How to live a happy and prosperous lifestyle?


People aim to achieve what they strive for but still feel unhappy.


We help people in becoming happier as they realize how to have a contented life.



How to Live a Happy and Prosperous Lifestyle


People tend to be so mindful in getting rich,in getting famous, in achieving a wealthy lifestyle. People wants to earn money, get rich, we are too interested in learning how to become multi-millionaire.

What not all people don’t know is that we perceive prosperity differently, to others it is having a large amount in the bank, number of properties, or others may also consider having an stable job, a happy relationship and a peaceful life is already considered being prosperous.

One thing I can can assure you is that we can take full control in attracting prosperity.

But, we must do it consciously without hurting others. We must use our wealth and prosperity for the overall growth of our surroundings, not just for our selfish reasons.

You have the ability to enhance the energy of prosperity and have it come to you.

Let’s give an example, let’s say dowsing stock market. To be honest, I don’t have much personal experience with stock marketing, but what I have learnt from others, it is a good idea to dowse for a long-term period rather than dowsing for tomorrow’s stock.

My experiences say that the best place to apply dowsing for prosperity is in your personal life. For that, first of all you need to find all your conscious and subconscious blocks that you and your society have imbibed in your mind set. In the next step, you must remove those blocks to grow yourself and prosper.

Always remember this, “Optimistic thoughts and attitude attracts prosperity. It brings us in achieving goals, true happiness and peace.”


Optimistic thoughts and attitude attracts prosperity. It brings us in achieving goals, true happiness and peace. Click To Tweet


First Step – Let’s start with your brain



First Step - Let's start with your brain


One day, I woke up totally exhausted. I was physically and mentally drained. Work was too demanding, my ordinary routine took its toll on me. Coming home is supposedly a haven but home demands more.

Giving up my job turned into a choice, then who will pay all my bills, who will help my husband with our financial commitments, then NO! There’s must me another way to fight this battle. There must be something else, I just need to find out what.

Every night I was thinking, I researched, I talked to friends with the same problem and I talked to our company doctor. After several days looking for answer, I understood that worrying myself isn’t making a difference.

I found something interesting online, but information was overwhelming. Despite finding a lot of helpful tips, I only listed a few that captured my attention and I know would be simple yet will bring radical change.

As soon as I learned these 4 tips, I immediately applied it into my life and guess what? I am better than anyone might have expected!Now, let me share you these four secrets that will help all of us in preserving how our brain function. Keeping brain healthy is not an option but a MUST.


First, a healthy lifestyle habit.


Our lifestyle choices have substantial effect to our brain. Living a healthy lifestyle is broad but starting it with simple avoidance of bad vices such as drinking too much alcohol, smoking, and getting enough sleep can already improve our brains life and performance.

Avoidance is better than cure, so while we still can, let us protect and preserve our brain.


Eating a balanced diet.


Admit it, eating undesirable nourishment is very common nowadays. It is so much fun to eat in fancy restaurants offering variety of food without us even asking ourselves, is this healthy? A little of everything is fine but too much intake of this so called unhealthy food is dangerous.

If we want our brain to be functioning as how it should be, then we start fueling it with healthy foods by incorporating fruits and vegetables in our diet.


Get proper exercise for healthy wellness .


People are naturally busy because of work and other stuff but one should still dedicate time for exercise. Exercise is a good investment.

Proper exercise is not only beneficial for our physical health but also to our brain. Exercising is free, you need not to pay a single cent. A simple walk, jogging, and the like are already forms of exercise yet would enhance the way we live.


Stay away from stress.


Stress is a mind poison, in this world full of demands our brain needs a relaxing time occasionally. It doesn’t have to be a luxury vacation out of the country nor an expensive gift to yourself.

A simple good night sleep is already one way of discharging stress. Keeping your psyche out of worries, problems and anxiety will help your brain relax and allows it to rejuvenate.


Our brain is just one. We can’t have another brain when we want to.

It’s not a piece of toy that we can buy in malls.

It’s never too late to protect and take good care of our brain.


Our brain is just one. We can’t have another brain when we want to. It’s not a piece of toy that we can buy in malls. It’s never too late to protect and take good care of our brain. Click To Tweet


Follow these four simple tips, healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods, get proper exercise and take a rest and you will definitely enjoy life to the fullest.


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Next Step – Things You Can Control in Your Life


Next Step - Things You Can Control in Your Life


People talk and mind over things that we are not fully in control, our jobs, our relationships, it’s a long list. But have you ever realized that we better start focusing on what we can control.

Life is short and beautiful so don’t let the world control you and eat you alive.

There’s so much you can do in this world that will let you live your life to the fullest.

It’s not always about the money, the fame, power nor anything fancy.

Life is simple, why do we always make it so complicated and hard.


Life is a gift,and it would be really up to us how we can our life worth living. Click To Tweet



Top 5 things you can control in life




Happiness is a choice. Truth is you can be happy with little or you can be happy with a lot, it’s not dependent on your possessions. Happiness is the result of when your reality is matching your expectations.

The fact that you’re not happy is the result of either too high of an expectation of what life should be like or the lack of your personal effort in order to match the reality to your expectation.




The world judges the book by the cover you do it we do it that’s just how society works and to be honest it’s not the world’s duty to get to know you on a deeper level of acceptance.

The way you present yourself is completely under your control. People treat you the way you treat yourself.

If you don’t take yourself seriously nobody else should either.




Education no longer means going to a fancy university. If you are reading this article, then you are educating yourself.

If you continuously read our articles and even enroll to our courses, then that is education. Online education learning provide opportunity to a lot of people, stay-at-home mommies who wants to educate themselves and earn money online, people with stability, working students, undergraduates and a lot more.

Even in Youtube, you can watch our videos where you can learn so much.

Internet offers a wide range of resources that you can get for free. People just need to take advantage of this privilege.

It only takes time to read, watch and learn any concept you wished to learn.




With the exception of specific cases of disease most people struggle with their health due to a lack of attention to put it in the most simple terms possible there are two aspects to health one the fuel you put in your body and two how strong is the body if you figured out these two and act accordingly.

You’re going to be in great shape and stand a much better chance at living a healthy and happy life.

The good news is, both of them are under your control.




You definitely have a choice in choosing your friends. As the saying goes, “tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Friendship is such a great experience and finding real friends is a good talent. Real friends are those who can be with you through good times and hardship. People who will understand you when no one else can.

People who will support you and influence you to be better. It is your choice to know who’s the lucky friend.





Now let’s go over some Things to Appreciate and Be Happy With



Now let's go over some Things to Appreciate and Be Happy With


It’s a perfect day, waking up this morning, having breakfast with my loved ones and worrying nothing but savoring the moment. Not everyone has the opportunity like mine and I am grateful everyday of those wonderful things in my life.

This is the reality of life, we become forgetful of those things that matters the most.

We are too focus about success, to earn, to be famous yet we are missing to appreciate the simple things but our most priceless possession.

We are too focus about success, to earn, to be famous yet we are missing to appreciate the simple things yet our most priceless possession. Click To Tweet


Allow us to share these 10 things to appreciate in life to be happy.



Time Spent with your Parents


Admit it, there’s nothing permanent in this world. Life is too short; our parents get old and we can never replace them. Spend time while you still can. Treat them out for dinner, continue to communicate, thank and tell them how much you love them before it’s too late.


Great Meal with People You Care


Good food elevate our state of mind, not just because of the nutrition you get but your chance to interact with people especially your loved ones. Meal brings people together and should be enjoyed with people you care and love the most. Be grateful for this opportunity.


Not Being Sick


Be happy you’re not sick you’re strong and able to pursue whatever your heart desires. Being healthy is a gift and we should take care of it.


Having a Pet


Pets are companions, they make us happy and feel loved. Imagine your dog waiting for you to be home after long hours of work. Playing with them gives that amount of happiness that no material things could reciprocate.


Watching the Sunset


People say that the best art is nature itself. Watching the sun goes down gives a calm feeling, a feeling of relief, a feeling of happiness. It is priceless because what you witnessed is something extraordinary. Sunrise is beautiful, but sunsets is more dramatic and emotional.


Being Yourself


There are some people who are caught up in a situation that they need to pretend they are someone. Our goal is to never put a mask no matter where we are and who are with us. Adapt to the idea that the world will adapt to who we are over having us adapt to the way the world wants us to be.


Snuggling in Bed


Once in a while, we deserve a lazy day when you are not required anything but to just feel relax. Snuggling in a bed on lazy day is a great feeling. When you get tired learn to rest but not to quit and let the lazy days come into the scene.


You can Drink


Having a cold drink during summer or a hot drink on winter. Pick anywhere cold where you have access to a fireplace and you’re surrounded by your inner circle. It’s an incredible feeling to enjoy a hot beverage to make your body warm. Then go on a beach to have a cold drink as you relax to the scenery and having fun with your family or friends. It is a good stress reliever to take some time off and have a vacation somewhere. You appreciate the little things more when they provide almost instant relief from the stress of everyday life.


Having Deep Conversation


Some of the best time we spent with our friends we’re where we would go deep into conversations about life space and what the meaning of all of this. Talking about how we see life through our own eyes.


Experiencing What You Love


Doing what you love like dancing, singing, cultivating your skills, watching movies and other little things that you live that would remind you how lucky you are to continuously experience those wonderful stuff. The I love my life moments are an amazing way of keeping track of how your life is going. You can find them in both the big things and in the little moments.





Discover your potential to live a happy life, because everyone has a choice.

Allow us to enlighten your mind about your idea of a happy life, and how to achieve it.

Each and everyone in this big world is seeking for a niche to live a happy life. No one wants to live with dejection in their life, apart from fools.

Still, the truth remains that humankind is not free from sorrow. Many people lead a depressed life and feel bad about it.

If you too are one of those kinds, this feature might help you to know the secrets behind a happy life.

I also used to feel blue but, then I realized that I never wanted to live a pathetic life and decided to rise and shine.

Both happiness and sorrow are the creations of your mind. Yes, you heard it right! It’s all in the mind and you don’t even realize it.

Now you might ask, “how’s that possible?”

The answer is simple, it’s all about focusing on all the good things in your life and overlooking your misfortunes.

Troubles and failures are part of life. But, never allow the grief to engulf you.

Whenever something wrong happens it is normal to be sad but never dwell on the situation too much. Don’t focus on those difficulties, rather, direct your mind to all the blessings that God has granted you.

Concentrating on your favours allows you to stay happy and smile often.

I believe, everything that happens to us, is meant for a reason. So, try to look at the sunny side of an event, skipping the non-sunny side of it.




I believe, everything that happens to us, is meant for a reason. So, try to look at the sunny side of an event, skipping the non-sunny side of it. Click To Tweet


For example, if you lose a job with a very high salary that you never enjoyed doing, what will be your reaction? Most of you will feel depressed. But, without complaining, try to notice its bright side.

As a food for thought, consider this – you might have got fired so that you can find a job you can enjoy.

So, consider the situation as an open gate to a happier life.

I always suggest my readers to be smart and focus on a brighter future rather than their losses.

Trust me, when you start thinking optimistically, you will definitely start enjoying your life.

To be optimistic, I would propose you to get onto the street and look at those homeless people out there.

Do you still find yourself in a miserable condition? You have got a home to live, family to share your emotions, a job that feeds you and your family, a speedy internet connection and so many other things to lead a good life.

Thus, rather than regretting, you must be thankful to have a good life.

So, do you still think you have the right to be unhappy? If I were you, I would say no. A big


And, if your answer is still a yes, you had better re-read all the above lines.




Finally here are some life lessons to realize before it’s too late


Finally here are some Life Lessons to Realize before It's too late


Life teaches us so many lessons that we should embrace. Be someone that you always wanted because no matter what, you still deserve the happiness in life. Ideal lifestyle is paradise of those who wanted to live free, happy, contented and grateful. While you savor the moment of being alive, we compiled a number of life lessons we need to know before it’s too late.


1. Everything is Temporary


Everything you do, every person you meet, everything you build is temporary. It’s the reality and it’s inevitable. Just keep in mind that nothing really last forever. So while we are alive and enjoying the beauty of the world and life, make the best out of it.


2. Life Isn’t Fair


The world around us didn’t not promise us to have a perfect life. We struggle, we live to survive, we have ups and downs. Do not blame every failure to the world or to others. The world doesn’t owe you anything just because you think you deserve something doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.


3. Family More than Anyone Else


Family is something special something most people seem to neglect these days. While friends will be there in the trenches, none of them would really risk themselves for you.

Family alone who’d be really willing to put you above them. Never take them for granted, talk to your parents while you still have them, talk to your siblings and do not let that relationship cool down and of course spend time with your kids because they need you more than they need anything else.


4. Sacrificing your health for success or wealth isn’t worth it


Nobody wants to sacrifice their own health in pursuit of money or success. We need money to live, we work to have money but it doesn’t mean that we compromise our health. With old age you’ll look back of what you’ve done in the past. Don’t let yourself regret the past but instead allow yourself reminiscing the great life you had in the past.


5. Fear of Embarrassment or Criticism


It stopped you from being who you really are. It is the main reason most people fail. Trying to please everybody by making yourself somebody else and not showing your true color is in short being fake. It’s a choice you have to make for yourself . You have a choice, be yourself or be someone who other people are expecting you to be.


6. Things Don’t Matter


Material things are definitely temporary although it gives us joy but investing too much for them is a waste of money and time. Possessions are raw materials moved from one place to another, you can even bring them after death.


7. Happiness is a CHOICE


Happiness isn’t something that depends on other people or getting their approval. Happiness is something you experience yourself because your reality is in tune with your expectations. You can choose to be happy but you need to put some real effort into it. Enjoy the little things because they are priceless.


Happiness is something you experience yourself because your reality is in tune with your expectations. Click To Tweet


8. The NOW


Most of the people are preoccupied of their thoughts about their past, telling themselves “I could have done this and that” while others are too much worried about what the future holds for them. Time is passing, stop thinking too much about the past and the future, live the now before you miss it.The NOW is your opportunity to make the future better.


9. The World is Infinite


This planet is amazing filled with different people, different cultures cuisines, architectures, beliefs, and visions for the future. If the whole world was a book it really would be a shame to only read a couple of its pages. Try to explore, travel while you still can or if money is your limitation reading is the key.


10. Played Too Safe

No matter how fast life is going for you, no matter how big your current worries are, when you’re at the end of your life you’ll be looking at these days wondering why didn’t you take even bigger risks, why didn’t you live more, why didn’t you try to go big instead of settling for what is safe and easy.


Life is beautiful and shouldn’t be full of regret. As you walk to your life journey, make it enjoyable and memorable so you’ll look back with a smile on your face.


Life is beautiful and shouldn’t be full of regret. As you walk to your life journey, make it enjoyable and memorable so you'll look back with a smile on your face. Click To Tweet




take care





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