10 Social Media strategies to beat your competitors when you build a home business to make money online.



Using social media in your home business to make money online strategy is one of the best ways to get your business goals. If you are an startup business and wanted to get your brand be known quickly, then social media is the most convenient and efficient way to do it.

How to use Social Media for your business? Well, let LuoVita show you the different Social Media strategies to beat your competitors. Learn the strategies that will let you penetrate the online advertising market.

If you want to establish yourself or your company as a leader in the industry say making money over the internet, you cannot afford to be devoid of a social media marketing plan because social media and online business goes hand in hand. The use of social media for marketing is a new approach for small and large scale entrepreneurs.

Those who built their home business to make money online, the rule of thumb assumes that your competitors are gaining traction on social media every hour to stay in front, attracting more and more consumers in the process. So, your business needs to leverage social media to become the “go-to” forum in your local community.

To make money fast and easy, selling online products can be you top choice. Online business owners make use of online advertising market to promote their brand and products.

If you can dedicate yourself to promoting and producing quality content, strategically targeted towards your specified audience, and you’re consistently engaging with them on a regular basis, there’s nothing that can stop you from attaining the desired growth.

However, that growth might feel limited or stagnated if you have a fierce competitor on the scene.

If a company, like yours, already has a bigger and more engaged following, it will most naturally cast a shadow on your campaign.

New competitors always come with the risk of becoming wild cards, interfering with your efforts. So, how do you protect your turf?

The first thing you need is an edge over your competitors, to survive and thrive in today’s tough market. Even large, established brands are constantly evolving to stay ahead of new competitions.

Providing great customer services and having good products are simply just not enough anymore. You’ll want to utilize all the insights you’ve gathered to avoid the same mistakes your competitors made, invest more time and resources to follow what has worked out for them.

By identifying the areas where your competition is dominating, you can devise your strategy and hit on the points where your strength lies.


1. Content

In online advertising market, content is the basis of any online marketing campaign. It is the perfect medium to convince your users, why they should be using your services. It is required for all forms of marketing, like creation of landing pages and ad copies for your paid campaigns, developing infographics, blogs, e-books and lead magnets.

The aim is to get your content to work to your advantage. Keep in mind that it’s your online money investment. First, you need to get a clear vision of what’s going on around you. This would obviously start with observational research.

Signing up for your competition’s newsletter or subscribing to their blog’s RRS feed should be the basic step. You can create sperate folders for each competitor you are tracking, and set up Google Alerts for their company name and products of their organizations.

However, keep in mind that Google Alerts may not be able to catch everything and so, it’s advisable to follow your competitors on every social media channel they are available.You can also use platforms like “Social Mention” to set up social media alerts. It is like online money investment where you spend money online for your promotion and in return make money online if used eff

You will need to play the role of a follower. Try to understand why that particular company’s strategy is appealing to its customers? What kinds of posts are they creating?

How frequently are they posting? How is the brand voice faring?

What is the response rate among their current followers?

Let’s be honest, you won’t be able to acquire all the information you would’ve liked.

e.g. Your competitor’s internal goals, their basis of measurement of results, or any steps they are implementing behind the scenes. However, you will gain a surface-level understanding of their tactics and the direction they are taking.


2. Creativity


Your creativity is a powerful tool when you build your home business to make money online especially in social media marketing campaigns. If you want to create a good first impression, the presentation on social media platforms do matter. When visiting a website, the first thing that catches a user’s eye is the design.

Social media users have an attention span of mere seconds, and your website layout is the first impression that will decide if you can attract their attention and start to really make money online.

Check out your competitor’s website, the titles used, the font and layout of their design.Look at how they have implemented the site’s style and quality into the design. Is it working out for them? Is it successful at absorbing their user’s attention?

You can also focus on everything in the website that you find appealing, and implement them strategically on your website. Some of the creatives that you need to follow can be graphic ads, home page banner, lead magnets, e-book designs, email designs and most importantly, infographics.

Again make it appealing to the eyes of your potential clients and make money fast from home.



3. Social media pages


A lot of people always ask how to make money over the internet. Here’s the answer. social medial platforms are effective tool to achieve your marketing goal. People are so addicted in what they see in social media and we even spend so much time in social media. Social media is a far more powerful tool, beyond our imagination when it comes to attracting customers. Customer reviews of your products on social media can become a deciding factor for your home business to make money online, actually making or breaking it. Marketing campaigns on social media are key for a successful business.

So, if you or your home business is not on social media, the time is certainly ripe to make your presence felt there. Look up your competitor’s contents and queries on various social media forums and note the pros and cons.

Also, it’s important that you follow their tweets, LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads. Recent surveys indicate that LinkedIn ads showcase the most prolific conversion rate. So, time to play the social media game.



4. Customer Service


Always remember, the customer is the king! and the same principle applies to an online business or home business. You can make money online through setting up you own home business. Start taking the right decision to make sure your customers are treated that way by providing upselling, after sales selling, cross-selling and maintenance services.

Start following the feedback strategy of your customers as well as your competitors, tweak and apply them accordingly with your own.

You can create surveys using your CRM and set auto-email responders for your clients. Whichever domain you might be using, adequate customer service is key to retain them. That’s how to invest money efficiently for online advertising market.

Customer satisfaction will help you retain their trust, and open the door towards future benefits. You must show them that you care, know their issues, and help to resolve such issues accordingly.


5. SEO


If you are promoting your business online, SEO is a powerful strategy to help people find you easily on the web. For example if you are making money online through blogging, incorporating SEO is a proven effective way to encourage people to visit your site. SEO techniques are extremely important when it comes to social media strategy. SEO helps the search engines find your site and rank it higher than the millions of other competitors, when providing a response to a search query.

Thus, it also helps you gather traffic from the search engines. A proficient SEO strategy will decide how high up your site appears on the Google/Yahoo search results. People make big money online if they have optimized their content.

Appearing on the first page of Google/Yahoo, or getting that coveted top spot in the first page means increased chances of getting views, visits and customers.

You will need to do your homework carefully regarding this. “Keywords” are the key here. Find and analyze which keywords your competitors are targeting and getting results for. Then implement such keywords and promote them on your blog.Run ads on such keywords.

If you carefully Invest time and money in your SEO strategy, half the job is being done there. If not, you are already on borrowed time. Food for thought!


6. Analyzing traffic


It’s simple, the more traffic on your website, the more exposure and benefits you get, and vice versa. The more traffic you have the more potential client you’ll get and earn more money online. To be ahead of your competition, you need to find out how your competitors are gaining the required level of traction.

What strategies and what type of marketing campaigns are they implementing to increase their website traffic? It might be an advertisement on social or electronic platforms, or just a simple added feature combined with their products.

Once you earn that knowledge, it will become easier to execute the same and generate more traffic for your website.


7. Know your audience


When you venture the online business to sell products and earn money, one must know your audience. Adaptability is the euphoria required to survive in any industry. Every business out there needs to adapt to the changing circumstances in their respective fields every year.

To stay relevant, to be at the top and to run ahead of your competition, you will need to adapt. To do that, you will need to know your target audience very closely.

In social media marketing, you also create campaigns with your target audience. That strategy will allow you to convert these into sales since you targeted people of the same interest.

You need to know what your audience wants, what their choices are, how the market landscape is changing etc.You can comb through your competitor’s websites and comment sections of their social media pages to get a better grasp of their requirements, and cater to them accordingly.

You will also need to stay updated with various social media and market trends of your field.There are various apps and services which provide adequate data on what type of people are using your competitor’s websites, and how they are visiting. Its high time you start using them and level the playing field.


8. Backlinks


Backlinks are another important aspect of SEO. The more backlinks your page acquires, the more chances of it ending up at the top of the relevant search results.

However, it isn’t an easy procedure, as you cannot buy or borrow such links, you will have to earn them. There are various simple SEO tools like Open site explorer, Ahrefs by SEMrush and Moz, which can help you locate which specific websites are redirecting traffic to your competition’s website.

With efficient research, you can sketch your own roadmap regarding which websites to target for earning backlinks, and approach them accordingly.

Backlink research will improve your content strategy too, as you will be aware of the contents or topics which are earning more interest from viewers. The links will further aid in deciding what exactly to create.


9. Branding


Branding is the main selling point of your product. You want to make big money online, then think of a good brand name. Online advertising market has so much potential for you to earn money online. Look closely at your competitors branding techniques of the same category of products that you are selling to get a clear idea of how exactly they are reaping the benefits.

Find out whether they are marketing the premium look or offering the cheaper alternative. You need to give your brand a unique personality, one that will make it stand apart from the crowd.

Analyze your direct competitors as well the established brand names and strategies they are implementing.


10. Product analysis


The product you are offering should be an upgrade over your competitors. Analyze the pros and cons of your competitor’s products and locate the areas that you need to concentrate on while developing your own products.

Simple strategies, like providing discounts, offers or anything unique on the same line of products can go a long way at increasing your customer base considerably.However, don’t forget to promote these specifics as well as your products.

There’s no point at adapting this technique if you don’t convey the message to your customers.

Digital marketing trends are constantly subject to various changes over time. It’s an ever-evolving process decided by the requirements of the users. Changes In this sector are always welcomed with open hands, as a simple change can create lot of difference in the overall business structure.

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors will help you generate a practical idea of where exactly you are lagging behind or scoring the right points, it is where you’ll see reult and start making money online.

So, instead of being intimidated by your opponent’s success, thorough introspection of your business will only clear your path to the top. Don’t get bogged down by a tough competitor. Step on it and rise above the storm.Now that you have gained the valuable nuances about the Marketing strategies to stay ahead of competition, it’s time to get started!


Remember.Competition is good, but winning is better, and you need to win this war.





Remember.Competition is good, but winning is better, and you need to win this war. Click To Tweet




15 Social Media Tools That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without!



Social media takes a very important part in our ‘internet business training‘ as we say it here at Luovita, there are amazing resources available for us, most of these are free blogging software, for savvy blogging and the reason is quite straightforward, more people on social media are using blogging over internet to expose their business, develop their brand value and get paid for blogging!


Today, social media is the most effective tool to stand out. The combined effects of exposure, demand, and authenticity that a proper social media campaign can bring to us is unique. A lot of social media apps, platforms & resources have been created to help in this process to start an internet business that allows people to make money over the internet and prosper over time, even if it’s just for building a home internet business.

Make money over the internet using these social media tools.


Let’s take a look at 15 social media resources and top blogging tools as you make money by blogging and even really make money online.


Google Analytics – (do not relate with Adsense Blogging for now), is one of the most useful resource to display data about the traffic and use of a website. You can go check out this article about how to start a website with WordPress. It takes out data, present it visually in a comprehensive form like an infographic, highlighting the major informations. This helps improving on neglected areas.


Twitter has gained a tremendous reputation as online relationship advice and generating exposure and brand awareness over the last few years. Even if you are not much into the technical aspects of things, you would still want to know about influencers who are common to your domain in Twitter. The same goes for any potential client. The elements of hashtags must be understood and used properly so you can assure that your reach the right people and convert them into clients. Consider this as one of my online relationship advice, with wide-range of people being reached, you have higher chance of getting known to make money over the internet.


Facebook is all about building relationships and increasing brand awareness, it is an advantage, at least for the majority of businesses having a presence here. This is another online relationship advice I can give, use Facebook to effectively target your audience through organic engagement or through Facebook Ads.

This advertising platform is in its way inexpensive and facilitates a direct connection to clients who want to know about you and your services home business or your money making business over the internet. In addition to this, Facebook offers optimization programs for the fine-tuning of ads, along with the details of those interested in your ads.

This is widely used by entrepreneurs to get traction and having their brands be known all over the world. A lot of business people are making big money online through Facebook exposure.


Canva does a great job as a designing tool which helps in the creation of professional images for banners, blogs, etc., it starts with a free plan and offers a wide range of templates for business cards, posters or presentations. The platform is simple to use. Most people are visual and they get attracted to images, and Canva is a very user-friendly tool to covert your simple image to promotion grade images that can promote your home business to make money online. Beautiful images catches attention of your potential clients and you can start getting customers and earn money online.


YouTube is somehow unique in social media marketing, this video-based platform allow you to spread your ideas, business, brand and other features in a very visual appealing way, as an entrepreneur you could consider social video as a very effective brand exposure tool. Your creativity in making your Youtube  video makes your channel attractive to audience which can drive traffic and improve your home online money investment through your business.


GetResponse  is one of the world’s best email marketing platforms available in 21 different languages. It helps in building targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up campaigns.

It also offers responsive email design, ready-to-use email templates, landing page creator, marketing automation and statistical analysis tools, this is the platform we use! This tool is used for email marketing to connect with your clients.


Convertkit also part of our internet business training, has its place as one of the best email marketing software, it has been created by bloggers for bloggers, its super easy to use and work with and is very beginner friendly.


BlueHost is a leading web solutions services provider and it is has continually innovated to empower people to fully take advantage of the web. They provide comprehensive tools to millions of users throughout the world so anyone, beginner or pro, can take advantage of this opportunities.


Shopify is one of the best E-Commerce platform available today, you can use Shopify to sell online products in a very attractive way with a very effective support team behind. Shopify is easy to setup if you are just starting up your internet business or home business to make money online.


Elegant Themes is a WordPress theme that uses Visual Drag and Drop Technology, we have a detailed tutorial about them, we use them in our websites and are a very big fans!


ThriveThemes is another option to Elegant Themes to create fully conversion optimized websites and also provide very responsive and conversion optimised plugins for WordPress. It has fast WordPress templates and plugins, built to get more traffic, more subscribers, more clients and more customers

Infomaniakthey are a Swiss company based in Geneva with a reliable service and respond quickly to all issues (when there is one) its very very rare to have any issue at all, mostly it was our fault but, even then, they kindly helped out.

Their data center are located in Switzerland and are mirrored so if there is an unfortunate event nothing happens, the services are always up and running. As I remember we never had our site down.


SmarterQueue is a social media scheduling app helping you saving time and keeping your posting organised in an easy way.


LinkedIn is a professional social media platform and plays an important part in the networking process of many companies. Be it entrepreneurs or seasoned businesspersons, perfect to look for and find potential candidates and partners, it is highly preferred over other platforms by managers for the employment process.


If applied correctly these tools or platforms helps on how to save your money and start a internet business.


Social Media is a great way to connect to your customers together with traditional methods like emails or calls, you can reach people around the globe, you can click, edit and make the pictures visually appealing,  publish and monitor posts/articles and analyze where it’s working and where it’s not and answer the question on how to make money online for some ‘blogging heads’!


Social Media is a great way to connect to your customers together with traditional methods like emails or calls, you can reach people around the globe! Click To Tweet



10 Powerful Ways to Attract Followers to

Your Facebook Business Page



10 Powerful Ways to Attract Followers to Your Facebook Business Page(1)



If you dedicated yourself on how to make online money or start a internet business, you have wondered what the powerful ways to attract followers in Facebook were. Well, as you are aware, we in Luovita give FB a standout as network marketing internet business, among the other social networks.



It’s an effective marketing tool for savvy blogging and a way small to medium businesses make money by blogging and how to earn extra money. With over 1 billion users, it’s ideal to target your audience and publicize your products/ services, even if you are building a home internet business.

So, it’s important to attract targeted followers to your Facebook page so that they are constantly updated about your company and the latest product launches. This could create a strong interest in them for your brand.

With the formation of a strong relationship there are greater chances of profitability. Here are some of the most common ways to attract followers to your Facebook page:


Facebook effective marketing tool for savvy blogging and a way small to medium businesses make money by blogging and how to earn extra money. With over 1 billion users, it's ideal to target your audience and publicize your products/… Click To Tweet


Add the Facebook page link in your email signature. 


You can incorporate the page link in your email signature to draw more people to your business page, each time you send a mail to an existing or potential client, he/she will be able to click or save your page link and visit it later.

It is a subtle way of informing people of the existence of your page and encourage them to socially engage in activities.


Add the “Like Us” icon on your business cards.


If your business cards contain the “Like Us” icon it automatically makes business partners and clients curious about your Facebook business page.

A natural interest arises regarding the page and people are compelled to “like” your company’s page. Liking the page is a great boost as it helps promote your company to the Facebook friends of those who liked it.

This group will then include new visitors who get to know about your business and are driven to explore the page too.


Invite your friends to “Like” your page.


After the creation of your Facebook business page, you may want to invite your supportive friends and family to like your page. For this, you can use the link “Invite Friends”.

Also, you may want to ask them to invite their friends too. These initial likes will give you a great start and credibility. They will also play an important role in drawing more followers to your company’s Facebook page. Once you get more followers into your page, your promotions for your home business to make money online can be seen automatically by your followers.


Add social plugins to the company website.


It’s important that visitors on your website are able to locate your page easily, use Facebook social plugin, such as the “Like Us” plugin, to obtain more likes.

Typically, these plugins include a “Like” button, recent posts on your page, and pictures of some of your fans. They are catchy, attractive and will drive more readers to visit your Facebook business page.


Hold a contest on your Facebook page.


A great way to attract to your page is by running a contest or competition, you need to ensure that your contest complies to their promotion guidelines.

This should be organized in such a way that only those who like your page can take part in the contest. You may want to publicize the contest as much as you can through every way possible so that more people are driven to visit your page and like it. It is an online money investment but can definitely promote your page.


Publish content that interests your community is one of the best tips for blogging.


When you post content that interests your community you have more chances in attracting visitors to your business page. Yes, making money through blogging is true. People use blogging to get more traffic to website that allows readers to be more interested on what you have to offer.

For example, if you own a bakery in a certain place called Dewland, you may want to search for “Favourite interests of people who like bakeries and live in Dewland” or “Favourite interests of people who like bread, cookies, cakes and pastries”.

You could also look up the interests of your competitors’ communities. All this information is particularly useful when deciding what to post on your Facebook business page. Content based on this information will be engaging for your target audience and consequently attract more Facebook users to your page.


Post on a regular basis is a good online relationship advice.


It is important to actively post on your Facebook business page so that it’s included in the top ‘Facebook updates’ every day, which will draw existing and new visitors to your page.

You could post at least one status update per day. Also, you may want to see when the majority of your followers are active so that you can schedule your posts accordingly. People in general are more likely to see your Facebook business page and visit it if you are consistently active in posting.


Interact with other companies’ Facebook business pages.


Engaging with other company pages as your Facebook business page can help build awareness between like-minded companies and their followers.

You can use Graph Search and search for pages, companies and places that that are of interest for your company and then like these pages.

Participating in relevant Facebook pages will make these companies follow you back and draw their Facebook followers to your page as well.

This will be a great boost in drawing more Facebook users to your business page. Again your followers are your first potential customers in your home business to make money online.


Use Facebook advertising as a way on how to make money online.


Facebook ads cost money as it is pay per click, there are many options available when it comes to advertising your business page.

However it is essential that you target your advertising to people who relate to the demographics and interests of your target customers. It’s a great way to get the attention of your targeted fans and attract them to your page.

Say if you want to make money through blogging, you can promote your blogging website into your Facebook page. Make creative designs and captions that will attract your followers to click.

To make the most out of your ads, you can choose your community’s interests to find people who are similar to your present fans or customers.


it is essential that you target your advertising to people who relate to the demographics and interests of your target customers, this is one of the best business blogging tips and online blogging tips on how to get paid for blogging Click To Tweet


Measure the results to optimize growth.


You may want to use Facebook Analytics to find metrics that are able to analyse your page performance.

Facebook Analytics essentially retrieves data from various channels such as Facebook Pages and bots on Messenger, which enable you to get a complete idea of how your Facebook business page is doing.

With demographics and audience insights, the analytics tool enables an appropriate understanding of your existing and potential customers. It is a great way to analyse and learn about what works best to attract followers to your business page when your built a home business to make money online.

The purpose here is to boost the number of visitors & engagement to your page (and business!).





Following the above mentioned methods can effectively help you attracting more followers to your Facebook business page improving your company’s growth.



  1. I also found this article from Sarah Peterson very useful and complementing this guide on how blogging make money online with very good blogging business tips & if you want to have more information on how to boost your social media presence read 15 Social Media Tools That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without 



How to Avoid Strategic Mistakes While Using Instagram


How to Avoid Strategic Mistakes While Using Instagram

Continuing our articles blogging and online blogging tips we as users & entrepreneurs should avoid some strategic mistakes in using Instagram, one of the top blogging tools, belonging to the free blogging software category, there are DOs and DON’Ts in using Instagram for making extra money online or just as savvy blogging.


Instagram as one of the fastest growing social media platform and considered to be so influential, it is on of the best marketing tools to grow your business online and make money over the internet. You’ll see a lot of entrepreneurs making wide-range of connection through Instagram.

When Instagram started it was only a way to post pictures with friends and fans with some marketing value. However, in the last few years it has proved to be effective in reaching out to our modern, ‘time-stressed’ audience and even for building a home internet business.

With visuals and short messages it is a perfect way to market products and brands in a flashy, direct manner and even to start an internet business to earn big money online.

Instagram users, and if we view this as an online relationship advice, are often quick to make strategic mistakes that can hinder their website’s potential and relationship with their audience.


I listed the most important errors to avoid in order to make the best use of Instagram, so view this also as business blogging tips:


Being too promotional. 

Instagram is a promotional tool where you post images, quotations, videos of your products and services. Instagram allows you to follow and be followed which you can convert to potential customers. If used efficiently, you will surely make extra money online or really make money over the internet.

Constantly highlighting your business to people can make them lose interest in your Instagram page and consequently turn them away. Instead of posting images of your own product or logo all the time, you may want to take a softer approach.

It is a good idea to manifest the values that your brand or product represent in an engaging way. For example, if images of your products and other lifestyle content are posted along with the services or solutions that are being offered it creates a balanced impression.


Misuse of hashtags. 

In order to reach more people, Instagram uses hashtags. If used strategically, it can drive traffic to your page and website and get more customers on your online business.

They are powerful when used correctly but it’s important to use them in a way that

  • don’t bury the first comment
  • applies to the visual &
  • does not exceed the ideal number

You may not want to use more that 5–10 hashtags per post. It also turns Instagram users off to find visual content that is unrelated to your hashtag search. In conclusion, use hashtags to show something that is useful and relevant so that users are motivated to visit your account again.

If you are targeting audience that relates to fitness, you must stick to the hashtags that also relates to it like something about healthy lifestyle tips, health wellness lifestyle, healthy lifestyle habits and the like.

Primarily used as locators tin search, hashtags allow people to find topics of interest as relevant keywords.


Making your Instagram account private. 


When you have a personal profile, you could keep it private. However, if you own a business you want your profile to be public. This is because you want to make it accessible and easy for people to find and follow you, also to being shared!

People are curious and want to see always everything on your Instagram account, so make sure its public. Public is where you get potential clients, so make sure your posts are visible to them.

Say if you have a home business to make money online, you create social media accounts to reach your clients, but making it private won’t serve its purpose.


Posting low quality photos. 


Whether it is your personal profile or business profile, you need to appear as professional as possible, the quality of your photos and videos helps determine the impression of the visitors of your Instagram page. Building a home business to make money online would require so much effort in building your social media presence and which posting high quality images plays a role.

High resolution footage, for example, automatically increases your credibility and is associated with professionalism. You may want to make sure that your images are twice the recommended size so that they are of high quality.

Follow the tips below:

    • Take your photos/videos with your smartphone or digital camera instead of through the Instagram app. That way, they can be edited easily, and the result are better quality images/videos.
    • Take several photos on the same subject to get that perfect shot.
    • Edit your chosen photo well but try not to overdo it with the filters.
    • Take photos in the direction of the light and in indirect natural daylight if possible. You may also want to avoid shadows and reflections on your images as they can be a distraction and distort the image quality.
    • Develop a unique visual style and stick to it in your images/videos. This will provide consistency when your newsfeed is viewed as a whole.
    • I’m a big fan of Sarah Peterson and her photos, as private example on Instagram shows the professionalism I mean.
    • And I love the style and approach of Abby Lawson and of course as she is dedicated to decoration it’s a whole other level, love it!



Posting inconsistently.


It’s important to post regularly on your Instagram account to give visitors the consistent value they seek, you become predictable and followers develop an increased trust on you. Building trust with customers is important in making money online.

However, you should not post for the sake of it. Spamming your followers’ news feeds could have a negative effect, they may feel irritated and could “unfollow” you. Space out your posts with pertinent and engaging content.


Not proofreading the written content.


Even if there is only limited written content that can be posted on Instagram it still matters that the content is edited and proofread properly. Content with careless grammar and missing punctuation can discount your credibility. It can also spoil impressions in front of a massive audience. If you’ll read about Blogging tutorials, proofreading content is also one of the must DO of a blogger.


Not interacting with your followers. 


The primary thing to remember for any social media marketer is to engage with your visitors, it’s all about connecting with your target audience and making them feel wanted.

So if your audience makes comments on your posts, respond to it. Also, re-posting the content of your audience as a way of showing appreciation is a great idea, this builds a healthy relationship with your followers and helps promoting you back. If you are promoted by your audience, then making money online is on its way.


Not following your followers and other relevant users.


When your followers follow you, it would be a mistake to not follow them back. Even if you don’t need to communicate with followers on their personal accounts, following your followers will help you know them better. You are not stalking them of course but as an entrepreneur who wants to build a big home business to earn money online, well knowing your potential market is must as well.

You will also find out what interests them. This information is helpful when preparing content to attract the attention of followers and fulfill their interest. Other relevant users can be found through the Discover page, hashtag searches or by observing who your followers are following and liking.


Not paying attention to Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories is a feature that enables users to share several photos and videos in a slideshow sequence which lasts for only 24 hours. Typically, one in five Stories receives a direct message from a viewer, it’s a great way to get the attention of Instagram users and presenting your ‘story’ to your followers in an attractive way and connect with them.


While using Instagram Stories, it is important to keep the following in mind:


Sequence a story. The sequence and format of Instagram Stories makes it easier to understand and follow of a larger story. For example, you may share a step-by-step process on how to use a gadget newly available in the market, share a day in the life of someone or give a insight of your services. Definitely, an online business or a money making money over the internet would have a lot of story to share.

Be original, make sure that you are authentic in your content, make your Stories as unique as possible so that your followers feel genuinely interested in going through it.

Use creativity. The point is to be as creative as possible, you may want to use Instagram Story features such as stickers, filters, drawing tools, text and tags to make your content more eye-catching.

Invest value. Your Story needs to contain value so that your Instagram followers take it seriously, you may want to check whether the Story conforms to the goals of your overall social media strategy.


Not using analytics to track results.


 It’s important to know who is visiting your Instagram account, why and when they are present. Only then will you have an idea of the interest and success of your Instagram account.


Not adding links linked to your website. 


This is because visitors who are genuinely interested in your Instagram content may want to visit your website and it’s way easier for them if you provide a link to your site. Not doing this (out of commodity) could prevent many visitors from accessing your website.

For a more commercial approach I also found this useful article from ‘Entrepreneur‘.

Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes can greatly improve your presence in Instagram.





11 Ways to Boost Engagement in Twitter


Twitter has high potential in reaching your customers in your home business that make money online and achieve your marketing goal because witter is one of the major players in social media marketing.


11 Ways to Boost Engagement in Twitter



As of the third quarter in 2017, this microblogging service had an average of 330 million monthly active users. Hence, if you can capitalize on the marketing power of Twitter, there are chances of increased publicity for you or your company, which brightens prospects in the long run through its engagements with its followers.

You can make money online using this platform too, because Twitter has high potential in reaching your online customers and achieve your marketing goal.

Engagement on Twitter primarily involves followers (i) responding to your tweet (ii) retweeting your tweet (iii) favouriting your tweet (iv) mentioning you in another tweet and (v) clicking your link.

Twitter engagement is important because it helps forge a meaningful relationship between you and other users. If you are a company owner, this engagement is all the more imperative as it helps you connect with your customers and other industry peers, which increases profitability in the long run.



Here are certain ways in which you can increase your engagement on Twitter:


1. Interact with your followers 


An online relationship advice for you, a good way to engage with other users is to interact with them so that they feel valued. For this, you may want to like, give responses and retweet your followers’ content.

When you respond to other users’ content, they are more likely to pay attention to what you’re posting too, thereby boosting engagement. It also helps to project that you care, which builds a relationship of trust and reliance between you and your followers.


2. Share relevant links 


One way of increasing engagement on Twitter is sharing the content and tagging the user or brand who created the same. In such a manner, you will be able to earn the appreciation of others. Consider this as a making money ideas that we take advantage to the potential of Twitter engagement.

Twitter users who might share your content later in return. This could consequently increase your publicity and drive more traffic to your website.


3. Shorten your tweets 


Though you are compelled to automatically keep your tweets brief as Twitter limits posts to 140 characters, shortening them a little more could actually increase engagement.

Essentially, shorter tweets with around 110 characters are reported to get 17% higher engagement. This is because it makes easier for others to retweet your post while adding their own input.

If you use all 140 characters in your tweet, your followers will need to edit your tweet for adding their own commentary before retweeting. This is time-consuming and can push followers away.


4. Tweet during the peak hours


The Twittersphere is active during certain hours of the day. When you post at a time when most of your followers are online, it will naturally increase your engagement on Twitter.

Try to find the peak hours and post during them, as then you’ll get more views. This will lead to more clicks on your posts, thereby increasing engagement. Come to think of it as a marketing strategy for your home business to make money online.

It has been observed that between 8 am and 7 pm, tweets generally have a higher interaction by 30% while some studies reported that from 12pm to 3pm on Mondays through Fridays is the best time for posting.

In general, tweeting during daytime hours increases audience engagement as compared to the night. Hence, you should adjust your timing as required, keeping the target audience in mind.

5. Tweet on weekends 


If you want to maximize engagement, especially with your followers, weekends are the perfect time. As people can generally afford more leisure on Saturdays and Sundays, there is an increased tendency to visit Twitter.

In fact, data indicates that engagement is higher by 17% on weekends than it is on weekdays. Hence, if you are seeking popularity and the endorsement of your brand, it is unwise to take a break from your Twitter account on weekends.

6. Use relevant hashtags 


The incorporation of relevant hashtags increases the visibility of your posts and implies a call to action as well. You want to use hashtags on trending topics or industry-specific hashtags to ensure that you’re capitalizing on a valuable source of engagement.

It is a good idea to limit yourself to two hashtags for each tweet.

Be careful to avoid an excess use of hashtags as this leads to a sharp fall in engagement. Studies show that tweets with hashtags are 33% more likely to get retweeted than those without them. If you are a home business owner, you can definitely make money fast from home in advertising your presence in Twitter.

Hence, posts with hashtags have a greater tendency to grab users’ attention and increase engagement.


7. Make the reader act


 Posts that have strong calls to action are most commonly retweeted, which subsequently increases their engagement. Words such as “help,” “please,” “follow,” “retweet,” and “how to” concentrate on the reader of the tweet rather than on the sender of the tweet.

Your followers find themselves at the centre of attention. Therefore, calls directing the reader to act effectively boost engagement. You may want to use action words that inspire the reader to do something without directly asking him/her to share the post.

Such action words include “download”, “learn more”, “visit our site,” and “shop our sale”.


8. Add images


Tweets with images that are attractive and relevant often get more engagement compared to imageless tweets. Hence, it would be good if you post images on some of your tweets.

The image could be a photo, a graph showcasing data or an infographic. It needs to enhance the value of the tweet.

In this way, it can effectively increase the engagement of the Twitter users. They’ll find value on your Tweet and will find your online business more credible. This strategy can definitely increase your chance of hitting the online advertising market.


9. Add videos 


Adding videos to your posts are a great way to tell news, induce emotion and invest zing to your newsfeed. Since videos are dramatic, they incorporate a dynamic feature to your tweets.

Twitter users tend to be more closely involved in videos as the latter vividly presents your point across to them.

The feature called Twitter Video enables you to record a new video from your smartphone or upload an existing video if you have an iPhone. It has been noted that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the social media platform.

Native videos on Twitter tend to considerably boost engagement than those from third-party players.


10. Avoid too many tweets


Though you want Twitter users to notice your posts and engage with you, be careful not to post too many tweets. This is because an exodus of posts will discount the value of your tweets and others will tend to not take it seriously.

Exceeding 4 posts per day decreases audience engagement drastically. You may want to use a scheduling tool to see how many tweets you will be posting each day. It will automate the process that will allow you to focus on other important aspect of your online or home business to make money online.


11. Use simple, direct language 


If you are looking to engage a great number of people on Twitter, it is important to use language which is simple and lucid. Florid expressions may not be understood by everyone and could consequently decrease audience engagement.

As you have only 140 characters to make Twitter users click on your message, it needs to be as pinpointed as possible such that it expresses ease and attracts users. Certain power words such as “immediately”, “improve”, “protect”, “bonus” “exclusive,” and “how to” proffer value to your tweet, thereby increasing engagement.



Following these strategies can help you considerably increase your engagement on Twitter. Though it may initially appear to be challenging, you only need to implement a few tips to make the most of this relatively underestimated social… Click To Tweet



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Important Tools for Online Entrepreneurs



From experimenting with new methods of online merchandising to social media advertising, there is a whole new generation of business people emerging today, who are using the Internet to make money online and as a powerful tool for both small and big businesses.


Important Tools for Online Entrepreneurs


Have you ever asked, what are the tools for online business? Please allow LuoVita to share these online business tools for you.

Whether it is merchandising business physically through e-commerce shops or playing on modern innovative services, once you blend the knowledge of technology with good business sense, you can look at the vast power of online advertising market in its ability to start, grow and sustain a business.

The Internet is not just good but a great melting pot for businesses to thrive as along with minimal requirement in terms of capital, there is even less demand on technical expertise or knowledge of the complex, yet low-cost operations.

There are millions of cost-efficient avenues present on the Internet, using which a big number of individuals have created their own vision of success by taking not only a well thought-out but also, an immaculate jump from traditional employment towards fulfilling their dreams.

Every digital entrepreneur goes through a lot of stressful work setting up and running a successful online business. Therefore, it is important that you save your time for the most important tasks and minimize the hassle by using the digital platform itself to take care of the rudimentary, yet, critical tasks.

This blog is about 14 effective tools for online entrepreneurs that can save them from a lot of unnecessary trouble dealing with important things like payment and customer feedback, in a secured and trustworthy way, so that they can concentrate and focus on their vision to build an empire in the virtual world.


1. Bluehost 


A webhosting tool for entrepreneurs with plenty of features under one account (domain). You will spend on this tools but for your internet business, consider this as online money investment.

A go-to website hosting service, packed with features such as unlimited domain hosting, GB file transfer, hosting space and email accounts, free templates and domain name, that provides you quick access to live chat and phone support directly from technical wizards.

To keep information safe, Bluehost comes with multiple security tools such as admin password protection, a secure FTP, daily server backups and shared and dedicated SSL certificates.

Along with these features, the tool also offers a helpful demo account so that before managing your own website, you can learn the functionality of the control panel in advance.

The added incentive is that Bluehost also offers free e-commerce and shopping cart applications not only for retail startups but also, for CMS software, WordPress and survey software.


2. Teachable 


If you’re offering an online education learning, Teachable is a tool that allows you to create interactive courses with your personalized branding and style and host them on your own website.

It is a simple yet powerful all-in-one platform that has a sustainable base of ten thousand plus instructors who can share their knowledge with you through innovatively created courses built on a user-friendly interface.

In a few clicks you can sign up easily for a particular school, created by a learned individual and view the curriculums and previews of the school and purchase the required course.

This tool is extremely helpful for people who are looking to learn, teach and educate others in a fresh and convenient way.


3. Shopify


A tool to help you design your digital storefront. If you are someone with less technical inclination, you can find it a bit challenging to build an online store with a strong online security system and an easy to navigate UI/UX.

Thankfully, to help you with this, some brilliant developers have developed Shopify. With Shopify you’ll easily learn how to start a website and build a home business to make money online.

It readily integrates into your existing website by breaking down the barriers which were preventing you before from entering the complex world of online marketplace.

It provides you with a user-friendly interface that is perfect for entrepreneurs and it makes the platform super easy to manage even if you do not have any kind of web or software development experience.

Besides providing you with everything you need to successfully launch a digital store, a subscription to Shopify’s services allows you access to a full range of tools that you can use to transform your store into a steady source of income.


4. Trello

 If you want your business to be established in the online world having a well-sustained customer base, working in an organized way is important.

And to do that, scheduling is required.Trello is a free project management tool that helps you get organized by telling you what to do and when to do.

The layout of Trello contains a board which you can fill up with cards. When you open a card, you can add comments, upload files, create your own checklist and much more.

It is a super versatile tool that can be used for a variety of things from organizing a specific project to writing an e-book or even for creating an email course.Using Trello, online entrepreneurs can keep a bird’s-eye view on every project they are working on or are planning to work on.


5. Asana

This is not just another but the ultimate project management tool which works with tasks, project conversations and dashboards.

Without having to physically schedule any meetings, you can turn conversations into actionable tasks, provide comments on other people’s or competitor’s actions and can immediately see the progress that it has been making.

Teamwork can be made very easy with Asana.


6. Dropbox 


This is a great app for storage and backups.

Dropbox has a huge amount of plugin apps which makes it extremely easy for you to store, access and share important files and documents from anywhere instantly.

In a vast digital world, this is a great tool for businesses with several remote workers, allowing all of them to share and access important documents and information.


7. Slack 

This is an amazing communication tool for teams and mastermind groups.Slack is a beautiful chat app that has by far not only the nicest but also, the smoothest design that you will come across.

Either you can create several channels to discuss different topics of your chosen or you can have a private conversation with members in responsible positions.

It allows you to share files and easily find messages and notifications in your archive.You can operate it from any device as everything is automatically synced to save you the trouble and time and it can easily be connected to other apps like WordPress or Skype.


8. WordPress


 A hugely popular platform for creating blogs and websites.It is free and super easy to use, requiring only the most basic computer skills to create and maintain.

It allows you to add images and content to your website in a way that it appears you have hired a professional expensive webmaster to work on your website.WordPress enables users to implement add-ons, extensions and tools to simplify the entire process, making it immensely favorite even among those who have aversion to codes.

Whether it is designing responsive pages, streamlining a subscription funnel or simply creating a UI/UX that engages visitor; WordPress can provide impeccable assistance to online entrepreneurs in building websites with relative ease.


9. Mailchimp 


A simple tool to help you send professional email newsletters to an entire list of people.

With this easiest tool at your disposal, there isn’t any need for you to pay a digital agency for sending emails on your behalf. With dozens of free templates and user-friendly features like drag and drop, Mailchimp can revolutionize your marketing campaign in an extremely cost-effective way.

Be it collecting leads, building an email marketing list, setting up auto-responder messages or mailing your prospects—Mailchimp has it covered for you.


10. Mention


 A highly user-friendly tool to help online entrepreneurs in the field of media monitoring.

Mention basically tells you when anyone talks about you or your company in the online world.

It gives you the ability to track keywords that are suitable for your brand and lets you keep a note of when and where your competitor’s names are brought up or discussed about

.A big bonus for users is that Mention helps you in customizing a plan which is perfect for your business catering to your specific needs.


11. Buffer 

A powerful tool to help entrepreneurs fulfil the social media needs.

Buffer is your one stop solution for scheduling social media posts and updates to almost all of your social media platforms. Simply log in for an hour and schedule your posts for up to a week which saves you the time of having to do it every day for every different platform.

The tool is designed brilliantly to let you share the links that you have shared previously, and it also comes with data driven analytics to help you keep a track of your progress.


12. FreshBooks 

An online invoice tool to help entrepreneurs in managing the cash flow.When cash is crucial for any successful business, it is important that you handle it meticulously keeping in the mind the ease that your customers need to experience while sending you payments.

Not only you want to make it simple for your customer to pay you but also, you want to make it as easy as possible for your business to send invoices.

Comes in FreshBooks.An invoicing platform that that allows you to create professional looking invoices, send payment reminders to customers and accept payments from them.The tool is highly responsive as you can even send invoices from your mobile phone.


13. Leadpages 


An outstanding landing page builder and lead generation software for online entrepreneurs.

Leadpages has an incredible user-friendly interface which is extremely simple to use that allows you to create landing pages for multiple different mediums and devices. It has more than one hundred and sixty beautifully designed ready-made landing page templates that you can easily show to somebody by using a feature which sends the template via emails, pop-up forms or through social media platforms.

With convenient drag-and-drop capabilities, the templates are creatively designed for different purpose in different industries. With just a few clicks, features like countdown timers and CTA buttons can be simply added to any template and you can even have a look at how to create landing pages that are designed to be texted to users other than you.

14. Google Analytics 

A free powerful tool that online entrepreneurs can use to track their website’s or blog’s traffic.With this tool Google helps you to track everything that you ever need to know about the visitors on your site.

From where exactly your website is generating traffic, what are the keywords that are driving traffic, demography of visitors, to all sorts of other helpful information which are immensely important in building your business and catering to the exact needs of your existing customers and potential clients; Google Analytics is your friend, philosopher and guide.Using all the information you can actually improve the experience of the visitors on your website or blog.



Freelance Market: An underused Area where you can reap the Benefits from, concentrating on tasks that have high priority


When you are an entrepreneur, you are bound to encounter problems that are sometimes beyond your capabilities—either in terms of solving the problems or giving them adequate amount of time or both.

When you focus on efforts that will help you build your brand and give yourself a strong online presence often, the rudimentary time-consuming tasks tend to take a back seat. So, it is important as a visionary that you recognize the shortcomings and have a clear plan to work around them.

For these specific situations, you need to take advantage of the vast market of professional freelancers who are available to help you complete the mandatory tasks. This is obviously a helpful option when you are not looking to add a permanent member to your team.

There are several platforms from where you can hire professional freelancers each of whom come with their own unique benefits which can be put to use for your one or more specific needs.

Freelancer, UpWork, PeoplePerHour are some of the established freelancing platforms that connect digital entrepreneurs safely to the market of freelancing environment which is filled with talent from all across the world.



Getting rich quick might be one of the most prevalent misconceptions that almost all business owners and developers have in mind but, the Internet has continuously given the real world quite a number of millionaires and billionaires and that too in a short span of time.

Though it may sound easy but building a successful online business has much more to it than just working from home in your pajamas and fulfilling your dreams sitting on a relaxing chair. It is a highly volatile environment where one click can drop you face first at the bottom of a cutting-throat competition or with a few clicks you can sip in a glass of virgin drink and enjoy your fruits of labor.

With ever-changing temperament of markets and rapidly changing characteristics of digital platforms, it is difficult even for the sincerest entrepreneurs to keep up with the complexities of the virtual world. It is imperative that you research the Internet first and have an idea of the principles behind online success.

To have an edge over competition, you need to have a hang over the online tools, online education learning , online advertising market tips,  that can help you immensely in the world of electronic asylum. When the whole idea of Internet is to save you time by working efficiently and conveniently, it is absolutely necessary for you to put a value on time and use it to its maximum capacity by using some, if not all, of the tools that are mentioned in this blog.

And always remember,

If the sole purpose of your online entrepreneurship is to earn money, it’s better you prepare to fail before building a sustainable online business and earning hard cash from it. For any business, be it in the real or virtual world, to be successful it needs to sustain itself. There are some effective tools apart from what are mentioned here to help you successfully launch and build your business.

Knowledge is power and therefore, be wise to dig deep into the online world before thinking of tapping into its reward system.



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