyzing data from your campaigns for an improvement.

Comparing the metrics and content of each campaign will help to provide an idea of what worked and what didn’t and the changes that can be made.

Changing the content’s tone, subject lines, formatting and call-to-actions are some of the changes than can be analyzed to get better results. You can critically look at the campaigns with the lower returns and investigate what went wrong to help you improve on subsequent campaigns.




When starting out with free email marketing, there is a need to understand your target market and how to win them over. There is a need to embrace several strategies for effective engagement because several of your prospective subscribers will have varied preferences. To do this, you need to analyze your data collected on your services and patrons.

Also, endeavor to provide your readers with exciting content and information which will maintain their allegiance to your brand.

Furthermore, you need to remember that free email marketing is a process and as encouraging as immediate results are, true success takes time and try and not be frustrated at the lack of immediate gratification. Your prospects will need to be convinced your services are worth the trouble before they subscribe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A commitment to implementing the best business practices and delivering on these promises will ensure you gain and retain subscribers who will have com to trust your brand. It is critical you adopt free email marketing into your overall free online marketing strategy as it will help grow your business at little cost and help build your profile and that of your business.


A commitment to implementing the best business practices and delivering on these promises will ensure you gain and retain subscribers who will have com to trust your brand. Click To Tweet


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