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Web-hosting made easy with Infomaniak with the aim of delivering you our experience and avoid you a lot of wasted time we have compiled this post that reveals one of our most important resources,
concerning our domain and hosting.

Over time we tried a couple of Hosting companies but from all, the one we have more trust and rely on is Infomaniak,
our domain and hosting for our main Site is hosted by them.

They are a Swiss company based in Geneva,
they have a reliable Service and respond quickly to all issues (when there is one)
its very very rare to have any issue at all,
mostly it was our fault but, even then, they kindly helped out.
their datacenter are located in Switzerland and are mirrored so if there is an
unfortunate event nothing happens, the services are always up and running.
As I remember we never had our site down.

We also use their Email-hosting to have a stable and spam-free environment.

Since we use various Websites we have our own cloud-server who is easily upgradable and
very reliable and very intuitive to use.

As stated, what we mostly like is their very intuitive Dashboard,
I mean, we tried several others and its not so easy, I don’t want to name them but
they are very well established and known businesses and we are really surprised by
their ‘messy’ environment,
you just don’t have this feeling of control or even an overview of our stuff.
Its like fragmented and you can easily miss out something…. (or mess up)

With Infomaniak
You can easily Assign another person or company to handle admin stuff and choose the
content you want them to have access, for example just one hosting access,
configure their email access, without giving the Email password or access directly,
once you don’t work together anymore or if you want to restrict some part of admin,
its very easy to do,
as stated, very intuitive and you have an easy overview whats going on.

WordPress is very easy to install and you can, protect folders inside wordpress
without logging into your WordPress admin, set up a new admin password,
if something happens, you can go back in time, like ‘time-machine’ in Mac,
this already has saved us in the past, you can switch domains easily,
redirect, well everything you could think of, you have free SLL certificates,
there is a Video hosting Service (first 10Gb for free) where you can easily protect you videos and
embed them in you website or membership program,
and so much more….

Then you have Email-marketing, explained here:

but before you advance with Email-marketing,
check out the Marketing PDF E-course below.
& additionally we have also wrote a Post about Marketing here.

Its very important to build up your list from the very beginning because they are your followers,
the ones who trust you, the ones who count on you to deliver value,
handle them with respect and build up a relationship of trust,
its better to have less ‘friends’ but active ones.

If you want some help or want us to provide you some tutorials about any issue, feel free to contact us or drop a message below.

To Your Success