Wealth is not just about money & how to achieve it


How to think about Wealth and achieve it


Wealth is measured by the substance and character of the life

you have created and not by the the money you make.

Because at the end of the day, a prosperous life is a life that’s been lived to the fullest.


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Luovita wants to share you some of the effective techniques on how a man can live life to the fullest. But first, switching your mindset is the basic requirement.


1. Feel comfortable

The greatest enemy of human life is stress. Perquisites of everyday life may lead to stress, which only leaves us feeling bad and uncomfortable at the end of the day.If you are willing to improve yourself, you will have to accept some changes, and to do that, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable. Comfort level should be attained in terms of both mind and body.

To perform at your best, you will need to feel relaxed and get rid of any negative or detrimental thoughts.But it can also increase anxiety and it can leave you feeling tired, negative and irritable.

When your body is tense, you tend to have stressful thoughts. When uncomfortable, human beings tend to spend too much time hooked into negative and self-destructive thoughts, when really, they can be more observant and focus on what they are doing. You get the picture!


2. Develop an attitude of learning


Learning is the holy grail of self-improvement. Cultivating such an attitude ensures that you are open to the idea of giving importance to multiple perceptions.

It doesn’t matter how much you already know, there is always an opportunity to grasp more knowledge and improve your life skills.Learning more about yourself will not only aid in your personal growth and development, it will also make you feel alive, motivated and energized.

Your aim should be to improve yourself in every possible way and learn how to access and release your true hidden talents and capabilities.So, it’ high time you started investing some time in advancing and improving your various skill levels, whether it’s related to your work, communication skills, problem solving ability or pursuing your career advancements and hobbies.

If there is something you have yearned to learn for a very long time, just do it. Don’t look back, its time you seized your opportunity.

As the old saying goes, “Time and tide waits for none”. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you look back and regret, because you allowed procrastination to get the better of you, preventing you from following your dreams. You just have to follow these simple principles:

  • Listening
  • Learning
  • Applying what you’ve learned



3. Tap into Your full potential


Life may get tough at times, and it’s easy to fall into that rut. Whatever life throws at you, you must learn to be tough and resilient, react to every challenge, setback or failure.

Deep down, you have more talent, creativity or power than you might have thought. To unlock such potential, you must learn to adapt and dig deep.

Whenever you get knocked down or face a setback, always vow to come back stronger, wiser and better. You need to believe in yourself, focus on your goal and take appropriate actions until you reach your desired destination.

The next time you don’t feel confident enough before doing something, remember, every action starts with the decision to try! You need to take the plunge to unlock your true potential.

To be very frank, one doesn’t really know what he/she is capable of. You need to believe, you need to focus, and you need to try. These small things can work wonders in the long run.


4. Develop your emotional intelligence


Emotional intelligence is about developing your ability to manage and assess your emotions in a more controlled manner.

Understanding your emotions is key, as it will help you to learn more about yourself, so that you can manage and react to a situation efficiently.

Emotional intelligence isn’t all about your thoughts, it also involves being aware of different types of situations that may prove harmful to your cause.

Human beings tend to be emotional, acting on impulse. However, there might be situations where you may need to control your emotions, play it safe.

As the saying goes, “think before you act”. Because, the more time you get to evaluate a situation, the more you will tend to take a balanced decision.

Once you are aware of the thoughts or scenarios that might activate any bad feelings, you can either be impulsive and release the said emotion, or investigate the reasons behind them.

Once you’ve uncovered the cause, you can start taking appropriate actions to resolve them.This will help you gain further insight into your moods, and control them in your favor.


5. Be positive 


Your actions, your thoughts, along with the words that you speak, create the base of your beliefs, sowing the seeds of your character. Your actions design your future, so choose them wisely.The three secrets to success are:

  • What you think
  • What you speak
  • How you act

“If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you’re right!” -Mark Twain

At some point in our life, we all talk with ourselves. The conversations that you have with yourself is more important than the ones you have with others.

You and your life are the reflection of your subconscious. Negative thoughts hold you back by creating a world of fear and insecurity.

So, if you want to improve your life experiences, start changing the conversations you have with yourself. You need to believe in the power of positivity.

Powerful words and positive thoughts empower you- they are the first steps towards improving your life experiences. Once you start utilizing the positive aspects of your thoughts, your life will start to head in a new and better direction. New idea’s will be born, new opportunities will arise. Life, will be positive.


Money has a lot less to do with building wealth than you think …

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Now, let’s start improving yourself. Your existence is worth living. It is not always easy but worth the try. The more support and guidance you get, the more you’ll be successful in this journey. This is why we are here. We will guide you though that change. That change that can make you a lot better version of you.


Let’s start with some Motivational Tips for an Easy

Self Improvement


Let's start with some Motivational Tips for an Easy Self Improvement

There are so many ways to motivate oneself and there are some motivational tips for self improvement.

Lifestyle attitude plays a really good role in personal development.

If you are wondering what’s the secret behind accomplishing your best-laid plans, you just have to start. Similarly, every time you take a small step to improve yourself, that slight edge, that compound effect is how self-improvement really happens.


The following tips will set you on your way to becoming a better

“you” along with a better life experience.



Set your own goals 


You cannot achieve anything without a specific set of goals. Your life will stagnate, you will achieve very little and once you stop moving forward, you will tend to get bored and lose all interest in life.

Goals are basically aims that provide meaning to your life. They provide you with something positive to focus upon and prevents a monotonous existence.

However, before you set your goals, you need to understand who you are and what exactly you want in life.If you really want something, and set your mind on it and work hard, you can achieve it.

And once you reach that goal, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that will leave you feeling proud of yourself.

However, there will be certain challenges and setbacks that will be a part of your journey, but trust me, once you overcome such roadblocks, the sweet feeling of success is unmatched.

Try to make your goals enjoyable, don’t let your personal happiness become a condition of your success.Desire and the inspired action towards the fulfillment of such is far better than struggle, stress and frustration, believe that!


Don’t give up 


We all face our fair share of problems, disappointments and setbacks, which are a part of life. When adversity strikes, you cannot just override it straight away with positive thoughts. Let’s face it, you cannot just force yourself to feel good.

You must take time to process and acknowledge the emotions.

So, stop trying to bury your emotions.

Stop running from your adversity.

You need to take on board everything life throws at you, allow the moments to take their own course.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t remain down for too long and risk falling into a negative downhill spiral. When things are going sideways, you need to chin up and accept them.

Remember, it’s natural to feel annoyed, upset, frustrated or disappointed. Accept your situation, if you can weather the storm, the emotions will fulfill their course and fade away on their own. Once you have processed your feelings, it’s time to make some new, positive choices.

You need to believe in your abilities. Stop giving up, because deep down, you know that things will turn good, you know that you can figure this out.If you can come back stronger and better, everything will work out for you.


Calm your mind


Stress is public enemy number one. As the saying goes, “There are no stressful situations, only stressful responses”. So, you need to tackle it in its early stages before it gains momentum.

If you notice closely, the more frustrated and stressed you become, the more things go downhill. However, when you are relaxed, your grey cells start functioning more efficiently, your thought process becomes clearer.

It’s all in your head. The moment you start providing your brain ample time to function, you will tend to be more productive. The biggest trigger of stress is negative thinking, which leads to adverse reactions, especially in situations that are out of your control. You must understand, you cannot always control the circumstances you face, but you can always change the way you react to them.

When you are facing a pressure situation, as you start feeling the urge to rush, just pause for a minute. Don’t let the circumstances control you. You are the boss, you must decide what to do.

Take a deep breath, relax. You will start feeling more confident, alive and vibrant.Pinpoint the reasons of your stress and start working on them. Meditation is a great way of relaxing your mind. Regular sessions can go a long way at reducing your stress and anxiety.


Manage your time


If you want to become more productive, then it’s important to make the most of the limited time that you have. To become more accomplished, you need to maximize your efforts.

However, getting more done is not about rushing things, because that will just make you flustered and lose control. Efficient time management is all about being more productive, albeit, within the allocated time period.

This will require you to be at your best, neglecting any outside distractions that may arise. The secret is not working hard, but working smart. So, instead of rushing in or forcing yourself to go quicker, calm down a bit. If you can do it right, you will gradually build up your speed.

The harder you try, the more difficult it becomes to perform. You will just get more frustrated, stressed and things will go sideways. Work at a pace that suits you, be comfortable, because when you feel relaxed, you will attain your optimum performance level.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away 


We are all aware of this old saying, “To cope with the pressure of everyday life, it is important that you consume a healthy and nutritional diet.”

Stress robs our body of its vital vitamins and minerals, especially magnesium and “B” vitamins.

The importance of a balanced diet and nutritious foods are becoming more relevant by the day in self-development. Long term stress and high anxiety levels can deplete your body of it’s vital vitamins and minerals.

Such nutritional deficiency, high sugar-consumption, or too much indulgence into junk foods will surely give rise to digestive issues, fatigue, mood swings, skin problems etc.

Your daily meals should have sufficient amount of fruits, green leafy vegetables and a fair share of essential nuts and oils required for leading a healthy lifestyle. You may find healthy foods a bit bland or unappetizing, but trust me, they are indispensable for a balanced diet.

You must listen to your body. When you are getting easily tired and exhausted, it may be due to lack of proper consumption of vital nutrients. So, improving your food habits will go a long way at improving yourself.


Stop trying to be perfect 


Trying to be a perfectionist is commendable, but to be very honest, attaining perfection isn’t child’s play. If you think about it, running towards perfection can give rise to negative emotions.

When you are obsessed with something, such behavior or compulsions can often lead to more anger, anxiety and irritability. As you feel the need to be perfect, the moment something disrupts the flow, you will tend to become frustrated.

There is nothing wrong in running after excellence, but there is a big difference between wanting to give your very best and trying to be perfect, that you must understand. People who want perfection, often suffer from self-esteem issues, they tend to hide their insecurities behind the need to be perfect.The most common fear of human beings is other people’s opinions.

Being social beings, you would always like to come across well, be what the society portrays as normal.Stop worrying and obsessing about what other people think, you don’t need to hide who you are.

You don’t need to impress others, you need to be yourself.

The moment you stop worrying about other’s perceptions, you will start functioning socially at your best.

Let’s face it, other people do not spend their time thinking about you, because they are far too busy trying to solve their own problems. You need to do that too, you need to start improving yourself.

Life isn’t perfect, and neither are we. So, it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to fail. Because you can always turn things around. As soon as you start accepting that fact, you will take a big step towards improving yourself.


Be yourself 


It’s important to have a close circle of family and friends around you, who can act as your pillars of support. However, it is equally important to learn more about yourself.

The alone time you get is a great opportunity to learn and improve yourself. Stop trying to be somebody else. It can be exhausting, and you are essentially thinking you are not good enough.

This will only drag you down more. Every human being is powerful, confident and talented in their own way, so are you.Self-discovery is a hard road to embark upon, but if done right, it can be a foundation towards giving birth to a better you.

Learn to accept yourself unconditionally. Self-acceptance is the doorway of liberating yourself from all limitations, emotional blockages and shackles. So:

  • Make peace with yourself.
  • Accept yourself.
  • Be in sync with yourself and everything about you.


Because, for every negative situation, there is always an alternative, a positive polar opposite.If you can follow these 12 self-improvement tips correctly, I am confident that you will become a better, and more confident person in life. Think about it, what have you got to lose? Isn’t leading a better life worth the risk?

So, start implementing the above tips gradually into your daily life, and before you know it, you will start feeling a change towards the better. That will further motivate you to move forward and improve your overall life.



Sometimes It’s Positive to Procrastinate



Do you often find yourself Procrastinating?


Count me in, because you are not alone. I myself procrastinate too and totally forget how to start what needs to be done.

As what everybody say, getting started is the hardest part of completing a task. But would you agree with me if I say that procrastinating has positive side too?

Once in a while we have that episode of procrastinating over stuff.

We tell ourselves “oh maybe later”, “I need a break, it can wait”, “I’m not ready yet”, “blah blah blah”, and all other excuses that in the end we finish nothing but regret the time wasted

Even successful professionals procrastinate too but they do it more positively. There are times when it’s is better to do things later especially when you are exhausted and feels like you’ll do it better when properly rested.


Even successful professionals procrastinate too but they do it more positively. Click To Tweet


I don’t wanna dwell on the negative, but instead the positive side of procrastination. It’s not that bad if done wisely.

Let me give you some of the positive side of procrastinating.


First, managing your energy instead of stressing yourself because of time constraint.


Imagine working 5 hours straight not taking a little break because you hate to procrastinate and you are too focused on finishing the task on time.

Try to realize that these 5 hours of work can be done in lesser time if only you have given yourself a chance to rest a little.

A 10 minute break can replenish your energy that would help your brain think faster and your body to move faster.


Next, procrastination helps you realize what’s important to you.


You may have a long list of tasks in your daily planner but only few of them are really necessary. At the end of the day you’ll find out that the reason why you are procrastinating is because you are working on the wrong task.


Lastly, procrastinating allows you to be more creative.


As you procrastinate, you are subconsciously thinking about great ideas on how you’ll work on the task which prepares you more.

Admit it, procrastination is not the evil friend alone when done wisely procrastination would teach you to process all the steps and consideration before coming out with the final decision.

If you usually procrastinate, welcome and embrace it. Just be on the right track as you do things that matters the most for you.


Very Important – Make Your Free Time Productive

– Profit from Your Life


Very Important - Make Your Free Time Productive - Profit from Your Life


As you are reading this, Luovita wants to thank you for spending your free time with us. I know you are busy too just like the rest. People are so busy nowadays, work has too much demands that we have less time for ourselves and even to our families.

But did you know that reading during your spare time is already one way of being productive?

Another way of making your free time meaningful is spending it with your hobby.

Start by appreciating those moments when you have a time to spare, time to relax and time when you can do whatever you want. Not everyone used to have that luxury for several reasons but I personally believe that there’s is no busy man on earth, its just a matter of making a time for what’s really important in life like spending your precious time with your family.

Say for example even during weekends when you don’t have work in the office, its a best time to bond with your loved ones or use your time to do what makes you happy. But instead you did something else not deserving of your time and at the end you exerted so much energy on things that is less significant.

Regenerate your energy, this is really important and you can’t do it if you are always busy.

Sitting in a coach and watching your favorite T.V series may look like a waste of time but it relaxes your mind and your body while you learn as you watch.

If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what you can do during your spare time, let me share you some of the activities that can make your free time worthwhile.


1. Exercise


You can keep yourself fabulous, young looking, healthy and strong if you make it a habit to use your free time for exercise. It gives you energy, and prepares you for your job instead of sleeping the whole day and end up still feeling lazy and tired.


2. Read or watch


Reading and watching allows you to release stress, stimulates your brain, give you new learning, enhance your memory, improve your ability to focus and can even make you a good writer.


3. Tiding Up


Organizing things such as your home, or even as simple as organizing your bags day before your work week is already making use of your time wisely. Organized stuff are more pleasing to the eyes and even make you feel better.


4. Explore a new hobby


You may wanna try a new hobby like cross stitching, blogging, or even selling online. Then you take your hobby into something profitable. Earning outside your regular work is so much fun if you give it a try.


5. Playing board or even card games


– It keeps your brain sharp and improves concentration while you enjoy playing with friends or family.


6. Me time


– Treat yourself like going to a full body massage or spa. Have a new haircut or hair color. Make yourself as beautiful as it can be, it keeps you look young and fresh.


This can be a list of examples but bu it all boils down in doing what can make you happy.

People are unique, what others want may not be your preference but we got something in common,

we all want to be happy.


Continue to explore your potential, continue to discover yourself and enjoy the life you have. You can do all these things if you know well how to manage your time and spend it wisely as you can.


Continue to explore your potential, continue to discover yourself and enjoy the life you have. You can do all these things if you know well how to manage your time and spend it wisely as you can. Click To Tweet


Each of us deserves to be happy, and each of us deserves to live a happy life.


And don’t think money will solve all your problems,

there are things that money just can’t buy, nurture



And don't think money will solve all your problems, there are things that money just can't buy, nurture these!


It is sad that nowadays people are too focused on material things, those that money can buy. Things that won’t last. People are happy to go shopping, to buy new car, get a promotion, party with friends and even vices. What people don’t realize, that our life is far about just being successful, wealthy and powerful.

Today, we will help you realize that what you’re looking for is love, happiness, peace and brighter future ahead – that no monetary amount could equate.


There are so many things in the world that money can’t buy.

Luovita listed a few for you.

Here are for us  is the Top 10 things people can’t buy.


Your Purpose


A purpose is the answer to one of the deepest questions a human can ask themselves why am I alive, why am I here? The beauty is that you can have a purpose even if you are rich or poor because it doesn’t depend on your financial situation.


True Friends


Real friendship is another one of those things that’s available to both rich and poor but to our surprise it’s a lot more difficult to find. True friendship comes from the idea that someone is willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the other. One of the traits that predicts success in life is one’s ability to prioritize their own self over those around them which clashes with the deep meaning of true friendship


A Home


Money can buy you a house but it certainly can’t buy you a home. A home comes with a deep sense of belonging. The reason why money can’t buy you a home is that a home is not a material thing and it isn’t an experience either it’s something incredibly strange to the best of our understanding. A home is a state of mind shared with the people you most care about while being around each other in a place that has a large amount of sentimental value invested in it.




Money doesn’t buy happiness, money buys pleasure in order for a person to reach their maximum potential. They should be able to carefully differentiate between happiness and pleasure because they aren’t the same thing yet so many people confuse them. Happiness is experienced through interpersonal connection through your ability to cope with the world around you.


Real Trust


People don’t trust other people by default. In order for us to trust each other we have to share multiple commonalities. Trust isn’t something tangible or something you can accurately pinpoint because the real meaning of trust changes depending on the circumstances.

Trust isn't something tangible or something you can accurately pinpoint because the real meaning of trust changes depending on the circumstances. Click To Tweet


Inner Peace


Say it is the deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors which basically translates to keeping it cool.




It is so hard to find loyal people that it almost seems unreal. Loyalty is when somebody is willing to protect you without anything in exchange.




We can’t add more time to those who already passed away. We can’t add time to those whose time already ended. Money can’t buy you eternal life.




Truth is difficult as well because there are multiple forms of truth.




It is voluntary and intentional. When a person forgives, he or she is letting go of the negative emotion.




Last Advice – Stop the Fear of Being Judged


Last Advice - Stop the Fear of Being Judged

Stop the fear of being judged.

Learn how to be proud of who you are, of what you can do

of how you face your limitations.


There are billions of people living on earth and a very small percentage of these population are those people in your circle, your family, friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, strangers you met on the street and many more, so why are you so worried to be judged, when there are more people out there that could make a difference in your life.

One of the biggest barriers we have that goes against our own happiness is the fear of being judged by others.

This fear may originate from the past or current situation you’re in but how do you actually deal with it?

Fear of being judged, is a kind of fear that keep you from your power. You have so much to show and share the world. Don’t let other people direct your own life.

There is a pattern when people have this fear, actually they become judgmental themselves, not because their mean or negative, its because they have this circle of comparison. As they got this negative pattern, it keeps them think they are at the bottom of someone else.

As you continue to fear other people’s judgement, you also fear your future. You can never be who you really wanted to be, if what you’re always trying to do is please others. You are putting yourself trapped in loneliness and you continue to be full of regrets.

The way you perceive yourself and the things you tell yourself are powerful. Never amplify your negative thoughts about yourself, quickly correct the way you think and divert your attention into something positive.

If you continue to tell yourself what you can’t do, then it brings negative effect as it puts you in the position where you always tend to compare yourself with others and feel bad about who you are and what you have.

Stop! People who practice this bad habit are worst judges for themselves. They will judge themselves more harshly than they would judge anybody else.

If they make a mistake they wont forgive themselves quickly and felt the need of punishment as if they are criminals. But, if somebody else would commit that same mistake they can let it pass much quicker.

If you recognize these behaviors you could challenge yourself to notice other people as you normally would but pick out something really great about them, whether its about something they wear, the way they fix their hair, the color of their back, and so much more.

Focus on the beauty of your surrounding. As you continue to look for positive, then expect a ripple effect on yourself. Imagine yourself holding up a mirror as you recognize your own beauty by saying wonderful observations on your face that you’ve never done before.

Being less judgmental about yourself will bring inner happiness.


Being less judgmental about yourself will bring inner happiness. Click To Tweet


All this takes practice , be easy on yourself, do as much as you can today and try it as much as you can , overtime it will fill you heart with love and happiness and compassion.

And therefore the crippling fear of being judged by somebody else is not going to affect you as much as before  because you already accepted how you are.

Remember that you’re perfect, you’re exactly the person you meant to be in this very moment and we’re all growing, we’re all changing, congratulate you for being you today.



Before You go, here is one of my Secrets to cheer up…

A Source of Happiness



Before You go, here is one of my Secrets to cheer up... a Source of Happiness



Imagine a gloomy Sunday morning, a cup of coffee and a feel good music. Music brings so much joy, it boost our mood. Sometimes, even how tiring your day was, you just need to dance with the beat and you are energized.

Music is one of the best quick-fire tools to promote happiness in your day when you feel that you have fallen off-track.



Music is one of the best quick-fire tools to promote happiness in your day when you feel that you have fallen off-track. Click To Tweet


It is going to take a little bit of work and effort to set up, but once you’ve got it, it will be one of the quickest ways for you to realign yourself.

Music, as you know, can affect our mood and you can use this to your advantage. There are apparently songs that can lower or lift your mood and extend a euphoric feeling afterwards.

So, a good start would you be to identify songs that can shift your mood. Music that lifts you in such a way, that makes you feel really happy, will make you feel like dancing, sing-along, all of those feelings.

Then the next step is to create a list on paper or your iPhone or iPod so that you can create a playlist for yourself, for example, the top 10 feel-good, upbeat, uplift songs.

Of course, the matter would be to have them available on your device, which is so easy these days, so you have a playlist ready to go when you need.

If you can just identify these songs in a written list or your memory, you have them ready in your head to sing, and this will lift you up, even if you can’t play them, you can hum along, sing out loud or just listen in silence for yourself. You could also have such a beautiful voice and affect the people that are around you as well.

So, nothing should stop you from using this list and play to cheer you up. The reason this is called a trigger is, the idea that it will trigger your happiness from whatever mood you come.

So when it gets you down, use this trigger where ever you are to boost your mood. The trick is to notice when your mood has taken a turn to go down and make the decision, remember this is all about choice, about your power, make the decision you want to feel better and use this your tool.

It is already an insurance to know that there are songs ready in your head, or in one of your devices that you can put to use anytime to cheer you up.

Believe me, it is a much tried and proven tool that you are going to enjoy.

Of course, if you had a horrible day perhaps it won’t send you directly into a blissful state, but it will lift your mood. From this elevated mood, you can make a better decision and choose your response in a more balanced way and take ownership of your emotions and how you feel.

You can also share this with your friends and the people who are around you so eventually they too will participate.

Music is after all an elixir of the soul.




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