Are you in control of your success?


We all have goals we want to accomplish and things we want for ourselves.



Maybe it’s your fitness you want to improve, maybe you’re looking to enhance your career, or perhaps you have always envisioned a life of travel for yourself that you want to make a reality, all it comes down is to what I call LifeStyle Design.



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Now, there is nothing wrong with having many goals, but it is also true that many of us lack the necessary skills and expertise to convert those into reality.

This renders us somewhat powerless when it comes to choosing the trajectory of our lives.

We’re out of shape because we don’t know how to stick to a training program.

We’re in jobs that are unexciting because we don’t know how to get out of our career ruts and are unable to get the money together to go traveling.

We have forgotten what it is to go out and have fun.

The really bad part of the matter is when we tell someone how we’re going to quit smoking, write a book or get into shape, and they just roll their eyes and say “sure.” What’s worse? We ourselves don’t fully believe it.

It’s time to change all that and be a new person. It’s time to come forth and take control of your life. Let’s look at how we can make it happen.


Success is for everyone

Realize the real success within yourself




For you to really understand the meaning of success, you must have your own definition of it that relates to your personal life. Success is way too far as most people defines it.

OK let me share a little about me as a kid. I am honestly not so happy  whenever I received awards in school? There’s a distinct feeling of joy and excitement to eat out with my family and get all the attention, however shockingly, getting awards was never the wellspring of my joy. Not the grades that I want to celebrate but the the journey I had to get those good grades. Sleepless nights, projects, tiring days studying for exam, and the support I get from my family. That for me is a real success.


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A Lot of individuals long of getting a luxury car, working high up in an extravagant organization, gaining bunches of cash, and having the capacity to do what they want and what they need. They work so hard, they eat less, they invested more energy slaving over a long stretch of time of reports, books, and stress; just to get to the best.

Give me a chance to ask you this, however: does being on top mean you are successful? Success is the feeling of finding a sense of contentment and inner happiness. Inner happiness is priceless, it is being optimistic despite the life challenges, and failures we may encounter in life.  

Reality is, many of us have different perception about success.


Some people measures success in the amount of money you have in the bank. Some feels like being in the elite circle is a representation of a successful life journey. Sad to say that our concept of success is ruled by the pictures of wealth, distinction, and influence. We invest too much push to accomplish that idea and what do we get in return?

Are we truly satisfied, did we genuinely feel happy having all the glamour or even the attention we get from the others? If not, then that isn’t truly a success. Success is not tangible. It’s a feeling that we get from exerting our effort and having that peace.

Let me share my experience, I am a work at home mom but prior to this new career I have a good career in corporate world. I already moved up my ladder to get a good position at work. I have honed skills that clients and my company appreciates the most. In short, I already have that value in the company.

However, after getting married I already conditioned myself that once we decided to have a baby, I will give up my career and focus on being a full-time mom. I wanna be there in every milestones of my baby.

Then I got pregnant, guess what? After 8 years working with my company I am ready to give up everything just to fulfill my promise, because I know, that will give me the real happiness.

Now, I am with my baby 24/7, watching her grow and ensuring she gets the best that I can give. I may be the best team lead that my agents would have, but I wanna be more of the best mother for my baby because she only deserves the all the best in the world.


Material things are not forever so as our lives.


While we still can, invest more on real happiness and peace. Material things are there to use but the happiness we could get in the love of our family, peace of having nothing to be worried about, that moment that you can sleep peacefully at night, those are priceless and not everyone are given that chance.


Again while you still can, invest on those things that will make you truly happy, things that money can’t buy.

Again while you still can, invest on those things that will make you truly happy, things that money can’t buy. Click To Tweet


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Time Invested Wisely leaves to Your Dreams



Invest your time wisely because a time wasted will never return. One should study the best ways to invest your time.

Last Friday, I met with someone, who had just started with his own home-based networking business. Being an entrepreneur, I believe that this particular venture can truly be an effective method to attain a great financial success.

My advice to the person was to plan the work in a simple way. Some projects can be lengthy, but while executing them, you should always keep your patience and never quit the job until achieving your ultimate goal.

What if, your fellow teammate or business partner is giving an excuse of a lack of time? Be the leader and emphasize to them the value of Time. My stance on the phrase – “I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME”, is that it should be deleted completely from your vocabulary. A day consists of 24 hours, which is consistent for all. For the next 7 days, keep a detailed track of your invested time.

This simple task will help you to understand your loopholes and will assist you to utilize your time properly and effectively.

God has blessed everyone uniformly with the Universal currency- Time. But, only those who invest in time sensibly, prosper. A successful person, with loads of work can easily give an excuse of time limitations, but he won’t, as he knows the secret to win in life.

To progress in your endeavors and attain your dreams, you must look into your soul and perceive the value of time, which is considered as the greatest gift from God. So, make sure to use this to maximum effect by investing it judiciously.

Today, most of the people are impatient and find their job exhausting, when compared to others. But, you must realize that there is a very thin line between winning and losing the game. The way you set your mind, determines your success. Thus, I always suggest my readers to ignore what others say. Listen to your inner-self and choose the right path that leads you to success.

I believe, you and everyone else can live up to their dreams, by simply wiping off the negative thought that you do not have any time.

We all are familiar with the proverb “You reap what you sow.” Take this slogan to your heart and sow your time wisely to live your dreams perfectly.

Whatever the situation is, be affirmative and never say that you are running short of time. Trust me, no other investment can make you richer and happier than investing your time wisely.


Next Step – Change Your Habits


Next Step - Change Your Habits



Everyday matters a lot to us, it gives us hope, a new beginning, a brand new start. But imagine yourself doing the same old stuff that isn’t making your life better?

How do you feel about each day doing the same exact old routine and habits and at the end of the day accomplish nothing new nor better for your life.  T

Think about it, you may be doing something that must end by now. It doesn’t mean closing your door to change, but you are allowing change to come into your life. Allow us to make you realize that breaking your old habits will bring so much improvement in your existence..

How many years are you doing the same things, thinking and worrying about the same things, telling the same story, being the same way to all the people in your life and never fully going after the dream that is burning inside you?

How many years are you making excuses for why you have not step up yet?

How many people try to inspire you to step up and yet you tell them excuses after excuses of why you’re too old, why you’re too young, why you’re not educated enough, why you’re not smart enough, why you’re not good-looking enough, why you don’t have the experience,

How many excuses have you made in your life that had held you from fully going after your purpose, you’re missing your dream, the thing that brings the fire out of you and inspires those around you.

How long and how much longer are you going to hold yourself back, lay small, pay it safe, stay comfortable, not hurting one’s feelings. How much longer are you going to play a safe life and never ever doing anything that leaves a mark on this planet.

This is your wake-up call, this is the moment you decide, you have a choice every single breath, every single time your heart beats.

Am I going to move towards my dreams or am I going to waste another breath, waste another heart beat and allow my fears?

My insecurities, my stupid stories that I have going in my head over and over that I’m not worthy enough, that I’m not good enough, smart enough, that I’m not ready enough, that I don’t have enough experience holding me back?

From fully opening your heart, expressing yourself and living like a human being on a mission to change whatever it is that you want to change and live the way you want to live.

This is your wake-up call and you have a huge decision right now.

I’m calling you forth to get out of your comfort zone, whatever you normally do on a day to day basis you’re going to do the complete opposite for the rest of this day.

If your usually quiet, you’re going to be outrageous. You are going to be loud.

If you usually loud and crazy you’re going to be reserved and quiet and you’re going too open your ears which you never really opened and going to listen to the people around you.

If you don’t feel worthy, you’re going to walk around like the worthiest person in the world. As if you’re so worthy and deserving that everything you want, feel and experience are just for you.

If you dress conservatively, you’re going dress wild, if you dress wild you’re going to dress conservatively.

Whatever is on your mind right now and you think that if you would do that I would be so crazy and uncomfortable you’re going to that the rest of this day because that is going to move you towards your dream.

Whatever is on your mind, regardless how wild, how timid, how adventurous, how laid back, it will be totally fine because this is your chance to move towards your dream. Do what you want and do it for yourself.

The only way you gonna get closer to your dream is doing things that are going to make you feel so freaking uncomfortable. You must be uncomfortable in order to achieve your dreams, get the woman or men of your dreams. In order to have a family, the relationships, the health you want, you need to get uncomfortable.

If you’re gonna stay comfortable this day that probably you’re gonna stay comfortable for the rest of your life, you have a choice, this is your wake-up call.

What are you willing to do to get uncomfortable right now in order to start moving towards your dreams?

What decision are you’re going to make right now in order to step up your life and move towards your dreams?

Live fully, follow your dreams and make a worthy living, we can have it all in life, we can live a rich life




Structure Goals and Make Your Plan


Structure Goals and Make Your Plan



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Step 1. Visualization 


The first and most important step is to visualize what you want and to really understand what you want. Visualizing helps you identify possible steps you need to undergo as you try to reach your goal. It will boost your motivation as you see the picture of your ultimate goal. It also stimulates your creativity that allows you to create ideas.

This is proven approach in order to achieve goals. As you know most companies have vision which they also entails to their employees.


Step 2. Assess your situation


Making an honest appraisal of your current situation is a very important way to assess your current situation. Analyzing helps you better understand all aspects of your goals from planning until reaching them. Allowing yourself to identify possible hiccups and how you could possibly avoid them.


Step 3. Formulate a plan


Formulate a plan on the basis of your current situation where you want to be and what options you have available to you. You go in a battle with all your weapons including your strategies. Making a plan will also serve as a guide and reminder for you to keep on track.


Step 4. Phrase your goals in small steps 


No one is rushing you, every small steps you achieve is already an achievement and you should continue striving for your goal. If you aim to lessen your weight by undergoing physical exercises and strict diet, then every improvement you see and feel must serve as your motivation to continue. You are praising yourself for a job well done regardless how big or small the improvement was.

Example : Quitting to smoke cigarette by taking only 2 sticks per day.


DON’T GIVE UP. This system can be applied anywhere as it helps also for you to really know what you want and make those aims concrete and tangible.


You can watch the full video here : Structure goals and make your plan



To be successful, start with a the basic life goal.




Many people asked me what the secrets are behind achieving a goal in Life…

And you are surely aware that most of the goals created are not fulfilled.

Sometimes, it seems that we are living in a world of fantasy. Entertainment is the way most people use in order to escape from the happenings in the real world, well I’m really against it, Life and Time are so precious.

Well, at least, some gain gratification (short term) from this form of entertainment…

What about the reason behind this act of fantasy and the implications that they bring?

You need to have an unbelievably responsive mind to be able to observe that you are always eliminating or adding something, which is the act of constantly fantasising.

Living in a world of fantasy will not let you have a chance to see the real world as it is.

If you go in dept you will know that your fear and greed is responsible. These are habitually the reasons behind the way most people react about life.

I, myself like to dream and fantasize a lot, get out of seriousness, love to navigate through time and space imagining situations, what would be my life if I were living so and so, doing and having but then I say to myself, some of these could be reality and are achievable.

My advise, don’t take everything to serious, believe in yourself, listen to your feelings (gut feelings) and analyze if it feels OK or not and most important, take action, every day one step froward…

This is your life experience talking to you, called subconscious mind, just imagine everything you experienced until now, was it for nothing?

Surely not, so what do you do with all this, you ask (or how do I apply this)?

My response, listen to your inner voice, focus, don’t bullshit yourself, don’t lie to yourself, don’t get trapped in fantasy land, I mean I like being there but its also exciting to see what you can apply in this world.

Like saying to yourself, what if I approach this situation in this way… you be surprised…

I leave you thinking about this, back to our goals.

What I learned is that sometimes what we want is the outcome or the feeling associated with that outcome, well this is a complex issue but it can be simple.

We have tendency to complicate thing…first hand experience.

It happens to me all the time, I must really put an effort to simplify tasks, the advantage is that you have a better overview of whats going on and change is easier, not to mention reactivity to situations.

Very important, set up a system where you feel organized, where you find things easily, this will help clear your mind.

Being a goal-oriented person will help you a lot in achieving the goals that you aspire in life.

It has been given very much importance during the old times but later on its has become more and more loosen in our society, what I mean is we never talked more about it but never done less?

If You want to learn more about the main purposes of being a goal-oriented person AND ACHIEVE, Welcome to the club!

But before reaching your desired goals in life, setting them up first is essential for achieving and the long term view.

It lets you concentrate and focus more on the long run objectives as it gives you the opportunity to think on how your present actions will affect your life in the near future.

The things that you are doing now to develop yourself will surely determine who you will be and what kind of life are you going to have in the future.

This is something that you should give enough importance as you go along in this process of attaining your goals and you must acquire a goal-mindset.

Everyone has their own dreams and goals in life. But it is very apparent that most people just keep on dreaming and never tries to do something to attain those dreams.

I, personally remind myself all the time, THIS IS MY LIFE!

I’m responsible and everything I do will give me MY future, like a script in a film, I’m writing my script.

We have 3 Main Projects / Courses and each one of them starts by knowing yourself better, its essential to pass this stage, no matter what you want to do in life.

If you haven’t achieved your goals yet, you need to do something different in order to make your goals come true.

Let me assure you that you have a greater power within you which surpasses your imagination.

Lets discuss Visualization.

The daily routine of visualizing the dreams that you have in life helps you in achieving such dreams, ambitions and goals in a faster way.

Setting your goal can be a nice way for you in improving your performance because it stimulates you, reminds you, gives you a direction to follow.

Have you ever been working for a goal within a short period of time limitation and confused on what you are about to focus, which often result to the not fulfilling your goal?

And when that time comes, you wish that you have put in more effort in order to obtain that objective?

Maybe the main reason for those failures is that you shifted your focus to the other things that interests you instead of the goal that you have, well its called distractions.

Believe me, this world is full of distractions and wants to distract you, generally its hard to maintain focus all the time or at all.

That’s why visualization is essential, just try to imagine your goal in front of you all the time and like in a battle, just defend yourself but keep going, treat every distraction quickly and keep going, don’t give it to much attention, don’t fight to much, guard your energy, keep going, don’t let your goal out of sight, like your enemy is in front of you and peace or your goal behind, you must pass this battle.

Well, I know what your thinking, why bother, let someone else fight!

Because its your life!

You have the privilege to be in this world and if you fight your fight its an unbelievable experience of achieving, helping others and gratitude, love and inner peace.

You should have one goal at time only. Having much more, will confuse you and upon concentrating on one will make it difficult for you to achieve the other one.

Just by leading your life you show others that you really can achieve something which they thought of being impossible.

You will experience abundance and wealth (not only the physical!) that the other people never realize.

Of course there is a lot more to say and to know about and Creating Goals, this is why its part of the LifeStyle Attitude Course and has a Chapter of his own, and as you probably aware this course in Evolutionary and will Grow.

You could start by download the PDF below and read (& Apply) it whenever you want.




2 Steps to Stay on Track and Achieve Your Goals



Have you thought about what you really want to accomplish in life?

Do you have any specific set of goals?

Are you clear about how you can support your goals?

How will you ensure you are following the desired path towards success?

Thinking about staying on track to achieve your goals,

LuoVita gives you the most efficient and proven to be effective steps to stay on track.

It’s extremely easy to get veered of course, get wrapped up in the hassles of everyday life. Trust me, I know as I have faced the same.

The real question is, with so many distractions in your vicinity, how do stay you on track?

It’s crucial to have a “vision”, and strategy or realistic ambitions to achieve that. When your goals are clear, they become easier to fulfill.

Have a look at your life. how does it feel?

How is “today” panning out? At the end of the day, can you feel satisfied that you have done enough to reach your goals?


Then, how do you stay on track?


Here are 2 steps to stay on track towards your goals:


1. Hire a coach or mentor


This is one effective way to stay on track towards what you desire in life.Your life coach can guide you in the right path. Their job is to help you overcome any sort of fear or self-doubt that may persist.

They will tweak your game, arming you with added incentives and motivating your journey towards success. Most successful people have life coaches.

From Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Serena Williams to Leonardo Di Caprio, everyone has attributed their success to their life coach.

There are various types of life coaches, providing guidance for weight loss, relationships, business etc. You just need to find the one that suits you the most.

Now, if you cannot afford one, you can always turn to someone you trust. They will help ensure that you follow the desired path to reach your goals.


2.Join people that have a goal similar to yours


There are many individuals, or organizations in your own community, who might share you views, and your goals. If you can’t find one in your area, check online, or through social media.

The more you get successful individuals, who share a common goal around you, the more pressing problems you will solve.

You will improve your life and of those who share your expertise, and all of this is possible with the correct attitude, accelerating your steps towards your desired goal. You will become accountable, and also bringing in reinforcement.

Think of your goal as a dream, albeit, with a deadline. When you gain that desired level of clarity, it automatically puts power behind your goals and ensures that you measure your progress more often and take appropriate actions.

You are an amazing person, it’s your life. No one should be in control of your own life other than you.


You are an amazing person, it's your life. No one should be in control of your own life other than you. Click To Tweet


I wish you a lot of courage, persistence and prosperous achievement, Life is Precious and Time is passing, don’t waste time anymore, its never to late, take it from me…





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