As you are reading this, Luovita wants to thank you for spending your free time with us. I know you are busy too just like the rest. People are so busy nowadays, work has too much demands that we have less time to ourselves and even to our families.

But did you know that reading during your spare time is already one way of being productive? Another way of making your free time meaningful is spending it with your hobby.

Start by appreciating those moments when you have a time to spare, time to relax and time when you can do whatever you want. Not everyone used to have that luxury for several reasons but I personally believe that there’s is no busy man on earth, its just a matter of making a time for what’s really important in life like spending your precious time with your family.

Say for example even during weekends when you don’t have work in the office, its a best time to bond with your loved ones or use your time to do what makes you happy. But instead you did something else not deserving of your time hence at the end you exerted so much energy on things that is less significant.

Regenerate your energy, this is really important and you can’t do it if you are always busy.

Sitting in a coach and watching your favorite T.V series may look like a waste of time but it relaxes your mind and your body while you learn as you watch.

If you are having a hard time trying to figure out what you can do during your spare time, let me share you some of the activities that can make your free time worthwhile.

1. Exercise – you can keep yourself fabulous, young looking, healthy and strong if you make it a habit to use your free time for exercise. It gives you energy, and prepares you for your job instead of sleeping the whole day and end up still feeling lazy and tired.

2. Read or watch – reading and watching allows you to release stress, stimulates your brain, give you new learning, enhance your memory, improve your ability to focus and can even make you a good writer.

3. Tiding Up – Organizing things such as your home, or even as simple as organizing your bags day before your work week is already making use of your time wisely. Organized stuff are more pleasing to the eyes and even make you feel better.

4. Explore a new hobby – You may wanna try a new hobby like cross stitching, blogging, or even selling online. Then you take your hobby into something profitable. Earning outside your regular work is so much fun if you give it a try.

5. Playing board or even card games – It keeps your brain sharp and improves concentration while you enjoy playing with friends or family.

6. Me time – Treat yourself like going to a full body massage or spa. Have a new haircut or hair color. Make yourself as beautiful as it can be, it keeps you look young and fresh.

This can be a long list of examples but regardless it all boils down in doing what can make you happy. People are unique, what others want may not be your preference but we all have something in common, we all want to be happy.

Continue to explore your potential, continue to discover yourself and enjoy the life you have. You can do all these things if you know well how to manage your time and spend it wisely as you can.

Each of us deserves to be happy, and each of us deserves to live a happy life.

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