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Communication E-course

Marketing to woman E-course


Communication plays a vital role in any business. Lucky are those gifted with excellent business communications skills. LuoVita finds it way to help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs through Business Communication E-Course

Communication is at the core of almost everything we do.

And in business, regardless of the type and kind, effective communication between colleagues, management, staff and customers is vital to ensure clear, concise and precise operations.

Making mistake in business communication can not only be embarrassing for you, but also can make you look sloppy and unprofessional. If you do not carry a business communication effectively, it can have many serious consequences; it can tarnish your reputation, upset your client and can even lead to loss of revenue.

Therefore, whether you are asking for a favor, seeking an alliance to move a corporate agenda forward or even trying to convey the bad news of redundancy, it is imperative that you know how to conduct any communication effectively and come out with flying colors, even when the circumstances are pretty difficult.

This course has been developed and designed brilliantly by Jose Delgado and the LuoVita Team in order to tell you everything—from the importance of body language to how to get the most out of a meeting or a conference or even an interview.

You might think that you have the gift of the gab and communication is your forte but, wait!

What to say precisely when you appear in a job interview for a leadership role? When to be assertive or aggressive in your communication style? Why is it important to address people by their first names?

No matter how good you are in communicating with people, business environment can put some extra pressure on you, when you can be judged for a silly mistake in a packed conference room!

To save you the time and trouble by browsing the Internet and looking for information to improve business communication skills, we have prepared this 10-day course on Business Communication.

Once you reach the end of this course, you will realize how precious a commodity this Communication is, and it will benefit your leadership, your effectiveness, your success and business.

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Remember, if you communicate effectively, even a flawed idea can sound solid and strong.

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Online Marketing E-course

Online Marketing Strategies(1)



The world of online marketing moves at the speed of light. And to keep up with the pace, you not only need a strong foundation with the judgement to think critically but also you need to act independently and be relentlessly creative.

This is the reason why Jose Delgado and the LuoVita team have created this 24-day Marketing Course so that it empowers you with the mental building blocks in order to stay ahead in an aggressive industry.

Online marketing is more than just having a wonderful website, optimizing it with SEO techniques and carrying ad campaigns through YouTube and other social media platforms.

In the online world if one right click can fetch you millions, similarly when not done correctly following a proper process, consistent hard work over a period of time can never get you the sweet fruits that you deserve.

Therefore, it is of prime importance that you get familiar with all the avenues, get a deep understanding of how each and every process works and then choose independently the best way suitable for your business.

What is SEO? What is traffic? What is Affiliate marketing? What is Content Marketing? What is Email marketing? What is Social Media Marketing? What you need to know about your niche?

And where exactly do your customers come in the entire picture, when they are the bloodlines of your business?

So, whatever marketing strategy you implement, it needs to be around your customers, making them the fulcrum of the complete procedure.

This 24-day course will tell you how each process is different from one another and what are the individual perks of each and every.

You can implement either one or more strategies at a time but if you do not have the proper knowledge and a deeper understanding of any one of them, you cannot take advantage of the massive opportunities that lie in the online world.

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Content Marketing E-Course


Content marketing is the way how business owners reach more potential clients. In LuoVita, we have Content Marketing E-Course that can facilitate your business needs.

One of the most important types of marketing in today’s world is content marketing. It involves the creation and sharing of relevant content such as blogs, social media posts, and videos, which do not directly promote a brand but encourage interest in the products or services.

Basically, content marketing exploits the human inclination for storytelling. From time immemorial, the narration of stories has always excited interest. When you present engaging content on the specific product you want to highlight instead of explicitly promoting it, it acts as a great marketing tool.

Content marketing focuses on building a valuable relationship with the target audience. It does this by giving them high-quality content regularly. When existing and prospective customers get relevant content updates on your website/blog site/social media platform, it helps them develop a bond of trust and reliability. They know that you want to help them and are not driven by the motive to sell alone.

In case of prospects, content marketing plays a greater role. This is because before deciding on making a particular purchase, they spend considerable time researching on the options available in the specific field. They look for informative content such as eBooks, product videos, and whitepapers. So, when you provide such resources, you automatically reach out to prospects not primarily as a marketer but as a friend.

You need to anticipate and answer questions that might be on your target audience’s mind.  However, you need to go about it in such a way that you tell a story that compels the viewer to visit your site again as a trusted resource.

In a distinct variation to one-off advertising, content marketing makes your target audience feel that they are cared about. This is extremely important in today’s world which is drowned by noise and companies clamouring for attention.

This is exactly why Jose Delgado and the LuoVita team have created a 5-day Content Marketing E-Course.

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Marketing to Women E-Course

Marketing to woman E-course


There are so many differences between men and women, and to add with these long list of distinction, online evolution also determined how this differences would affect marketing. LuoVita will show you the most ideal way in marketing to women.

The past decade has witnessed the historically so called masculine brands, from beers to motorcycles and trucks, just to name some, seeking avenues of growth by marketing their products and services to women. The list is getting longer, and to become successful depends on the marketing execution. Whether you are focusing on woman-oriented marketing for the first time or aiming to take your efforts to the next level, you must be aware of the intricacies of marketing to women.

Conduct your personal research before embarking upon your campaign. It’s really startling, the fact that how many people skip this vital step. Its vital to find the right way that works for you. You need to make sure your story is effective at its best. Look beyond stereotypes, as the new generation of women are confident about flashing their social and economic stature.

Get rid of the 3 P’s. Patronization, Pink and Passiveness. You cannot just fool women by typecasting them, like depicting them as “others”. Stop symbolizing women with feminine touches, (the cliché images of purse or stilettos don’t work anymore). Words like “ladies”, “moms”, “single mothers” are getting outdated gradually.

Also, think twice before emphasizing ‘pink’ as the foundation for your product. You need to understand, you are not fundraising for breast cancer. All women don’t like pink.

Pay attention to your tone. Don’t highlight something that is stereotypical, as your target customer base may find it patronizing. You should strive to depict women actively, with diversity.  To achieve this, you need to include women into your marketing projects. This may sound like common sense, but I can assure you it isn’t common practice in the marketing field. Research proves that gender-balanced teams will always provide better results. Diversity is simply smart thinking when it comes to marketing to women.

Perform detailed audit of your distribution and retail channels. Find out whether women actively shop at your existing channels, and where you stand when comparing your output with your competitors. You will need to adjust your marketing campaign accordingly.

There isn’t a shred of doubt that marketing to women is here to stay. Wherever you are in your business journey, it’s time you took part in the fastest-growing consumer market in the world.

Marketing to women is the brainchild of our extensive work on marketing tactics. For more knowledge that business owners can use to help reach their target audience, you can subscribe below.

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Marketing to Men E-Course

Marketing for men E-course


In order to reach right customers, one must know what you’re really targeting including both men and women. Marketing strategies may differ depending on the preference of the consumer hence we should also consider marketing to men differently.

Targeting men through online marketing has its own perquisites. Understanding the purchasing behavior of the men is integral when it comes to marketing your products and services. There are a certain number of misconceptions regarding how different types of men shop for.

The truth is, it isn’t child’s play, nor does it portray any big complications. New research points that young urban males are the go to market you can target. That’s where your focus should be.

This evolving set of consumers are sophisticated as well as tech savvy. They want to look good, buy luxury goods and can’t spend a day without their smartphones. They are ready to spend big bucks, even just to impress other’s. Image matters to them.

So, while marketing, make sure your story oozes elegance mixed with luxury. This generation doesn’t wait until they are older and successful before showing off their social stature. They buy flashy cars and upscale attires even before they hit 30. They prefer spending money in themselves than saving up for future family planning. They regularly hang out on social media platforms, so having your products and services promoted by social media influencers and popular bloggers is key to attracting their attention.

Regardless of how much hair they need to groom, their basic instincts remain primal. iPhones, Rolex watches and Armani suits practically sell themselves because they portray a symbol of success. The modern man eats healthy, works out and invests in new trends in the blink of an eye. You need to keep up with that pace. You need to constantly evolve. Ask yourself, does your product portray the right image to impress your clientele? You don’t need to sell just luxury goods or grooming products or electronics to attract the attention of men. If your service or product is alluring and advanced, and caters to their needs, they will take notice.

Remember, men are naturally competitive, so ending up on the top of the food chain matters to them. Marketing to men is the brainchild of our extensive work on marketing tactics. For more knowledge that business owners can use to help reach their target audience.

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Mobile Marketing Boosters E-Course

Mobile Marketing Boosters E-Course


Mobile Marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, aimed at reaching the target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, via websites, emails, SMS, MMS, social media and various other applications. How about Mobile Marketing Boosters? Well there’s is so much to learn but this is where success are all starting.

Yes, Mobile Marketing, as simple as it may sound, is a limitless avenue of tremendous opportunities.

And if you do not have a deep understanding of how this next-gen digital-marketing trend works, your brand may well have to give up on the desire of engaging with customers, which is by the way detrimental for any business— big or small!

From opening an email to visiting a website for information—today, everything that can be done on a desktop, is easily accessible through a small mobile screen. No wonder, Mobile Marketing is in the mind of every business, every brand, every entrepreneur and every startup.

But, if you do not do it correctly, you are not only wasting your time, money and effort, but also you are failing to build a personal connection with your customers, which can hamper your business enormously in the long run.

This is the reason why Jose Delgado and the LuoVita team have created this 5-day Course on how you can Boost your Mobile Marketing Campaign, effectively, so that your business can keep up with the trend, make the most of this digital-marketing strategy, and continue to grow in years to come.

This course will make you realize why is it important to treat the Mobile Marketing medium as means of communication and relationship building rather than looking at it only as an instrument of advertising.

When mobile technology is all about customization and personalization, mobile marketing effort for each brand and organization should be unique as well, based on the industry they are in and the audience they are looking to target.

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The importance of Mobile Marketing is only growing and therefore, it is paramount that you ‘Go Mobile’ today and stay ahead of your time.

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