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1. In Africa Masai tribes people jump meeting someone and the higher they jump, the more respect is shown.


2. It is considered to be lack of tact in Norway to stand up for older people. It is interpreted as demonstration of physical advance.


3. It is welcome to chaw violently in China. If guests eat in silence, they offend a host and a chef. Eating in silence is considered to get no satisfaction from food.


4. Also, there is no such a tradition among Chinese to bring flowers for a hostess. It raises suspicions here, it gives a feeling as if a guest believes a house to be so unattractive, that s/he brought some flowers in order to decorate it somehow.


5. Norwegian pay no compliment in public. There is no praise for schoolchildren in front of other children even at school and they do not talk about grades aloud.


6. If you come over at someone`s house in Greece, you cannot admire with a picture hanging on the wall or a vase. Otherwise, a host will have to give it to you as a present.


7. In Mongolia, guests are feed until they burp loudly. Which is why it is unaccepted to hold it. It might mean that a guest is still hungry.


8. Unlike our tradition, they bring exact number of flowers only in Japan and Norway. It is widely thought, that a mateless flower feels lonely. Impair number of flowers fit in mourning ceremonies only.


9. You cannot blow nose in public in Japan.


10. Indians do not say thank you within a family. They believe that closely related people do not need gratitude.


11. Number 4 is a symbol of death in China. There is even no number 4 in numbering of floors.


12. It is considered impolite to pass a hookah cigarette holder in hands in Arab countries. It is seen as pressure.


13. In Japan, everyone goes home only after boss does.


14. Georgian hospitality says that a glass of a guest should always be filled in. This is why getting your glass empty; you make the host fill it in again.


15. In one Indian state, a wife has a right to leave her husband in 3 days after getting married if she does not like something. After that, a woman is free to choose a partner.


16. In Kenya, a husband should wear women clothes and do all the woman`s job during a month after they got married. That is the way the cookie, so a man was better at understanding of what it is like to be a woman.


17. In Denmark, a flag hanging out in the window saying about a birthday person living in the house.


18. In the north Kamchatka back in the days was a tradition for a guest to make love to the hostess. It was believed he pays homage to the host. If there is a baby born after such a night, its birthday was celebrated by the entire small town.


19. There is a tradition in Latin America to hug and kiss at meeting someone.


20. There is no such a tradition as shake hands in Japan. People exchange greetings with each other through a polite bow.




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