This is a Human Friendly list of things you can control in life.

  1. Happiness – Happiness is a choice in truth you can be happy with little or you can be happy with a lot it’s not dependent on your possessions. Happiness is the result of when your reality is matching your expectations. The fact that you’re not happy is the result of either too high of an expectation of what life should be like or the lack of your personal effort in order to match the reality to your expectation.
  2. Yourself – The world judges the book by the cover you do it we do it that’s just how society works and to be honest it’s not the world’s duty to get to know you on a deeper level of acceptance. The way you present yourself is completely under your control if you present yourself. people treat you the way you treat yourself if you don’t take yourself seriously nobody else should either.
  3. Education– Education no longer means going to a fancy university. If you are reading this article, then you are educating yourself. If you continuously read our articles and even enroll to our courses, then that is education. Even in Youtube, you can watch our videos where you can learn a lot. The internet offers a wide range of resources that you can get for free. People just need to take advantage of this privilege. It only takes time to read, watch and learn any concept you wished to learn.
  4. Health – With the exception of specific cases of disease most people struggle with their health due to a lack of attention to put it in the most simple terms possible there are two aspects to health one the fuel you put in your body and two how strong is the body if you figured out these two and act accordingly. You’re going to be in great shape and stand a much better chance at living a healthy and happy life fortunately for you both of them are under your control.
  5. Friends – You definitely have a choice in choosing your friends. As the saying goes, “tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”. Friendship is such a great experience and finding real friends is a good talent. Real friends are those who can be with you through good times and hardship. People who will understand you when no one else can. People who will support you and influence you to be better. It is your choice to know who’s the lucky friend.



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