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Web-hosting made easy with Infomaniak with the aim of delivering you our experience and avoid you a lot of wasted time we have compiled this post that reveals one of our most important resources,
concerning our domain and hosting.

Over time we tried a couple of Hosting companies but from all, the one we have more trust and rely on is Infomaniak,
our domain and hosting for our main Site is hosted by them.

They are a Swiss company based in Geneva,
they have a reliable Service and respond quickly to all issues (when there is one)
its very very rare to have any issue at all,
mostly it was our fault but, even then, they kindly helped out.
their datacenter are located in Switzerland and are mirrored so if there is an
unfortunate event nothing happens, the services are always up and running.
As I remember we never had our site down.

We also use their Email-hosting to have a stable and spam-free environment.

Since we use various Websites we have our own cloud-server who is easily upgradable and
very reliable and very intuitive to use.

As stated, what we mostly like is their very intuitive Dashboard,
I mean, we tried several others and its not so easy, I don’t want to name them but
they are very well established and known businesses and we are really surprised by
their ‘messy’ environment,
you just don’t have this feeling of control or even an overview of our stuff.
Its like fragmented and you can easily miss out something…. (or mess up)

With Infomaniak
You can easily Assign another person or company to handle admin stuff and choose the
content you want them to have access, for example just one hosting access,
configure their email access, without giving the Email password or access directly,
once you don’t work together anymore or if you want to restrict some part of admin,
its very easy to do,
as stated, very intuitive and you have an easy overview whats going on.

WordPress is very easy to install and you can, protect folders inside wordpress
without logging into your WordPress admin, set up a new admin password,
if something happens, you can go back in time, like ‘time-machine’ in Mac,
this already has saved us in the past, you can switch domains easily,
redirect, well everything you could think of, you have free SLL certificates,
there is a Video hosting Service (first 10Gb for free) where you can easily protect you videos and
embed them in you website or membership program,
and so much more….

Then you have Email-marketing, explained here:

but before you advance with Email-marketing,
check out the Marketing PDF E-course below.
& additionally we have also wrote a Post about Marketing here.

Its very important to build up your list from the very beginning because they are your followers,
the ones who trust you, the ones who count on you to deliver value,
handle them with respect and build up a relationship of trust,
its better to have less ‘friends’ but active ones.

If you want some help or want us to provide you some tutorials about any issue, feel free to contact us or drop a message below.



BlueHost is one of the best web hosting sites out there !

Take a look at BlueHost’s many benefits:

  • A guaranteed 99.9 uptime– Quick recovery from site crashes, meaning you get unmatched access speed and almost constant uptime.
  • Presence of cPanel, for ease in navigation– Customers get to navigate and manage a number of features without going through complicated processes.
  • Multiple hosting options such as shared and VPS hosting– Greater versatility means customers get to choose how to host based on business needs.
  • Absolutely unlimited Domain hosting, with unlimited file transfer and space– Customers will never want in terms of capacity with more than enough space to go around.
  • Unlimited emails– Receive all the emails you can and send as many. Indefinitely.
  • Competent pricing for beginners– A great deal for those new to the industry, especially for new startups looking to get more value for less expenditure.
  • A lot of powerful add-ons for extra value– This is a boost for an already powerful hosting service enabling for better features and efficiency.
  • Unbeatable moneyback guarantee– BlueHost doesn’t force you to pay if you don’t like it. You get what you paid for or you get back what you paid.

After having your Domain and Hosting you need to install a Theme that is User-friendly and lets you customise in an easy way if you’re not very tech-savvy your website, what I recommend is


Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is considered as one of the biggest revolutionary aspect of WordPress development. Being the most empowered WordPress community on the web, it helps users to create amazing website designs using premium WordPress themes and plugins. With these, you can take your website to a new level of professionalism.

These are the benefits of utilizing Elegant Themes:

  • Incredibly customizable – You get to customize your website theme and colour down to the smallest details.
  • No need to dive deep into the coding process – You don’t have to be a coding savant to be able to use Elegant Themes to its fullest.
  • Takes very less time to just drag and drop to develop a website – Optimization to the greatest level to bring about an ease in website designs and aesthetics.
  • Offers design consistency – Every design is streamlined to ensure that bugs are minimized, making for a beautiful experience for those who visit your site.
  • Compatible with several e-commerce plugins – You get to add a number of eCommerce plugins to your theme, meaning that you get to expand your business scope.
  • Promotes your websites with premium WordPress plugins – This means that you don’t need to jump around the site for different functions but get most options at your fingertips thanks to these.

Another Professional Alternative is


Thrive Themes

Today, when building a professional website or blog has become a crucial part of digital marketing, Thrive Themes is one of the strongest WordPress theme that one must install to attract audience and enhance the site’s conversion rate.

Many people would regard this one to be just a theme, but in actuality, it offers different types of plugins that provide the audience much better experience.

Different Thrive Themes Plugins are designed for distinct purposes and can be purchased separately.  But a Thrive Themes package is always better to purchase as it offers everything from themes to plugins along with all the training and support that goes along with the package and that’s for a much-discounted price. 

Following are the advantages of Thrive Themes:

  • The designs are simple in terms of layout and the fonts are clear, thus easily readable. 
  • Using specific action forms or calls to action, one can easily set focus areas in the website.
  • The themes come with pre-built landing pages that can make website look stunning in minutes.
  • Its lead generating plugin can be used to design and place email option forms to expand business email list.
  • Using Thrives plugin like Thrive Clever Widgets, reaching out the audience with targeted content, makes much easier.
  • Thrive Themes enhances conversions, promotional options and sales.
  • With in-built social media sharing, reaching the target audience has become easier.
  • In-built image optimizer builds images that compliments the website’s theme. 
  • Displays related posts at the end of the blog posts without slowing down the website.
  • Very quick maintenance and excellent support.

To enjoy these features, one must start with creating a membership account with Thrive Themes.

Next You need a reliable Email marketing Service like



ConvertKit is one of the finest tools to assist bloggers get their craft off the ground! It is a one stop destination for any aspiring or established writer to work on and reap actual benefits.

The best benefits you get of using ConvertKit are:

  • Ease of tracking clicks and tagging users – Exceptionally well thought of tagging functions and click tracking abilities that tag according to the person’s interest.
  • Efficient system for making email sequences – Compose and create from a single page rather than having to go to different pages for different functions.
  • Automations & segmentation that are well designed – Automatic functions that ensure the tagging of new subscribers to your email list and much more!
  • Integrates with a number of different platforms – Multi-platform support like with WordPress that allows you to use ConverKit in a number of different ways.

Let’s find out how to sign up and use it!

Signing Up – Go to ConvertKit and sign up.


GetResponse is a complete online marketing solution.

It provides turnkey newsletter publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation,

and CRM to deliver information to your contacts and convert them to paying customers.

Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, anti-spam practices,

and established relationships with major Internet service providers and email service providers, GetResponse prides itself on the highest possible email deliverability to ensure that your messages get through to your prospective customers. 

The platform delivers over 5 billion emails each year in 172 countries.

GetResponse is fully scalable and capable of handling both small and very large lists (1+ million subscribers). 

GetResponse in highlights: 

– Over 100,000 active accounts 

– 30-day free trial 

– Deliverability of up to 68% higher than our competitors 

– Unlimited emails 

– Powerful, automatic message personalization 

  • Smart tracking features 

What benefits does it bring? 

– Catches lost sales and jolts your leads into profitable action 

– Boosts your lead generation and business-building results 

  • Chops away tedious and repetitious email marketing tasks 

More details about the course may be found here:

Getresponse Course

So, then we have Social Media,

If you are active and I think you are and should be consider using



SmarterQueue is a great post scheduling platform and a better alternative to the likes of Hootsuite and others. Why? Simply because it is all round more flexible with a focused view on customer friendly usability.

These are what makes SmarterQueue truly effective:

  • User-friendly interface- SmarterQueue has a great user-friendly interface which is very easy to use. The navigation is straightforward, and you can even filter your queue by category and social media platform.
  • Competent pricing- In terms of pricing, no one can beat SmarterQueue. $20 a month will connect you up to four social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • RSS Feeds to help in content curation- If you are currently using Feedly to curate your content, you will love how easy it is to integrate Feedly with SmarterQueue. SmarterQueue will import all your feeds so that you can curate content from one place without having to log in to Feedly.
  • Posting simplicity- SmarterQueue makes posting content effortless and easy. Simply set a posting schedule for each of your accounts and then create categories for each type of content that you want to share. From there, just add posts to your categories and SmarterQueue will do the rest.
  • Social media analytics- Social Media Analytics in SmarterQueue can help you decide when is the right time to post on Facebook or tweet, so that it gets the maximum visibility.

An alternative for Social Media is


Social Pilot

SocialPilot is one of the most popular social media marketing and scheduling platform which was specifically developed for social media professionals and agencies.

Here are some unique features that sets it apart from others; custom Facebook branding, bulk scheduling, team collaboration, social media calendar and client management.

The Benefits of SocialPilot are as follows:

  • Customized Facebook Branding- Using SocialPilot for sharing on Facebook, you can put your own customized branding so that it does not look automated.
  • Bulk Scheduling- Using this feature you can create bulk posts as much as 500 or more at once, by simply uploading the CSV files. This awesome attribute allows users to manage multiple social media platforms with great ease and flexibility.
  • Collaboration within teams- Using this platform, users can easily invite their team member to work in collaboration, share files, communicate, and come up with some useful business ideas. You can include as many participants as you want.
  • Social Media Calendar- Users can visualize their social media sharing strategies and make them more creative and fruitful using SocialPilot.
  • Effective extension on the browser- SocialPilot offers browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari which not only lets the user share an interesting article from the internet, but also enables them schedule images from Canva.
  • Social Media Analytics- The platform provides powerful, yet easy to understand social media analytics that lets a user improvise social media marketing with efficiency.

But then we have something Special:



From link sharing to custom call to action to audience engagement monitoring, Sniply has come a long way in becoming integral to the online marketing process.

The benefits of Sniply are as follows:

  • Simple Setup and Installation- Sniply is one of those innovations with super-easy interface that involves a simple setup and installation.
  • Great Call-to-Action- You can create a call-to-action for every link you share. The call-to-actions are not only time-sensitive that instill a sense of urgency but are also, interesting, and intriguing that are ultimately valuable to your customers.
  • Compact Links Creation- The link shortener from Sniply is so compact that it lets you put a customized call-to-action on every page you share. When people click on a Sniply-generated URL, the page displays the ‘snip’ with a floating mini-banner which contains your CTA message along with a button that clicks through to the URL of your choice.
  • Social Media Analytics- The platform’s dashboard shows you clicks, conversions, and conversion rates. You can also see your top-performing snips, top websites, and favorites as well.
  • Customizable Free Edition- The free edition of Sniply is greatly customizable, leave alone the paid one. It allows you to change color, style and position of your snips, making them stand out without being irritating.

If you plan or already have Products like E-books or other Digital (or Physical) Products you can set up a successful online shop with Shopify and leverage Sales. So lets see how it works:



Shopify’s exceptional capabilities in easily setting up your online shop has cemented its position as one of the most reliable ecommerce platforms out there!

The benefits that you get are:

  • Round the clock customer support- Shopify is big on customer support. It’s customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The response time is fairly instant, which means your business is never on its own.
  • Mobile optimized- All of Shopify’s themes are mobile responsive. The platform also includes a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart, which means your store looks great on all devices.
  • Availability of SEO tools- Shopify has powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features that will help your website rank higher in search results, so customers can find you easily.
  • Stripe-powered payment gateway- Shopify has integrated with dozens of payment gateways, but also offers its own which is powered by Stripe. If you choose to use the Stripe-powered payment gateway, you will not incur any transaction fees instead, you will benefit from lower credit card fees.
  • User-friendly interface- Shopify has a user-friendly customer front-end and admin backend which provides enhanced navigation options and various tools to help you manage inventory, insert product details, create web pages, track customer details, set up customer accounts, receive payments in various currencies, and much more.
  • App store for addons- Shopify has an app store which provides some free and some paid plugins that seamlessly integrate with the platform and helps you to expand the functionality of your online store.

Indeed, with it, your dreams of running an online business has become within your reach and if you learn every option that the platform provides, there is nothing that can prevent you from having your own online shop.

Let’s Start!




Disclaimer: This is an important note that there are some links above which are affiliate links and if you click on them and decide to purchase something, I shall earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Let me say on record that I have used and experienced the services of this company, and my recommendation is strong as I have found them to be very helpful and useful. My opinion is not based on the commission I make, but because of how reliable I found this to be. You are not compelled to make any decision unless you see fit and feel that they will help you achieve your goal.



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