“How to learn to enjoy life?” – it is such a simple and, at the same time, incredibly difficult question.

Melisa Marzett - How to Learn To Enjoy Your Life

In addition, its complexity, first of all, lies in its rhetoric issue. After all, everyone has his own concept of the joy. There is no strict clear recipe, respecting which one could become a guaranteed happy person.

But, nevertheless, there are universal recommendations, following which one can get as close as possible to this state. Further on is the work of your creativity: everyone will find those missing notes that will complement the whole ensemble harmoniously.


Here are several fundamental principles that will help to enjoy your life


Be in a good mood.

Every day should be started with a sincere smile. Do you want to spend the whole day on positive emotions exclusively? No problem! The main thing is not to forget to smile, opening your eyes to meet a new amazing day.Therefore, you will develop one of the most useful habits: to start the day by sending a positive impulse to the Universe. In addition, it will answer you with the same. It is tightly connected with the physiological aspect. The brain reacts to a positive emotion, manifested in the form of a smile, and releases a huge number of hormones into the blood, among which there are: the hormone of joy, the hormone of happiness, adrenaline (in optimal quantities for optimal health and muscle tone, emotional tone). Even if you woke up in a bad mood – it does not matter. Even an arbitrary smile sends positive signals to the brain, and it reacts to it appropriately, in much the same way as described above. So, smile more often and you will have happiness (in the literal sense of these words)!


Take care of your body.

Morning exercise is an integral part of the awakening process. So, you have already woken up, smiled and even had time to brush your teeth. Excellent. Start the exercising. After all, in fact, you just started the process of awakening. Prepare your body and brain for a new successful day. After all, it has not left the phase of rest. Moring exercise will allow you to activate all the muscles, organs, every cell of your body, and adjust your brain for optimal activity. Thanks to the physical activity, you will feel great during all day long. Being healthy and active is already happiness.


Harmonious nutrition.

Eat right, eat fully, eat rationally. Healthy mind is in a healthy body. Chances for absolute happiness increase at times, if your health pleases you. The state of human health largely depends on nutrition, and on the state of health – productivity, activity, initiative and much more. Everything is interconnected. However, as a result, we come to one single conclusion: proper nutrition is the direct path to happiness and joy!


Do what you love.

Sociological research, conducted several years ago in different countries around the globe, shocked not only the public, but also the scientists themselves. As it turned out, more than 80% of people of working age have the job which they do not like. Do not force yourself into such a framework. Do not look for any excuses. Realize this, and you will have a chance to change your life, starting, finally, to rejoice at each new day. Do what you enjoy!


Life is full of optimism.

The world owes you nothing. Do not expect that everything that you can rejoice will be presented to you on a silver platter. As a rule, those who want to rejoice are happy in any situation, and those who are accustomed to doing the opposite – will find negative everywhere and in everything. Try to see good in everything that surrounds you.


The source of inspiration.

Find the source of inspiration, and harmony will fill your body and soul. Happiness and joy can be found not only inside yourself, but also outside: in relationships with other people. On the way you treat other people will depend their desire to make something good and pleasant for you. Therefore, start with yourself. Pay special attention and care to your loved ones. Communication with children and parents is the true happiness. It is the source of inner harmony, from which the external one will come.


Comparison is not appropriate.

Do not compare yourself with others. They are not like you, they have a different path and their tasks and goals, their lessons. You should learn to genuinely rejoice in other people’s victories and look at people, taking something good for yourself from each of them.


Dream and Plan.

Do not stop at one place! Plan and set your goals. A person who does not have goals and plans does not know where he is going and what he should do. Dream, plan, set goals and achieve them!


The past is our blessed experience.

We often are either in the past or in the future, forgetting about life in the present moment of time. Live your life today and right now!


The Thanksgiving Habit.

It really is a habit. We often look around, forgetting how many beautiful things are given to us. How many wonderful things are given to us every day, every minute and second! Gratitude is a great power. Be grateful for what you have and you will get even more!


Do not forget that every person is happy as much as he is able to become happy. So do not deny yourself! You should appreciate every moment of your life!


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