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What is infuencer marketing? It is taking you marketing strategy into the next level. We use influencers through social media platforms to help us promote our products or services. These influencers can be experts, popular, reputable people in different niche. Collaborating with influential people to promote your business will surely allow you to make money fast and easy online.



There is a high possibility that you’ve heard about the concept of influencer marketing. In the same vein, it is possible that you do not understand the rudiments of this notion. This report is specifically geared towards showing you how to make money through influencing while simultaneously improving brand awareness and consumer engagement.


Influencer Marketing really centers on how established you are in a particular niche and the extent of your reach. With an increased ability to connect and engage with a target audience comes more influencer opportunities. Amazingly, influencer marketing doesn’t require you to have a previous advertising experience or a large social media following. With a thousand social media followers, you can actually become a profit-making influencer who is making money online.


With a thousand social media followers, you can actually become a profit-making influencer who is making money online. Click To Tweet


In the end, it all boils down to how well you can build and maintain relationships in your specific niche. Once you’ve built a bankable brand such that people trust your reviews and are of the opinion that you are genuinely interested in aiding them to reach their goals, it will be easier to actively launch and partake in influencer campaigns that convert consumers for your partners and clients.

This distinct report is ready to take you through the activities of the top influencers, which enable them to obtain profitable partnerships, and how they position themselves for continuous success.




Carving out your Niche



Influencer Marketing, Carving Your Niche, how to connect with your target audience, how to become an influencer, how to build a royal tribe, how to find your niche, what is a perfect niche, how to properly market your online business, online marketing platforms, niche market, blogging tip, basic SEO tips, make money fast and easy online as influencer, online advertising market, luovita, blogging success, online evolution, influencer marketing strategy, influencer marketing statistics, influencer marketing how to, digital marketing


The first step to becoming an influencer that brands and companies can do business with is selecting a lucrative niche. Do not be “a jack of all trades, a master of none.”


Brands are always after influencers with a strong foothold in a particular market who have the ability to connect and reach a large target audience. So, if you want to make a name as a reliable influencer, then it is important that you are known for a specific market, especially when starting out.


However, if it proves difficult to choose a niche out of the numerous markets available, then it is best to reflect on your skills and experience. What is your knowledge centered on? What useful skills are you in possession of? By drawing from your existing skills, you should be able to identify a niche that is best suited for you, where you’ll be able to make a statement with little or no learning curves.


Another helpful idea to select a niche that you have passion for. Even with your knowledge on a particular subject, the target audience will be more prone to believing you when you share your personal stories. Your interest in a specific subject matter will make your marketing message resonating, such that clients always want to return to you. So, it is important that you choose a niche where you can become known as the “go-to” person for reliable information. This will be the foundation upon which your entire brand is built.


Moving on, after determining your niche market, surveying your competition should be the next step. Carry out an analysis of the top blogs in your niche so you can identify key blogging ideas and topics in your niche that the target audience are interested in. Through this, you’ll be able also to identify the pain points of your target audience and how well your clients can fill the gaps. To a great extent, this will help project you and your brand as uniquely knowledgeable, such that the audience is guaranteed to always find answers to their questions.  Moreover, this step will also guide you on how to start a website. Progress!                                                                                                      


Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all the world raves about now. So, it should not come as a surprise that a major avenue for brand influencing is social media. Check out the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages of the major influencers in your niche. Identify their strategic activities, discover the topics that they cover and their effectiveness in engaging the target audience.


Write down everything!



Influencer Marketing, Writing Down Everything, how to connect with your target audience, how to become an influencer, how to build a royal tribe, how to find your niche, what is a perfect niche, how to properly market your online business, online marketing platforms, niche market, blogging tip, basic SEO tips, make money fast and easy online as influencer, online advertising market, luovita, blogging success, online evolution, influencer marketing strategy, influencer marketing statistics, influencer marketing how to, digital marketing

Besides being essential as a critical stone in building a  strong and convincing foundation for your brand, market research sets the right tone for your marketing voice and style.


The idea is to not only to learn from your competitors but to also be ahead of them. So, you should watch out for blogging ideas and tips that haven’t been covered by your competition as they can make an attention-catching entry point for your social media account or your website.

What next?



Viability of the niche!



Influencer Marketing, Viability of Niche, how to connect with your target audience, how to become an influencer, how to build a royal tribe, how to find your niche, what is a perfect niche, how to properly market your online business, online marketing platforms, niche market, blogging tip, basic SEO tips, make money fast and easy online as influencer, online advertising market, luovita, blogging success, online evolution, influencer marketing strategy, influencer marketing statistics, influencer marketing how to, digital marketing


Now is the time to determine the viability of the niche!


Since making money through blogging is the aim, validating a chosen niche is important to avoid venturing into an unprofitable market. Research on the viability of the niche can be done by evaluating the number of existing services and products offered in that niche.


For instance, if your niche is solely focused on catering to consumers on the hunt for digital products, including books, videos, and courses, search for the content in top marketplaces. In this regard, Amazon would be an incredible forum to start, particularly if your interest is in a niche that is heavy with information such as training guides or programs.

Another invaluable channel for conducting fast niche research is YouTube. This is because the channel makes it easy to gauge the popularity of a specific market, simply by reviewing the number of videos that are posted daily, as well as the number of individuals who are subscribed to the market channels.

It is imperative that you use a free blogging software like WordStream in researching the main keywords in your niche market. You can get this tool here: By using such a keyword tool to uncover the potential keywords in your prospect market, you can easily ascertain the number of searches being conducted by active consumers and buyers, who utilize similar keyword strings. This is a good way to quickly and easily gauge the overall appeal  of a market. A discovery that the targeted keywords in your prospect niche market are being searched by thousands of consumers is a clear indicator that the market is a lucrative one with a constant demand for its products and services.


Blogging Tip:  While carrying out keyword research, ensure that it is based on highly-focused search terms, rather than generic ones.  For instance, searching for a generic term such as “weight loss” in weight loss niche won’t produce the needed information. It will be better the strategically drill it down to a specific aspect in the weight loss market such as “high carb diets.”


Becoming a renowned influencer in a particular niche isn’t a too difficult task. The rudiments involve defining the essentials of your brand, selecting a specific segment of the niche, and following by building a strong foundation that enables you to connect well and actively engage with the target audience. Though it might take time to build such a strong and renowned brand, your efforts will help you make money in the coming years.


It takes time to build such a strong and renowned brand, your efforts will help you make money in the coming years. Click To Tweet


Be Unique

In truth, when it comes to niche marketing and influencing, there are really no new tricks to be explored. So, trying to strategize new approaches or reinventing the wheel will be a futile task. Rather, you should expend your energy following up on the existing strategies that have constantly aided the success of other influencers. Then, add a distinct tang to your approach.

For instance, once you execute research on the weight loss niche, you’ll find more of workout guides, weight-loss challenges, and membership sites. However, you can equip your brand with a stronger focus by concentrating on weight loss through low-carb recipes instead of exercises.
The formula for standing out from the crowd is to follow the trends but make the pattern to be uniquely yours by instilling your personal touch. You should be able to present a topic that everyone has talked about with a new and fresh perspective. This is what it takes to continually catch consumer’s attention and keep them hooked on what you have to offer.

As said earlier, it is a fatal mistake for an influencer, newly introduced to the trade, to try to do everything for everyone. Stick to a market and build a strong presence. Even in your chosen market, you shouldn’t try to cover all the topics. Choose a few that consumers will know you for. Occasionally, you can post an article that is off your specific tops, but largely, your overall content engagement should revolve around specific topics. This is how you get to be known as a brand expert. By doing this, you’ll maintain a strong reputation for creating content that fulfill the expectations of a particular audience. As you grow, you can decide to divest.

To stand out from the crowd of influencer marketers, you should always bring something new, and a fast way to do this is to create channels around a market that offer a fresh approach. For instance, if the majority of YouTubers in your chosen niche are known for creating formal videos with a serious-minded approach, you can decide to make your channel laid-back, an avenue for sincere conversations, off-beat content, and interviews.

Share your personal experiences, tell personal stories and never be afraid to open up and share even some sordid details to your audience. People relate and identify more with you when they realize that you’ve also gone through the same struggles and issues that they are currently battling with, and that you know some ways of overcoming them. Taking such a personal “I’m-concerned-about you” attitude will make you and your brand much more approachable, such that consumers feel free coming to you for advice, content and leadership. By sharing personal stories, you’ll be personalizing and putting a spin on topics that have been told several times.


The easiest, most proven way of building a stand-out brand that is sure to always catch the attention of the target audience is by offering a special viewpoint even while remaining on popular topics of the niche. 


Create a Strong Base


Do you want to be recognized as an influencer in your market? Then, you should choose and concentrate on building your presence on one platform at a time, highly engaging your audience, instead of trying out every available platform. Besides, it’s next to impossible to position yourself as a knowledgeable expert in a particular niche if you are constantly struggling with time management while trying to handle various platforms. It is, thus, advisable to grow an engaged audience on a single platform first before diversifying your outreach as you grow and learn ways to automated marketing.

However, choosing your central platform can be a tricky endeavor as it has to be based on a platform where your target audience are known to congregate. Hence, you need to carry out a thorough research to determine how the majority of consumers spend their time and where. You can start by gauging the various social media networks to ascertain that which is more popular in your niche. There are high chances that you’ll find people in your niche across the platforms, but there’ll definitely be a particular platform that stands out in the search. Make that your central platform.

For instance, Pinterest is popular for artists, chefs, DYI leaders and designers, while Instagram attracts more of makeup artists, fashion icons and beauty bloggers. Nonetheless, you’ll still locate beauty bloggers on Pinterest, but Instagram is the obvious best choice if you are in the beauty blogging niche. It’s sensible to realize that a crossover will always exist, but it’s left to you to ascertain the platform which is best preferred by your audience so you can direct your energy on building a strong following there.


Basic SEO Tip: Even though you’ll be focusing on a single platform initially, you can still proceed to secure the name of your brand on all the popular social media channels. This way, you can fall back on them when you later decide to broaden your horizon. It will also add to the protection of your brand.


The demographics of your target audience should play a vital determining role in the decision of your central social network. Facebook is a better platform for older people, while it is more common to see young people on Snapchat, Instagram or Pinterest. Older people tend to flock to Facebook, while younger consumers prefer Instagram, Snap Chat or Pinterest. Twitter is a mixed platform.


Develop and Action Plan


To become a successful influencer, creating an action plan is a necessity as it will transmute you from being just a beginner to being recognized as a pro. It will also help you in staying focused as you attend to the desires of your audience. Create your action plan by developing a priority list first. This should include the main tasks that you have to complete before establishing a foothold in the niche can be realized.


For Example:

Construct a well-designed blog and then publish 6-12 posts: This will increase your exposure and give your consumers enough content that encourages them to come back again and again.

Launch your social engagement automation: You can do this by employing tools such as Tailwind that will assist you in keeping your accounts active and also furnish you with the necessary statistical and demographic information needed to help shape your engaging content and campaigns.

Start a YouTube channel:  You can start a YouTube channel. But besides starting, you should have a goal of growing the channel with an impressive number of followers. Post at least one video each week on the same day (and time if possible). This will give your channel an aura of consistency that subscribers that depend on.

Start a mailing list account: With a mailing list account, you’ll be able to connect with your target audience as you’ll be able to reach them whenever. So, start your mailing list right away.


Additionally, your action plan ought to include specific hashtags that you’ll implement for all your updates and broadcasts. These hashtags should become an integral part of your brand so they can help you connect with key audience. If the choice of hashtags to utilize is not clear to you, you can research the active hashtags of top influencers in your niche. Afterward, you can set up a swipe file of all the possible hashtags for your niche and then vary them in each post.

To enable you locate the popular hashtags in your market quickly, you can employ the All Hashtag Generator tool. It’s available here: You can efficiently use it by simply entering a seed keyword and the website will showcase lists of suggested hashtags based on overall popularity and relevancy. This way, you can locate attention-catching hashtags that fit in perfectly with your brand.



Develop a Content Calendar


It is by staying consistent with your action plan that you can become a successful influencer. Consumers should always know what to expect you from, and they should depend on you to provide them with regular updates. The solution to this is creating a content calendar. By doing this, you can stay focused on your track. Moreover, a content calendar will spur you in generating fresh content while maintaining the content string that you have going on. Irrespective of the format you intend publishing your content, a content calendar is highly recommended.

Research is needed to determine the frequency with which you need to create and post new content in your niche, after the pattern that your audience is used to. Consider the frequency of your competitors and the format they employ. For a YouTube channel, posting at least one video every week might be required. For savvy blogging, you might need to begin by publishing 6-12 relevant posts.


Optimize automation to its maximum potentials!


You can utilize tools like Tailwind in automating your posts and updates with social media platforms. However, WordPress allows you to schedule when your posts can go live on specific times and dates.  It will be easier to build a following and maintain consistency when you continually integrate automating tactics into your content publishing schedule and brand building. 

The format and type of content should be based on the results of your analysis pertaining to the desires of consumers. Here are some ideas:
Digital Products

You can deliver these easily, and they have zero inventory or shipping costs. You can make money fast online by creating unique, informative, and well-articulated eBooks. Besides this, you can establish a foothold in a niche and build a following through digital products. You can write a comprehensive guide that will help consumers tackle a particular problem in your market, and then give it away to consumers to grow your following or email list.

The chief idea is to focus on tackling and resolving a particular problem in your digital product. If you plan on using a video format, then you should discuss a single topic that is specifically branded to solve an issue. Digital products that solve a problem will always be easier to sell, and they also help in identifying the target audience such that you know how to reach the right audience during future campaigns.

As regards constantly creating posts for your website or blog that are informative and also well-loved by your consumer, you can research the top questions of the market. Then, go on to create pillar posts that answer these questions. This is also a brilliant way to optimize your site for important keywords.


For Example:

  • How to lose weight by exercises: Answered Top 10 Questions
  • How to effectively self-publish on Amazon and make money: Top Questions Answered
  • How to make money by blogging: Top Questions Answered
  • How to start a website and write an email campaign: Answered Top 10 Questions


You can set up an editorial calendar for your content so that you are constantly aware of your writing plan. By doing this, you can ideally start deliberating on your content 3-4 weeks before you need to post it. Thus, you can eliminate the “scrambling fever” that arises when it’s time to post content.  Focus on specific topics in your posts and broadcasts so that your brand gets to be known as the best information source on specific subjects. This way, you don’t confuse your audience on what your brand is about.


Prove your Worth


A key essence of being an influencer is to be able to attract the attention of clients and partners. Hence, you have to be as genuine and transparent as possible to convince people that you have what it takes for them to partner with you. As a starting point, you should implement tracking tactics into your campaign in order to monitor your traffic and offer this information to potential clients and partners. It is important that you start doing this early so that you can have historical information to offer.


Key Points

  • You can monitor traffic on your blog b y installing Google Analytics. This will also help you to maintain a picture of your monthly incoming traffic volume. 
  • If you monetize your channel, then it is crucial to keep track of your conversion rates and channel subscribers.
  • Never forget to monitor your subscriber rates, email marketing campaigns, open rates, and retention rates. If you run any free email marketing campaign, you should monitor it too. Any interested partner or client, looking to pay you to market their business will want the information of your audience engagement and how effective your email marketing is.
  • You should start setting yourself up for long-term success right from the start, so you can always attract the right partners. Making Right Connections

Putting up several contents on your channel or blog regularly is quite different from engaging your audience. And as an influencer, engagement is the most vital point. Engagement is the only thing that separates you as a brand influencer from those simply struggling to acquire a following. Thus, it is crucial that you do all your possible best to always communicate and connect well with your followers or subscribers. Reply comments on your blog, give shout outs to those who reach you on social media. Show your consumer base that you are very approachable and that you’re passionately interested in assisting them in some way.

Always remember that social media networks utilize algorithms to determine the content that people see first as well as who and what gets the most exposure. This greatly relies on your audience engagement, so you’ll do well always to be active and present. Engagement further buttresses the importance of automation in brand building. Through the automation of updates, posts, and broadcasts, you’ll have the needed time to connect and respond to the individuals in your market. For a start, you can use some of the free blogging software available online.


Show your consumer base that you are very approachable and that you’re passionately interested in assisting them in some way. Click To Tweet


Collaboration Is Vital


Though content is indeed king, but as regards the influencing world, collaboration is all in all.  That is, you must be willing to project yourself out and to always be on the lookout for possible networking opportunities. Join social groups and relevant forums, including popular Facebook groups that are centered on your niche. This will not only help you learn about other influencers; it will put you in touch with their followers and also help you in figuring out the best kind of content to create in order to optimize engagement.

As a starter, collaborating isn’t always easy, especially if your focus is on established influencers with a strong following. So, instead of this, shift your attention to seeking out the best possible networking opportunities with interested people who are on the same level as you.

Simplicity is key. You don’t have to make collaboration an awkward venture. You can contemplate guest blogging on the well-recognized websites in your niche, or even provide content regularly for seasoned bloggers who can, in turn, offer you networking opportunities in the future.  Later, you can consider the co-creation of a digital product, or offering to feature another person on your growing channel.

Don’t be deceived! When it comes to getting networking opportunities, especially with seasoned professionals, your audience size matters a whole lot, but your engagement level matters equally. If you can provide to an influencer that you have a hooked audience, avid readers whom you are dedicated to providing value within your niche, you’ll significantly increase your chances of landing joint venture partnerships that can take your brand to the next level.

Of course, collaborations with fellow influencers will only help in boosting your brand power. Online associations are important. When you partner with an online personality who has a strong following, you can tap into their tribe to boost your brand awareness.

Have you heard of micro-influencing? It refers to influencers with a smaller, yet seriously engaged audience. Micro-influencing should be the first step in your profile building and in increasing your exposure. So, start off small, and set up a plan that places you together with fellow influencers, so you can all help each other grow.


Success Strategies


From the beginning, you want to ensure that every facet of your business is professional and geared for success. So, you should expect to upgrade your current social media accounts to professional accounts.

As against personal accounts, business accounts have numerous benefits, including being able to schedule posts, and access to key metrics and data that can help you closely monitor the performance of your posts and ads.

Other areas of your business to constantly monitor include:



Ensure that you only use a hosting provider that is reliable. One that makes your website load quickly. It has been proven time and time again that site visitors are likely to leave your page if the loading is slow. From your Google Analytics account, you can determine the load speeds of your page. This account will also aid you to modify and optimize your websites to implement better exposure.


Mailing List Account


In all your email correspondence, self-identification is important, also include how an individual first subscribed to your mail. Additionally, you should ensure that subscribers can easily opt out of your broadcasts if they so desire.

The entirety of your brand should look and feel professional and polished, ranging from your logo to the graphics used ion brand representation, to the images used as social media platform headers or YouTube video splash screens. If within your capacity, hire a qualified graphic designer so that everything about your brand stands out as unique.

If your aim is to be a brand ambassador who gets high-paying offers and partnerships, then you need to ensure to the best of your capacity that you’re well-represented. This boils down to paying painstaking attention to even the minutest details about your brand and constantly deliberate on how to improve and grow.


Making Money as an Influencer


There are countless avenues through which you can rake in money as an influencer, beginning with paid ads. Paid ads refer to when a brand or company hires you to create content and post about their products and services. The request could also be that you review their offers. The essence of this post is to improve the exposure of your client’s brand and then maximize their overall exposure by optimizing your already existing following.

Thus, you have to closely appraise each of the offers you get to develop content for a company as in the long run; the post can serve as an endorsement. You might think that only influencers with a huge and strong following get paid to create articles and post to highlight a brand. But this is not true. Several companies are after micro-influencers who are just getting established in the niche because they are often more relatable than seasoned influencers. So, even if you are just getting started, do not count yourself out. The main point is to be able to show prospective clients that you are equipped with what it takes to be a leader in the market and, that you grow your audience consistently.

You can’t afford to have stagnant growth. Continue building subscribers, connecting better with your audience and oiling the fire of your brand. To get hired, you must be able to demonstrate your ability to connect with new customers persuasively. When accepting paid post work, you have to keep in mind that transparency is key. You need to inform your followers that you’ll be compensated for the post. Not being upfront about the relationship with your client can damage your brand reputation as there’s a high tendency that your audience will later find out.

You can easily notify your audience that you are being rewarded to put up a particular post by adding “Paid partnership with COMPANY NAME” within the post or under your social media handle. You can further tag the post with hashtags such as #partnership, #ad to provide further clarifications.

Moreover, another angle to being an influencer is that you can end up as a brand ambassador. Companies put influencers on a retainer to help them in building, boosting and maintaining their brand awareness. Consequently, the influencer will be responsible for modifying and improving the company’s engagement, and promoting their social media channels in order to extend their reach.


Attracting Sponsors


Once you’ve started making money as an influencer, you should gear to start garnering the interest of the right partnerships and sponsors. One of the quickest ways of getting this is by searching for the promotional hashtags (#ad #partnership) used by other influencers. This is an easy way to discover the companies or brands that are hiring influencers, and the kinds of content they’re interested in.

The idea of sponsorships is to learn everything possible about your sponsor and their target audience. Then, make sure that the sponsor’s following is in alignment with yours to enable a mutually benefiting brand partnership.

As regards your pricing, you should execute a research targeted at determining the going rate for different opportunities. However, do not underprice yourself just to attract more clients as you can end up devaluing your brand and minimizing the import of your contribution. Most times, companies and brands overlook those who charge fees that are ridiculously low in favor of influencers that know their worth. As funny as it might sound, a higher rate can equate to a highly perceived value. So, put this into consideration as you determine what to charge clients.

Moreover, your charges should be based on if the particular job is a one-time gig or if the company intends using your services regularly. Long-term clients can be given special pricing. Your rates should also be based on the number of platforms that they require you to optimize. If your following on Twitter is only half that your following on Facebook, and a company is focused on Twitter, you might need to adjust your rates.

Endeavor to be brutally honest and upfront with the companies that hire you. Inform them on platforms where your following is strong and platforms where it isn’t. Let them have the feeling that you are the right person to depend on for a trusting, long-lasting relationship.


Final Words

Growing a following, connecting with your audience and ensuring optimum engagement might take time. The key to success is to enforce consistency, doing all your possible best to engage and communicate effectively with your audience.

Provide so much value that not only will you attract potential customers, partners, and clients will also notice your high-quality and engaging content. The faster you get on the radar of potential customers, clients, and partners, the better for you and the best way to go about this is creating engaging content.

Initially, you can place your focus on creating a community. By establishing a membership site, a Facebook group, or a training program, you’ll be able to make a statement as a leader and expert in your niche.


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