Do you often find yourself Procrastinating? Count me in, because you are not alone. I myself procrastinate too and totally forget how to start what needs to be done. As what everybody say, getting started is the hardest part of completing a task. But would you agree with me if I say that procrastinating has positive side too?

Once in a while we have that episode of procrastinating over stuff. We tell ourselves “oh maybe later”, “I need a break, it can wait”, “I’m not ready yet”, “blah blah blah”, and all other excuses that in the end we finish nothing but regret the time wasted

Even successful professionals procrastinate too but they do it more positively. There are times when it’s is better to do things later especially when you are exhausted and feels like you’ll do it better when properly rested.

I don’t wanna dwell on the negative, but instead the positive side of procrastination. It’s not that bad if done wisely. Let me give you some of the positive side of procrastinating.

First, managing your energy instead of stressing yourself because of time constraint. Imagine working 5 hours straight not taking a little break because you hate to procrastinate and you are too focused on finishing the task on time. Try to realize that these 5 hours of work can be done in lesser time if only you have given yourself a chance to rest a little. A 10 minute break can replenish your energy that would help your brain think faster and your body to move faster.

Next, procrastination helps you realize what’s important to you. You may have a long list of tasks in your daily planner but only few of them are really necessary. At the end of the day you’ll find out that the reason why you are procrastinating is because you are working on the wrong task.

Lastly, procrastinating allows you to be more creative. As you procrastinate, you are subconsciously thinking about great ideas on how you’ll work on the task which prepares you more.

Admit it, procrastination is not the evil friend alone when done wisely procrastination would teach you to process all the steps and consideration before coming out with the final decision.

If you usually procrastinate, welcome and embrace it. Just be on the right track as you do things that matters the most for you.

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