How to become optimistic despite the challenges we face everyday? How to keep ourselves thinking that there’s always a rainbow after the rain? Pay attention as I give you this tips on how you can transform the negative into something positive.

  1. First of all be aware of your thoughts, try to listen to something positive, if they are negative replace them with positive thoughts. Your thoughts are the reflection of your inner self. Be aware and pay attention to your thoughts. Listen to some positive thinking, if they are negative. Remember, who you are and what your goals are if you want to get on the fast track to a life changing world you will be proud to enter. The very fact you are reading this so far goes to prove you want to better yourself.
  2. Start listening to your ideas. Positive thinking is incredibly powerful. Start listening to the ideas that randomly form in your mind. Learn how to grow these ideas to productive ones.  Positive thinking is incredibly powerful. Learn how to identify these positive thoughts and how to make use of outside resources to develop your positive thoughts.
  3. You must be completely engaged, if you feel so, announce to someone around you how positive are your thoughts or in shifting your attitude, this will hold you accountable. One way to use resources to develop your ideas is to throw your thoughts and ideas at knowledgeable people and seek their valuable opinions even if you don’t intend to use their advice their views will help you to fine-tune your ideas refining them to being of value in a positive way. Think of it as the stairway to a better life.
  4. Have a daily journal where you write down your positive thoughts or at least write down three positive things that happened to you during the day. It creates a positive mind shift that will transform your way of thinking. You will no longer pay attention to negative stuff that happens around you.
  5. You could also visualize the objective that you want to gain, close your eyes and imagine. Imagine it clearly, form a clear image of this aim or goal. Never succumb to the negative phrases, ‘no, I cannot do It.’ or ‘I don’t have the resources.’ or Í don’t have the knowledge or the ability to carry out such a complicated task.’ If everyone had negative thoughts as you, then nothing would have been accomplished in this world. If those high achievers have achieved their goals, then why cannot you?

The keyword here is perseverance. Remember to repeat this every day so it will be impressed upon your mind. Remember that we aren’t perfect. Before you can make changes in your life to take control of your future, you must accept responsibility for the moment you are living now; that means having a positive attitude.

To make it easier, you can refer to your list of people who inspires you.

It helps seeing yourself from another perspective or imagining yourself being somewhat like them. But don’t forget that everyone is unique.

You have a mission; I promise you, we’ll discover together.

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