How to face challenges? Can we possible stand quickly when we fall? Is there a shortcut to success?

Difficulties, challenges, hurdles, are inevitable but it gives flavor in our lives. It makes us stronger, wiser then we call ourselves survivor. There are times that our faith is tested, we are bombarded with so much worries but how do we keep our faith strong. We strive to keep our spiritual connection with ourselves and the world strong.

There are even times that we have this realization and asked “what is my purpose?”, “why am I being tested this way?”, and a lot more questions. Because difficulty will not only affect our body, it also affects our soul, our mind in such a huge way.

I just want to offer a little bit of advice on how to remain connected with yourself and not lose faith in the journey that your experiencing.

There is this quote that struck me deep, the saying goes “Difficulties are meant to rouse not discourage the human spirit and it will  grow strong by conflict, this quote is based on the idea that our struggles, difficulties, conflicts actually will enhance our power, enhance our sense of self, will help us grow. We’re all in a journey and I believe that we have the power to make that journey wonderful for ourselves as we possibly can. We just need to make the right choice and through habits.

I need you to take confidence in the idea that hardship is part of your journey and part of your process and its often because there is a lesson in it and that lesson isn’t always clear. It can be a hard lesson to take and for each one of us may not see it upfront.

But the main thing to remember is that’s like anything in time, something that will flow into the next phase and you may need to ask for help, to help yourself move forward and to help to release any of the negativity. There’s nothing wrong in asking for help, actually its halfway to healing because you manage to observe where you are and you remembered that there is a better way for you to react. You know why? Because sometimes, those who are not willing to ask for help possibly don’t remember that they can feel better and there is a better way.

Analyze what you’re going through, what pain you’re feeling, believe that there is  a better way at the corner and there’s work to be done in order to put yourself back on.

You can look back and reflect and realize how much stronger you are getting through that, I do believe that we’re more resilient and capable. I’m sure you once in your life you’ve said this to yourself “I never thought I could handle that but I did’.

There is no such thing handling something seamlessly because there is absolutely no right or wrong way to handle something, All I’m asking is that you remember happiness is where you’re meant to be, happiness and peace is absolutely our soul’s desire. And if you’re feel that you’re far then please get some help or for ways to help yourself.

And remember, if it’s not right it’s not the end.

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