believe that personality is a unique aspect of human character that differentiate all of us.


We start with the top 15 self development skills listed below to help you develop a killer personality.





We start with the top 15 self development skills listed below to help you develop a killer personality.



You dreamed about a better lifestyle, a flexible lifestyle where you can maximize your time, do what makes you happy and have a good life. We dream big, we want great company, amazing family, successful business venture, earn big money and have a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

To achieve all these, one mus have great personality. Let Luovita share some of the skills we collected that are proven effective to have your own branding of yourself.


The following skills are a must to grow into someone with an unbeatable aura!

1. Confidence is Key 


Who are you? The first thing to do on the road to a sharp personality is to know yourself. Be strong in what you do and believe in it thoroughly. This is one of the most important things to remember.

Remember that only you can overcome your fears. Nobody will do that for you. So, if you need to work on your weak points, get on it and convert them into your strengths.


Remember that only you can overcome your fears. Nobody will do that for you. So, if you need to work on your weak points, get on it and convert them into your strengths. Click To Tweet



Find out about successful people- read about them and their achievements. For example, read about those people who first wanted to build an online empire betting on the potential of E-commerce, those who were able to start earning big online because of their online business.

Encourage a bright and gravitating personality as this is the most attractive thing in a person, man or woman.


2. The Little Things Matter 


Remember that charity begins at home. Any sort of change that you are thinking of bringing to your personality and life, starts with order at home. Your room, for example, must be tidy and neat.

This says a lot about a person as your room is a reflection of how you treat yourself. And what better way to get an incredible personality than to clean yourself up? So, get on it and get those books in place and the food boxes in the trashcan!

This has a very real psychological effect on you as every time you see your room before you get out for work, you are either subconsciously inspired or depressed. Make sure it’s the former for you!


3. Make Yourself a Powerhouse 


Everyone has their personal strengths. Just like it’s important to work on the areas you aren’t as good at, it is crucial to focus on your strengths. Build them up till you are almost invincible at what you do!c

For example, if you are good at writing, surround yourself with great pieces of literature and intellectual journals on topics you favor. These will assist in tremendous self-development and expand your vocabulary by a big margin.

If you are good in business, then you socialize with people who are successful in their business. One good example are those who make money online, unlike traditional business framework, online businesses can be managed even without so much manpower but use of technology to optimize the business. You can check digital nomads journey to success and how they started building their online business and earn big money.


4. Comfort Zone is a Myth 


Everyone is capable of everything, as far as psychology goes. There is a misconception that a “comfort zone” exists to limit us in what we can or can’t do.

The thing is, that’s exactly what it does. Limit you and your capabilities. The moment you believe that you can’t do something or feel uncomfortable and back away, you fail yourself. Don’t do that. Rather, try to look at those who are doing it- study them, learn from them.

Then apply these to your work regimen and see if you can modify it to your preferred tactics. Don’t give up on something just because of a figurative “zone” that tells you what you should or shouldn’t do. Try and try again.


5. Man Is a Social Animal, Learn to Converse


 It is impossible to learn everything from books and observation. You need to talk to people to learn more. A portrait is perfect only when it’s been made with all the right colors and shades it needs, not just the basic elements.

Similarly, your knowledge is incomplete if you don’t talk to those who know more than you on a topic: the experts. They can be supervisors, friends, family- anybody. You need to come out of your shell, break through the shyness and strike up a conversation when you need and can.

In making money online, there are already community established through social media platforms where you can reach out and even socialize with. They are already experts in the field.


6. Listening is a Virtue 


This is something many forget or cast away as irrelevant. Just like you want to talk to people, you appear more significant when you are a great listener. The speaker feels important and respected when you pay attention.

Indeed, when you listen hard, they feel significant. They open up more and are eager for a conversation. They will return the favor when you discuss something.


7. Goals Are What Separates You from The Herd 


Having goals to work towards is a big help for any planning. If you move aimlessly, without the slightest idea of where you are going or what you want to be, you are going to be in the dark.

Your personality will be something to admire when you work towards well-defined goals. Once you decide that you want to do something or be someone, it is easier to plan.

Something which retains the critical components and leaves out the unnecessary from your work regimen. An example for you: a person who wants to be an astronaut will always focus on astronomy and cosmology in general than in finances or commerce.

Remember, a goal oriented life is the most successful one.

8. Watch What You Wear 


The clothes you wear define your personality. However, you have to decide if that’s the right one for you. You need to be the judge of whether a body art(tattoo) or a piercing could be detrimental to what you are aspiring to be.

This is a decision that is yours and yours alone. Nobody will or should advise you about it. However, once you are clear about what you are looking for in your personality, you must be concrete in your decisions and make any necessary changes.


9. Courtesy Doesn’t Cost Anything 


One of the primary things one misses in the modern age is a general lack of courtesy. Gone are the times when we used to open doors for women or pull their chairs out in a restaurant or hold an elderly person’s hand while they are crossing the road.

Even at the work place or inner circles, we are so caught up with what we need that we hardly care about of what those around us may need. When we have the power to help, we should.

When we can make someone smile or make someone’s day great with a small action, we should. This adds warmth and feeling to our personality.


10. There Are Many Roads to Take 


While solving a problem or dealing with a complication, it is easy to forget that there may be more than one method to get the job done.

Remember that if you change your perspective from time to time, you will inevitably find a new way to the solution. It says a lot about your personality if you are flexible to lead your team through a situation they were unable to resolve on their own.

Always look for an opening, a different angle to the whole thing.


Always look for an opening, a different angle to the whole thing. Click To Tweet


11. The Way of The Buddha


Meditation takes a lot of patience but the fruit it bears is totally worth it. From alleviating tensions to helping you focus more clearly on your job or life, the benefits of meditation are numerous.

As you gain a sense of “inner peace”, your blood pressure decreases and you are able to analyze things more accurately than ever before, developing a soothing and approachable personality.

Of course, it takes time and regular practice for it to be apparent, but the positive effects are real and proven.


12. Always Voice What You Feel


Opinions are what keeps you relevant in a conversation. Everyone can follow the band and simply reiterate someone else’s viewpoint. When you say something of your own volition, that’s when you stand out.

People take you more seriously, even if your opinion isn’t the most popular around. You feel important and your personality shines bright among the crowd.


13. Learn from Your Enemies


“A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends” said Baltasar Gracián. Your friends who care about you will always polish their words before uttering. The enemies, however, will not.

Those who hate you through and through will tell you exactly how they see you, bringing to light your weakest side. Now, this will not be 100% accurate, of course, as there will be a lot of spite involved.

However, you should know which ones are genuine and act on them. A mirror for who you are.


14. Judging Exposes You More Than Those You Judge 


Never judge people. It is an inherent weakness of a feeble personality. Everyone is different and have their personal set of ideals and ways to do something. Respect that and don’t worry about what they think of you.

Confidence in yourself creates a relaxed air around you that keeps you calm. Your functionality improves and you are more efficient at everything you do.


15. Positivity Scales Mountains 


Be endearing and optimistic. This is not to say that you should jump off a mountain without a parachute and be positive about surviving the fall! What it means is that nobody loves a person who always complains.

If something hasn’t gone according to plan, then accept it as a part of life and move on to the next mission. Spread positivity always, even in the face of apparent defeat.

That is what is going to carry you through the next time you deal with something. The moment you lose heart, you give up and it gives your personality a bad rap. People always gather around those with a bright nature and determined disposition.


Personality building is rigorous work which takes a lot of deliberation and discipline. You need to know exactly how you are going to go about it. The above tips should help in your plans, but also remember not to get too self-conscious while you are at it. Relax and be calm. With time, it is absolutely possible for you to make the ideal personality your own. Good luck!




Next Step – Develop Daily Discipline in Life


Next Step - Develop Daily Discipline in Life


In order to be successful, one should learn to develop daily discipline in life. Discipline is an innately powerful quality to have.

It is the bridge that separates your sedentary lifestyle from a successful one, a life worth living. When people are disciplined, unexpected avenues of positivity open up before them.

But this incredible development doesn’t occur overnight and requires much effort and deliberation to achieve. Lifestyle attitude would give us better understanding and positively influence the way we think about discipline.

Celebrities such as sportsters and actors dazzle us with their achievements and glamour. In the midst of all this, and between admiring them and wanting to replicate them, we don’t realize the tremendous contributions of blood, sweat and energy in what they have become today.

Rigid schedules, determined diets and rigorous routines are integral parts of such people.

In the same way, if you wanted to be more than who you are at present, you have to work for it through discipline. In this blog, we shall talk about the many pathways to that disciplined life that you have been missing out.


1. Commitment is the Key


The start to any sort of meaningful endeavor is commitment. By devoting yourself to an ideal way of life, you dictate how you live rather than letting the environment choose it for you.

Your health, your work or even what you speak should be controlled through discipline. This is exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd.


Your health, your work or even what you speak should be controlled through discipline. This is exactly what makes you stand out from the crowd. Click To Tweet



2. Leave Out Temptations 


Distraction is one the biggest motivators to an unhealthy lifestyle. When you see a random website-banner featuring a juicy steak or an office lunch menu of your favorite white sauce pasta, it’s going to throw you off-balance.

No matter how much mental fortitude you boast of, visual appeal can have major negative effects on your disciplinary aspirations.

You need to use ad blockers for the internet and personally let people know not to communicate junk food information with you.The only way to maintain a firm stand on your discipline is to remove all that points to the contrary.


3. Exercise Hard 


Exercising is an important aspect of staying healthy- an undisputed fact. When you work your body to the limit and tone up, it makes you happy and confident. Give attention to your healthy lifestyle habits because health is wealth.

Exercise itself is a product of discipline but the practice of it introduces discipline to other aspects of your lifestyle.If you keep a good physique and mental clarity, your actions will automatically be more determined and able.


4. Read More


Reading is a crucial part of a person’s viewpoint development.When you read great books that add something to your personality and way of thinking, you are able to become a better individual in dealing with hardships.

Books have the power to teach us disciplines which great men and women have used to their success.An avid reader is a fresh and focused person, both requisites to discipline.


5. Prioritization 


Your day may be filled with a lot of work. In the middle of all this ‘noise’, you need to identify the tasks which are the most critical to you and get them out of the way.

When you are able to do this, the tactics become easier and you are able to quickly finish the smaller tasks with ease. This is a major part of a disciplined approach in getting things done.


6. Be Decisive 


The section of our brain associated with habits is the basal ganglia, which controls our emotions and memories. Decision making, on the contrary, is something that is regulated by the pre-frontal complex are made in the prefrontal cortex, a completely different area.The connection that is being made here is that sometimes our behavior turns into a habit, thus negating our decision making.

We function without thinking and weighing our options.Bad habits such as wasting time on too much entertainment or eating greasy food as part of your lifestyle can only be reversed with resolute determination. Here, you need to completely discipline yourself against such habits.


7. Rest Yourself 


Rest is extremely helpful to recharge your batteries for an upcoming challenge. As any kind of work is full of uncertainties, problems will assuredly happen once in a while.

By governing a calm mindset, you can overcome any obstacle. To do so, however, you need ample rest. When you wake up fresh and rejuvenated, you will be ready to take care of any uncertainties. Cultivate a disciplined sleep period for yourself.


8. Don’t Laze Around 


You should always decide in advance with regard to your future activities. This helps to plan for and execute tasks with utmost accuracy.The other part of this disciplined progression is that you need to stick to the decision you make.

For example, if you have decided to complete a project by a particular day, do it. Do not push it to the next day and beyond.That is discipline and there is no room for backing off once you decide on something. If you can’t follow through with your plans, they are meaningless.


9. Document Your Ideas 


Successful people are always coming up with innovative ways to tackle problems and court success. As such, they are in the habit of noting down their ideas to be able to refer to them in the future.

Similarly, you should be disciplined enough to document your thoughts, especially those which are really radical and could be useful for dealing with something in the future.

Don’t consider anything as trivial and don’t trust your memory in this regard. Always carry a recorder or a notepad with you and you will be able to have detailed records of every ingenious thought that crosses your mind.


10. Be Happy About Your Achievements 


The final need to a disciplining yourself is rewarding yourself and feeling good about it. The achievements borne of your disciplined actions deserve celebrations.

This not only brings appreciation and mentally pleases you but also pushes you to continue with an ordered and regulated life.It keeps you doing what’s best for you and enjoy doing it.

The more you like what you are reaping of your hard work, the more disciplined you are likely to be. Discipline is something that takes extreme dedication to a routine and carrying it out no matter what.The eye should always be on the ultimate prize, i.e. success. It is never easy but once you see yourself climbing every ladder to the top, you will gladly get used to it.



Next you need to overcome personal development challenges for success


Next you need to overcome personal development challenges for success




Sometimes we feel that its hard to overcome personal development challenges for success without knowing exactly how its being done.

As you know, success is mainly about Lifestyle habits and how to overcome personal challenges in your personal development and to reach success.

What separates successful people from their unsuccessful counterparts is their personality.


What separates successful people from their unsuccessful counterparts is their personality. Click To Tweet



In order to qualify for success, it is important to mold your behavior, personality, and character so as to be consistent in your endeavors. This may sound easy, but it can be difficult to practice.

As you surely heard, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

However, if driven by strong determination, it is possible to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle and earn success. These ways of improving your personal development are as follows:


Overcoming Impatience


It is no secret that failures are the stepping stones to success. Failures cause frustration, and consequently can make you impatient in achieving your goals.

But it is important to remember that success requires you to be consistent and for that, you want to overcome impatience. There will be many moments when you will feel demoralized and upset.

You will be tempted to give up.However, success requires tenacity and the need to be patient. Hence, the key instrument in being successful is to overcome impatience. You want to be a stickler in your work and keep trying till you get the desired result. Impatience is not an option.


Bring a Positive Mindset


Your outlook on life determines how you handle situations. Negative thinking can dampen your spirits and limit the possibility of the best possible outcome.

It can also cause nervousness and hamper the results. An optimistic mindset, on the other hand, can develop a greater willpower which can lead to a better output.Positivity also changes the way you view things.

Disappointing situations, for example, can be tackled much better when you see them as a learning experience rather than a pitfall.

Fashion a Better Version of Yourself


A better version of you will inevitably lead to success in the long term. For this, you need to incorporate a healthy and nutritious diet, get adequate amount of sleep, and exercise to keep yourself fit.

These activities will help build your self-esteem, which is of immense benefit when pursuing your goals.Overall, a better version of yourself can instill oodles of confidence in you as well as give positive vibes towards others.

This boosts productivity, which helps achieve success.While interacting with others, you want to be kind, considerate, and thoughtful. Respect differences of opinion when you encounter them. At the same time, you need to be firm and not let others superimpose their views on you.


Being Attuned to the Focus


It is important to keep your mind focused on the goal throughout to achieve success. Often, you tend to get diverted or distracted, which can make you fall short of your target.

Hence, distractions can be a major drawback in your personality.To garner success, you want to remain attuned to the focus throughout your work.

Though there may be other things that will vie for your attention, keeping your focus on the goal shows your determination and consistency. Working on your concentration marks a great stride in personal development, which can be factored effectively for gaining success.


Enhance Productivity Through Strategies


To be successful, you need to stand out of the ordinary. This means more productivity from your part than the average person, for which you need to incorporate useful strategies, which could be as follows:

  • You may want to take brief breaks after considerable periods of time as this will help energize you.
  • Making a daily routine and sticking to it enable the execution of tasks in a timely manner.
  • Take time to examine what is hampering your output and try an alternative method to reach your goal.
  • Wherever possible, you may want to give your performance a mock trial before making it public.


Trying creative methods such as these will help break the conventional way of working. This, in turn, will overcome a building block of personal development for success.


Acknowledging Your Mistakes


A wise person who is keen on achieving success never shies away from admitting his/her mistakes. It is in acknowledging mistakes that possible solutions can be found for their rectification.

By shedding your ego and learning from your mistakes, you can move closer to your goals in the future. Rather than hiding your mistakes or choosing to overlook them, it is always a good idea to highlight them for good.

Doing so essentially helps build your credibility and reputation.It also reinforces healthy relationships in work and other social settings. Hence, admitting your mistakes is one of the cornerstones of enhancing your personal development.


Conquering Your Fears


Success often exists on the other side of fear. Therefore, it is only on conquering your worst fears that you can become successful.Get yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things of which you feel inhibited.

In doing so, you can move forward in life with a bolder attitude, which can go a long way in reaching your targets.Overcoming your fears can effectively strengthen your personality and make you better qualified to achieve success. Increasing your risk tolerance increases your chances of success.


Seek Guidance When You Need It


While it is important to repose confidence in yourself, you need to be humble when the situation demands. You are not expected to be an expert in all aspects of work.

It is alright if you speak to someone who has trodden your desired path before and who can give you useful insights.He/she may enable you to know whether you are going quickly or slowly. Such a person’s guidance can help you move closer towards the achievement of success.




It is your personal development that can ultimately go a long way in fulfilling your goals and gaining success. This indicates that success, that will-o’-the-wisp that apparently seems so elusive, lies not so much in luck and opportunity as in one’s personal advancement. The more you work on improving your own personal development, greater are the chances of you climbing up the ladder of success.

Now that you know these smart tactics, consider glancing through the Tips to Develop Deep Insight into Your Own Life.



Remember that Failures are the Pillars of Success



Failures are the pillars of success


Failure makes people feel bad, it happens in different forms. People are challenged everyday where some succeed while others are not.

The real catch is learning how we can easily cope up. The easiest way is understanding what failure really is.

Failure is a part of who we are and what we become. It helps us speed up our achievements.

As we fail, we gain knowledge from our mistakes. We tend to analyze why we failed, and thinking of how we refrain from doing the same mistake again. It gives us the opportunity to develop our thoughts.

Failure is interpreted by many as the opposite of success.Try to think again and reminisce the time you had failed on something.

Did it not make you better?

Or you’ve had this feeling of hope and self assurance that when you face the same challenge again, you already know what to do.

Try to have a conversation with a friend, or someone you trust, someone whom for you is a role model or someone successful.

Listen to good success motivators that you can find online.

Grab a copy of a motivational book about success.

All these can help you be guided on the right path to achieving success. You will be encouraged to see failure in different perspective.

Thinking that everything is a mess in your life, and proved everything is unsuccessful then you stopped, you already stopped living.

The more you fail or experience a lack of success and pull through, the more you will progress and be enhanced as a person. Each failure,  each misfortune, and all heartaches generates with it is the starting point of a better advantage.

Your reason for a goal is not to get you somewhere. It is who you turn out to be. Eventually it goes to put you in a happier frame of mind or make you sad. But, that is the very essence of living.

Don’t look for an easy life, there is no such thing. Life is more complicated than what you thought.

Success is not your ultimate goal, nor is failure lethal. It is your spirit to persist that counts.


Success is not your ultimate goal, nor is failure lethal. It is your spirit to persist that counts. Click To Tweet


In this world, there is so much stress. Let me give an example, your commanding boss who’s not sensitive about your feelings and would tell you unpleasant things as if you are being attacked personally by the person, then that can cause stress.

What I am trying to point out here is the fact that there are negative elements around us, people who will stop us in achieving our goal, people or events that would bring us down and won’t support our success but our success should not be dependent on others but ourselves.

But, if you make your mind to live in a beautiful state of mind, that means being dedicated to being in control of the greatest gift you are going to give to yourself.

Thinking about love, about giving, you have to keep growing, believing that you make that decision, life is too short to suffer, and most achievers don’t let themselves suffer.

You are living your entire life in one of two stages, the stage of misery or a beautiful stage of being.  In the second case you are going to find something that you will be pleased about, something constructive, something that you can learn about that will make you contented.

Yet, you could have everything, but, be miserable in life. If you are to live a contended life, then you must take control and make this most important decision in your life, that is, no matter what happens “I will live in the beautiful stage, the Zen stage.”

You see, when suffering comes up, and  if you give it more importance,  more of that it will show up.

If something that is beautiful or joyful comes up and if you feel that way, more of that will come up.

Defining the law of attraction, like attracts like, never forget this, your emotions are energy, negative or positive, you decide.

So if somethings don’t work out the way you want it to work, just learn, grow, it’s all small stuff. If  you accept that failure is inevitable but can be overcome then success can often be achieved.

When you have the highest experience in life two things are involved, some form of deterioration of yourself or some involvement beyond yourself, so choose.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill


Finally here are The Rules To Win in Life


Finally here are The Rules To Win in Life


Life is a long battle. To survive you must learn the rules to win in life.

Take the first step, no matter how small in the right direction, you know what you have to do, if you don’t it probably means you’re not there just yet but if you are ready to bet on yourself you know what you have to do, this will be the calm before the storm which is your adventure once you start, there’s no turning back, you need to take action!


Life is a long battle. To survive you must learn the rules to win in life. Click To Tweet



Here are some rules to win at life which you can use immediately.


After analyzing some of the most successful individuals in the world, I put together this article of common traits they share in their behavior and how they approach life.

This will help you no matter if you’re starting a business or pursuing your passion or just living a healthy and balanced life.

To win in life you need to be intentional whatever you do in life do it, because if you’re serious being intentional with your actions means you’re the one who’s in control of what’s happening  in your environment, you are in charge and things don’t just happen to you, they happen because you intended them to happen.

If something good happens in your life make sure it was by your intent, so that no matter the result, you can learn to take a better approach in the future and this applies to numerous segments of your life, starting with your health your career & your relationships.

Don’t go just with whatever life gives you. Be intentional in your actions and only settle when you get what you wanted.


Don’t go just with whatever life gives you. Be intentional in your actions and only settle when you get what you wanted. Click To Tweet


Look at your current reality and see how many things happen because of you and which events you believe happened to you.

You’ll be shocked when you realize how many aspects of your life you can actually control if you decide to be intentional with your actions.

Next, don’t fear the future, only those who do not write their own future fear it, being scared of what’s ahead of you only means that you do not believe you  have the right skills to handle what life is going to throw at you.

The future is already here with every single second that’s passing by, reading this article is you taking the future and making it the present.

In order to win the game of life you need to look into the future and see opportunity, to see the vision for the world in which you are successful and use every single present moment  to make that future become a reality.

We are all time travelers, traveling together into the future, make sure it’s a good one because you’re the one who creates it!

Next, don’t regret the past, why regret the past when at the moment you did what you did, you wanted to do it.

The past is done and you should treat it accordingly, you cannot change it but you can immediately change your direction in life.

If you feel that your recent past actions  are not taking you to where you want, look at your past as experiments you’ve done with your reality and see what worked and what didn’t work for you.

Run this experiment right now on a piece of paper.

Write down which moments in your past translated to amazing memories, to moments that made a positive difference in your life and then those which you regret the most.

In order to win at life you need to have more of the first ones and less of the second ones, it’s that easy.

Next, if you want better, go get better, the universe is not going to hand you the life you want just because you believe you’re special, you need to put in the work to get it.

This should be your wake-up call and stop complaining for not having enough, for not being enough, for people not treating you right.

It can all change if you do something about it, I cannot underline the importance of this point enough, if you want to live a better life then go build a better life for yourself!

Do whatever it takes, there is no progress in just standing by and complaining, you are in charge of your reality and your current one is a reflection of your current actions.

Next, have less, do more & maintain balance. Excess in any form leads to an unbalanced life and when something’s unbalanced it ends up crushing You on the floor.

Having more money, more freedom & more in life is a good thing.

But you’re not a slave to things which you don’t even get to enjoy, so be as successful as you want by  whatever it is that you want but there’s a difference between the things that you need and the things you own, you don’t need everything you own and it’s just cluttering up your life.

On the other side, doing more of the things that make you feel alive is unrivalled, you are the sum of your experiences and these help you become the person you wish you were.

Maintaining balance between these two segments of your life will result in you elevating yourself as a human being, being truly alive and not slaving away for material possessions.

Next, choose quality over quantity, quantity is never an accident, it’s always the result of high intention.

Sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution represents the wise choice of many alternatives,look around you at the quality of your environment.

What level of quality are your possessions, your food, your experiences and relationships, is there room for improvement?

If you want to get better at life, find ways to systematically increase the quality of your reality without putting yourself in danger, this doesn’t mean you should go out  and buy a brand new car just so you can increase the comfort when being stuck in traffic, instead have a look at the quality of relationships, at the quality of how you spend your spare time.

You’ll realize there are so many angles to this which do not require a financial investment but just a bit of thought going into it and your entire life can change for the better.

The beauty of life lies in the details which at the end make the most beautiful composition, when people think about their lives they usually recall the big moments, a few childhood memories finding your someone special, getting married having kids, the loss of their parents and so on.

These are incredibly important and should be treated as such but life is not these moments, actually they make up for less than 0.001 percent of your existence,the remaining time is the stuff you do not remember, that’s when life happens, when you’re sitting in bed reading reddit, when you’re stuck in traffic or when you’re asleep.

If you want to win at life you can start by making small changes to these moments, buy a better mattress, a better pair of shoes, listen to some audio books while in traffic or share the ride with someone interesting you’ll find.

That small increases in highly repetitive environments lead to a much higher quality of life and you’ll be a happier individual in the end.

Then we come to: don’t chase people! 

Be an example & attract them, its better to be surrounded by three close friends who are there for the long run that have twenty fake friends who won’t answer your call when you need them.

Life has a weird way of bringing people together and from my experience this entire process is hackable, which means you can use it to your advantage.

Most people go about it the wrong way, they chase people, they try to squeeze themselves in with the cool kids  and reality shows that’s not going to happen.

Instead we recommend you to become the person you’d be interested in hanging out with, you want to hang out with celebrities, become a celebrity, you want to be surrounded by quality friends, then you’d better start behaving like a quality friend.

When you become the person you want to be around,  people of the same level will gravitate towards you, this is one of those tactics which fairly few people are aware of because it requires you to put in the work.

Next, everything has a price, find what’s undervalued, people today tend to know the price of everything but the value of nothing, that’s where we see opportunity.

If you want to have an edge in life you’d better invest your time in learning to read the value of things, everyone can read a price tag but very few are able to understand the value of something.

I call this a life arbitrage, where something is worth more than the price really sets for it, then the trade is made, no point in even thinking about it because you’re bringing more value into your life than the amount of money you just traded.

There are things in life that are cheap but valuable.

Take for example books, a book will cost you around $15 but the knowledge in it applied correctly could generate tens of thousands or even millions of dollar.

Remember, a single idea can make you rich, so pay the price for things that are undervalued!

Next, the lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep, very few people’s opinions matter in life, the rest is just noise. If your goal is to win you can’t allow the words of others to derail you.

From your goals, haters are so disappointed in their own performance in life, the only way for them to feel better about their miserable lives is to bring others down to their level.

You’re on a journey to greatness and their opinions shouldn’t matter, you are the predator of your dreams, there’s nothing a sheep could do that could keep you from achieving that dream unless you let it.

Next, life is all about being strategic with the resources you have in life, it is a lot like chess, which means you should always be one step ahead of your environment, it gives you an edge.

These resources are concealed and you know you can deploy them if it comes to it, wealth comes from being unshakable and please note, I didn’t say rich but wealth and at this point I hope you’re already familiar with the difference between the two.

I’ve never liked people who talk too much, they’re so keen on putting everything they know on the table just to make themselves feel important.

It’s easy to see that afterwards there’s nothing left behind, you’ve probably met this type of person in your life before, so be strategic with your attention, with your time, with your money and only deploy these tools when they serve your interests or those of whom you care about.

Next, surround yourself with people with emotional and intellectual depth, you become one of your environment so make sure you’re feeding off a quality circle.

It’s about winning at life and as you know life is more like a marathon than a sprint, your circle, your squad, your team, your family, your friends are one of the most important factors which influence your chances of making it, you don’t need surface people, you need depth people who understand life, who take this seriously and are willing to join and challenge you to become better.

People are superficial, having emotional and intellectual depth has become a goal in and of itself.

Next, don’t go along with the ain’t nobody got time for that, you need to start saying no, so you can start saying yes to things that matter in your journey.

I’ve built everything on the premise of not bullshitting myself and not bullshitting others just for the sake of sounding good which makes me unlikable sometimes but I’d rather stick to the brutal truth than pretending everything is OK when it isn’t.

Life is not like that, if you go along with some people, at some point, you’ll be so trapped in it that it will almost be impossible to escape it, life is not about meaningless things, not about doing others favors that you don’t want to or letting others walk all over you,  call it out, call yourself out when you know you’re lying to yourself, being truthful about your reality is the first step in actually changing it for the better.

Next, you are what you do, not what you say. Nobody cares about your plans until they become reality, the world will judge you based on what you accomplish because frankly, everyone is too busy doing their own thing too care about some plans that you have.

You know that talk is cheap, everybody can talk, everybody has ideas, but so very few take action. Are you with me and actually use any of this information?

You know, it can have a positive impact yet some choose not to do it. If you want to move ahead in life you’ll actually need to start doing the things which will move you closer to your goals!

Next, become valuable, invest in yourself, it pays the best dividends, you are your greatest asset, you are the rainman and you can bring rain into your life and that’s all under your control.

A person who is truly valuable will always find a place in the market and, not only be able to provide for yourself and your family but be able to adapt and acquire new knowledge which increases how valuable you are becoming.

Valuable is the only way to trade your time and your knowledge for things you want from life, how valuable are you? How much value can you put into the world?

That’s how much you are worth and the world will reflect that onto your reality, I wanted to share this perspective and plan on upsetting a bunch of people, let me know in the comments what you think!

Last one, bet on yourself, the only thing you can truly control in this life is your action, the amount of work you put in the day, the amount of sleep you have.

The type of goals you set for yourself and nobody has more to win or lose than you, go for it, bring together everything you’ve learned in life and go all-in on yourself, put in the work, keep focused and start bringing in those life points because the truth is nobody and I really mean it, nobody wants to be successful more than you do.

If you feel that you are ready to put your actions where your mouth is,  it’s time to cut the bullshit and get busy!

Take the first step, no matter how small in the right direction, you know what you have to do, if you don’t it probably means you’re not there just yet but if you are ready to bet on yourself you know what you have to do, this will be the calm before the storm which is your adventure once you start, there’s no turning back, you need to take action!

Just comment that you’re engaged and I make you accountable!

To our future!


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