How do you start your day? What you do first once you get off the bed?

If you do love living, it is important to start your day on a positive note which will be a powerful way to change from the ordinary to getting on the road to a better life. Transform the shift from imagination to reality, with a crystal clear vision of your future.

Happiness and empowering become closely linked to how you start your day. Reflect on whether you are doing the work you love or is it draining you?  Be energized by the impact of transforming possibilities into realities.

Only when you feel you are in command of yourself and your life and being aware of whom you are in the physical, mental and spiritual context that you will actually and thoroughly experience happiness, vibrancy and flexibility in your life, transforming possibilities into realities.

Because you are powerful enough to create your life and gain experience from your internal environment, you have the power to create the day you wish it to be, each and every day, no sooner you wake up.

Don’t let yourself fall into the common trap of starting your day, by grabbing your phone as you wake up.  Don’t allow yourself to do the first thing you usually do, emailing, messaging, and getting involved with social media. It isn’t the most positive start that you could have. A good alternative would be, by challenging yourself when you wake up, to meditate and think about how your day would be, for at least half an hour or more on what could be different and how you could go about creating changes to your normal life. Consider the impact of your spiritual side amplifying your worth.

At first, it could be a hard thing to do, but as time goes by you’ll get used to being in that state of preparing and challenging yourself to start different things and projects without being stuck in your work and be in a different state of mind. Sort out your spirit, your body and mind for the day. Cultivate positive influences and get out of stagnation.

Feel grateful for the day ahead, feel that good things are coming, experience the universe, order the day you want it to be, you put the time and energy into it, this energy will come to you, you’re creating something new, a new environment.

Take all the negativity away. It will allow you to open your mind to yourself and be grateful. Don’t let fear enter your thoughts. You are strong enough to overcome your fears and face the challenges that the world throws at you.

You could just get down and create your life, create your happiness, set yourself up for your day because it is your day and not someone else’s. It is purely yours. It is important that you own it and feel that power of ownership in this beautiful way.

Most important, don’t let any negative thoughts enter your mind. If you think there’s one coming, or it crosses your mind, just replace it with another positive one. Generate positive results of the seeds you planted in your thoughts and experience vocational success.

Run a gratitude list in your head and plan your day carefully, feel your day, believe me, you are powerful enough to create that. Do not live by default, live by design. Lead an inspiring life of giving and fun.

I wish you a fantastic day.

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