How to Meet Your Growth Goals This Year

People have always wanted to meet their growth goals and this year is not an exception. Having certain goals is already half the battle. It happens though that we do not know how to achieve what we planned. We look at others and it seems so easy but when it comes up to the goals of our own, it is like a total challenge, like a childish dream, which is impossible to come true, which is why it is important to understand how it works so you could meet your growth goals whatsoever.

The main problem is the lack of interest in the process of the achievement itself: when concentrating on the goal, people often forget about the process. The evaluation system of school education that is familiar to us makes a student focused on assessment, that is, towards the result, and not towards the process. When we want to achieve something and think about the ultimate goal, we can bring ourselves to a frenzy, because the goal is there, and here I am. Concentrating on the process of achievement is necessary.

The long goal needs to be broken down into shorter targets. It simplifies the task, because when a big goal consists of small ones, it means, “I know how.” When in a head only an ultimate goal, it means, “I want” and when I know how to get there, it is completely different. With such a question, you automatically wake up another mood. When you see how to reach the goal, you decide: “I will do it, this and that – and I will come here!” and then energy appears.

Should we give credibility to promises and how to avoid disappointment?

When the goal is, and the person worked most of his life on it, it means that it was the goal for the sake of the target, and not for the process. In this case, disappointment comes. For example, a visitor set a purpose: to get housing in the capital. He has been working for someone for 20 years in the name of a great goal, and when he finally reaches her, feels how she has exhausted him and understands that he has neither the strength nor the ideas for the next – the moment of devastation comes. Therefore, you need to find pleasure in what you are doing. It is like sports. There is a training process, and there is a competitive process — both that and that work. The training process is the development of skills.

The competitive process is a test of work: whether we worked out, and whether enough. We accept a challenge and watch how we have completed the performance, which now needs to improve further. If the athlete has the task to win, then the loss will destroy him much, it will be difficult for him to continue to train and find motivation again. Alternatively, the gain, in this case, can blind, and the person may feel that nothing else is needed, nothing to strive. The real result will be only in the case when a person gets pleasure from the process. It is imperative.

A person must pay attention to one`s feelings; he must listen to himself, to what is happening inside. Is your inner part happy with it, is it alive? Alternatively, maybe it sleeps. Here you have to turn the process, and you have to work on your inner personality, and not on the outer one, then you will be satisfied, you will understand better what you want for yourself. Roughly speaking, external goals work on the perception of you by other people, they create your image, but at the same time you do not live, you work so everyone perceived you well.

The desire to represent something externally and thus impress people is personal immaturity; this should be a signal that something is not happening. It is excruciating in 35-40 years to understand that you are still a teenager in general, that you lived as a teenager, and there is nothing except vanity in life, except for rags. You have no relatives, you do not like, and you are not interested in anything. It is necessary to develop your inner personality; it gives the interest to live, and not to things.

Visualization is an excellent technique for achieving one`s intentions, and it becomes associated with visual thinking, with which it works wonderfully. Here the main task is to receive the emotion when you visualize, that is, to imagine until you like it and twist-twist before this image, as if you had already experienced it. Then the brain receives information as if it already exists, then the effect of attraction begins to work as if you are attracting the necessary events and people into your life.

If you have not been able to buy a car for five years, make sure that this visualization does not hurt you, because if this is “a thing that I cannot get,” then it is better not to visualize. The display should make you feel that you have it and that you are happy. You must think that you already possess it and how well you think about it. What is important here is the feeling with which all this happens. It needs to be pursued, the excitement of owning this thing and the joy of its possession.

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a former journalist and a freelance writer who is currently working for online resumeperk writing services and enjoys life. She believes that life is beautiful and positive thinking is all that matters, apart from the love of course. Then again, it is impossible to love someone if you do not love yourself. Which is why Melisa`s life motto is to enjoy yourself, and another person will like you too. 


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