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Allow yourself to be in control of your own life. How to be really in control? Learn from the experts as we share you the effective ways on how to take control of your own life. We all have goals we want to accomplish things we want for ourselves. Our lifestyle idea differs from one another but may have the same purpose.




Maybe it’s your fitness you want to improve and have a healthy lifestyle, maybe you’re looking to enhance your career by investing to learn more through online education learning , or perhaps you have always envisioned a life of travel for yourself that you want to make a reality while earning extra money online.


Got so many goals? No problem!


But it is true that a lot of people lack the necessary skills and expertise to achieve these goals.


Let me cite few simple examples where people usually fail:


  • Dieting and fitness program
  • Job that you don’t like because we don’t know how to get out of our career ruts
  • Focusing too much to earn and forgetting to have fun
  • Quitting smoking



The saddest part is that even YOU doubts yourself for achieving the goal.




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Tip #1 The Power of Passion


The answer to all of this is passion. Find your passion and it all falls into place. It is not only for your happiness that finding your passion is crucial, but the same is the secret to your success too. Passion is the key to becoming the kind of inspiring, charismatic and magnetic person you’ve always aspired to be.



Tip #2 How to Become a Doer


Once you find the thing that you’re really excited about, you need to devise a plan to make that happens and then stick to it. This is what will make you a doer and not just a dreamer. You want people to stop rolling their eyes when you tell them about your plans and instead to be a person who carries real weight and gravitas when you speak. When you say you’re going to travel around the world, you want people to know that you mean it.

Walk the talk is the best way to describe this. When you talk about what you wish to happen or do, you must take action to make it happen.



Tip #3 Then Again…


But then again, there are times that sharing it to other people brings consciousness and makes you feel more accountable since people are watching your progress. There are also people that can motivate you in reaching your goal. There are friends who’ll support you and be with you in your journey.

You are also allowing people to criticize you as they watch you and make sure that you stick to your goal and never get off track. These people can actually help you monitor your performance and even bet on giving you punishment if something goes wrong along the way.

There are also situation that your goal involves other people then it is obviously okay to tell the person your goal. For example, your goal in 2019 is to travel in Europe with your girlfriend, then your girlfriend must be involved in the planning and making it reality.



Tip #4 How to Find the Drive, No Matter What


Another important tip is to always keep in mind the ‘why’ behind what you’re doing. Too often, we work toward a goal in a blind manner having forgotten the real reason we’re doing it.

Let’s go back to one of my examples, quitting smoking. To keep you inspired and well-motivated to really stop smoking, always keep in mind the reason behind the goal. You may wanna quit smoking because you want to stay healthy for your family. Things like that are the greatest motivation you could have in reaching your goal.



Tip #5 Get a Washing Machine


Mindset shift can make a lot of difference. If you are all set with your goal and you want change to happen then your action must be towards the goal by eliminating distractions. You can plan your day-to-day living, spending your precious time to what matters the most. You know your passion, so definitely you’ll know what to do.

Make a daily plan so you know exactly where are you spending most of your time. Analyze the relevance of these activities to your goal and make amend when you realize that it isn’t helping and already wasting so much of your energy and time.

Just imagine how much improvement it can bring your life when you stay focused and well-guided by these practice.




All these steps and techniques should help you to become better at sticking with your goals and finding the will when the going gets tough.


Set yourself up for success, remind yourself why you’re doing the things you’re doing and get people on your team.



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