Everyone knows the feeling when there is work to do, but it does not feel like working at all

Melisa Marzett - How to Motivate Oneself When It Does Not Feel Like Working

Of course, you can merely harness your willpower and force yourself to work. However, the work that you approach with inspiration is more successful and efficient. Yes, to solve it is faster and easier.

Moreover, you think about it all day and dream about it at night, but oh, how you do not want to work. Sometimes we are talking about things we could do in a couple of minutes. At such moments, we lack the motivation, inner desire, light to take and make.


These tips are proven effective to help you don’t lose your motivation.


Tip #1 : Write down your goals and strive for them

Nothing motivates us as good as the achievement of any goals, even insignificant ones. Just formulate them as precisely and clearly as possible, designate terms and volumes. Everything looks clearer than in the head than on paper. Inner confidence appears that everything will work out.

Work that brings tangible results makes us useful and happy.


Tip #2 : Plan

The goal setting itself is not enough; it is practically impossible to implement them without a plan. However, it is easier to understand how to do it if you know what you want to achieve. Identify specific steps and follow the plan. If you do not shy away from it, then the working day will not be as painful as when you do not know where to start, but there is complete confusion in your head.


Tip #3 : Read inspiring biographies

We learn from experience, but the experience of other people also often turns out to be stimulating and rewarding. If you feel that the “fuse” is not enough, refer to the stories of people who have achieved a lot. Their destinies often lead one to believe that any dream can become true.

Stories related to our professional activities influence us mainly. There are hundreds of examples. Besides, each of them is your key to more productive activities. Just say to yourself: “How am I worse? I can do the same or even better.”


Tip #4 : Envy

The way is something similar to the previous one. Remember how recently you heard about the success of a colleague or friend, how you wanted to prove at that moment that you can do it. Envy is a powerful motivator. Also, the natural, so we are arranged. Find a person to compete with and motivate you.

It happens that one sentence, a phrase spoken or read on time, prompts us to act and work hard, even when it is difficult. Place your favorite quotes over the desktop. Let it be before your eyes, set up a wave of success and give confidence in your abilities.


Tip #5 : Get inspired by quotes

It happens that one sentence, a phrase spoken or read on time, prompts us to act and work hard, even when it is difficult. Place your favorite quotes over the desktop. Let it be before your eyes, set up a wave of success and give confidence in your abilities.


Tip #6 : Change the Way of thinking

Success is often born in our head. A little optimism and self-reliance can help us achieve any goals. When starting a new business or task, always tune in to a positive outcome. Complicated? Remember the problematic tasks from your past and how you coped with them. It turned out then – it will turn out now.


Tip #7 : Learn

Knowledge and skills comply with self-confidence. You feel that there is a lack of qualification – sign up for courses, listen to a webinar, and go to a master class.


Tip #8 : Make friends with colleagues

A good atmosphere at work makes us want to act. A team of people who are willing and able to cooperate can accomplish much.


Tip #9 : Avoid distractions

Stay with the task unfulfilled tete-a-tete. Get rid of all extraneous factors that make it difficult to concentrate on work. Close Facebook, set aside a cup of unfinished coffee, turn off the music, and turn the phone into silent mode. Besides, may the return to all these “benefits” be the next stage of motivation.


Tip #10 : Reward yourself for the work done

Have you done the job? Turn on the music, scroll the news feed, water the cats, and go through a couple of levels in your favorite game. Finished work on a complex project – send yourself to the cinema or shopping. Knowing that at the end awaits a reward, even such a small as a cup of coffee, getting started is more comfortable and more exciting.

We occasionally feel overwhelmed, overworked or apathetic. Be kind to yourself, as you would be kind to a friend who is going through a difficult period in life. Acknowledge that sometimes it is normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, or apathetic, and your value as an individual is not limited to productivity.

Most are afraid that they will not achieve anything if they are too soft. However, accepting yourself is not the same thing as regretting or delving into your problems. By showing sympathy for yourself and recognizing the fatigue that you are experiencing, you will be able to free yourself from the flow of negative self-hypnosis that contributes in becoming unproductive.


Tip #11 : Be good to yourself

In a condition of apathy, do not criticize yourself, but be kind to yourself. Empathy for yourself will add motivation. After all, a joyful, happy situation increases efficiency. Still, action motivates most of us and not vice versa. Therefore, you should not sit and wait for the desire to do something to wake up, force yourself to start.


About the author:

Creativity, high spirits, punctuality are Melisa Marzett`s distinguishing features. She is a sparkly personality who enjoys writing and currently performs for http://edit-it.org professional edit-it essay editing services. She is a talented writer known in the circles of professional writers. She is a member of a local book club in her hometown, which is Phoenix, Arizona.




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