We’re going to explore what mindfulness is and how do we practice it, so what is Mindfulness by the way?

It’s being aware of the present moment without judgment or worries about the past, future or present. Calmly and peacefully allowing you to experience the magic and wonder in this life that we have and to listen to the wisdom of your own heart.

It is a state of mind where were absolutely present, we’re not worrying about something else, we’re just observing and being aware of ourselves and our environment, internal emotions, our outside and our current situation and we’re looking at the beauty of it, the sensations of it, the position of it as if we were observing it and taking a mental picture.

It’s a real gift to learn doing that, because how many of us just find ourselves running around day after day, very busy in our lives, so busy that we actually forgotten to stand still and take a stop.

Mindfulness is actually a tool that we can use to our own joy, our own awareness about ourselves and our own connections between ourselves and the universe,

Do you know that Mindfulness greatly helps if you suffer from anxiety, feeling anxious or panicking about situations? Being Mindful brings you back to the here and now as an observer taking control of your body, control of your emotions, internal environment and then from there you have a springboard to move forward. If you practice well, then you’ll learn to calm yourself.

Bringing yourself back, binging yourself home is very grounding, you then feel safe and don’t feel anxious anymore.

Let me give some examples, pick two points in your day where you stop and observe how your body feels, notice the people around you, the colors around you, see exactly where you are in that given moment. This will only take you some seconds of your day, take a mental picture of it, notice every single detail, as if you would write a description of it and you needed to describe everything. You might be surprised about what you noticed and what you didn’t noticed before because every time we’re in an environment that we’re familiar with you forget to look, you forget to notice, even a new color on the wall could fall without notice even if you walk and pass every day.

Even with people that you assume you know, that they look like and we’re actually forget to refresh our eyes and to look again,

Mindfulness can be so beautiful, it gives you so many rewards, so many happiness and peace of mind, bring yourself in that moment. At the end of the day, those point that you picked will be so vivid in your life and you really have the impression to live your life, you really were present in your own life and that is so important to our happiness, being present in the moment.

One day you set for example the task and set three points, maybe four and so on, you’ll get into the practice of it and live your life with more awareness.

Once you have practice this technique, feel free to share us your experience. Share us how it improved your life. Leave us a comment or be our Guest Post, we will be very glad to share your experience to the world.

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