Here is a guide on how to meditate and connect to your inner being.

Even if you are super busy, try to find at least 5 min a day to do this.

  1. Get yourself a quiet place that is free of distraction and create an ambiance.
  2. You may shut your eyes because it’s one of the best ways to meditate, but even if it is not so quiet and peaceful, you may try to concentrate just a little harder. It’s a question of mindfulness, observe and embrace exactly where you are without trying to change it, so let’s start.
  3. Take slow deep breaths in and out, breath in any way you feel comfortable.
  4. Start to release any tension and observe the conscious awareness you are experiencing right now,
  5. Invest time in yourself, in your mind and body, in your wellness, if you want to do it with your eyes open, just focus on something peaceful, something with that you feel at peace.
  6. Choose to use all senses, bring your attention to your feet, notice where your feet are, and how your soles of your feet feel, on the ground or in the shoes you might be wearing.
  7. It is all about observation. Focus on where your feet are in the world. Now shift your mind to the rest of your body, are you seated or standing or lying down? How does it feel where your hands are right now? What can you feel? What sensations is there that can be felt?
  8. Are you breathing gently in and out? Divert your attention to the coolness of the air, the gentle rise and fall of your chest and your diaphragm. Observe any noises around you and every sound you can hear, take it in, observe it, and notice any tastes you have in your mouth, any smells around you right now.
  9. And if you have your eyes closed imagine a visual light in front of you, a ball of light. Think about what colour might be right for you today and focus on that ball of energy. If you got your eyes open, observe the colours around you, and the variety.
  10. Stay in there as long as you like, when you are ready, focus on your breathing, then, slowly bring yourself back, feel free to observe the senses further, choose to have a peaceful day today.


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