Lifestyle Idea: Did you know that how you

start in the morning actually

sets the mood of your entire day?


Did you know that how you start in the morning actually sets the mood of your entire day?


Just try to imagine waking up so late, snoozing your alarm to the nth time, skipping your breakfast and rushing yourself to work. Is it like chaos?

Let me help you change that lifestyle habit and start planning.

It takes practice but it will lead you to success. Make a habit, a daily routine that will bring positive outcome. This routine will help you reduce stress, enhance focus and improve productivity.

You have the power to create the day you wish it to be, or even create an ideal lifestyle. Opportunity comes everyday but without a starting your day right, it can already influence your chance of having a happy day.


Opportunity comes everyday but without a starting your day right, it can already influence your chance of having a happy day. Click To Tweet


Now, we listed a few tips on how you can start your day right which in time can be your daily

routine. We bet on this list as we are confident that these tips would not bring you any trouble.


1. Be grateful and stay away from negativity

Feel grateful for the day ahead, feel that good things are coming, order the day you want it to be, you put the time and energy into it, this energy will come to you, you’re creating something new, a new environment. Take all the negativity away. It will allow you to open your mind to yourself and be grateful. Don’t let fear enter your thoughts. You are strong enough to overcome your fears and face the challenges that the world throws at you.


2. No gadgets

Don’t let yourself fall into the common trap of starting your day by grabbing your phone as you wake up. For some people like those who are making money online, there is a big chance they are guilty of this routine.  Don’t allow yourself to do the first thing you usually do, emailing, messaging, and getting involved with social media. It isn’t the most positive start that you could have. A good alternative would be, by challenging yourself when you wake up, to meditate and think about how your day would be, for at least half an hour or more on what could be different and how you could go about creating changes to your normal life.


3. Fix your bed

Did you know that a lot of successful people starts their day in making their own bed in the morning? It is setting a good habit of organizing your stuff which can already set a good mood before you even get out of your room and eat breakfast.


4. Do not skip your breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast is essential to boost your energy and maintain the same level even after hours.


5. Well rested body

If you wish waking up with full energy, one must have a good sleep at night. A quality sleep is beneficial to the brain and also plays a vital role in your physical well-being. As much as possible, take a 6-8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep.


Next Step – Be Good to Yourself


Next Step - Be Good to Yourself


It is not new to everyone that each of us has the potential to become the most critical judge of who we are, what we do and what we can’t do. We often feel disappointed in our own actions, in how we look and act in front of other people. I myself feel so conscious about how people would perceive me. The question is, how do we make ourselves less of this.

The aim is being aware of this and shift, if we’re gonna be the biggest bully of ourselves that’s only going to work against our happiness.

It’s a valuable skill if you start to notice when you do speak unkindly about yourself because being aware of this in the first place is going to be your fist task. It will probably be a habit and that will require practice.

But notice when you think something about yourself it puts you on a positive or negative vibration, brings you down or cheers you up. This will be one of the most important steps of helping you improve your behavior, you know, every thought you have is an affirmation, subconsciously either lifting you up or knocking you down, so it’s wise to pay close attention about your thoughts you’re repeating over and over about yourself or your surroundings.

What’s important now is to start  thinking the opposite. For example if you’re constantly thinking about how traffic is such a waste of time going to your office, then why not think of something that can make the long hours in traffic a productive one. You can actually condition yourself sleeping and waking early so you can leave the house early. And while in the bus or a cab, you can make use of the time reading, or watching educational films online.

Another example is about your body,  you don’t like your weight, your appearance, you feel ugly and less confident about your physical look. Now, realize that there is something more about life. Physical appearance is just one of them, yet there are other things that matters most. You can shift the way you think in not dwelling too much about how you don’t like your physical appearance, but instead thinking over what can be done to improve your looks. This is very shallow of course, but you can think of other reasons that are more motivating. For example, you want to confidently talk in front of people, that way you are marketing yourself way better than before.

Be aware that because you have this old habits this thought are still missing but it’s worth practicing, and, day by day this will get easier and easier until the internal monologue inside your head is one that’s supports you, rather than being your biggest obstacle it is going to be your biggest fan.

Believe me you’re powerful, you’re a good person, you’re a wonderful person, you’re exactly where you’re need  to be right now in this world and I want you to celebrate that. Celebrate it with yourself first because its only when you learn to appreciate who you are and what  you’re about that you can share that with the rest of the world and we need to be really our biggest fans internally in order to help anybody else and in order to bring about the best we can be and the best person in us so remember how amazing you are today and I hope that you choose to have a fantastic time today and say nice things to yourself, be kind to yourself as much as  you can, stay aware and take care.


Are you sometimes tense?


Are you sometimes tense?


Tension symptoms, would you know if you have them? Why not take a Tense quiz?


The modern world has gifted us with tension, stress, anxiety, depression and many more psychological and emotional disorders.

Our ancestors used to live much simpler lives, and were ignorant of these heavy words. But, with the flow of time, we started to lead a busy life that invited some or the other psychological disorders in our life.

The best way to get rid of these unrest is to identify them, as they may lead to depression if not controlled on time.

Recognizing your own stress or tension is not a tough job. Take the following quiz sessions to find them out.

Mornings are the best time to assess yourself. Check if you are getting up lively, happy and with a smile on your face. It means that you are a happy soul with affirmative thoughts.

If not, you are heading towards depression. When you wake up tired or with a mind full of incomplete work, it indicates that tension is engulfing you slowly.

If in the morning you are not getting up with a delighted heart, take this state of mind seriously as the stress in your life may affect both your physical and psychological health.

You might not realize, but stress can be the actual culprit behind your frequent insomnia and dropping productivity at work.

You can even take up the quiz while driving or traveling to your office. If you are traveling unworried and enjoying the sights around, you are definitely a happy-go-lucky person and know the essence of living.

But, if you are checking your watch after every five minutes and thinking of the day ahead, then you are not only missing the beautiful sights around but also gradually welcoming stress into your life.

Unfortunately, in this busy and eventful world, most of us are unaware of the true purpose of living.

Most of us either live with the regret of our past deeds or with our future expectations, and thus miss the beauty of the present.

We forget that we do not have any hold on our past or future, rather, we should always cross the bridge when we reach it. I advise my readers to cross the bridge at the right time rather than wasting time thinking about it.

uiz yourself often to analyze your state of mind. If you find that you are living a tensed life, take a deep breath and relax. Trust me, self-help is the best help and only you can uplift your mood by taking everything easy.


Next approach, ask yourself ‘How Can I Learn to Meditate?’



In health wellness lifestyle, there are so much we can do to keep ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Luovita will focus on one, Meditation as one of our healthy lifestyle tips.

Like fitness training, which is a technique to train the body, meditation too is a technique to train the mind.

I would say, learning to meditate can be compared with riding a bike. Once you have learned it, you will not forget it for a lifetime.

But where can you learn to meditate?

Today, in this era, internet is considered to be an excellent medium of learning and communication. There are a lot of meditation tutorials on this platform.

So, you can often start learning meditation from these online courses as long as they are not complicated with lots of jargon.

In general, most of these tutorials are good and explain the terms they are using, in detail, so that the beginners can understand them with ease.

When you are starting out, it’s important to choose a meditation method that’s easy to pick up. I would personally suggest practicing breathing exercises in the beginning.

Meditation is all about focusing on something and thus, one can learn to meditate by focusing on breathing, walking or any action of their choice.

If you prefer, you can also go for a high-tech meditation like Centerpointe, where you need to sit down in a comfortable place and play a CD with a relevant and peaceful music.

Once you have decided on a meditation method, try it for a week or so, to check whether you have really got the hold of it. If you have already progressed, keep going with it.

And if you haven’t, then try another method instead. Remember, like other aspects of life, not everyone gets on with every method of meditation. So, never be embarrassed if you find you can’t get along with a particular technique.

A week or two’s trial is a good length of time for learning to meditate. As I said above, meditation is more like driving a car or riding a bike, and it will probably take you more than one lesson to learn it appropriately.

Choose a particular time and place to practice meditation each day. We are creatures of habit.

Thus, when you are learning something new like meditation, you must set aside a specific time of the day when you know you are not likely to be disturbed and carry out your meditation practice freely.

Apart from that, meditation can be learned and shared to everyone. You can influence other people of the good benefits of meditation. You can even blog about it and making money through blogging. Yes, you read it right. You make extra money at home or earn money online as you do blogging. You can read more about here : Blogging


Course – Blogging Success



To be optimistic in life and know the secret behind a happy lifestyle, read my blog How learn to enjoy your life


Allow yourself to become more and more of YOU through meditation. Click To Tweet


Quick Guide on How to Meditate


Here is a guide on how to meditate and connect to your inner being.



Here is a guide on how to meditate and connect to

your inner being.


Meditation brings so much positive effect to our body and mind, healthy lifestyle habits that one must start practicing. We all deserve this wellness and only takes us 5 minutes every day to at least improve our being.


Meditation brings so much positive effect to our body and mind. We all deserve this wellness and only takes us 5 minutes every day to at least improve our being. Click To Tweet


Even if you are super busy, try to find at least 5 min a day to do this:


1. Get yourself a quiet place that is free of distraction and create an ambiance where you can focus.

2. You may shut your eyes because it’s one of the best ways to meditate, but even if it is not so quiet and peaceful, you may try to concentrate just a little harder. It’s a question of mindfulness, observe and embrace exactly where you are.

3. Take slow deep breaths in and out, breath in any way you feel comfortable.

4. Start to release any tension and observe the conscious awareness you are experiencing right now.

5. Invest time in yourself, in your mind and body, in your wellness, if you want to do it with your eyes open, just focus on something peaceful, something with that you feel at peace.

6. Choose to use all senses, bring your attention to your feet, notice where your feet are, and how your soles of your feet feel, on the ground or in the shoes you might be wearing.

7. It is all about observation. Focus on where your feet are in the world. Now shift your mind to the rest of your body, are you seated or standing or lying down? How does it feel where your hands are right now? What can you feel? What sensations is there that can be felt?

8. Are you breathing gently in and out? Divert your attention to the coolness of the air, the gentle rise and fall of your chest and your diaphragm. Observe any noises around you and every sound you can hear, take it in, observe it, and notice any tastes you have in your mouth, any smells around you right now.

9. And if you have your eyes closed imagine a visual light in front of you, a ball of light. Think about what color might be right for you today and focus on that ball of energy. If you got your eyes open, observe the colors around you, and the variety.

10. Stay in there as long as you like, when you are ready, focus on your breathing, then, slowly bring yourself back, feel free to observe the senses further, choose to have a peaceful day today.


Finding the Time to Meditate Regularly


Finding the Time to Meditate Regularly


If you won’t drive yourself to find time to meditate regularly, then you are missing its benefits. If you want to change your lifestyle, then you must be serious about it. It is identical to the idea of you wanting to earn money online, yet you are not dedicated and committed then result may not be favorable.

Nowadays, we all are living a very busy life and always seem to be in a rush. There are so many things around us, competing hard for our time. From food and coffee on the go to speaking on the cell phone and typing away at the computer, all of which clash with each other to get our attention and time. In between all these, we struggle to manage time for positive things like meditation.

So, in this fast-paced world, how can we devote at least 15 to 20 minutes of our precious time, simply to meditating?

Remember, like brushing and bathing, meditation too is an essential activity for your overall health. Initially, it might seem to be an uphill struggle, but with proper synchronization of time and regular practice, finding time to meditate will no more be a pain.

If you seriously want to give some of your valuable time to meditation, start finding it today. Get up earlier than usual, as you never know what would work for you. If you are an evening person, dedicate a few minutes to meditation before you go to sleep. There is no particular time to meditate. Prioritize it at any time, when you are free, calm and at a relaxed state.

If you can’t devote sometime every day to meditation, then consider becoming a weekend meditator. Usually, Saturdays and Sundays are not that hectic as the rest of the week and thus it is advisable to indulge yourself in meditation during the weekends.  You will still get benefited from these sessions. Meditation sessions allow you to step away from your busy life and cultivate your inner peace.

A small action like re-arranging the schedules of the day can help you to find time to meditate. If you watch the TV news, skip it. If something important happens, it will certainly crop up again in the news channel. You can even ask your family or friends to brief you on the latest updates. I personally practice this habit of skipping the news and catch the important ones on the weekly news.

If you have a television recorder, use it to skip the advertisements. This technique will save 15 minutes or more per hour of television you watch. Trust me, when you have the willpower, everything goes smoothly. So, never make an excuse of ‘running out of time’, but rather, find an appropriate time to sit down and close your eyes to meditate. Even if it’s only for a minute, it will do its job perfectly.



A Tip – 2 Ways to Create Your Own Custom Subliminal



A Tip - 2 Ways to Create Your Own Custom Subliminal Messages


A subliminal message is basically an affirmation for your mind, which can be visual or auditory presented below the normal limits of human auditory or visual perception.

These suggestions are hidden or exposed for such a short period of time, that your mind may not consciously register them at that time. Instead they are listed in your subconscious.

Subliminal messages can be either positive or negative. In this blog, I will discuss the 2 different ways through which you can create your own customized subliminal messages.

The best way to prove that subliminal messages work is through a situation you have most likely already experienced. I am sure that you have been in a crowded room with many animated conversations happening all around you. Now, if someone calls out your name from amongst the crowd, you would still most likely be able to hear it, wouldn’t you?

The first method I will discuss about is subliminal audios. The great thing about this method is that you can apply them anywhere and everywhere, unlike the other method I will tell you about next. These audios are usually accompanied with either binaural beats or very relaxing music.

The messages are repeated so fast, that our conscious mind has no idea what it is suggesting. You can get pre-made and customized subliminal audios. This particular route to persuasion or influence is similar to auto-suggestion or hypnosis. The subject is encouraged to linger in a relaxed state of mind, so that suggestions can be directed to a deeper avenue, the subconscious.

The other popular method requires flashing messages on your computer or movie screen. Here, the messages are repeated so fast that your conscious mind does not have time to even read them.

You would have probably heard stories of the government and large companies using them in advertisements, etc. Today, you can acquire software which displays subliminal messages on your screen while you are working on it. You can choose and personalize the messages before they are even displayed.

Recent studies indicate that subliminal messages, when displayed, reflects a person’s normal interpretations of stimuli. It’s about challenging your mind power. However, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that the viewer will initiate actions based on it.


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Meditation naturally improves memory. No supplement, no

medical intervention, just meditation.


Meditation naturally improves memory. No supplement, no medical intervention, just meditation.


Meditation is an ancient technique to relax your mind and body. It focuses on concentration and breathing exercises, through which stress can be released from our mind. Practicing it regularly, allows a person to be more receptive and open. Meditation can be beneficial to memory too. Studies say that when a person is relaxed, his memory improves.

Few situations like forgetting your loved one’s birthday can encircle you with guilt. Mostly, this happens due to stress, but, the guilt in you starts feeding the cycle of forgetfulness by making you more anxious. As the anxiety grows, you start forgetting other things too.

Practicing different meditation techniques, opens up your mind and allows your memory to function well. With gradual execution, your memory will improve, and you will be able to recall things like phone numbers, dates and names easily, without referring to phonebooks or calendars.

Meditation is a great alternative to some very vigorous exercises and simple enough to perform on a daily basis. I would recommend you to take meditation classes along with some memory developing programs. This would boost your memory more. Primarily, to meditate, you need a quiet place and finally, the suitable mood and relaxation requires the use of candles and essential oils. It is a proven fact that essential oils are highly soothing and relaxing, and thus, can be beneficial for your memory.

Nowadays, meditation classes are offered in gyms and natural wellness centres all over the country. You can find one near you, with a purpose to boost your memory. Apart from improving your retention power, meditation has other benefits too. With its regular implementation, it also helps to improve your self-esteem.

If you don’t want to join a class, there are plenty of manuals, books and other equipment in the market, that can help you to start meditation at home. The simplest form of meditation that can be practiced at home is the breathing exercises performed with certain poses. Remember, when your mind is calm and relaxed, your memory will get enough room to grow.

Everyone seek for a happy life living an ideal lifestyle and practicing a healthy lifestyle habits.


Finally – Be Yourself


Staying honest and true to yourself, looking at yourself clearly and letting people see the real you is the greatest reward you can give yourself.


Staying honest and true to yourself, looking at yourself clearly and letting people see the real you is the greatest reward you can give yourself.

You are not limited in pleasing other people, in interacting how most people interact, you are unique in your own ways. There’s nothing really wrong in trying to fit in, but its not always the best idea. You can be who you are so long as you don’t hurt someone else.

Obviously, people who are not pretentious are more happy.

Let me share some ugly truths about not being yourself, and I hope

it will make you realize to start being real.


  • Listening to other people’s voices over your own opinion and stand
  • Making other people proud whatever it takes
  • Being conscious of your actions worrying what other people will say about you
  • Trying to fit in when you don’t actually need to
  • Losing your self-esteem and thinking less about yourself
  • Your standard is not your own preference, but others


Do you think, you’ll feel happy being that someone who isn’t really you. Don’t make yourself a prison of your own.

Be free, from that point on you’re going to feel empowered, more in control of your life, more in control of your happiness and you feel a sense of trust with the world, trust in yourself, trust that you actually know what you’re doing. It feels wonderful to actually be able to live your life with that in mind.



In the past, I always tried to please others and I am so

afraid of being judged. Here are some realization I learned

in my existence, hope you also realize it sooner than me.


I am unique, I don’t need to fake and pretend I could be like others who are more acceptable by our society or at least by those people around me.


I don't need to fake and pretend I could be like others who are more acceptable by our society or at least by those people around me. Click To Tweet


I am happier, there’s no pressure at all. Accept me for being me because I won’t compromise my happiness just to please you. Sorry for being brutally honest, but that’s how I feel.

You can’t love others, if you ain’t loving yourself more. How can you give something you don’t have, it’s pretty simple right? Being true to yourself, is acting who you are and believing on what you know is right.

Self Respect. When you respect yourself, others will respect your too. People will see how strong and that you can stand for yourself and in your beliefs.

How to be true? Try these list below, it worked for me.

  • Be genuine to yourself and you’ll be perfectly fine in being genuine to others
  • Take a firm stand on your value
  • Be decisive, you can make decision on your own
  • Appreciate your own potentials, your talents, your skills
  • Remember that there’s nothing wrong in being different
  • Keep in mind that you are influencing people to be the better version of themselves


Now, don’t be afraid to show the world the real you. It will make you happy and it will guide you to an amazing life experience.



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