Our vision is to guide every individual to take full control of their lives through Lifestyle Design. This book will reveal the secrets of having an amazing life. We will take you to a unique approach for your business and your life. This approach can make a huge difference and can guarantee a happier, freer, and richer lifestyle.

It aims to make people have a balanced lifestyle as we embrace the promise of modern technology and we lean towards the future.

Our book “Lifestyle Design” has 7 chapters that will thoroughly discuss how you can have a better life.


Chapter 1: What is Lifestyle Design?


Lifestyle Design: Taking Charge of Your Life and Changing What You’re Willing to Accept

This chapter will introduce you the definition of lifestyle design. We will guide you to self reflect and think about what you really wanted in your life. Promising right? But it is worth giving a try.


Chapter 2: Introducing the Digital Nomads (And Other Types of Lifestyle Design)


Well, digital nomads.. Are you one of them? If not, then let us take you to their world. They are people who are working online, who can earn at the same time spending time with family. They are not battling the everyday traffic, long hours of travel and long hours of preparation going to work.

If you are not considering working online then try to overcome the notion that a good employee should be willing to stay until 7pm to finish their work. If it gets to the end of the day and you haven’t finished yet… leave!


Chapter 3: Why Energy and Time are More Valuable Than Money and Importance


The problem is that too many of us end up ‘trapped’ in the rat race and feel as though there’s no way that we can break free. Partly this is because we want to get that sense of achievement and status from our jobs – which I’ll come to in a moment.

How to get what you want right now? Neither your salary nor your success should be dependent on your career.


Chapter 4: Getting Started With Lifestyle Design


In this chapter, allow us to help you from goal setting to regaining your energy. We will share you 6 tips on how you can make your life easier.

Tip #1 : Multitask

One way you can get more done in less time is to multitask. For example if you’re washing up then you could also be on the phone catching up with friends or watching your favorite TV program.

Tip #2 : Automate

Automation means using a device that can automatically complete the job that you would otherwise have to work to complete. A good example of this is a dishwasher, which shows just what a big difference to your lifestyle you can make with one simple purchase.3

Tip #3: Outsource

In your daily life, outsourcing can be a great strategy to help give you more time and achieve more. You can do this by hiring someone such as a virtual assistant (who can, for example, help you to book appointments and meetings or even to find potential holidays).

Tip #4: Reduce Clutter

This is absolutely essential: reducing clutter around your home can make a massive difference to not only the look of your home but also the amount of space and amount of time you have.

Tip #5: Saying No and Saving Time

Don’t be afraid to say no when someone invites you out and don’t feel like you have to do anything that doesn’t help you work toward your goals or bring you joy. We all have responsibilities but going down the pub to see that friend you don’t really like is not one of them

Tip #6: The Right Choices

Meanwhile, you should also start thinking about the other choices you make in your life and how they will likely affect your lifestyle more broadly.

I am already spoiling too much of the book, discover it yourself by downloading it directly here:




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